Zack Snyder Says ‘Superman: Man of Steel’ Is A True Reboot

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Bryan Singer’s attempt to both reboot the Superman franchise with Superman Returns and pay homage to its cinematic predecessors ultimately proved less profitable than Warner Bros. had hoped. Now Zack Snyder has been charged with giving the iconic costumed hero a makeover in the upcoming Superman: Man of Steel – and as far as the 300 director is concerned, he’s starting with a blank slate.

Snyder says his Superman reboot (which likely will be titled Man of Steel, but that decision is not set in stone yet) will “respect the canon” of the character without being a slave to his previous film incarnations.

Kirk Alyn and George Reeves may have been the first to don Supe’s red-and-blue duds onscreen back in the 1940s and ’50s, but Christopher Reeve’s version remains the definitive Man of Steel for most moviegoers today. Brandon Routh’s performance as Kal-El in Singer’s reboot was clearly influenced by Reeve’s portrayal – in terms of his mannerisms and general appearance – but Snyder seems to have something else in mind, having cast Henry Cavill in the lead role.

Hero Complex sat down to chat with Snyder about his plans for the Superman reboot, and the director had the following to offer:

“Literally, the one thing that everyone can start to think about is that we’re making a movie that finally goes with the approach that there’s been no other Superman movies. If you look at ‘Batman Begins’, there’s that structure, there’s the canon that we know about and respect but on other hand there’s this approach that pre-supposes that there haven’t been any other movies.  In every aspect of design and of story, the whole thing is very much from that perspective of respect the canon but don’t be a slave to the [previous] movies.”

christopher reeve superman Zack Snyder Says Superman: Man of Steel Is A True Reboot

Although Man of Steel screenwriter David S. Goyer has revealed that his script was very much influenced by the comics, Snyder has spoken out before about how his Superman reboot won’t follow any specific pre-written storyline. That too recalls Nolan’s approach to Batman, as those films borrow elements from their source material and yet are very much their own unique creation.

No filmmaker has taken quite that same approach to the Man of Steel before, but Snyder intends to change that:

“Superman is the one constant in the universe. You know that if you do Superman right — or at least if you do him with respect — you know you end up with something great…. [but] in some ways [beyond] that is virgin territory. No one knows what that is. In some ways Superman is the most recognizable superhero on the planet but also the most unknown. Just what he can be? People have preconceived ideas about him but probably all of them are wrong.”

Superman fans definitely have their own thoughts and feelings about how to properly portray the character onscreen, but there’s always the question of how much influence they should bear. On his end, Snyder at least seems interested in pushing the envelope and crafting a Man of Steel adventure that doesn’t ignore the history of franchise but is very much its own creation as well. Take that as you will.

superman the man of steel story brainiac Zack Snyder Says Superman: Man of Steel Is A True Reboot

While Snyder’s Superman reboot has already distinguished itself from its predecessors by casting the youngest actress yet to play Martha Kent in a film (Diane Lane) and pursuing a not-so-elderly Kevin Costner to play Pa Kent, the film will also reportedly feature a familiar villain in the form of General Zod, last seen onscreen in Superman II. That’s a different tact than that employed by both Nolan in Batman Begins and Marc Webb in his upcoming Amazing Spider-Man reboot, who instead selected to go with antagonists not yet brought to life in live-action form.

Whether that’s a sign that Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel won’t be as drastic a departure as the director indicates it will be – or that Snyder wasn’t being misleading with his claims about Zod not being in the reboot – has yet to be seen. Production on the film is gearing up to begin this summer, so we’ll find out more soon enough.

Source: LA Times

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  1. there is simply nothing he can say that makes me want to see this project. He’s just not a very good director. Sucker Punch looks totally horrendous. He has a good eye for visuals but nothing else.

    And yeah, I await the slew of comments saying I’m being unduly negative. Bring it!

    • OK, you’re being unduly negative. LOL. I don’t think so.
      Your opinion is your opinion and I think alot of us respect that. I’m looking forward to seeing what Snyder can do with Superman. I’m a big fan of 300 and Watchmen (both movies were great fun), and I appreciate the respect he’s shown the source material in spite of Hollywood’s typical treatments.

      • Watchmen was great but I simply don’t believe Snyder is the person for Superman, I also have extreme worries about all these rumours surrounding the script. We all knoww this is being rushed into production.

        • I just don’t think he needs to cast Big Names for this movie to generate interest. I’m not even sure if I will be seeing this now actually. Most of us fans don’t care for another origin Supes Film. Zod has been done before as well, I’d rather see a villian that hasn’t been on screen before.

          • Brainiac. But I’d love to see a proper version of Bizarro.

            • Bizaro is the worst idea , why not just have him fight a clone , or Zod which is basically the same thing, LAME

          • I agree. There’s really no other way you can tell Superman’s origins.

            • Everyone knows the orign of Superman, it’s quite simply put, part of our cultural heritage.
              The fact that Snyder and Goyer cannot see this, and are determinded to make another origin movie, shows an alarming ignorance.

