‘Zombieland’ Series Begins Casting Leads

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Zombieland Columbus Casting Zombieland Series Begins Casting Leads

It’s been a rough road for the follow-up to the comedy-horror favorite Zombieland. After some years of rumors and negotiations for a film sequel, the property began searching for a home as a television series (which was quite interesting, because the movie itself was originally intended as an HBO series pilot).

After bouncing back and forth between prospective networks, the Zombieland television series has found an unusual host – Amazon’s video streaming services. With showrunners already in place (original film writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick) and a well-respected director set to direct the show’s pilot (Eli Craig of Tucker and Dale vs. Evil), it looks as if this Amazon-based setup will be the one to finally stick. As if eager to prove that Zombieland is up and ready to start shuffling forward, the production has begun casting its lead survivors.

Shock Till You Drop reports that Zombieland has roped in Tyler Ross (Nate & Margaret) to play Columbus and Izabela Vidovic (Find Me) to play Little Rock. In the original movie, these roles were portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg (Now You See Me) and Abigail Breslin (Ender’s Game), respectively. This fulfills half of the cast of primary survivors from the movie, leaving Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) and Wichita (Emma Stone) to be cast.

Neither of the actors announced for the roles are well known. This isn’t surprising in the case of Vidovic, who is as young as Breslin was when she played Little Rock. She has a decent number of television and telemovie roles under her belt, but that’s about it. Without having seen any of this previous work, it’s unknown whether she’ll bring the same combination of wry snark and honest whimsy as Breslin did to the role.

Ross is somewhat younger than the slacker twenty-something played by Eisenberg in Zombieland, but definitely looks the part of movie’s gawky protagonist. He’s also been in a limited number of releases, including small roles in NCIS and Boss. Ross has played the lead in a handful of smaller indie movies, including The Wise Kids, Nate & Margaret, and the forthcoming Milkshake.

Zombieland Abigail Breslin Zombieland Series Begins Casting Leads

Though the news of Little Rock and Columbus leaves us no wiser as to whether the Zombieland series will capture the goofy intensity of its predecessor, it does fully confirm that the show is actually happening. Hopefully, news of the other half of the core group’s casting will be quick in coming.

Zombieland has no planned release date, but with casting in full swing it won’t be long before Amazon will clue us in to when the first episodes will begin streaming. Stay tuned.


Source: Shock Till You Drop

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  1. We already have The Walking Dead, this show won’t be good or necessary 😉

    • Between the Walking Dead and Zombieland, wouldn’t you say the two explore different paradigms?

      • I agree, but it still doesn’t give this show a necessity.

        • Considering how there are several different pawn shows on tv, and several different versions of American Idol type shows, I don’t think you saying, “It’s unnecessary” is going to change the show moving forward.

          Let’s not forget in video games all of the unnecessary Call of Duty spin-offs and clones.

          There isn’t a necessity for any form of entertainment. So it’s a little self-absorbed to think you can decide what is or isn’t necessary.

        • this show is not needed. I’d rather SEE this beocme an HBO series, with the original cast attached, stretching it out to only say 8 episodes person half season, and have big name cameos as zombies amd or themselves.

          As, lowe interest for Tallahassee,

          sorry, thats what would make me want to watch it. as well as a “road trip” of sorts across the country, as well as a trip to europe in the 3rd season.


  2. Oh Jesus, this crap is only being made because of The Walking Dead’s phenomenal ratings. If Jesse, Emma, Abigail, and Woody returned I’d probably check this out but I don’t think it’ll be good at all.

    • Congrats. You have figured out the secret business strategy employed by literally EVERY business out there. “If it sells… make more.”

    • i AGREE. need original actors back, im sure they’d return for the right amount of cash/ a love for their characters (it seemed as if they had a ball on set)

  3. i cant imagine this lasting verry long if the actors that were in the movie wont appear in the show ( i know, its a stretch to think they would do the show, just saying) its like when a sequil to a movie comes out and a main character is being played by a different actor, most of the time it just doesnt feel right, and thats the feeling i get from thinking about zombieland as a tv show

    • there have been tv shows based on movies with the same characters but different actors before. Im thinking of a little show called Stargate: SG1. im actually watching that show right now, and i wasnt to sure right away if i was gonna like it without kurt russel and everything. but now ive grown to like these new actors in those roles. so this could work.

