‘Zombieland’ TV Series Coming to Amazon; Original Writers Returning as Showrunners

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zombieland tv show director Zombieland TV Series Coming to Amazon; Original Writers Returning as Showrunners

Back in 2005, CBS passed on (then, unknown) screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick’s proposed horror-comedy TV series pilot Zombieland. The rest, as they say, is history, once Reese and Wernick retrofitted their script into a feature-length format, teaming with director Ruben Fleischer to produce the 2009 (semi-)cult hit movie of the same name.

A week ago, CBS released casting calls for the resurrected Zombieland TV series, with the duo behind the original concept returning as showrunners. However, we’re now hearing that Amazon has entered negotiations with Sony to make the series its first original scripted offering (and the first from a major studio).

Deadline is reporting that Amazon wants to acquire the Zombieland TV show for its streaming service, following the example of other alternative digital distributors that are joining the game of producing original content (see: Netflix and House of Cards). Of course, Zombieland‘s an especially appealing prospect, seeing how the show arrives complete with a built-in fanbase, popular brand and extra demand thanks to the sequel falling by the wayside (due to factors such as the increase in collective cast starpower, after the past few years).

Reese and Wernick are writing and executive producing the Zombieland TV series, with the movie’s producer Gavin Polone also committing to co-executive producer duties. As indicated before, there’s going to be recasting for the roles of Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin), since all four characters are returning in the television spinoff. Meanwhile, what amounted to quirky tangents in the original movie – like the ‘Zombie Kill of the Week’ and Columbus’ rules for survival – are expected to return and should feel more at home in the weekly small-screen installments.

zombieland header Zombieland TV Series Coming to Amazon; Original Writers Returning as Showrunners

Lastly, the Zombieland TV show is subscribing to the growing trend where movie directors are recruited to oversee the pilot, following Jon Favreau handling the first episode on Eric Kripke’s Revolution, David Fincher tackling House of Cards and David Slade helming Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal pilot. Amazon is reported to be eying a straight-to-series order with Zombieland; nonetheless, the first episode is being directed by Eli Craig, a geek-favorite for his horror movie satire Tucker and Dale vs Evil (as well as a self-professed fan of Fleischer’s movie).

We’ll continue to keep you posted on the Zombieland TV show.


Source: Deadline

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  1. We already have a TV-show with zombies. It’s called “The Walking Dead” and it’s awesome. Don’t screw this up.

    • Why are you trying to compare TWD to Zombieland? They are two completely different things…

      • not really.

        There both about zombies. The thing different about them is the tone. Ones survival horror the other is comedic.

        By the way this is the first thing I heard that actually sounds great about this tv show.

        • What I mean is that just because this show has Zombies doesn’t mean it is the exact same thing as TWD, which is basically what he said.

          • maybe they aren’t completely different but are dissimilar enough to be distinct from one another.

            TWD – is a horror drama using the zombie apocalypse as a backdrop.

            ZL – uses zombies as it’s primary vehicle along with comedy to entertain us.

    • So? There are countless shows about lawyers and cops. The zombie genre certainly has room for expansion. Maybe if there were competition I’m the market, AMC would actually put out a better and more compelling product. I’m excited for this

      • ^^^ Soooo true!!!

    • “Awesome” is definitely a matter of opinion when it comes to The Walking Dead…

  2. I’m not seeing how you can recast in a comedy series. The movie cast is what made the movie as good as it was. Having new actors try to copy the style of the original is just going to make it hard to watch for the audience in my opinion. I’d go with a fresh cast if it were my choice.

  3. I love what Amazon and Netflix are doing (ie. creating new shows to broadcast over the internet).

    A new distribution model outside of standard cable. Hope it succeeds.

    • I don’t, as it means having half a dozen subscriptions to different streaming channels just to watch a show on each. It’s a backwards step.

      Looking forwards to Zombieland tho, better than the poe faced wandering around in the Walking Dead.

      • No.

        It’s a FIRST step. Not a step BACKWARDS.

        They’re both kinda testing water right now. If it succeeds, we’ll see them give it a shot with more and more shows.

