Zombieland Gets 3D Sequel

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zombieland header Zombieland Gets 3D Sequel

It was a rumor and now it’s turning out to be true: Zombieland, this fall’s hit horror/comedy (and the current no. 1 pirated movie on the Internet) will in fact be getting a sequel – in 3D, no less.

Variety has confirmed the news (which first circulated around the blogosphere about a week ago), adding more fuel to a fire we here at Screen Rant lit under our butts, with a lengthy op-ed about the Zombieland piracy controversy.

So, with the fuel added, let the fire burn anew…

For a while it seemed as though all the rampant downloading had plunged Zombieland‘s financial viability into question, with hopes for a sequel hanging in the balance. However, it now seems that Sony is indeed moving forward with a sequel, hoping that the 3D format will give the film a box office boost.

Reportedly, Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer and producer Gavin Polone have both closed deals to return for the sequel. Writers Rhett Reese (whose tweets started the whole piracy controversy) and Paul Wernick are currently working on the screenplay for the sequel and the studio is in talks with stars Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg to reprise their roles. (Sorry, no word on if the Zombieland girls will be returning yet.)

But how will a Zombieland film fare in 3D? Says Polone:

“Everyone had fun watching (the first) ‘Zombieland'; making it a more visceral experience can only make it better,” said the film’s producer Gavin Polone. “I don’t think you want to see ‘Ordinary People’ in 3-D. But ‘Zombieland’ is clearly one movie that will benefit from (the technique).”

I gotta admit, Zombieland is the kind of the film that I imagine will make fun use of the “3D gimmick.” Horror films like My Bloody Valentine or The Final Destination have used the “in your face death scene” technique pretty cheesily lately – but seeing Woody Harrelson knock a zombie’s nooggin’ right out of the screen with his trademark banjo is definitely something I can live with.

zombieland banjo 570x710 Zombieland Gets 3D Sequel

Can you see me now?

For you fans in an uproar about this whole piracy debate: Gotta wonder how much your ill-begotten copies of Zombieland factored into the decision to do a sequel in 3D. Kinda hard to pirate a movie in 3D, no? Good incentive to catch the movie in the theater…

As I said in the latter half of that same piracy op-ed (if you bothered to read that far): more and more theatrical movies are turning to bells, whistles and spectacles as justification for audiences paying theater ticket prices – making it even more sensible for the movie industry to start utilizing digital downloads and video on demand as viable markets for releasing ye olde “standard format movie.”

What do you think about Zombieland 2 in 3D? Relieved? Peeved? Excited?

Source: Variety

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  1. I guess the piracy issue was not the epic problem it was purported to be…

  2. I watched the first one in theaters and liked it but I didn’t really think it needed a sequel.

  3. I read your “Pirates killing Zombieland profits and chance of a sequel” article. It made me want to vomit. The second I saw Zombieland sequel confirmed on /Film I had to come here.

    I’m not going to get into the piracy debate, everyone seems to be grounded in their position on either side.

    I just was thinking about every movie news site I’ve visited over the years complain about all the sequels studios make to be safe. Then when a decent “small” movie comes along (Zombieland) a cry is made for a sequel that may never be made due to piracy. What a farce.

    I guess you took a page from all these phony scientists tweaking temps in their data to prove that humans are the main reason for global warming. How about they use the money for a sequel on something original and skip all these sequels of any movie setting.

  4. @Klink

    What bothered you about that Piracy article?

    You make a good point about sequels – while we want more original movies, of there’s a movie we love it’s natural to want to see more of it via those very sequels. Barring the fact that you said one of our articles made you “vomit” I think you might like it around here.


  5. This is great news. Zombieland rocked. Zombieland 2 in 3D? Awesome.

  6. Zombieland was funn, but should not have a sequel it just doesn’t fit and isn’t needed. 3D isn’t enough to pull me in to the theater. The theater is just a terrible experience and I don’t really enjoy volunteering for terrible experiences. Getting the first one on DVD, but I’m not sure I’ll even bother watching a second one. Every movie that comes out does not need a sequel. Some movies should get one if it feels like there is a lot more story to be told. Zombieland does not need to tell anymore story. The movie ended I enjoyed it and thought that’s all the story I’m interested in.

  7. No it wasn’t GK333, and this is a shining example of how the studios are using the online piracy controversy as a smoke screen to cover their real agenda of controlling all content on the internet.
    How many people read Kofi’s Zombieland piracy post and automatically responded on the side of righteous or guilty with explanation. Hardy any considered that the whole debate was based on false data.

    Yet here we are only a few days since Kofi wrote his piracy thread (based on Zombieland 2 being the most downloaded film on Bit Torrent holding back the sequel), talking about the sequel. Seems the downloading issue wasn’t a factor at all,,,

    The timing couldn’t be more in your face hilarious… Not so much as Kofi is concerned as he made it clear the info was taken from another site, and a tweet of all things, however it proves that piracy is being used as a scapegoat in the industry. Challenging the studios claims that piracy is damaging to such an extent that laws need to be created to regulate and control the problem.

