‘Man of Steel’ Director Says DC’s Heroes Are ‘Purer’ Than Marvel’s – Do You Agree?

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Superman Man of Steel Zack Snyder Man of Steel Director Says DCs Heroes Are Purer Than Marvels   Do You Agree?

With Man of Steel on the horizon, it’s hard to believe that there was ever a time when Superman was something to be laughed at or doubted. Zack Snyder’s reboot of the “king-daddy” of all superheroes is back with a chip on his shoulder, and already more anticipated by audiences than Marvel’s metallic front man.

That’s no surprise to Snyder, since he claims this is Superman’s world; we’re all just living in it. Including Marvel’s characters who have prospered in his absence.

Brief samples of Snyder’s interview with SFX Magazine spoke to how different his approach to every facet of Superman would be, from a more ‘violent’ flight to a crumbling Kryptonian empire. Now that the full interview has made its way online, the director’s clear preference for DC Comics’ heroes is sure to get some tongues wagging.

Man of Steel vs Iron Man 3 Man of Steel Director Says DCs Heroes Are Purer Than Marvels   Do You Agree?

Snyder was specifically asked how he hopes to bring something new and meaningful to a genre already dominated by the likes of Iron Man, Thor, and now the collected talents of The Avengers.

Not one to mince words, Snyder made his views on the current slate of Marvel’s heroes clear, and how he hopes Man of Steel will remind everyone which comic book character it was that started an entire medium:

“It’s Superman. If you get it right he’s kinda transcendent. The Superman shield is the second most recognisable symbol on planet Earth other than the Christian cross.”

“If you get it right, that’s the question you’ll be asking everyone else. That should be the question you’re asking Iron Man and Thor. How is it that you feel you can be making a superhero movie in a world where Superman and Batman exist?”

So what does Snyder make of the distinction (thus far) between Marvel’s more fantastic and ‘adventure’ superhero films, and the grounded, more contemplative likes of The Dark Knight? Anyone doubting that the two movie universes (one established, the other budding) are entirely divorced need look no farther than DC and Warner Bros.’ attempts to follow Marvel’s formula with their own Green Lantern (2011), resulting in nothing but embarrassment.

Justice League Movie Character List Man of Steel Director Says DCs Heroes Are Purer Than Marvels   Do You Agree?

That comes as no surprise to Snyder, since he sees DC’s most iconic heroes as existing on a completely different level from those currently enjoying the biggest box office takes:

“They truly are purer archetypes…They’re literally Biblical. If you get the DC characters right, they can be important, they can be about us. It’s not just a romp. That’s the fun, for me, of working on this movie. We got that it was important. We weren’t apologising for Superman, which I feel has happened in the past. It’s Superman, for God’s sake. He’s a thing to be celebrated.”

It’s not hard to see what Snyder is getting at, especially when considering Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns (2006). Singer has since explained that his take on Superman may have been a bit too romantic and nostalgic for much of his audience, but that doesn’t seem to be what Snyder is driving at.

Given what we’ve seen of Snyder’s take on Superman – in numerous promotional images and the latest action-packed trailer – a Singer-esque shot of a room full of reporters going doe-eyed or swooning over Superman seems ridiculous. Singer’s spit-curled Superman may have cracked a smile and shook his head whilst flying away from awestruck crowds, but Snyder’s is a whole different animal.

We’re inclined to think that DC fans will be glad to finally hear their own thoughts echoed by Snyder, but we’re sure Marvel fans would disagree. Either way, we can’t wait to see what Snyder will say if he actually gets to direct Justice League.

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Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

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Source: SFX (via Man of Steel Community Page)

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  1. nice to know the director of sucker punch thinks..with his amazing brain.

  2. The Rise of DC is coming this Summer, hopefully Marvel fanboys get a along with DC fanboys and stop the whining about who`s better, with all due respect DC is the grand daddy of them all.

    • If people love DC heroes so much then why is no one watching their crappy movies (except Batman obviously).

      • You can blame WB for that not DC.

      • Because there haven’t been any crappy movies besides Green Lantern to watch. But I am busy watching their stellar animated shows and movies since MARVEL has nothing to offer in that department.

        • I guess Marvel is too busy making great movies and comic books….DAMN THEM!!! :)

          • Comic books?! PFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!