              • Bizarro would be awesome.

                • Using Bizarro would open up a very wide universe for them to use in these films, using Zod is just so boring!

              • Did you not like Batman Begins? Batman’s origin had already been covered in previous movies, tv, cartoons but I don’t hear complaints about that. I trust Goyer and Nolan bringing us something similar…all Snyder has to do is make it look good.

                • But Nolan didn’t write the film, Goyer did. I loved BB, but that was mostly Nolan’s writing.

                • Ok, 2 things. FIrst of all, Batman’s origins were never really dealt with in the ealier films, barely touched in fact aside from two of three vague flashbacks. Batman Begins was the first time his origin had been extensively covered. So it’s not an accurate comparrison.
                  And you mentioned Nolan, he really has very little to do with this at all.

        • not anymore then Xmen: first choice or spidey was

    • Do you know the enemy,
      Gotta know your enemy,
      Do you know your enemy-
      Wah hey!

      In this case…WB ;)

    • lol Doc you crak me up “Sucker Punch looks totally horrendous.” but he has a good eye for visuals, lol really which is it. Ok so you think the story is going to “suck” but it will look good doing it? LMAO

  2. Maybe Zod won’t be in it after all. Could be Zod’s female side-kick shows up early to make way for the boss.
    Bet she’s pretty bad ass even by herself.

    • Ursa isnt enough as a stand alone villain.

      • why would she be, she is a kryptonian, and equally as powerful as Superman or Super Girl who is actually stronger than Supes, oh yeah which would she would be the same as Zod or Bizarro.

        • Something that has often bothered me, and Smallville is possibly the worst offender, Clark spent years, decades honing his skills. Yet evey other Kryptonian who comes to Earth instantly understand their powers and hones those abilities within moments.

          • I have wondered the same thing.

          • Other Kryptonians who have arrived on Earth have had more knowledge of their origins AND more confidence in who they were/are. Clark always felt unsure of himself…hence the steeper learning curve.

            That aspect of the mythology has never bothered me and has always felt perfectly logical.

          • age

  3. I actually appreciate his comments and have higher hopes for this film, knowing that he DOES realize the respect the character deserves. I look forward to seeing how the production evolves.

  4. I wish I could be excited for this. As far as I’m concerned, we haven’t had a good Superman movie yet and I doubt Mr. Snyder will really do any better of a job. I understand the need for a reboot. Honestly, out of most of the superhero movie series’ out there, this and Batman were the most in dire need of it. Batman was a pretty simple transition to do correctly (and boy did they,) but Superman faces other problems. As far as Zod is concerned, I’m not happy with the choice, but maybe if this does well enough, we can have a better Superman villain later down the road (Brainiac, please.)

    This has potential. We need to see more before we can really make any judgments about it.

    • Apart from Superman I and II, which are classics.

      • I’ll get bashed for this, but I thought Superman Returns was the best film so far.

        • You won’t get bashed from me, I love Superman Returns. I don’t think it is better than the original Chris Reeve flicks, but it easiily stands tall beside them.

          • I learned only recently that Reeves based his Clark Kent partially on Cary Grant from “Bringing Up Baby”.

        • I also enjoyed Returns. But I’m with DrSam on this one, Supes 1 & 2 were the best for me.

          • SR was simply not the film most were expecting, but I found it to be a personal and thoughtful interpretation of the character, yeah some aspects werent great (Bosworth being the main offender, and the kid was something of mistep) but overall it did a good job. Routh was great in the role, Spacey was fun but tended to over act a bit, and I still say the plane crash sequence is one of the best action scenes of all time.
            Plus the music is wonderful.

            • I agree about Superman 1 and 2 being the best, and Returns being pretty good. It focused more in the characters than anything else, which I thought was cool, with a little action thrown in.

              • Yeah it did, it wanted to be a character movie, and it that it certainly succeeded. I think it is a great film, perhaps quiter and more focused than people thought.
                But it also showed Superman really using his powers like nothing we had ever seen before. The bullet hitting his eye was just awesome.

                • Lol you guys are saying superman 1&2 werr the best and SR was the best after those two… Well duh! But look at SR competition: 2 30 year old superman movies that people hated even back then(3&4).

                  Now don’t get me wrong, I hate SR , but compared to those two then yeah it would be the winner of 3rd best superman movie :p

                  And just cause Zod is the villain in this movie you gotta remember there will be sequels that will most likely have the villains we’ve all been waiting for. And no offense but if you think the plane scene was one of the best action sequences ever then you will be blown away what this director will be able to do with a Zod Superman fight. If there is one thing he can do, its a fight scene!… If anything its will be better than “superman vs the kryptonite continent!”

                  The nolan bros wrote the story for this movie , Goyer just adapted its for the screeplay I would assume , so im not worried much about the story this movie will have because I trust Chris Nolan to deliver on just about anything he does.

                  But you are all entitled to your own opinions, that was just mine.

