Zack Snyder Talks ‘Man of Steel 2′; Hints at Lex Luthor and Kryptonite in the Future

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Zack Snyder with Henry Cavill on set of Man of Steel Zack Snyder Talks Man of Steel 2; Hints at Lex Luthor and Kryptonite in the Future

Zack Snyder, David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan’s take on the Superman mythos in Man of Steel has strongly divided people into love or hate categories, even by comic book movie standards. Regardless, the film has so far proven to be a large enough box office success – $408 million around the globe and counting – for Warner Bros. to get serious about planning out the future of the live-action DC movie-verse (beginning by taking greater financial control of its superhero franchises).

The debate rages on among fans, as for whether Justice League should come next or if additional individual JL team member vehicles are necessary first. Snyder, for his part, is looking ahead to Man of Steel 2 (at least that’s his official story…), and will soon sit down to discuss his plans in greater detail with studio heads.

Here is what Snyder offered Moviehole, when questioned about the rumors that he and Goyer already have a healthy chunk of the sequel planned out (including, who Kal-El’s next antagonist will be):

“I’m going to be a hundred percent honest with you, I haven’t yet gotten to speak to the studio about all these awesome details (because I’ve been overseas on the junket). So my hope is, when I get home I can sit down with everyone and it’ll be like ‘Okay, so what are we going to do?.. we need to do something…”

Snyder has, by this point, repeated over and over that Man of Steel opens the door for a Justice League crossover, and he once again confirmed as much in this new interview. However, right now, the director feels the important question that needs to be addressed in Man of Steel 2 isn’t necessarily “What’s going to happen, now that the world knows superheroes exist?” – rather, it’s “We almost destroyed the world last time, now what!?”

Man of Steel Trivia LexCorp Zack Snyder Talks Man of Steel 2; Hints at Lex Luthor and Kryptonite in the Future

One popular theory is that Man of Steel 2 will introduce the new Lex Luthor – whose eventual appearance was teased by the glimpses of a LexiCorp tower and trucks (one of many ‘Easter Eggs’ in the film) – as a Bill Gates-like billionaire, who helps to rebuild the destruction caused by Kal-El’s battle with General Zod and his forces. This would allow Lex to present himself as being a compassionate figure (in the public’s eye) and thus, plant the seeds of doubt in people’s minds about whether or not Kal-El really is humanity’s savior.

For the time being, Snyder is indicating that fans just need to be patient:

“[People have been like ‘there’s no kryptonite in the movie’ and ‘there’s no Lex Luthor in the movie’, and by no means am I saying those things don’t exist, I’m just saying he didn’t run into them here [this time].”

For my money, Man of Steel was fine without the use of Kryptonite as a plot device, considering just how much emotional baggage Kal-El had to lug around throughout that film. That material – a.k.a. ‘Superman’s One Weakness’ – can be abused as a narrative contrivance in the wrong hands, but it could be used to serve as an effective storytelling tool in the Man of Steel world (i.e. a symbolic remnant of Kal-El’s Kryptonian heritage that literally weakens him).

Batman and Superman movie mashup Zack Snyder Talks Man of Steel 2; Hints at Lex Luthor and Kryptonite in the Future

Kryptonite can also help to level the playing field, so to speak, and would allow regular humans (such as Lex Luthor) to pose a legitimate threat to Kal-El. Indeed, fellow JL member Bruce Wayne/Batman has managed to go toe-to-toe with Superman in past comic book stories, through the use of weapons like Kryptonite bullets.

You can already see how an appearance by Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2 could even lead into a Batman/Superman team-up somewhere down the line. Kal-El find a way to keep Luthor in check, only to meet his match in a very different sort of billionaire… one who perceives him as being something of a hypocrite – considering how Kal-El lets his emotions get the best of him, with the cost of immense collateral damage – and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, in order to cut ‘the Man of Steel’ down to size (see: use Kryptonite)…

What are you hoping to see in Man of Steel 2? Let us know in the comments section!


Man of Steel is currently playing in theaters.