  4. One think though, do we really need a sequel to this movie? No, not really. Do we really need the continuation of the movie in tv form? No, not really since zombieland is about survival in a zombie filled world just in a comedic manner while TWD already provide us with that, just in a serious tone/drama filled storytelling. So don’t blame the people if they complain bout the show being similar to TWD since Zombieland and TWD has the same theme-survival.

    • *One thing not one think. Typo ~

  5. Hmmmm…will this be free with an Amazon Prime subscription or will this be something you have to pay per episode? If it’s the first, I may have resubscribe to Prime.

  6. Do we need it? No. But if its good, its more then welcome. Zombies are getting slightly tired these days but its still one of my favorite genres and ill take it over the multitude of cops/lawyers/hospital/struggling young 20 something adv executive living in swanky city loft/ or redneck shinnanigans show that dominates the channels

  7. Bad I Idea !

  8. Guess I will have to Hulu it because I won’t be paying for a sub to Amazon just to watch one show that will probably only be 10-13 episodes a year.

  9. This just keeps getting worse and worse. First no sequel. Which means no returning cast members. Now it won’t be on TV. Which means only subscribers will get to see it.

  10. Why do people keep asking if we need this? We really don’t “need” any movie. I’m sure there are much more constructive things to do with one’s time. Like read a book, or come up from the basement and help Mom carry in the groceries. I love movies, but the whole need argument is just a bad one.

    I guess an obsessive person may “need” to know the rest of the rules for survival. So there’s that.

  11. I think this is a bad idea. I like the idea of a Zombieland tv series but do I like it enough to subscribe to Amazon? No. What made the movie great was the actors that played in the movie. If they would have gotten the wrong actors/subpar actors then the movie would have been just average at best. We’ll see how this all plays out

  12. Highly Myyyyyy Nandos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHTUSSSS!!!!My comments make me seem like a hippie, but I’m just an average 11 year old!

  13. My stupid kindle!! I wrote Ohh, not Higly.

  14. My name sucks I’m a change it 2The Firefliez cuz I’m part of a band called The Firefliez.

  15. When zombie land will air and what channel. Thanks.

  16. Loved the first episode of Zombieland! really enjoyed watching it.
    I’m also a fan of The Walking Dead and I think the two shows are completely different and BOTH worth watching.
    And by the way, who can’t get enough of zombies? the more the better! :D

  17. I just finished watching the episode, and I believe it’s absolutely HORRIBLE. For the following reasons:
    1. The rule #1 is “Cardo”. Why is there a fat lady making pies?
    2. The show picks up after the movie. Okay, but the movie was a few weeks into the zombie apocalypse. Why is there a guy trying to cleaning windows?
    3. Surviving a zombie apocalypse is “Survival of the Fittest”, why would someone have a tent on a bridge?
    4. If the survivors are fit enough to survive, why do they die so ridiculously? First and third survivor’s death was slightly acceptable.
    5. (If continuing from the movie or zombie killing “rules”) He shoots a zombie in the chest, and the zombie doesn’t get back up. This defeats the “Double Tap” rule.
    6. I felt everyone played their role as continuing characters very well. Except there was a flaw, when securing a house for zombies or other reasons, Columbus sets his gun down TO WASH HIS FREAK’N HANDS!!! There are a number of ways that could have been better produced! Have Columbus put it in the bathroom, near the tub, and then the gun accidentally falls in water. The gun jams and that is the reason he cannot fire it. Makes sense!
    7. Zombie role-Why are zombies starring at their dinner? They should just eat him, but the zombies take their time to attack him. That whole scene was absolutely stupid.
    8. Zombie role-Why is a zombie running away from a giant ball that will kill him? (Again continuing the movie) The zombies’ brains are infected which prohibits them from thinking correctly. They see food at the top of the slope, and that is all they see. This could have been better shot, had they got the zombie going up the slope rather than him running away from the ball. Either that or have the zombie come chasing the guy and nicely time the ball to crush the zombie/zombies behind him. Cool and much better.

    I will not watch this show, because comedy or not almost nothing made sense IF AND ONLY IF they are trying to continue as story from the movie.
    I believe the acting was nicely done, the fail was with the writing and producing.

    Thank you and I look to hear further from you all.