Zack Snyder Talks ‘Man of Steel 2′; Hints at Lex Luthor and Kryptonite in the Future

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Zack Snyder with Henry Cavill on set of Man of Steel Zack Snyder Talks Man of Steel 2; Hints at Lex Luthor and Kryptonite in the Future

Zack Snyder, David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan’s take on the Superman mythos in Man of Steel has strongly divided people into love or hate categories, even by comic book movie standards. Regardless, the film has so far proven to be a large enough box office success – $408 million around the globe and counting – for Warner Bros. to get serious about planning out the future of the live-action DC movie-verse (beginning by taking greater financial control of its superhero franchises).

The debate rages on among fans, as for whether Justice League should come next or if additional individual JL team member vehicles are necessary first. Snyder, for his part, is looking ahead to Man of Steel 2 (at least that’s his official story…), and will soon sit down to discuss his plans in greater detail with studio heads.

Here is what Snyder offered Moviehole, when questioned about the rumors that he and Goyer already have a healthy chunk of the sequel planned out (including, who Kal-El’s next antagonist will be):

“I’m going to be a hundred percent honest with you, I haven’t yet gotten to speak to the studio about all these awesome details (because I’ve been overseas on the junket). So my hope is, when I get home I can sit down with everyone and it’ll be like ‘Okay, so what are we going to do?.. we need to do something…”

Snyder has, by this point, repeated over and over that Man of Steel opens the door for a Justice League crossover, and he once again confirmed as much in this new interview. However, right now, the director feels the important question that needs to be addressed in Man of Steel 2 isn’t necessarily “What’s going to happen, now that the world knows superheroes exist?” – rather, it’s “We almost destroyed the world last time, now what!?”

Man of Steel Trivia LexCorp Zack Snyder Talks Man of Steel 2; Hints at Lex Luthor and Kryptonite in the Future

One popular theory is that Man of Steel 2 will introduce the new Lex Luthor – whose eventual appearance was teased by the glimpses of a LexiCorp tower and trucks (one of many ‘Easter Eggs’ in the film) – as a Bill Gates-like billionaire, who helps to rebuild the destruction caused by Kal-El’s battle with General Zod and his forces. This would allow Lex to present himself as being a compassionate figure (in the public’s eye) and thus, plant the seeds of doubt in people’s minds about whether or not Kal-El really is humanity’s savior.

For the time being, Snyder is indicating that fans just need to be patient:

“[People have been like ‘there’s no kryptonite in the movie’ and ‘there’s no Lex Luthor in the movie’, and by no means am I saying those things don’t exist, I’m just saying he didn’t run into them here [this time].”

For my money, Man of Steel was fine without the use of Kryptonite as a plot device, considering just how much emotional baggage Kal-El had to lug around throughout that film. That material – a.k.a. ‘Superman’s One Weakness’ – can be abused as a narrative contrivance in the wrong hands, but it could be used to serve as an effective storytelling tool in the Man of Steel world (i.e. a symbolic remnant of Kal-El’s Kryptonian heritage that literally weakens him).

Batman and Superman movie mashup Zack Snyder Talks Man of Steel 2; Hints at Lex Luthor and Kryptonite in the Future

Kryptonite can also help to level the playing field, so to speak, and would allow regular humans (such as Lex Luthor) to pose a legitimate threat to Kal-El. Indeed, fellow JL member Bruce Wayne/Batman has managed to go toe-to-toe with Superman in past comic book stories, through the use of weapons like Kryptonite bullets.

You can already see how an appearance by Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2 could even lead into a Batman/Superman team-up somewhere down the line. Kal-El find a way to keep Luthor in check, only to meet his match in a very different sort of billionaire… one who perceives him as being something of a hypocrite – considering how Kal-El lets his emotions get the best of him, with the cost of immense collateral damage – and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, in order to cut ‘the Man of Steel’ down to size (see: use Kryptonite)…

What are you hoping to see in Man of Steel 2? Let us know in the comments section!


Man of Steel is currently playing in theaters.

Source: Moviehole

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  1. I hope they handle kryptonite diffrently, its something im not fond of at all

  2. Id really like luthor to befriend superman, only to gain his trust then break him. Just finished the first season of smallville and michael rossembaum is incredible and i love the relationship him and clark have. I cant wait to see him turn

    • I’d like to see Lex trusted first too then
      betray that trust later, not until MOS 3.

