300 Sequel…301 or 300 Part 2?

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3001 300 Sequel...301 or 300 Part 2?

The perfect sequel contains new and old tricks that blend to make a new movie with characters and stories that genuinely deserved closure or extension. Zack Snyer, the man with the vision behind Watchmen and 300 understands this, and has the foresight to see when a sequel could strike gold, or when it will just strike bottom.

At a screening prior to the release of Watchmen: The Director’s Cut Blu-ray, Coming Soon reports, Snyder knew of no plans to make a sequel to Watchmen, and if a sequel were to manifest, he would not be a part of it.  However, in regards to whether his previous film, 300, would be given a second installment, Snyder had good news to share with fans.

When released in 2007, 300 was the third biggest opening for an R-rated film ever.  In the hopes of reproducing that success, Snyder is currently in talks with 300 creator Frank Miller about stepping up to the plate to take another swing for the fences in what’s going to be not quite a sequel, and not quite a prequel.

Few details are available this early in the process, but what is known is that the new movie would take place in the year between the epic death of Leonidas and leading up to Dilios’ (David Wenham) dramatic speech to the troops  at the end of 300:

“And so my king died, and my brothers died, barely a year ago. Long I pondered my king’s cryptic talk of victory. Time has proven him wise, for from free Greek to free Greek, the word was spread that bold Leonidas and his three hundred, so far from home, laid down their lives. Not just for Sparta, but for all Greece and the promise this country holds. Now, here on this ragged patch of earth called Plataea, Xerxes’s hordes face obliteration!”

Snyder hopes to preserve the aesthetic of the first movie, but says that the second will be bigger, with more epic landscapes of Greece, including Athens and the Aegean. Commenting on the technology used in the production of 300, Snyder said “The tech we used…was not a revolution. It’s basically what the weatherman has.” This same technology, he added, will once again be used during the making of the new installment, and that little will change when it comes to effects.

The 300 ‘follow-up’ is currently untitled, probably due to the fact that Miller is still penning the next installment of the graphic novel.  Snyder has said that he will have no hand in the new graphic novel, that it will be solely a creation of Miller’s, and only when it is complete will a script be derived from it.

300 dramatic speech scene 300 Sequel...301 or 300 Part 2?

As for casting, Wenham’s one-eyed Dilios deserves a larger part in the second go-round, though there is no mention of the role on his IMDB page (though it is on Snyder’s).  Additionally, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Lena Heady’s character, Queen Gorgo, but those are just the musings of the horny adolescent within.  With all the slow-motion shots in that movie, it’s a shame we didn’t get more of her walking through the pillared halls of Sparta.

The risk in sequels is teetering on that fine line between producing and reproducing.  A successful sequel takes all the old ingredients that made the first installment great and adds new additions that can hold the-incredible-shrinking-attention-span of modern audiences. Too much of the old runs the risk of over-doing it and poorly reproducing the precursor using the same old tricks (any of The Matrix follow-ups); or under doing it, and all you’ve got is a new movie with old characters – a potentially poor fit.  So, to Hollywood: please, unless a sequel is justified by an unfinished story, or a surviving villain, get out while you’re on top.

Only time will tell for certain whether we see another 300.  But if we do, Snyder assures us, “It’s going to be the same way, but on crazier steroids.”

Source: Coming Soon via Ain’t It Cool News

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  1. Cool

  2. it should be 300 Reborn. just kidding, i don’t have a clue.

  3. I have great faith in Frank Miller and in Snyder as well …… BUT……. I think having another go at 300 is a bad idea.

    I will be delighted if Miller and Snyder prove me wrong.


  5. I’d like to see what they could come up with. I know the end of 300 left me wanting more

  6. i’m intrigued on seeing how they come up with the story, hopefully its epic

  7. well I, for one, am secretly pushing for the next film to be titled as 302, Electric Bugaloo ;-) (of course, ymmv)

  8. Zack Snyder is the least creative mind on the A-list directors group. If he wants a movie he should write it himself. If he wants a Watchmen sequel, he should write it himself, his two big movies were complete adaptations, any changes he made were bad choices and for some reason a naked blue guy was important enough to leave in. Make your own material Snyder.

  9. @stuntman

    what are you smokin man? Directors having to produce their own material just to get movies made? What did the guy ever do to you to draw that reaction? Ummm to be honest there are LOADS of directors that adept other people’s materiel, ummm Peter Jackson comes to mind. Not everyone out there is Woody Allen man…. sheesh

  10. Or Stanley Kubrick…

  11. Vewry cool….this could work.

  12. gotta believe it’s more of a part 2, or completely different story. Could be the continuation of the war with Sparta, but def won’t be called 301, doesn’t even make sense. Will be a completely new title, not even a 300 part 2.

  13. how many battles happened from the death of the 300 to Dilios’ speech? they’re needs to be some action to build a sequel around or fail.

  14. Is that really him having good news for the fans. It wasn’t great, but I kind of enjoyed 300 to a point, but there is no sequel there. It’s just a bad idea. If there were more good story to be told fine, but that’s not the case.I understand most sequels are all about money, but normally there is still a 10% in there that is more story to be explored this is a 100% money move and nothing good can come of it.

  15. One of these days I’ll be drunk enough to watch the “300″ dvd someone gave me.

  16. Certainly not a terrible movie 790, but really no reason to watch the movie a second time for sure. I would be upset if I owned the DVD because I only like to have DVD’s of movies I can watch more than once and 300 has no reason for a second viewing. I will say it’s enjoyable enough that you only need to be buzzed to watch and enjoy it don’t need fully drunk.