                  • If you can find me one single piece of evidence to prove that the Nolan’s wrote it and Goyer is simply adapting the screenplay then I’ll eat one of my hats!
                    Goyer wrote the scrpt some time ago, The Nolan brothers reportedly(never confirmed) did a very small amount of work on it. There have been multiple reports saying that the film falls apart during the third act.
                    Nolan left his position as producer to focus on Batman.

                    • I stand corrected on the Nolans writing the movie statement… I could’ve sworn reading an article here on screenrant where Christopher Nolan talked about it but I couldn’t find it, so I guess imust have confused it with something else. Anyway you were right about Goyer writing it.

            • ARE YOU ALL SERIOUS, wow, ok see this is where you all lose me what exactly was good about returns? Bosworth was insulting as Lois lane. The Kid was, I dont even have words to explain my utter displeasure of that whole thing. Kevin spacey could have been the best luther and was kicked in the crotch with piss poor writing and forced into Hackmans Character instead of making the role his. Then you have the MAN OF TEARS, Superman doesnt come off as sensitive he comes off as a stalking peeping tom , who crys like a baby, and gets the crap kicked out of him by Kumar. The movie had exactly 3 good scenes the Plane catch, the intergang scene on the roof top, and him flying through the city stopping the fire , so a total of 20 mins was good. The rest ranks up there with Wolverine.

              • Lets not forget him lifting basically a mountain of kryptonite into outer space! The freakin kryptonite crystals were even visible where he was lifting. /slaps forehead What idiot thought that was a feasible idea?

                I agree with Lobo that SR was just bleh. Sure its #3 behind Superman 1-2 but that isn’t difficult considering the rest of the Reeves Superman sequels.

          • The original films seem quite dated to me. That’s why I’m not excited about the upcomign BD release.

            • But they are dated, they were made in the late seventies! You know in 30 years time people will look at The Dark Knight and say exactly the same thing.

              • Well, some films (IMO) can hold up well against time. Like the original King Kong, but I can barely even watch Superman 1 and 2.

                • Well, we will have to agree to disagree on that one. I love those films, they are the quintessential superhero movies to me, Chris Reeve will always be Superman. Doesnt matter who else plays the character, he will be remembered for being that character forever.

                  But, I agree that the original King Kong is just brilliant, way superior to the bloated remake.

  5. Haven’t had a good Superman film yet? Are you mad? Superman and Superman II were both great!

  6. Well in some ways Superman’s character is pretty much dated. Now do not get me wrong Superman is will always be a solid character. Maybe a new reboot of the character will be right what he needs.

    I mean…is it just me? But doesn’t the whole nobody knows I am Superman because I got on glasses thing seem kind of ridiculous..maybe that is to strong of a word. More like, it worked for the time when he was created but not the present day.

    I am about originality and staying with the source material. In Superman Returns it totally took away from the movie for me(IMO).

    I am aware that Clark Kent means just as much to the character as well, Superman. I am just suggesting that maybe it time to forget about the alter ego stuff and make them one and the same. Like Iron Man almost.

    Look, this is all opinion and in no way am I trying to insult or anger any die hard fans of “The Man of Steel”. Heck, I am one of them. So my apologies if I did.Other than that, I am always up for a new Superman film.

    • Sorry but I can’t agree. The character of Superman and by default Clark Kent should never ever change. The whole point of Superman is that he stands for values and beliefs that simply aren’t held in very high regard these days, he stands for truth, justice and the american way. His core values may be old fashioned but he is a timeless character whose beliefs should be valid regardless of the year.
      Superman is the hero and man the whole world should aspire to.

      • I understand. You are right and I would never take his values away. That’s like changing Captain America personality and you can not do that, even Batman values should not be taken away. I am just saying some of the other elements seem dated but his core values to this day is still valid. Again it was only a suggestion. Not trying to offend in no way.

        • It’s ok, I understand what you were tyring to say. I think it’s not Superman that needs to change but the attitude of both film makers and the audience. Moviegoers think that Batman is cool because he is dark and edgy, and that Superman is uncool because he is such an upstanding and unwavering individual. He doesnt fit in our modern world, I certainly understand that, a new film should deal with the realities of having someone as powerful as Superman, it should show the world changing to accept him and his abilities.
          People often say he is a dull character, but he is just as complicated as Bruce Wayne. If not more so. We know why Bruce is Batman. But why is Clark Superman? Or perhaps just as importantly, why does Superman become Clark?

  7. You are indeed D-Man! Nice post my friend :)

  8. Having a superhero is great. But, a movie is only as good as its villain. In order for it to work you have to REALLY believe that our hero might lose at some point. thats why JOKER worked so well and why SPACEYS’ LUTHOR didnt.
    ZOD is a great bad guy, and when they talk about what SUPERMAN could “become”, maybe they want to show the world what type of evil superman could be capable of? That way they can appreciate his goodness and values and all he stands for.