      • Yeah maybe something at the end of mos 2 can result in lex turning, then he could release doomsday

  3. If ever they do a man of steel movie with doomsday, it’s gonna make a trillion dollars.

    • You know that’s coming. Probably not next though.

    • I honestly hope they don’t use Doomsday, but rather Brainiac. My hopes for Man of Steel 2 being either an untouchable Luthor who despises Superman and has the people of Earth on his side who also hate Superman or a Luthor who befriends Superman and ultimately betrays Superman in the end. And in a highly likely potential third film: Brainiac, who can provide a great battle, and a clear motive, rather then mindless violence Doomsday.

  4. I say forget Kryptonite altogether but
    I guess it can be done right and might be.

    Lex could be introduced next in the sequel
    leading up to being the main nemesis later on.
    The seeds of Braniac are present to make
    that the next “villain” Superman faces.

    Man Of Steel just passed Star Trek Into Darkness.
    It is expected to end up the #2 film of the year
    this coming weekend behind Iron Man 3.
    WB has to be pleased with that.

    MOS passed Batman Begins too and
    I do think like that film the sequel
    will do better box office as well.

    • … and it hasn’t even been out a month yet.

      • Right. Just 13 full days including today.

  5. I think Luthor will act like friends to Superman, but he secretly thinks he is an abomination and a threat to the world and Luthor doesnt want that because he wants to stay in control. Secretly he is plotting against him to get rid of him. But he fails in this film. Which will lead into Worlds Finest and Luthor will get exposes to the public that he is evil

  6. Or Brainiac could be the villain of MoS 2 and Lex is secretly supporting and then it leads into Worlds Finest

  7. I’m just hoping for a mos trilogy before they venture into JL. Which would you like for mos 3 Darkseid or Doomsday ?

    • Doomsday, who “kills” superman resulting in WW, the flash, GL and batman coming together to stop him in Justice league 1. Would be interesting to end the trilogy with the death of superman

  8. There needs to be two villains in this movie. I really don’t want to see Lex at all

  9. I loved man of steel and would really look foward to lex and kryptonite. Hopefully dc just keeps this momentum goin

      • Go sell crazy somewhere else.

  10. They didn’t even need Kryptonite in Man of Steel, the added idea of the atmosphere weakening him had the same effect.

    • I could see lex trapping superman in a room then altering the atmosphere or something to keep him weak. It would be a good alternative to kryptonite

  11. I wonder just how much the new 52 will influence the future DC movie-verse? Is it possible or would Warner consider diverging from that in a substantial way? The advantages and disadvantages of that can be discussed now that ‘MOS’ is out…

  12. i accept luthor, obviously, but they cannot make him the main villain. its just not going to work. he must have his suit and there must be a heavy hitting villain. make luthor the main villain we get returns again

    i was thinking luthor gets a hold of zod, taken his blood and clones him. only the experiment fails and he ends up creating this grotesque, mindless monster… Doomsday. or doomsday escapes from the phantom zone from the first movie when zods army was sent there. i forget what they called it in the movie but to all of us, its the phantom zone XD

  13. In addition to a good sequel to Man of Steel, they really need to also have a sub-plot in the movie that sets up the Justice League. It could go something like this…


    Have Lex Luthor’s company discover the ship Superman incinerated with his heat vision – the 18,000 year old scout ship. In it, he finds out that General Zod’s consciousness can interact with him (since Zod implanted a program to eliminate Jor-El’s consciousness). Luthor discovers that Zod’s only goal in life is to ensure the survival of Krypton. He uses this knowledge to convince hologram-Zod that he will help to reestablish the Krypton race if he teaches him about the Krypton technology. Since Zod’s singular purpose in life was to promote the advancement of his people and his consciousness has the same thinking patterns he agrees seeing it as the only possible way to bring back his civilization. He agrees on condition that Lex Luthor first frees the Kryptonians that were returned to the black hole. He would have to develop a phantom drive but luckily for Luthor there was still one left although perhaps damaged (I am assuming the damaged scout ship had one too) Luthor agrees and learns all about the Genesis Chamber and the Phantom Drive and the elements of Krypton’s environment that makes Superman weak which would be the basis for creating (as opposed to discovering) kryptonite. This would set up the Justice League in which Luthor uses the Phantom drive technology to free the Kryptonians that got sucked in the black hole (thus the return of -now General Faora – who would now want revenge. It would also elevate the “consequences” of Superman killing Zod as now he would have Faora perhaps going after the people he loves). Luthor would also use the Genesis Chamber – not to create Kryptonians – but he would betray hologram-Zod to create super powered human villains creating a NEED for the Justice League.

