Futuristic ‘Zorro’ Reboot In Development

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zorro reborn reboot Futuristic Zorro Reboot In Development
Despite the fact hat he’s appeared in numerous books, movies, television shows, radio serials, and comics – the character of Zorro has maintained a fairly consistent depiction over the last ninety-years. All of that is about to change thanks to a new live-action film that Fox is developing titled Zorro Reborn.

The project isn’t just a straightforward cinematic reboot for the swashbuckling hero – it will also give a dramatic makeover to the key iconography of Zorro lore. Rather than being set during the Spanish colonial era, Zorro Reborn will take place in a post-apocalyptic future (since Hollywood doesn’t seem to foresee any other kind).

The script was written by Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy, the screenwriting duo responsible for the upcoming Dracula re-imaging, Harker. The film will be directed by Rpin Suwannath, a previsualization specialist who has worked on several of the X-Men, Chronicles of Narnia, and Matrix films.

According to the LA Times, this incarnation of Zorro “will be less a caped crusader for justice than a one-man vigilante force bent on revenge, in a western story that has echoes of both Sergio Leone and ‘No Country for Old Men’.Zorro Reborn is still in the earliest stages of development, but it sounds like the tone of this reboot will be dark and gritty – as opposed to the more whimsical approach that Disney seems to be taking with their new Lone Ranger film.

Given the new setting, it will be interesting to see how many recognizable elements from Zorro mythology the filmmakers decide to pay homage to – because I’m concerned that if they go too far down their own path, audiences might wonder why they called it Zorro in the first place.

Hollywood loves their established brands and we’ve seen classic literary characters endure a variety of interpretations, but if Zorro Reborn is going to put a twist on the character’s costume, his arsenal, and the setting – I think there are still some core components of this story that have to remain in place.   zorro reborn movie Futuristic Zorro Reboot In Development

I suppose the post-apocalyptic setting could work, but turning Zorro into a man who’s hellbent on revenge isn’t as interesting to me as the crafty outlaw who protects the downtrodden population from tyrannical forces.  I also associate the character with a playful sense of humor and certain degree of charisma, which is another aspect I hope they can retain.

As much as I’d like to see a more faithful adaptation of Zorro, the message being sent to Hollywood is that the traditional approach has become slightly passé. The Mask of Zorro (1998), which featured Antonio Banderas in the lead role, was a box office hit – but the 2005 follow-up The Legend of Zorro fizzled commercially and critically.

At first glance, Zorro Reborn is a collection of terms I’ve grown pretty weary of – reboot, dark, post-apocalyptic, etc. Perhaps the film will eventually overcome my preconceived notions. And if it doesn’t,  maybe Hollywood will learn to stop trying to fix things that aren’t broken.

Source: LA Times.

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  1. this kind of sounds ridiculous.

    • So its Batman 2210 with a rapier ?

  2. It isnt needed.

  3. Zorro fought for the downtrodden, that was the whole point. I do not see how it can be called Zorro, because it kind of sounds like post-apocalyptic Death Wish.

  4. I would rather see a movie with this plot line but leave out the name Zorro. Why not have a protaganist with a different name? Zorro spells western. It just does. Why mess with that? I understand Hollywood is running out of ideas but this may be a new low. Even if the movie is good it will change what we all know Zorro to be. You have a pretty good plot, you just need a new name to attach to it.

  5. The 1998 film Mask of Zorro was a “Zorro” movie, this on the other hand is just Book of Eli except the main character is a revenge seeker. How is this Zorro? I’d rather Hollywood get Banderas back and make another sequel than do this, or at least give it a different name because this is definitely not Zorro.

  6. You would never see Stanley Kubrick directing a film like this. :)

    Hope this turns into a comedy,,,

  7. Oh I LIKE IT! No joke, this sounds like it could be awesome. Naysayers, I hope this proves you wrong.

  8. Hollywood just needs to stop, they are crapping all over the Icons

  9. Hmm. I’m a big Zorro fan, particularly of Guy Williams. Not sure what to think of this yet. I do get the impression that it’s a little bit too far from Zorro to be called Zorro.

  10. Forget the vigilante crap (leave that to Batman and Punisher), and have him be the Zorro we all know. They can still have it set in post-atomic world but Zorro fights for the people in the town he leaves in; in fact, have a team of Zorro’s defending an entire city. But please do not get Worthington to play the lead.

  11. So someone pulled the handle on the random-movie-plot-slot-machine and this is what came up?

    • No, actually I’m absolutely positive that they used the manatees and balls method from the South Park episodes making fun of family guy

  12. I bet the producers were watching “Zorro the Gay Blade” when they thought of this one…

  13. /slaps forehead.

    Who is green lighting these horrible projects? Man, hire me. I can’t do any worse than this but I dare say I could find SOMETHING better.

    • two words man, UWE BOLL!

  14. Zorro does not seek VENGENCE, he seeks JUSTICE for the poor and oppressed, this Zorro Reborn sounds DUMB.

  15. I wouldn’t mind seeing a new Zorro film. Heck, I wouldn’t even mind seeing a Zorro film set in a bleak future. However, Zorro needs to be PROTECTING people from evil not seeking vengeance. This sounds like they’re making a Punisher movie with a Zorro name. You can change WHERE an iconic character is, but now WHO that character is.

  16. “Zorro Reborn will take place in a post-apocalyptic future (since Hollywood doesn’t seem to foresee any other kind).


  17. Was this supposed to be a fist of the northstar remake or a joke? It’s already past april fools..

    What in the hell is hollywood thinking??? “Lets make a zorro 2020!” but instead of helping people he’s bent on revenge! in the famous words of homer simpson.. “D’OH!”

    • Now now, don’t besmirch Hoku to No Ken.

  18. behold, children, the end is nigh…
    actually, might not suck. i can imagine an assassin’s creed-esque zorro being pretty cool.

  19. I seem to remember there was a cartoon about a futuristic Zorro, but idk much about it…

    Anyway, I don’t hate the idea but I agree with a lot of people that the revenge story doesn’t sound like Zorro. I hope they don’t make him a Batman…

  20. Well it happened to Batman. Why not Zorro? They have taken a character with history and decided to make it fit what they want as they have nothing new to present…

    EVEN though there is either no need for it or a rich history waiting to be used.

  21. I just hope the keep the storyline of how he helps the poor Mexican peones in old California. Perhaps they will all be Zombies and his struggle is to kill them all.
    His catch phrase could be “Lords of Light”

  22. You know, now that I think about it the Mask of Zorro was a revenge story to. That was his motivation for taking up the mantle of Zorro, so he could gain the skills to get revenge on the man who killed his brother.

  23. I grew up watching ZORRO on Disney with Guy Williams. He WAS and IS Zorro to me. Tyrone Power did a good job but it was too short and without a sequel. The owners of Zorro now seem to wan’t to turn him into a futuristic super hero. Why? Let Johnston Mcculley’s creation stay in his timespace and element. Whats next, ZORRO the Terminater? Give me a break. Go back to southern California 1825 where Zorro should be. For what its worth thats my opinion.