    • Actually the part in SR when Spacey’s Lex stabs Superman with that shard of Kryptonite was pretty brutal and could have easily finished off the man of steel.
      But I disagree about Zod, it will just be one Kryptonian throwing another Kryptonian around Metropolis. Which he have seen before. Why not use Brainiac who is a totally different kind of villain and comes with tremendous cinematic possibilites? Or Doomsday and have Superman have a real battle on his hands? Or both!

      • Or Doomsday and have Superman have a real battle on his hands

        I have been waiting for that for Lord knows how long. I just don’t understand why these guys can’t give us a movie that can be as epic and brutal as the Doomsday story.

        • Exactly! The Doomsday story is made for the big screen, but it needs to be more than action, Superman is all about heart, if the character drama isnt there to drive the film, smashing down buildings is just noise.

        • Doomsday vs. Superman would be epic to see on the big screen, but they would have to save it for number 3. You can’t do Doomsday w/o killing Superman, and you can’t do that in the first movie.

          • It would have to be film 2, kill him off and then bring him back for part 3. But none of that will happen unless film 1 is perfect.

            • I have a question are you doing the comic version or the animated version of the story, when you kill off Supes, are you bringing the Clone,the Cyborg, Steel, Eradicator in the third one. Im only asking so , im clear the third movie will what start with the funeral and then the replacement Heroes and we dont see Supes for most of the movie till the end when he comes back and what takes out Eradicator and the Cyborg.
              Also if you did the storyline how do you show Doomsday strength have him kill a deer jump up destroy a helicopters and smash a few tanks, with out having the JLE team for Doomsday to destroy he lacks the threat, not to mention the character is a one hit wonder but whatever, all I want is a good superman movie, with no cellaphane S shield or campy bs, i want a serious and brilliant Lex, I want a strong and confident Superman, I want a ballsey Lois Lane.

              • Yes, the story from the comics, not the animated movie (I thought they dropped the ball with that one). I would say have Doomsday go against the US military and then Supes step in. I want the multiple Supermen, except maybe not Steel even though he was a cool character. They don’t have to have Doomsday kill a deer but they need to show that he is unrelenting. When Supes finally emerges from the Kryptonian chamber, have him with all his powers instead of Supergirl helping him; and I want the black outfit. All the Supermen need to be defeated except Superboy, who can have spinoff movies or a TV show. It won’t happen but I can dream.

      • IMO, Spacey was epic as Luthor. He was campy in some scene, but Singer said he was basing it off Donner’s version of the character. But I agree, the scene where he stabs Superman was great. WRRRROOOOONNNNNNGGGG!!!!

        • Agreed. The only reason he was campy at all was that he was meant to be Hackman’s character of Lex, Spacey really turned the menace on in that film in certain places.

          • not enough

          • I couldn’t agree more with you guys. I LOVE Superman Returns. It’s in my top 5 all-time comic book movies. It’s just a thoughtful, beautifully put together film. To me it is the first Superman movie because I don’t think the older films hold up. I thought Spacey was fantastic, and much more menacing and brutal than Hackman ever was. The old Superman films were very campy. And Routh was fantastic.

            I don’t care what people say about the scene where Supes is kicked around by Kumar and Lex’s henchmen. I thought that was a very powerful moment. The movie is about this amazing being with exemplary honor and ethics, but who sees value in being human, and gets a real taste of the physical limitations of that in the before-mentioned scene.

            And despite what anyone else believes, not once does Superman cry, or stalk people in the film. He’s in love with a woman, and after having been gone for 5 years, he takes literally one minute to see what her life is like. When he fully understands she’s moved on, he flies away with the knowledge that his life – and code – go on. That hardly resembles crying to me. Had he returned to look on her personal life again, now that would have been stalking.

            • stalker and peeping Tom, when i go back home , I dont go look up my ex girl friends and look through their windows

              • He was checking up on her, he wanted to make sure she was happy in her life. He loved Lois and it hurt that she had moved on but he had to see that for himself.?

                • he stalked her it was a creepy ass scene and it should be forever seen as such. when a person as strong and all powerful as Superman does something like that is creepy

                  • If I were Superman (and god willing one day I will be) I would have done exactly the same thing.

            • I have to agree with Great White. I thought the first batch of Superman movies were pretty campy as well. I don’t mean that as a criticism, because I really enjoyed the first two. But they weren’t much more than a step away from the Adam West era Batman, and I think the third and fourth films probably made Adam West seem an awful lot like Christian Bale.

              I thought “Superman Returns” was a great comeback, taking the look and feel of what Reeve and Hackman did originally and making it much more contemporary and serious, but without making it seem completely foreign to what had come before. I wasn’t really a fan of the kid angle, but I assumed that was a comic book storyline (I’ve been away from comics for a long time). I liked Routh, and I loved Spacey.