  17. 300′s definitely one to get messed-up and watch with your mates, 790! A history lesson it is not, but neither were Troy or Gladiator, and it knees both of them in the groin. Makes Oliver Stone’s Alexander (which actually was an attempt at historical accuracy) look like a basket of kittens as well.

    It’s respectful to both the look and the spirit of Miller’s comic. By the time Watchmen came around the novelty of, ah, “faithful adherence” had worn off somewhat (and don’t get me started on Watchmen or I may have to find a lump of wood to chew on). Miller’s 300 was at least an attempt to get into the Spartan mindset, and featured some of Lyn Varley’s most beautiful colour work…but then three years later came The Dark Knight Strikes Again: inexplicably, bizarrely rubbish. Lazy on all levels to an almost surreal degree. When Miller’s good he’s unique and unparalleled; if he’s simply going to hack it out for the sake of a tenuous follow-up, then (a) The result can’t possibly have the same resonance as the original, and (b) I’ll be giving it a miss unless someone puts on the DVD when I’m too battered to resist or remember it…

    • nice Movie…..

  18. (Didn’t buy it) friend of mine gave me the 2 disc speical edition copy a while back. I have quite a backlog of dvd movies on my shelf.

    Sometimes if the film really sucks I’ll throw it in the trash. That’s what I did to “Burn After Reading”.
    I’m about to do the same thing to “War Inc”.

    Lol, Big D, 8-)
    I think I’m gonna go full drunk mode when I watch 300.

  19. Whiskey. The more aggressive the better, I find. I’m just a baaaad influence…

  20. I didn’t think Burn after Reading was that bad. Not good and really just a watch one time kind of film, but it had some decent parts. I liked it more than 300 for sure.

    War Inc was terrible. I get sad every time I have to say that. I’m a big Cusack fan, but that movie was awful. I think you might like the message behind it though 790. I wasn’t a fan, but you might actually enjoy that part at least.

  21. If you guys love drinking wile watchin a movie do the Shogun Assassin Drinking game all ya need is a copy of Shogun Assassin on DVD shot glasses and some High grade Sake now every time Lone Wolf cuts off a head take a shot

  22. “Burn after Reading” was like watching a 90 min deleated scene. 8-O
    I would have actually burned the dvd if it didn’t put out deadly fumes.

    Yeah Daniel, I popped “War Inc” in the dvd player a few nights ago and wow it was like watching a trippy sequel to “Toys”…
    Except this time Robin Willaims was played by Dan Aykroyd and Joan Cusack was just plain freaking me out…..
    The message? You mean the same message that was in “Wag the Dog?”
    Needless to say I couldn’t stand “War Inc” even enough to finish it (beer failed to help)
    Sucks because I was really looking forward to it after reading the credits and dvd cover art.
    Cusack usually puts out some good stuff. Eeh,,

  23. Yea Cusack is usually very good, and in this he wasn’t exactly bad. The movie was so bad though that you couldn’t even see a good performance in it.

  24. I enjoyed “300″, but I can’t ever see myself watching it again. I watched it out of curiousity because of all the great word of mouth I heard about it. It was ok, but not nearly as good as it was made out to be. There would be no way I would head to a theater to watch a sequel, although I would probably get it through Netflix.

  25. 300 Part 2 wouldn't sound bad. Hollywood should make 300 part 2. In the beginning of 300 Part 2, they should play the ending scene from 300, in part 2 beginning. Greece grouped 10000 Spartans and extra 30000 greece soldiers & the Spartans won the battles over the Persians but some Persians were lucky to retreat back to Persia. Leaving Xieus intimidated by the power of Greece. Leonidas's “son”, is now a grown man (with a new Queen and the aging of his mother “Leonidas's wife”), the new King of the Sparta, out to seek revenge on Xieus and extinction of Persia. Over the years, Persia has regrouped more soldiers, and Greece is ready to take another stand.

    I have more crazy idea's. email me SVL0ve@yahoo

  26. iam rostam.from persia.
    1-we are not arab.
    2-we are not black
    3-xerxes has haire
    4-300 is not true
    5-we are greatest people in middle east.and we has first empire in the world
    6-we live and we see you lies in 300
    7-please cansel 300 project
    8-we are not devil
    9-you can see our perspolis and you dont see slave or …
    10-cyrus the great king of persian.in 550bc.make human right clynder
    11-first greecian break rule and kill masseger of iran.and after that persian attack to greec.
    12-we are iranian and persian.and we love all of peoples

  27. Please make another 2nd part for this movie,I watched over 50 times plus
    even if it cost more spending on the making for it, you will see that it
    could be close to Avatar when it comes to $$$$$$. A good idea would be
    staring from the end of the movie with 10,000 spartan plus 30,000 more soldiers.

    Waste if they don’t make ANOTHER one, I speak from hundreds of people SO DO IT…….. :)

  28. wowwww the 300 thats my favorite !!!1 lupet tlga amsf….! idol king leonides go 4 the goal!!!!11

  29. 300 part 2 can’t wait…Looking forward to seeing that…to call the movie 30,000 for part 2 sounds pretty good as well…Make that Movie a go Hollywood…I’m watching “300″ right now ..Powerful is all I can say