Does ‘Sucker Punch’ Spell Doom For ‘Superman: Man of Steel’?

Published 4 years ago by , Updated August 23rd, 2013 at 3:20 pm,

Right now the Interwebs are all ablaze with debate over Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch, which debuted this past weekend (read our review HERE). The film – previously heralded as one of the most anticipated films of 2011 – ultimately got KO’d as both a critical and financial dud.

That hard hit already has the fanboy community clogging website comment threads with prophecies of doom in regards to Snyder’s next film, the Superman reboot, Man of Steel.

Here at Screen Rant we’ve recently been critical of the fickle opinions of fanboys when it comes to comic book movies, and the reactions to each casting and/or development announcement  about Man of Steel have certainly proven some of our criticisms. Every single decision about this Superman movie seems to piss off a section of the fanboy nation: General Zod and Lex Luthor as possible villains; Henry Cavill as Superman; three-time Academy Award Nominee Amy Adams as Lois Lane; even Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent and Diane Lane as Martha Kent. Certain sections of fanboys have been crying that it is all “Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!” and that Superman is doomed before cameras even start rolling on his latest cinematic outing, which Snyder has promised will envision the character in a more grounded and realistic way (unlike many of his other films).

Zack Snyder being tapped as the director of Man of Steel was always a controversial choice among fanboys – surprising, really, considering that Snyder was heretofore known primarily as ‘the fanboys’ director,’ after delivering film adaptations of Frank Miller’s 300 and Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen that were both extremely faithful to their respective source material in terms of aesthetic and story. Heck, back at Comic Con ’09 I even saw Snyder hop into a boxing ring to accept the “Fans Award” for the loyalty he showed to comic book source material – how many directors get that much love from geeks?

Still, even with all the debate over Snyder helming Man of Steel, fans (for the most part) initially took solace in the fact that Chris Nolan, Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer – the team behind both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight – would be overseeing the script and development of Superman’s next onscreen outing. As discussions in our comment threads progressed, the prevailing attitude was that a Snyder/Nolan pairing would be one of mutual benefit: Snyder’s knack for visuals and action would combine perfectly with the Batman team’s knack for unique and engaging storytelling, resulting in a Superman film that would explore the character in fresh and exciting ways, while still delivering the epic action people want to see from the most powerful superhero of them all.

Sucker Punch Emily Browning Does Sucker Punch Spell Doom For Superman: Man of Steel?

This is your brain after viewing ‘Sucker Punch’.

Now that Sucker Punch has…er, sucker punched even the most ardent Snyder fans with a story and film that is overly ambitious at best, exploitative and shallow at worst (you be the judge), it seems that people have forgotten all about the fact that the Nolans and Goyer tackled the initial job of crafting Man of Steel‘s development and script, despite Chris Nolan ultimately “handing off” the picture to Snyder in order to focus on his third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. In the days since Sucker Punch has been released, I’ve personally read hundreds of comments on dozens of sites, all echoing the assertion that Zack Snyder’s apparent failure with the first film he both wrote and directed automatically spells doom for ‘his Superman movie.’

This is, of course, not at all the case.


Why Man of Steel isn’t doomed (yet)…

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  1. mark,

    thanks for telling me how it ends before i go and see it.

    • Oh, sorry Jake, that was unintentional

  2. @Vic Holtreman
    You post a little obsessively. o_O.

    Moving on, the film was great fun, the visuals amazing. Anyone who didn’t like it, that’s fine but too often we rely heavily upon the words of critics and find ourselves agreeing because subconsciously we assume critics know what they are talking about when really each one is only one person with more often then not invalid opinions.

    Didn’t know what they were getting into? Paleease. How do you, after having seen the preview take this for anything but what it is, Snyder making a movie based on pop culture, a popcorn action film with buried heart. If we hate his movie we hate ourselves because we the audience dictate pop culture. He just sold our own mushy brains right back to us and it was delightful. Critics can go blooow themselves. They do that on a regular basis anyway.

    On a side note. It was not a bordello. It was an asylum. Baby Doll wasn’t “dancing” in the real world, only in the made up bordello world… She was having sex. The asylum girls were being raped. Baby Doll used many layered fantasies to escape a many layered hell.