              I’m really not looking forward to the next movie, but only because I’m so tired of reboots. It’s jarring enough to get past the differences between the original comics and the movies, and then again when actors are rotated in and out. Just imagine how old it would have gotten if they rebooted James Bond for every new actor. We know Superman’s origin, we know Batman’s origin, we know Spider-man’s origin – let’s just get on with it all ready, and move on to some new villains. I realize that there’s a lot of meat to the origin stories, but why can’t we just move that time and effort to the villains’ origins? Or add some lesser known heroes on the side? Maybe instead of adding three villains to every movie, we add a second hero’s debut? Have Superman get some help from Red Tornado or Dr. Fate. Have Spider-man bump into the Vision or the Scarlet Witch. If these new characters are well-received, then hey, you’ve got another potential franchise to run with. They can pack “Spider-man 4″ with all of the villains we can stand, but nobody’s going to make (or pay to see) a movie focusing on the Rhino. But I’d see a movie about the Vision – and who knows, maybe he can cross paths with She-Hulk in “Vision III”!

      • As much as I like the Doomsday/Superman possibilities for a huge epic battle, I think the better choice would be Darkseid. Doomsday is a giant lumbering mindless monster, which works to an extant and would be amazing for battle scenes, but Darkseid is Doomsday’s pure power with Luthor’s mind. That is the fight for Superman.

        With that being said though, maybe he would best be saved for a JL movie. That way you bring in Kalibak, Granny and the Female Furies, Kento etc… I guess that would make for a better film.

        Either way Darkseid vs. Superman is the fight I think everyone would be pleased with.

      • that would be too much like trying to give us something “great”. and how do we as movie goers and avid fans deserve something great?

  9. How many times has Snyder messed up? and they keep giving him big time movies to make.. Bottome line dont expect anything other than great action and great visuals from this new superman movie. That is ALL you are going to get.

    • Sadly that seems to be all some people want from this film.

    • I do want the action and visuals but I also want the story. I wish they could have 2 directors: Synder for the action and another director for character interactions.

      • Synder would be best served as a Director Of Photography, he has a keen eye but nothing else.

      • I agree!!!

    • what has he messed up, he has done arguably two of the most faithful CBMs ever, how is he wrong for this?

  10. They should have done Kevin Smith’s Death of Superman script way before Routh donned the cape. I will go and see this, because I am a fanboy. But that doesn’t mean I won’t b**** and moan about every aspect beforehand. Like why use ZOD!

    • Have you read Smith’s script? It is one of the worst things in the world. Ever. I wish there was some way I could unread it.


  11. There was something about Superman Returns that just leaves me unsatisfied every time that I watch it. Not only that, but it makes Superman seem weaker and less decisive than he’s meant to be. People are forgetting also that Superman I and II, which were fantastic movies, took creative liberties with the Superman character, making him turn the world about its axis and such, while making Lex Luthor more comical. Every director has his own interpretation and I believe that an origin story can be refreshing because most people believe that they know the story, but many don’t grasp how remarkable it is. Either way, a more physical Superman is three decades overdue.

    • It’s not a matter of it being overdue, in the seventies they simply didnt have the effects to create epic battles for Superman, they did the best with what they had.
      As for him not being physical in SR, well he may not have fought anyone, but he did lift an entire continent into the sky, and land a falling jet. He was no wimp. They just made him a bit too human.

      • And he lifted that continent after being infected by kryptonite. That says a heck of a lot about his strength.

  12. im sorry but Watchmen for me was better than the TDK i know know im insane. But the way he braught that story to the screen was nothing short of spectaculer. That movie could have been so screwed up but he got every thing down to the smallest detail. I have very high hopes for his take on the man of steel.

    • I’m with that Watchmen was better than TDK, BUT Watchmen was based of the graphic novel, and Snyder has already said TMOS won’t be based off any particular story. I’m still looking forward to this film regardless.