    • Just a tip. Splitting your posts up into paragraphs makes it more readable and site visitors are more likely to read it. When it’s one giant mass like that a lot of people just scroll past it.

      I like your ideas though. Pretty sure it was Zod that sliced up the scout ship, not Superman.

      • Are we talking about the scout ship from the artic? Cuz yeah Supes was definitely the one who sliced that in half. Remenber: (paraphrase) “If you do this…you will doom Krypton forever!!!!” “They had their chance…” EXPLOSION!!!!. Cuz that did totally happen.

    • Good stuff. Wouldn’t mind having Faora come back.

    • I like it but I don’t believe that the scout ship had a phantom drive. The ship that sent Kal-el to earth was implimented with a phantom drive via Jar-El. This then gave Zod the knowledge of how to do it as well and impliment in into his ship. A ship from 15000 years ago or w/e most likely wouldnt have that technology, however I love the story you made there.

      • You have brought up an interesting – possible- hole in the outline of the story I created. I saw the movie three times and I understand where you are coming from. When both Jor_el and Zod talk about the Phantom drive, I also got the impression that it was a new technology and that using it on their respective ships was something that had never been done before. But I don’t think it was ever specifically stated that it had not been done before especially when you consider the length from earth to Krypton thereby the need to even have a Phantom drive. That is why I stated “I am assuming the damaged scout ship had one too”

        I admit it is a dubious plot point in the story I suggest and at the same time an essential part of it. But I also don’t think people could find anything in the movie that explicitly disproves it was part of the ship. But good catch and thanks for pointing it out.

        • the scout ships had sublight capabilities no phantom drives.. the phantom drive tech was jor els dimensional navigation/manipulation tech that he invented for the council..
          he reverse engineered it to help his baby boy get to earth &possibly help krypton survive..
          (zod later used those techniques to refit the black zero ) the reason the scout ships had stasis pods was because even though they could travel at sublight or light speeds that still took a long time to traverse earth to krypton like distances hence the need for cryo sleep..
          its ONE of the reasons the old outposts died out coz once their supply lines got cut off they were basically screwed…

      • I resently read the prequle comic to MOS which features that very scout ship and how it got to earth (check it if you hav’nt read it) and i believe there was mention of a phantom drive being engaged.

  14. I’m really glad that kryptonite wasn’t used.

  15. lex and parasite or metallo should be the vilain in man of steel 2.

  16. They have to have someone who can actually fight with Superman. I think Lex will reverse engineer the Kryptonian technology and probably create a power suit like the one worn by the Kyrptonians. That way he could stand up to superman and have an epic brawl that is kind of required for movies like these. I doubt it will be purple and green though.

    • This is a great idea. I do like the idea of Luthor using his own tech though. He’d really WANT to get Kryptonian tech, that could even be his ulterior motive.

  17. yes i agree with luke comment. Let’s add Metallo the the mix

  18. Man of Steel 2…..I’d like to see…..

    Superman saves a stricken Russian submarine that is holding a full crew that is cut off with no power and no hope. The result of Superman diving to the bottom of the ocean and single handedly lifting a nuclear submarine to the surface is that it grabs the attention of the Atlaneans.

    Aquaman is now poised to enter the frame. Clumsy humans probing the oceans is one thing but superpowered aliens. This could be seen as a threat, but eventually leads to freindship, trust and the reveal to the human population of the true legend of Atlantis.

    • So…

      … why didn’t Aquaman save the sub?

  19. Lex could get a hold a Zods body, take some blood, and try to clone him but it backfires and creates the reverse superman aka BIZARRO. Lex could be pulling the strings for Bizzaro

    • That sounds very similar to the plot of Superman IV. And I try to forget that movie ever existed.

      • Hang on… there is another Superman after the one with Richard Pryor?

        • Wait… there was a Superman movie with Richard Pryor? Next you’re gonna tell me there was a Spider-Man movie with an emo Peter Parker doing a jazz number!

  20. Is it just me, or does that mash-up photo of Supes and Bats together prove why a Batman reboot is needed? Batman just looks like a guy in a goofy suit of armor against Cavill’s Kal-El.