  4. Im against it. No Eisenberg, no watching. I actually happen to like him and his acting, i think he really brings his characters to life and i like his films. I have yet to be disappointed by him, so to hear that he wont be in the series along with the rest of the cast (especially Harrelson, i loved his character and the way he did him) is kind of a let down.

  5. no man can replace woody…

  6. Actually looking forward to this !
    Its by he original writers and makers of it,actors can be replaced imho as long as the give a good performance ! See Bruce Banner in Avengers !

    • This, right here, is logical thinking. Thanks ios.

      • Cheers Drew :)

    • exactly loved the movie so i know ill give it a shot. and if it doesnt satisfy me oh well there is still plenty of other good shows that arleady take up enough of my time

  7. I like that picture you used at the top. I had the exact same expression as Eisenberg has in that photo when I saw this kid was who they chose to play Columbus.

    Jesse Eisenberg was 26 when he played that role. This Ross kid looks no older than 16. Why would they go so young? It’s going to totally change the dynamic of the cast, no matter how good or bad the kid may be.

  8. There have been several hit shows that have been based on movies. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and M.A.S.H to name two. Both had a different cast. Not saying this show will be good but it’s not automatically going to be bad.

    • Good comment. Sometimes I enjoy the TV shows more than the movies. M.A.S.H., The Odd Couple, The Paper Chase, are a few.

  9. The cast made the movie and the TV show cast we will always be compared to the original cast and can only lose. Bad idea… bad, bad idea.

  10. Copycats !

  11. It’s already doomed. Although Walking Dead isn’t my all time favorite show , it’s still one of the best Zombie prgrams out there. I watch it from time to time and pick up the episodes I miss when it’s avalible on home video. I will not give this show a shot at all.

    Woody made me laugh non stop on his epic quest for a Twinkie which is kind of funny due to the fact that hostes is out of buisness now.

  12. I hate recasts. Why bother? Just make up some new characters and link it in somehow, not that I’d be very interested in that anyway.

    The movie was kind of fun, but ruined by an unnecessary, soppy teen romance.

  13. Zombieland didn’t set my world on fire. It was decent, but the running time was too short and Jesse Eisenberg just bothers me for no real reason.

    I have zero interest in this show.

  14. Wow a lot of u are so negative to this idea … sure we already have the walking dead but zombieland is totally different .. first off it was a comedy so comparing that to walking dead is uncalled for n u look ignorant doing so.. I myself am a huge zombie fan and welcome another show on TV to tackle the genre and if it gives me something else to watch rather then singing shows , reality shows, dry crappy sitcoms, or honey boo boo I welcome it with welcome arms.. n they are using the same writers for Pete sakes it will be great

  15. I am a huge walking dead fan and i don’t understand what the point is of camparing the 2 the walking dead is better than zombieland but i enjoyed the movie and will not check the show out because i hate recasting and nobody could replace woody

  16. First off, you cannot compare TWD with Zombieland. One is a drama and the other is a comedy. Second, TWD started as a comic then went to be a tv series with original actors. Zombieland is going from big picture to basic budget tv series with a new cast. The big picture actors made the movie better than it would have with average actors. This is a big reason why I think it will fail

  17. Booo, i wanted a movie sequel. This will suck. Hard.

  18. My prediction is that we will have no idea how good or bad this will be till ot comes out….as stated before, plenty of great shows were based on and recast from movies. Mash, odd couple, stargate, Buffy, dead zone, la femme nikita, dukes of hazard/moonrunners, mr belvedere was even based on a movie, teen wolf gets good ratings…..

    • Im not 100% sure but I dont think dukes of hazzard was based on a movie, they based two movies off of the show but I think the original show was just based off of actual moonshine runners

  19. I’m wondering since it’s on Amazon Prime if it will be R-rated. I can’t comment on the casting since I don’t know either of them, but the movie’s creators writing it combined with the director of Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil means that I’m more likely going to get Amazon Prime again.

  20. well i think the movie cast was much better