    ON a

    • LOL, Maria, you DO realize I own this website, right? :P


    • Couldn’t have put it better myself

  3. Snyder’s a boob.
    He didn’t understand the ending of ‘Watchmen’, so he changed it.
    He built a perfect replica of the Gunga Diner complete with napkins and placemats, without apparently ever reading “Gunga Din” to see why it is constantly referred to throughout the story.
    He had no idea what to do with the Chrysler building, of course.

    • In comparison to Bryan Singers X Men, Gavin Hood’s Wolverine and pretty much any Marvel adaptation released, i would say that Snyder is the only director who has remained remained as faithful as possible to the source material with Watchmen and 300, at least he makes an effort to tell the story and recreate the tone of the comics, instead of opting for an easy solution and an easy way out.

      X Men weren’t bad, but instead of giving them individual status, which they have in the comics. Instead he thought ‘to hell with it’ and stuck them in all in ‘batty as hell suits’. He only made an effort with the characters that he ‘decided’ were pivotal to ‘his’ version of the X Men.

      And Wolverine could have been a flawless flick if it weren’t for Dead Pools origin story, what the hell was that.

      Obviously directors can’t cater for every single comic book story out there, but Singer could have made more of an effort with sticking to the source material, and that is where Snyder rarely fails, he sidelines enough for creation purposes, but he doesn’t go way of track.

  4. I think anything that Christopher Nolan is a part of will work. Nolan wouldn’t let a great story like Superman be done wrong and despite i havent seen Sucker Punch and have no desire to see it, Synder still has a great eye for directing and as long as there aren’t an overflow of slow motion scenes, I think his Superman can be pretty bad ass

  5. Why is everyone talking about this movie like it is so bad? I thought this movie was pretty myself, and I have to say that the visual effects were pretty amazing as well especially during the dream scenes:D

  6. well…NO CRITIC…I SAY: NO CRITIC was able to find a problem visually with sucker punch…add Nolan/Goyer’s genius for writting. seriously this is gonna be the best movie of the year

    besides, sucker punch is way more complex than what people understood, inception’s story is a joke compared to what Snyder tried to told us. I think that we have to wait for the director’s cut version that WB cut :/

    • Sucker punch was more complex that what people understood? Inception’s story is a joke compared to it? WOW?!??!? You do realize that Sucker Punch has been ridiculed because of how pathetic the dialogue and STORY are right? It’s not like this movie went over people’s heads. I never heard similar complaints about Inception, which had probably one of the more original plots in the last decade.

      Let’s be fair, Snyder has now had 2 disappointments in a row. Watchmen was visually striking, but did anyone think it lived up to expectations? Doubtful. Sucker Punch is a complete bomb. Snyder is on a downward trajectory. What’s worse, the same problems that plagued him when he was hot (Dawn of the Dead, The 300) appear to be getting worse as time goes on (tremendous visuals at the expense of good storytelling, dialogue, pacing…wait am I talking about George Lucas?).

      People have good reason to worry about Man of Steel.

      • Inception’s story was a joke??!, Inception is one of the best films i have ever seen the cast were flawless, the story was complex yet easy to follow, the visuals were also incredible and it was tense film.

        My argument is that WB are trying to replicate Batmans success with Superman, under the impression is going to be box office gold simply because Nolan is attached to the project. The Batman movies were ideal for Nolan because he was able to aproach the subject material with his preferred realistic aproach.

        If Snyder is on a downward trajectory why was he given Man of Steel in the first place, sure Sucker Punch didn’t receive the response he intended, but if Sucker Punch is that black mark on his record then he doesn’t have much to worry about.

        As for being plagued with problems, many productions are plagued with problems sot here is nothing new there.

        I wouldn’t say that Sucker Punch is better than Inception in general, i’m simply stating that SP is a good film, and not half as bad as the critics claim it to be, and that Snyder’s ability as filmaker, and potential to make Man of Steel shouldn’t be an issue just because a few critics and the sheep that follow want another target to aim.

        As for the George Lucas comment, shame, shame, shame.