    The similarities between global warming and online piracy are identical. As the same lies are being used in the same way to steer popular opinion. :-)

  8. (What I meant was)

    “Controlling all COPYWRITTEN content on the internet.”

  9. I am down as long as reviews are good and Emma Stone is back. I mean those three (including the Jesse and Woody) were great so if the reviews are good or half as good I will see it and probably in the theater. I might not drink as much before hand though… Can’t wait for Blu-Ray for #1

  10. I find it good to hear that there’s going to be a sequel. Am I to believe that I’m the only one who thought the movie needed more of a pronounced ending? I’m not asking for a happy ending but having our heroes driving off into the sunset just kinda irked me. But haven’t we had enough 3D films? I wonder if they’re going to film the movie here in GA again?

  11. Another proof piracy doesn’t harm box office performance.

  12. Huggybear doesn’t matter how much proof there is people will blindly believe what ever they want with out any evidence what so ever hell with evidence to proof it wrong.

  13. I think it will definitely be fun to see these characters again as long as they make the sequel as good as the first. I’m on the fence about the 3d. I hope they use it wisely.
    Is it just me or are comedy sequels a relatively new thing? I can’t think of any comedy sequels (other than crappy ones without the original actors like Son of the Mask). What are some examples of popular comedy sequels?

  14. “doesn’t matter how much proof there is people will blindly believe what ever they want with out any evidence what so ever”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. 8)


  15. Does anyone know the DVD release date for Zombieland or a general time-frame for the theater release date for Zombieland 2?

  16. popular comedy sequel…harold and kumar 2? Well it didn’t make a ton of money but it was ok as far as sequels and about doubled the box office of the first film. Shrek 3 a couple years back made crap loads of money but easily one of the worst comedy sequels I’ve ever seen. I’m having hard time of thinking of any other comedy sequels in recent memory.

  17. “doesn’t matter how much proof there is people will blindly believe what ever they want with out any evidence what so ever”

    Umm, like hotter water freezes faster than colder water??

  18. @ everyone who says piracy doesnt effect movies… i agree with you !!!!!

    look at how much movies make on the 1st few weeks/months of their release. the media is the best way to stick a finger up someones @$$ and say dance.

    like i said before, if movies where released all over the world at the same time there would be no need for pirating… that is until the movie comes out on dvd.
    we’re getting “9” down here in australia in 3 weeks time, why bother when going al the way to the cinema and watching it when someone could just download a dvd copy of the net and watch it at home.

    btw the movie doesnt need a sequel, what would the story be about anyways ?

  19. @Vic Holtreman

    When I mentioned the article made me want to vomit I was speaking of two points. One, that the article accused piracy for the reason some sequels or “out of the box” movies are not made. Second, that the studios should release movies sooner through some kind of online medium.

    My first point should be pretty self explanatory right now, since Zombieland 2 is going to happen. Piracy does not kill the chance of sequels being made. Period. If the movie has a large enough fan base and performs decently, it will get a sequel if deemed appropriate(ex. profitable). Let’s not forget that the initial theatrical release of a movie is not the end to its profit. DVD/Blu-ray sales will always gain studios massive profit, even sometimes making theatrical flops into successful “sleeper hits.” This all happens with piracy release perfect copies onto the internet long before the movie is officially released on a disc format.

    This leads me to my second, and final point. Asking studios to release movies theatrically as well as some kind of online medium soon thereafter. Horrible Idea. I can understand some very small Indie movies doing this, they rarely have wide theatrical releases to reach the masses. However, give the big studios ideas of downloading or streaming a lower quality, DRM filled, ‘have to enter in your Social Security number to watch,’ movies and you can forget about actually owning a movie again. Studios would absolutely love to convert everyone to a pay-per-watch scheme. Imagine, no more owning a disc to watch your favorite movie every month. No, your movie is only available for $9.99 per view and your license to view said movie expires in three hours (No Gone With the Wind for you).

    Studios do not want to understand or embrace the online medium of movie deployment in a sane way. They want to complicate the hell out of it. I, for one, am glad they avoid it, for the most part. Our movie viewing life will just become much more annoying and expensive if they figure it out, “their way.”


  20. @the old man

    My dad used to believe that! :-)


  21. So Vic did you ask your Dad why he believed that? Did his answer satisfy your curiosity? If it was because he observed it happen, did you just let it go or did you go to the trouble to do the experiment and find out? Did you feel like Feynman; “I don’t have to have an answer.”

  22. @the old man

    Actually, being me (even though I was under 10 at the time) I just took two trays of water, one hot, on room temp and stuck ’em both in the freezer to find out for myself. :)