    I’d like to see the next Bat-actor be more physically impressive and the suit somehow mirror the original Bat-suit in the way Superman’s new suit mimics the spandex from the comics.

    • I disagree. WB rebooting Batman is cinematic suicide. If there is any way to get the most recent (and now most popular) version of Batman into the cinematic universe (and there is) then DC/WB is making a huge mistake if they don’t do it.

    • On the contrary, I feel exactly the opposite. While my brain agrees with you that we need a new Batman to fit into this universe, whenever I see a picture of Cavill and Bale, I get so damn excited, and it looks absolutely perfect to me. My brain and my inner-nerd are having a pretty epic battle when I look at that picture.

  21. Ok, here’s option 1 – Snyder just pulls a total mind f with us and introduces a new Batman. I can see it now…MOS vs TDK. That would be iconic. This would open the door even further for the JL movie. Sure he could do what everyone thinks he should do and introduce Lex Luthor. I’m all for Lex being in the next movie, but don’t put him as the center of attention yet.

    Option 2 – Like the screenrant podcast said, introduce Lex Luthor, have him force MOS to leave Earth; leave a easter egg for the JUSTICE LEAGUE; and bring MOS back in for the actual JL movie. BOOM!!!

    • First off, I vote Tom Hardy as Lex Luthor.
      For my MoS sequel, I won’t to see Metallo, instead of someone big like Brainiac. Though a traditional Superman villain, Braniac would be better srved as a JL villain. Along with beings like Darkseid, and Vandal Savage (I vote for VS as first JL villain). Anyway, I want Metallo to be a creation of LuthorCorp., commissioned by the government, to serve as like a deterrent if Superman should ever go bad. That way, Luthor doesn’t have to be the main villain, but stay in the shaows so to speak. If he’s going to be a Bill Gates type of billionaire, it wouldn’t make much since for him to go all out a reveal himself, I feel he would be better as recurring shadow character, who would eventually play a role in the much larger JL movies.

  22. If Snyder does introduce a new Batman, the new one needs to be the genuis he is from the Comic Books with an IQ around 200 because in the films he is not portrayed as the genius he really is and needs to be. He also needs to be more acrobatic, not like Nightwing, but flexible enough to do backflips and be really hard for Superman to hit

    • you think doing backflips is difficult for superman to hit?

      • Maybe slightly more difficult than it would be to hit an average human.

        • That’s a good idea or give him a suit like in the dark knight returns.

  23. I was thinking like they need to make a batman reboot first. Then do a Batman vs Superman film like batman inspired a gang to like kill a senator inadvertently so the government sends superman to capture him and he does. Then the government says like earth is in danger and we need your help. Then u see a shot of wonder woman flash green lantern cyborg and aquaman and that leads right into justice league. They could do the solo movies before or after it doesn’t really matter but that would be cool.

  24. Hmm…

    Lex meets Superman face to face for the first time, notices him trying hard not to wince in pain and when he flies off, Lex wonders what was up with him and then somehow deduces a little later that it could be the ring on his finger when he shook hands with Superman with the emerald revealed to be a piece of kryptonite after much experimentation?

    • Something tells me you secretly enjoyed MoS a lot more than you are leading on…

      … ma’am.

  25. In MoS 2, I would like to see more direct references to other members of the Justice League, or some of the members themselves, even if it’s just in passing. I would settle for a Daily Planet headline that references Batman, Atlantis (Aquaman), maybe the Flash. Something along those lines.

  26. I hope they make Kryptonite something that absorbs nearby solar energy. That way it could absorb the energy from Clark’s cells, thereby weakening him so that Luthor could pose a threat to him. Perhaps make it the core of his power suit, so that the energy absorbed powers his suit, making his suit stronger and able to pose a great threat to Superman.

  27. I hope Zack, Nolan, and/or Goyer read this…

    Luthor should team up with Brainiac and maybe work in Metallo kind of like the New 52 Action Comics storyline. After Superman defeats Brainiac, with his ship still orbiting Earth(to become the future Justice League Watchtower with retrofits funded by Batman), Lex Luthor dons his power suit to put down Superman personally. As the battle comes to a close, Luthor forces Superman into a scenario where the only way out is to kill in front of millions of people, which will unite the people of Earth against him and Luthor wins. But Superman, keeping to his vow, finds another way, leaving Luthor defeated, but still a threat for the future.