  13. I love supes but this film lost me at zod and ursa.

  14. Superman Begins: Superman an already established Hero , continues to keep the world safe from evil doers, movie opens with Superman stopping a robbery at Star labs, Metallo , trys to steal a Kryptonite fragment. Pan to Luthor Corp where Lex Luthor (Bruce Willis) is angered by the news of Metallos failure. Mercy asks if we should make plans to free Metallo, Luthor says let him rot , He has another plan. que to Cadamus , where Amanda Waller is working with scientist that has discovered parts to an ancient AI discovered in fragments of a Kryptonite Meteorite. In walks LL who offers to help Cadamus to recover the data. (fill-in with Clark Catch up time) month later movie time , The AI starts to developed at an alarming rate and begins to consume the tech surrounding it. It turns into a working enity (it becomes Braniac). Braniac begins to troll the internet discovering Kryptonian Symbols mainly the House of EL symbol Supes big red S. Braniac goes to confront Supes to ask him to join him in taking over the Earth. In the Mean time Luthor who has been watching this lets thing play out but orders Mercy to clean any trails leading back to him or Luthor corp, Mercy then show Lex a strange box type device found in the aftermath of cadamus , Lex says he’ll examine it later and continues to watch the battle unfold in the Metropolis Skyline, return to the battle where Supes is taking some serious damage and retreats to th fortress. Where Supes learns that Braniac is actually from his home planet and was in part the reason for its destruction, believing that Supes cannot beat brainiac luthor begins working on a weapon to stop brainiac and the man of steel. Superman returns to the battle now moved over Washington where brainaic is demanding that the world bow before his power. Superman renews the battle and is joined by Luthor , whom Supes immediately does not trust , Luthor says taht He alone will be the one to defeat him and that he a mere human will protect this planets from all aliens including him. supes retort so you can rule the world yourself , Luthor laughs. Luthor battles hard but is put down by brabiac but it is all captured by the media and Luthor does look heroic in his battle suit. Superman finally turns the tides and defeats brainiac, show a few weeks later Clark walks in and throws a copy of the planet onto his desk headline reads HERO LEX LUTHOR RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT? CREDITS…. after credits pan to a lab underground in a luthor corp facility the found device lights up. the screen goes dark and then BOOM !!!!!
    SUPERMAN: JUSTICE 10 months after BEGINS, Luthor has been elected president of the United States. Supes confronts Luthor and tell him he’ll be watching him, luthor states he will be doing the same. crime has been starting to grow in Metropolis, the criminals are beginning to use high tech weapons, superman starts to investigate when he stumbles onto a arms deal going down Inter Gang is Buying weapons from a strange man who does nt look human. Enter Kalibak and the Furies. Superman engages them and a battle ensues during the battle Steppenwolf watches on conveying every detail of the battle to an unseen shadow. A voice rings out Collect the furies and return home Desaad has something for the Kryptonian. A boom tube appears and the furies escape but not before Supes captures Kalibak. Taken to star labs supes questions kalibak and only to learn that Death is approaching. cark return s to the fortress to see what more he can learn about his new enemies when a report comes in as a destructive force has landed outside of Metropolis and is heading toward the city. picture comes in from a news chopper where a huge cloud of dust is moving along the highway. in the chopper is Lois Lane, when a car come hurdling up towards the chopper knocking the tail rudder off and the chopper falling , before the chopper can hit the ground supes catches it fly it away and then tells Lois and Jimmy to wait here and takes off after the moving destruction. supes catches upto the creature to discover DOOMSDAY. the battle commences and the two stand toe to toe pummeling each other, buildings being destroyed until finally supes flys in for a superpunch as doomsday lets one go himself sending both opponents to the ground neither one moving until supes rises climbs out of the giant impact crater , Lois who arrived during the battle watches as superman climbs out only to collapse in front of her and jimmy , headline reads Death Of Superman , headlines flashes President Luthor calls for a day of mourning , flash to the White house Luthor hands on head mumbling, I was to be the one to beat him Me me me ARRRRRRGGGG. credits after credit Superman Memorial a black figure appears says Now it begins.
    Superman Returns: Superman returns from the dead with the help of the yellow sun , Earth is invaded by Darkseid and his minions, weak at first superman makes his return when darkseid makes his first move and has his parademons attack Washington. Luthor again donning his battle suit try to stop the attack when out of the blue wearing his black suit superman appears in time to save luthor.

  15. Still can’t get past the Clark Kent glasses disguise. Imagine if Hitler had donned a pair of glasses and walked out of his bunker past soldiers in WW2. Maybe make Clark blind a la Matt Murdock (Daredevil) with dark glasses (Krypto as seeing eye dog?). Also, since he’s an alien from another planet, that’s the biggest news in history; play it up. Maybe Earthlings should fear an alien being with such power. Maybe some guy sues Superman when he gets cancer after being exposed to the x-ray vision. There’s a lot that can be done to improve the character and franchise.

    • How in the world does making someone petty enough to sue the greatest hero out there make Superman better? And making him blind? Really?? Obviously you do not understand Superman and his purpose.

    • Amalgamation is nice but there is such a thing as too much. I’m not even a big fan of superman but some of your suggestions just sends shivers down my spine.

    • I can agree with the eyeglasses thing. It just does not make sense that no one can tell that he really is Superman with glasses on.

      • On the other hand, if he was more of a swoop-in-and-out type of hero, like Spider-man, maybe people wouldn’t have a clear image of what he looks like. Maybe he shouldn’t spend so much time going on TV and giving speeches about “truth, justice, and the American way”. If you think about it, if you crossed paths with Superman, presumably you’d be in a situation where you were screaming and running for your life. Your memory of Superman’s face would likely be a little fuzzy.

        Anyway, if I’m expected to but into a story about a super alien who fights monsters and robots, I suppose I can accept the glasses working as a disguise.