Source: Moviehole

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  1. To be honest I am glad he didn’t deal with kryptonite in this film, as a huge fan of Superman I’ve seen almost everything they have put on film when it comes to The Man of Steel and in my opinion there is always to much kryptonite. Now I am not saying that they shouldn’t include it somewhere and show how it affects his well being, but I hope they don’t over do it and constantly have kryptonite popping up everywhere rendering Superman useless and essentially ruining the movie. I say just keep the Kryptonite to a minimum. Now as far as Lex Luthor goes he has always been a huge part of the Superman universe and I hope they get him right in the upcoming sequel. The way his character was portrayed in Superman Returns was laughable and sad. He was to small time and just not believable as a true villain to such a powerful hero. I like the idea of Lex being a Bill Gates level Billionaire with power and influence in many different areas including politics. His character has to be more epic than anything we’ve seen so far or it just won’t be believable. I also agree that we should bring in a second villain, it cant be just Lex. Bring on the bigger more threatening villains, Darkside, Brainiac, but maybe not to soon seeing as how the earth was almost destroyed in Man of Steel. Maybe the next film should focus on more of a domestic side with Lex being the main antagonist with a darker more powerful villain showing up towards the end leading into the next sequel or a crossover film. With this in mind we could introduce more characters from D.C. Which would be just as entertaining as epic action sequences if done right. The next sequel could very well be the stage for the introduction of more heros and the upcoming Justice League. But they shouldn’t rush it! Introduce a character like Bruce Wayne or the Flash and then give him his own movie that following summer. Focus on making one good movie at a time and everything will fall into place. We may not see a justice league for 5 or 6 years but if its done right and all the main characters have there own movies it should be well worth the wait. To be honest I would be completely happy just seeing a Batman/Superman crossover. That alone would be bigger than the Avengers!

  2. I really hope they use another vilan superman has so many good ones n they always use lex im tired of that story and the loise n clark story im so glad they didnt go that route in man of steel doomsday would be an awesome vilan unles of course theyre planing on using mivharl rosenbaum as lex then im all for it lol

  3. I think Lois and Clark,s/superman,s relationship should evolve and maybe a bizarro superman in the future would be cool

    • A bizarro Superman would be cool.

  4. One comment- LOL at the Sups/Bat pic.

  5. I thaught the firat half of Man of stel was allright. The last hour bored me with the infinitite flood of actionscenes and explosions. They just dropped the storytelling and focused om the superman vs zod showdown. Zzzzz…

    • C’mon man I liked the fight scene.

    • Well that’s the fight which made my day at the cinema while watching MOS.

  6. I agree, kryptonite is often over used. It is the responsibility of writers to review all available sources: comic books, T.V. shows, and movies to gain a greater understanding of the DC Universe then come up with something new, engaging, and exciting. I was unhappy with how Lex Luther was depicted in all the Superman movies. A protagonist is only as great as his antagonist. I’m pleased with the depiction of Lex in Lois and Clark the Adventures of Superman and Smallville. Lex is a representation of the Niche ‘Superman’. He has no exceptional mental or physical abilities, his incredible will and unwillingness to be hindered by morality enables him to succeed. Lex is without morals, scruples, or a conscience. He is ambition personified. Superman is typically a solitary figure overcoming challenges alone. Lex succeeds through strategy and manages a huge network of businesses throughout the world. Lex should not exist simply to counter Superman. Lex’s character should be motivated to take down Superman initially for the following two reasons. First, what one can’t control one should make powerless. Second, Lex resents that Superman is inherently superior to him, regarding Superman as an affront to his ego. After, Superman survives it becomes more personal. I’m bored to death with the unrequited love of Clark for Lois. Also, I think it would be interesting if Lex was a bit more like Gayus Baltar’s character in the more recent Battlestar Galactica series. He can be overbearingly egotistic when he recognizes he has the advantage, hedonistic, suave, and charismatic with women and show real desperation and sniveling fear when trapped.

    • The ‘Ubermensch’ or ‘over man’ (superman) is meant to be a completely unrestricted, moral representation of a human being, not an immoral one. The idea is for someone not to be restricted by society’s rules for morality (as that was immoral in his view), but wasn’t in any way evil or immoral. It was, in a sense, victory over one’s ego to do what was right. The philosophy was to move onward and upward through will, rather than fear and anything that came from fear was bad or immoral. Nietzsche wrote about morality and how something could only be moral if was good for ALL and that good could not come from emotions such as jealousy, anger, greed, contempt, etc. So Luthor is actually the OPPOSITE of Nietzsche’s ‘over man/superman,’ not the epitome of it. You’ve got it backwards.

  7. Batman

  8. Batman batman

  9. There are many options for the sequel. I originally thought about a visit from doomsday. This would be an epic battle with great effects, for both story and visual viewing pleasure. As I thought about this, I decided that this plot would be of greater value to a justice league saga and maybe a team up with batman against lex would be a great story with a nice stepping stone toward a justice league. Maybe having batman in the film could help the population of earth be a little less shocked at the arrival of a superhero as batman has been around helping out for a while. I do like the idea of sequel before a justice league movie

  10. Not Sure I like the idea of Superman versus Batman when they are friends in the comics. How about we see him up against Doomsday in the next movie and one more thing, please bring back the red trunks and the “S” logo on his cape. His costume doesn’t look complete without them.