    Then the heroes of Earth unite in Justice League. They fight a threat beyond any before. I’m hesitant to say Darkseid because while he’s a great choice it may be better to hold him off for Justice League 2 or 3. The ending should work in a little “Doomsday is coming” or “You cannot stop Doomsday” for the geek explosion that will inevitably ensue.

    Then in Man of Steel 3 Superman finds the frozen body of Kara Zor-El and revives her with Kryptonian tech and gets her up to speed on the fate of Krypton and them being the last two Kryptonians. Kara must come to terms with being engineered for her one purpose but now having the free will to do what she wants. It takes her a while to get the hang of her powers as well. Luthor frees Doomsday who goes on a rampage, eventually reaching Metropolis. Superman fights him and Kara is no match being new to her powers. Superman gives his life to kill Doomsday leaving Kara as the last Kryptonian. She takes his body back to the fortress of Solitude and puts it in a preservation chamber.

    Kara claims Kal’s role as protector of Earth and becomes Supergirl. Then, Superman shows up again and everyone is like “WTF?” but they embrace his return, but he’s far more strict and unforgiving than before. Turns out that Luthor cloned Superman with blood taken from the battle scene with Doomsday. But the clone is unstable and begins to mutate and becomes Bizarro, taking that name when someone calls him that out of disgust. Superman, having come out of a heeling coma, comes back into the fray and helps Supergirl put down Bizarro.

    Meanwhile, Doomsday, in government hands, heals from his previous fight and seeks out Superman. Turns out he was engineered to always come back from the dead with a resistance to whatever killed him before. It takes the full might of Superman, Supergirl, and Bizarro to take down Doomsday for good. At the end, Bizarro decides to leave Earth to find a world where he can fit in. A world of his own, a Bizarroworld.

    • Also about Bizarro: I think a clever way to get the backwards “S” on his suit is to have him look himself in a mirror, and to him it seems backwards, so in his stupidity he rips it off and puts in on in reverse, appearing the right way in a mirror.

    • That is a really wild story… Luthor frees Doomsday from what?

      • Oh I forgot to mention that for non-comic readers. Doomsday was a weapon built by an ancient alien civilization to wipe out all life on a given planet. He is kept in a containment pod after his creators realized their mistake, and it was sent to Earth. Luthor finds the pod and opens it out of curiosity.

  28. Lex as the public good guy, but actually be sympathetic to the audience. Its not like we don’t know he up to no good, how about making him the lead of a legitimate anti-supes campaign.

    This asshat and their kind did just tear through half of our planet, killed thousands, threatened billions of lives, and now we have to clean up their mess.

    Not everyone is going to be on board with him staying here. He’s an “attractive nuisance” to the gods and villains of the cosmos – either looking to take out him personally, or bringing their attention to Earth because of his presence. Lex uses this divide to his advantage, gaining support for political action (hint hint) from the ones who want Supes evicted.

    Eventually he goes to far of course and obsesses. Maybe even bringing an ancient Kryptonian monster to kill him off.

    Yeah, try and show Doomsday’s origin story. Repeatedly murdering an infant will work GREAT on the big screen.

    • Well, do more telling than showing in that regard. Or leave it out. Joker didn’t need an origin story and look how well that turned out.

      • Joker didn’t need a origin story because he was mentally unstable. What made him so interesting and so well written was the way he changed how he got his scars each time he told someone. You didn’t need an origin story for that because you never knew what he would do or say. It was sparatic and scary and most of all chaotic which is exactly a villain batman didn’t know how to handle. Some people just want to see the world burn no motives behind him. Lex on the other hand is a human being that is very intellegent and in most cases stable. He needs some sort of backstory or motive to add depth to the character.

        • I was directing that towards the guy’s comment on Doomsday’s origin story.

  29. Metallo could fit in because Lex Luthor could have knew him before Superman came along and during the Battle between Supes and Zod, John Corben got severely injured and LexCorp took him in and transplanted his brain in a robotic alloy body powered by a two pounds of Kryptonite. Metallo is horrified by his new “look” and kills the scientist who fixed him. He talks to Luthor, but realizes Lex never cared for him and says that Metallo will be “decommisioned”. Enraged Metallo throws Lex across the room and breaks his desk, but Superman flies in throws Metallo out the building and he gets Lex to safety and Metallo and Superman fight.

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