  16. Returns cont.
    Superman in his black solar suit defeats the Parademons and save Luthor, he tells Luther to evacuate and let him handle it , Luthor still surprised by Supermans return , asks “Is it really You?” Superman turns and Looks at Luthor and smiles , yeah its me and dont think im not coming for you after this is over” and flys off. Luthor stands there watcching a smile breaks across his face and whispers Bring it Alien, cause it will be at my hands you die. Super Flys off and clears out washington of the remaining Parademons clearing city superman lands on the top of the Washington Memorial looks around then flys off to Metropolis. arriving in Metropolis he finds Lois waiting for him on top of the daily Planet (heart felt moment between Lois and Superman) Superman tilts his head and looks up Lois asks what is it and he replys he has to go their back. Boom tube. Lois frowns, looks upto him and says go kick his ass and you better make it back this time. Superman flys off heads back to DC where Boom tubes are erupting all over the city. Darkseid arrives on top of one of his ships in the middle of the reflection pond. “Kryptonian where are you!!!! booms Darkseid. Superman swoops in and stops infront of Darkseid, surrender Kryptonian and serve me and I will only destroy half the population of this dust ball planet, otherwise i will destroy you and take this world as my own. I will give you one hour to decide your planets fate. Superman takes off as the media watches on , people scream dont leave dont leave. Superman knows he is nt strong enogh yet to take on darkseid and flys straight up , he exits the atmosphere and heads to the sun. Using the solar suit Superman retains his full power and then some he heads back to earth and Dc when he makes a quick stop at the fortress. Pan back to Dc where luther in an underground bunker listens to the people talking about what they are going to do to repell this invasion with out Superman to help them. One man suggests surrender, luthor Looks up looks back at the man who made the suggestion, Surrender Luthor says Surrender Never !!! As much as I hate the Do gooder Superman will be back and we need to be ready have the special weapon I designed ready. Darksied sits waiting with mere minutes left on the deadline A blue and red blurr swoops past darkseid picks the American Flag up off the Ground flys into the sky and lands ontop of the Capital he uses his heat vison to reattach the Flag and stands there over looking washington , the city is in flames in areas. Superman takes off and uses his super breath to put out the fires and the n lands a few feet away from darksied, Darkseid Chuckles , useless, Im going to turn this planet to ash. Superman says over his dead body but before we start this is between You and I, I win you leave and never come back You win, darkseid interjects when I win you will be dead. The battle commences with Supes and darkseid Battling across Dc and the eastern seaboard. superman and darkseid battle till they are barely standing superman lands one final blow knocking darkseid completely out with him lying defeated Superman reaches down removes the mother box off of darkseid and activates it he picks up darkseid and throws him through the Boom tube. The rest of darkseids forces activate their tubes and leave as well.days pass and the cities are rebuilding in Dc Superman is seen flying around assisting in repairs when he see lois waving him down, He lands leans in and kisses Lois , She asks if he is going and Superman smiles , yeah im going, Lois laughs and says This should be great Lex Luthor Giving you an award for your service to this country , lol.

    • Oh wow lol..not gonna bother reading all that^

    • Ok, fair enough, at least you have some ideas. And some of them are good. But… That plotline is just too much for an audience to take in.

      • thats a trilogy

        • I get that. The best thing you suggested was making Lex President, I have been saying they need to go down that road for some time. They need to change the dynamic between him and Superman.

    • to much readin lol

  17. I wrote a draft for a new Superman, will try and find it. It had Metallo, Doomsday and Lex as the villains. It was epic.

  18. The most thought of approach to the SUPERMAN reboot is who can play this role of a super man. What human actor can even begin to equal the look and physical appearance of this truly larger than life super man? The answer is … no one.
    Chris Reeve got close, but although his facial features were acceptable, he still lacked the physique that is SUPERMAN’S. No human actor we know of that would be considered for that role is a superhuman actor, nor can any come close to filling that role completely. The wonderful graphic depictions of the man of steel by various artists demonstrate that fact most emphatically.
    Today, the art of computer generated imagery has developed to the point of perfection. Naomi Watts was computer generated in certain scenes of King Kong that were deemed too dangerous for her to perform. I defy anyone not connected with the film to tell me which scenes they were.
    The reboot of SUPERMAN could contain a computer generated SUPERMAN that could be indistinguishable from a human actor, but at the same time retain the true physical representation of SUPERMAN.
    Oh, I know. You think SUPERMAN’s physique would not look right in Clark Kent’s suit. His physique could be toned down a bit when he’s Clark Kent and wearing a business suit. This would work because for 72 years now, no one could recognize Clark Kent as SUPERMAN when he put on a simple pair of glasses. If that absurdity worked for 72 years then I’m sure no one would notice he’s a little toned down in a business suit.
    Why this obvious solution to the question of who should be Superman has apparently escaped everyone but me is a mystery.
    Let’s finally give SUPERMAN his due. He is, after all, NOT human. So why do we insist on forcing him into a human mold?

    • @”The reboot of SUPERMAN could contain a computer generated SUPERMAN that could be indistinguishable from a human actor, but at the same time retain the true physical representation of SUPERMAN.”

      I would most certainly NOT see this film if Supes is CG. It works in scenes where it would be impossible for an actor, but that’s all. It works for Green Lantern,imo, but not Superman. What are they gonnna do? Have him buff up when he gets into the costume, but change his appearance when he becomes Clark Kent again?

      • Ghost…

        You really shouldn’t respond to Chris. This is the EXACT same post (and I mean VERBATIM) he has already put out TWICE before, in two seperate threads, at different times, on ScreenRant. I think he simply reposts it at random times and doesn’t actually care about any responses.