      • Actually I’m glad they lost the red underwear it would have looked retarded. Also the only way that “I” see batman being able to rival superman is with kryptonite. Also I would like to see a bad-ass Lex Luthor. I would kinda picture him as being a very manipulative and knowledgeable individual who emotionally copromises people through blackmail and bribery as well as having a charasmatic and egotistical side who can also strike fear into the hearts of people. As I do remember they did give Lex robotic aromor in the injustice game. However this isn’t injustice this is whatever zack snyder wants this to be…

        • If they cast a Lex Luthor for Man of Steel 2, Michael Rosenbaum who was Lex in Smallville, would be an excellent choice. I have never seen anyone compare to him. Rosenbaum just knows how to be manipulative and sly and overall is a bad ass Lex. I hope they consider him for the part but who knows they might find someone amazing like him. Still I REALLY want him to play Lex…

  11. I think Darkseid would be an awesome twist to the man of steel 2, like in some of the other posts… Everyone’s tired of the lex luthor story that has already been done too many times before. Use some other characters this time… Darkseid… Doomsday… Bizarro… You get the idea. Batman is a good choice on the goodguy side of things, but whynot make them enemies at first, before a teamup takes place. & maybe have some hints at Wonderwoman, The Flash, Aquaman, or even Martian Manhunter… Just some ideas for the type of Superman movie people would prefer to see, something unexpected & not predictable… Like Lex Luthor. I would save him as the villan in a Justice League movie, once all characters have been established in previous movies leading up to it…

  12. There are a lot of useful scenes in Man of steel that a creative mind could run with. I like the thought of Doomsday but another adversary I’ve not heard mentioned is Braniac. In the movie explorers from Krypton had many deep space out posts. Upon Zods discovery, they were all abandoned for no rhyme or reason. Here possibly could open the door to a super villain besides the same old characters we all know. Lets suppose that the Kryptonians tried terra forming another world already the home to a half cyborg half alien of sorts.. The only survivor left of a terra formed planet now hell bent to destroy any and all Kryptonions he can find. Not only did Zod answer the beacon turned on by Kal but its now got the attention of Braniac. Far from earth he begins his rampage through the universe to find this last signal from a kryptonion.. Along the way it could grab the attention of another DC comic sect, the Lanterns? Its one of a million ways the directors could tie in some of the other characters in the other franchises. Not sure which direction they will take it but, personally I would like to see the DC franchises develop each character in a kick but way. Being the heroes one would expect not mono-toned people running around in spandex. Give these characters some kick butt abilities, some depth, and just enough mystery to want to come back for more.. COME ON GUYS, LETS SEE WHAT YA GOT BUT MAKE IT GOOD!

  13. high tech Wayne enterprises contracts blue collar lexcorp to retrieve downed kryptonian bodies/ tech from the scout ship in order for batman to counter future all powerful aliens hell bent on eradicating mankind.

    Batman realized this when watching the alien struggle unfold on his destroyed satellite tv. Envious to turn his blue collar empire into a hightech military corp, lex pleasantly realizes the zod infused scout ship contains a computer entity with the sole purpose of advancing krypton. This involves all the technology it can acquire along with taking whats left of krypton in supermans body.

    Realizing hes being held out on, batman begins corporate espionage to bring down lexcorp, which invariably draws the ire of superman trying to stop this clandestine menace from thwarting all the good lex is suddenly able to do for metropolis while rebuilding.

    When batman shows a capability to counter superman, inevitably winning him over in the process, lex and zod infused scout ship brainiac take the method as means to kill superman. Epic fourway battle ensues.

    Frozen supergirl show up somewhere, either MOS2 as another potentially dangerous kryptonian needing guidance and further piquing batmans interest, or in future movie introducing darkseid who kidnaps her to lure superman to apoklyps which he knows is the
    only way to conquer earth with an enslaved superman in tow requiring a JL type of response. Nice offworld time for superman to introduce/allie martian as jl member along with bats, wonder woman, and maybe someone else who fits success dc/marvel has had with realistic characters either super powered aliens or highly skilled humans with super powered / alien modification.

    Speaking of precursor tie ins, this points to a movie basis of wonder women as she is taken by newly introduced darkseid to head his personnal guard, but manages to return to earth and also draw darkseids attention to the remaining krypton aspects lingering there. Darkseid could easily have been the reason for kryptons fall outside of krypton using doomsday as weapon of choice.

  14. I think Bizzaro or Braniac would be pretty neat to see. I haven’t seen either of them in action yet.

  15. I am all for introducing a more powerful, influential, yet relatable Lex Luthor just as was done with Superman. I’ve seen MOS literally over 20 times and I can really see that this franchise is headed in the right direction, if it is continued to be done right. In addition to Lex, Brianiac should definitely be introduced according how he portrayed in the comics as the planetary intelligence of Krypton. The movie left off with Clark finding himself. When we think about, in every Superman movie, series, and even some cartoons, he is always searching to learn more about his heritage. Then introducing Batman in conjunction with everything else will set a better stage of sequence leading to Justice League!