  7. Bottom Line. Zack Snyder should not be doing any films that have an ounce of substance. Guys Just listen to this man speak. and they gave him WATCHMEN??? Ridiculous!. Snyder does have a talent like no other. His visuals are amazing. His action is good. Other than that you aint gonna get anything from him. That being said giving Snyder most videogames adaptations would work. Forget that guy who did MK rebirth. Imagine if SNyder got his Hands or Mortal Kombat? That is where his expertise lies. Not doing Superman, or Watchmen. But sadly the studios love him so much because his is fully controllable and will do whatever they tell him to do. FACT

    • ‘the studios love him so much because his is fully controllable and will do whatever they tell him to do. FACT’ COMPLETELY UNTRUE, the studios are knocking at his door, not the otherway around, he didn’t pursue the project of ‘Man of Steel’ it was offered to him.

      For what Snyder lacks in storytelling, he makes up for in visual execution, it really depends on what kind of a film you want to see. If i wanted to watch Pride and Prejudice then i’d stay at home and watch it on TV.

      If i want to watch a decent action flick made from the mind of a director, then i’ll watch a Snyder flick, not a studio wanting a paint by numbers flick filled with PT Anderson cliches.

      Though you are right in suggesting he could make a decent MK flick, it would be box office gold, and that is one franchise that needs reviving after Kasanoff killed it of, and why was the MK franchise killed of, because the studios wanted to make it teen friendly, Snyder would keep it faithful to the videogames.

      Which is why it would be brilliant if Snyder made a Bioshock movie. Snyder and Nolan are at opposite ends of the spectrum regarding their artist aproach to movies, so i’m looking forward to seeing what they both come up with, but Man of Steel is Snyders project no doubt.

  8. Hand Superman back to Christopher Nolan. I’d prefer to wait until Batman 3 is finished.

    After seeing Sucker Punch, I’m horrified to think Zack Snyder could mess up Superman for me. 300 was great, Watchmen was watchable, Sucker Punch sucked the bag.

    I hear he’s going to adapt the Tim Hawkins book Hellbound after that……..I really hope his work doesn’t continue to slide before he gets to that one.

  9. My biggest problem with Snyder doing the Man of Steel is that his previous films don’t show that he has the tact to handle Superman! Don’t get me wrong I loved 300, Watchmen and Sucker Punch but Snyder’s style of directing I feel just doesn’t fit Superman. Take for example If they were to remake The Ten Commandments the last person you would get to helm the film would Quentin Tarantino, Even though Tarantino is a great filmmaker but his style of directing just wouldn’t fit The Ten Commandments!

    I also don’t like how everyone (fanboys included) whined and cried that Superman isn’t emotional enough like Spider-Man and when Returns came out they cried He’s to emotional there isn’t enough action in the film! C’mon People make up you’re mind! I for one enjoyed Returns, the film is in no way a perfect film but it did have it’s great points. I do agree that Kate Bosworth was a horrible choice for Lois Lane (me I would of rather seen Parker Posey as Lois who as you know played Kitty Lex’s girlfriend in the film) As for the reboot I like Amy Adams as Lois it will be interesting to see her with dark hair. I don’t like Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent. I personally don’t understand what was so wrong in getting Brandon Routh back! I thought he did a great job of filling Christopher Reeve’s boots and cape. I like the weak timid portrayal of Clark Kent. As Reeve once said there has to be an obvious difference between Clark Kent and Superman or else there is nothing stopping his friends form finding out who he is!

  10. What is everyone crying about??We have been prying and hoping to have a movie going experience where it combines both hot barely legal gorgeous females and kick a$$ action sequences and we got it with a 10 ft tall Japanese Samurai with a HUGE Gattling Gun to boot!Nerds,Geeks and cinema going Fanboys…SHUT THE F*** UP!!And enjoy a team of young gorgeous women on screen together!

    • LOL Well said

  11. Suicidal lobotomy blended in an action fantasy movie doesn’t work; the plot of ‘Sucker Punch’ is just too depressing but the visuals of the action scenes were entertaining for sure.

  12. Personally I enjoy Snyders Films.
    300 and Watchmen where better than the comics (IMHO), Snyder has real ability to nut out the essence of the material and bring it alive visually. He also seems to cast good people, I’m yet to see anyone in one of his movies unable to act.

    So I wouldn’t hire him to do a character study, but a rollicking comic book adaptation seems to play to his strengths.

    And to add more wood to the fire, I’m not a huge fan of Nolans work. I really enjoyed Batman Begins, but The Dark Knight was stilted and didn’t flow well IMHO. Prestige was OK, Momento a bit odd and Inception is still waiting to be watched (its in the Blu Ray as I type, so maybe in the next few days).