  19. Cavill is almost perfect!he does actually look like Superman(Welling edges him out a little).I think his voice is more powerful than wellings,but wellng has height and looks alitte more like Superman.I have read people complain about his height,but Cavill just hits the height requirement, being “61″(before 1986,Superman was “62″).I want to see the movie After Smallville is done the way it should end,with Clark becoming Superman,a fight as long and as good as the Titan or Bizzaro fights(give or take five minutes longer.)have it known that jonn jonzz, bart allen,mia,cyborg and the wonder twins were all in the wrong time.The Clark Kent and Lois Lane wedding set three years later,after Jimmy and Perry and after Jor-el(the Eraticator in deguise)mindwipes Lois for not being true kryptonian,having too much Kryptonian knowledge. I would end it wiht Clark hear reports on the radio of a Creature coming from out of the rubble of an abandon plant who destoyed a nice part of the city heading in the direction of Smallville.Clark reaches the monster throwing the phantom zone key behind the creature(Doomsday)opening the vortez. punching Doomsday into the zone.The Special Crimes unit praises Clark,yelling Superman;the end!

  20. I can understand why people might not think Snyder is the best director, but why is Zod off putting? Yes, I would LOVE to see Brainiac or Bizarro, but oh well. Zod is a very bad man, who is a match for Superman to fight against (both brain and brawn).

    People keep saying Snyder only focuses on visuals and doesn’t do much else. Well, he’s only directing. He’s not coming up with the story. That’s Davis S. Goyer’s domain. And after Blade, Blade II, Batman Begins, and TDK, I’m VERY courious to see how he writes Superman.


    • Oh, for the love of Zod…stop it already!


  22. I want to see a RADICAL REBOOTING of this property!

    No more Lex or Zod until later. I want to see a villain who truly challenges Superman’s strength and courage.

    I want to see carnage and massive damage as a result of their fights. I want to see Superman pounded and somehow coming back against all odds.

    • Then you want Doomsday or Darkseid; just like me.

  23. The problem with Darkseid is that you have to build to much alien backstory. For a reboot that is just to much.

    I think Zod does a good job of challenging his strength and courage, and also can challenge his allegiance to earth, being that they are from his home planet. If they play Zod as not the purely evil dude like in Superman II, but more as an anti-villian that creates some sentiment, then he could absolutely challenge Clarks allegiance. That would be awesome.

  24. can we get a good superman movie finally please. Marvel has done so much better than dc in live action but dc has killed marvel in its animated movies. i would love to see the death of superman be a live action movie.

  25. Hank Henshaw would have been a great villain a sympathetic villain with the face of Superman who blames Superman for the death of his loved ones and also has the unfortunate problem of being immortal so he may never see his loved ones again in the afterlife. Makes for a great plot and challenges Superman own fear of out-living all his loved ones!

    P.S. Give him the heart of Metallo for an extra kick!

  26. Reeves portrayal of superman is way overrated just like jack Nicholsons portrayal of the joker was before heath ledger rightfully took the crown in his role as the joker(r.i.p.)

  27. All you bronze age fans are the same, in that you can’t seem to let your imaginations go for a moment. You all don’t want to see Superman you want to see normal man. You want to see him killed? Superman does not die, he is never beaten down. His greatest struggle and weakness is trying to be human. Eventually he gets past that and learns to live more as a Kyptonian with knowledge of humanity but not subject to it. For those drawn to battles and destruction, go with Marvell’s characters. If you like thought provoking stories, you might get lucky with DC.

  28. “If you like thought provoking stories, you might get lucky with DC.”

    I doubt it……

    • Its the same old story from DC fans…..

      “Yeah, our guys are better than everything else they need to fight, you have to think about the story to see the struggle”

      What a load of BS. The fact of the matter is other than Batman (and even him to an extant) DC heroes overpower their villains so much(other than Darkseid on this one) that they shouldn’t even be considered heroes. They are bullies that happen to fight the good fight. marvel villains are so much more powerful than their heroes (Dr. Doom, Magneto, Thanos, Apocalypse, Galactus etc…) that the ability to defeat them is truly heroic. Its why I am now, and always will be more of a fan of Marvel.

      That being said, Superman is one of those guys in the DC stable, that even though he beats up on guys weaker than himself normally (Toyman, Parasite, Luthor) he still stands for the right things, so he is definitley an iconic hero, but his stories suffer due to the total lack of an opponent, other than the once a half decade fight with Doomsday or Darkseid.

  29. Give me a break General Zod, that’s too tame and too lame! All the Superman movies have the same problem, weak villians!

    C’mon take this freaking franchise to the next level, bring on Darkseid!

    Superman needs a villian that can honestly challenge him and General Zod is just lame! Imagine the battle between Superman and Darkseids son Kalibak! It would be great to see Darkseids sick twisted yes man Desaad!

    How about Granny Goodness and the Female Furies, now we’re talking about some characters that would bring some definite life and excitement into the Superman movies!

    You can’t go wrong with Jack Kirby characters!!