  16. I say NO LEX LUTHOR. He’s not the best villain. It should be someone who’s a legit threat to the man of steel. Maybe doomsday(creature who killed superman) or metalo.


  18. I think that, not only Batman should return, but Lex finding the one villain that could turn the tables on both Batman and Superman… The Joker!

  19. I agree with most of the first comment . but all I have to say is if you use kryptonite (which you should) , change the way it hurts superman . don’t make him turn to jello and make the movie boring . make him somewhat human when exposed to it . if I swing at Superman with a kryptonite ring I want him to go down like any other man and fight back like a normal human would . NOT drop to the ground and start dieing on site of it . just even the playing ground . the closer to kryptonite he is the more human he becomes the further he gets away from it the stronger he gets and powers return . kind of like the blue kryptonite knife fight between zod and the blur in Smallville . think of this , they could fight on a roof and superman could get knocked off and not get his power back til only inches from hitting the ground barley being able to catch himself and fly in a scene in the movie . idk think about it .

  20. I believe that the original sound track by Ken Thorne in the preceding superman films was a much needed factor in the Man Of Steel. It carries significance to build up, intensity, unified viewer feeling and has the heroic factor known by all viewers and fans uniquely tied to superman. I believe it would make a huge difference if introduced as the sound theme in Man Of Steel 2.

    It would also be a creative idea if the movie showed a build up to Clark from childhood to adolescence, rather than snap shots of him as a child at different stages in the main Story as it lacks clarity fo the viewers as well as a more fluid understanding of how he grew up which could be addressed in Man Of Steel 2.

    Furthermore I would suggest giving him more powers possibly introduce them with sudden, shock to Superman but of great intensity to enable the viewers to be overwhelmed each time and create a heitghned state of euphoria for the audience each time. ‘Gripping’

    Lastly for Man Of Steel 2, the action scences should be slowed down so that the audience can keep up with what is going on, cause we don’t all move at the ‘Speed Of Sound.’


  22. I will like to see more bad guys like Apocalypse, doomsday, brainiac as well i dnt mind luthor in the 2nd movie but later on the series i would like to see more han the typical bad guys from the old movies

  23. or maybe a movie with lex and bizzaro

  24. I’m sick of lex luther. There are much more appealing and interesting villains to tackle. Kryptonite is also a very worn and banal way of making superman weak.

  25. I hope to see more acts of valor and heroic rescues from the Man of Steel and not just flashbacks of rescues, but the edge of your seat kinds of rescues that haven’t been seen before and demonstrates Superman’s many powers.

  26. Im thinking the next movie could be something like les metes bruce wayne/or batman has batman try to kill Superman then in the end they Team up to stop les

  27. Man of Steel2 sounds like a Superman sequel, which is fine if the movie had just Superman as the sole hero, but the film is really about the emergence of the D.C. Universe.

    MEN OF STEEL gives Batman his rightfull place alongside Superman in the title. Since other hero’s from the justice league will get a mention somewhere in the movie, or a cameo, then this title makes sense to me.

  28. Hopefully with the next installment of Superman/Batman we might see a glimpse of how the JLA will evolve. Its apparent that Lex is already lined up as the main villain in the next film. If your a fan of Lex or not, that’s the card we’re dealt with for now. But it seems like the more posts you read the more its apparent that the scales have tipped in the direction of bringing on some new villains and the run of the mill story line with Superman.
    Krptonite is an example, yes its poison to the big guy but if it in itself is over used it becomes boring and predictable. A villain with a superior intelligence whose next move is always unpredictable would keep a persons interest much longer than pulling out the green rock of death… It does keep Superman in check but it would be nice to see him not wither like throwing water on a witch. What makes a good villain is his ability to counter the effects of the person(s) he’s battling. Fairly even on the strength levels more or less is ok but an enemy who can out think you is an uh-O moment. A battle of wits with Batman would be cool to see but a partnership of minds is what its going to take to make the JLA work. One last thing on a villain I would like to see is when they are challenged a certain way once, that’s it. They can never be challenged that way again twice. Maybe the villain in question adapts his m.o. faster than the hero(s) he’s fighting.
    To wrap it up. I hope the directors can tie in some of the other franchises in some form or fashion. Whether it’s a quick snap of someone in the background or at a dire moment help from a friend. “Something”. It would flow so much easier this way kinda like what Marvel done on their movies. NOT the same way but similar. If not then your relying on the success of each characters independent movies to be a success and some how tie them together down the road. Guess we will have to wait and see.
    Bring on Brainaic or Doomsday and more important the JLA!