            I love the Marvel universe as much as the next one, but their writing has just been terrible for a while now. DC isn’t vastly superior, but it sure as hell makes better entertainment as of right now IMO.

          • It’s personal preference which is better. But, it’s a fact that DC is trying hard to put something out to catch up with Marvel. They are like the Russians. Sure, they were the first to space, but the US landed on the GD moon. Suck on it!!

            • Sure Marvel had surpassed DC at one point, but they aren’t making a valiant effort to explore anything else. Most of their contain have the same mellow dramatic tone.

              • What you mean Marvel is expanding there universe with all these diff char movies. Now Guardians of Galaxy, AntMan, and so on they are doing nothing but expanding and thanks to Whedon everything is linked and connected. Thanks to Marvel, Green Lantern put something after there credits wether you liked the movie or not. Your welcome to take some notes to.

    • Actually, Dell Publishing was the grand-daddy of all comic books. They started it all in 1929 with The Funnies. But who cares who started it off; let’s all just be happy geeks and enjoy the ride.

  3. Uh, Green Lantern was 2011, not 2012.

  4. nerd alert.

  5. Mr. Magoo is the badest of them all. Old and Blind as a bat, but always seems to get the job done.

    • I always liked Space Ghost.

      • Bugs Bunny, FTW.

  6. I always found it funny that the worlds first superhero is basically the same as a character called Gladiator which appeared in a book written by Phillip Wyle 8 years before Supes appeared on the scene.

    • Superman was created by two Jewish teenagers who read pulp novels like John Carter of Mars (ordinary man transported to a planet that grants him new found inhuman strength and the ability to “leap tall buildings in a single bound”) while learning about Moses (saved from certain death by his parents and sent to a place where he is worshiped as a king) at Hebrew School. That is how Superman was created.

      • @Burpious

        “…while learning about Moses (saved from certain death by his parents and sent to a place where he is worshiped as a king) at Hebrew School. That is how Superman was created.”

        Thanks for that comment. I will admit, I did not know that. Thanks again.

  7. Marvel is for little boys. DC is for real men.

    • I never got that argument. So crappy crossover events and the Cosmic Treadmill is for adults? Hey…I love comics…I make comics… but I would never say “real men” only read these certain comic books. Sounds childish…

  8. DC heroes have become cooler now that dc are making them more human with real life issues to deal with.

    Like Marvel has done all along.

  9. @Screenrant, any reason why my last comment is still awaiting moderation after 9 hours even though I didn’t and never use expletives in my comments? Rather curious.

    • If you used the word b1bl3, it will catch it. There are a few keywords that will. Drop a comment at http://screenrant.com/contact/ and they will clear it.

    • Also remember, its 2am Pacific time here in the states. The majority of us are sleeping.

    • @Claude – You made your comment at 4 AM my time or what I like to call “my time to sleep”. :) The boards are open 24 hours a day but unfortunately my eyes are not.

      Patience young one…patience.

      Paul Young – Moderator

      • I was nice and DIDN’T email you LOL. Go back to sleep, Paul!

        • @Leathercheerio – LOL I saw your email this morning as I was getting ready for work. Stop trying to snap the whip on me :)


  10. I actually like a lot of DC heroes, Superman is awesome, so is Batman, but I don’t think I like Snyder’s attitude.

    If Marvel directors can be respectful of DC than I don’t see why Snyder is pushing it so hard that DC heroes are better than Marvel ones.

    This is the exact kind of attitude that creates all this Marvel vs DC wank everywhere online and I am actually sick and tired of it.

    I always thought that DC heroes were larger than life, sometimes too perfect and actually yes “archetypes”, but that doesn’t mean they’re better. They’re like something far away, untouchable, so far away from normal humans that they can never be touched.

    Marvel heroes are flawed, they always have been. They’re more human and a lot easier to relate to. They have very human flaws and very human reactions to the things that happen to us.

    This also means that the two hero types are completely different. Yes, DC heroes are huge and archetypical, but with that they are also distant. Marvel heroes may not be that legendary, but they feel like they’re down on the ground with the rest of humanity instead of above us all like shining beacons of hope, justice and perfection. DC is generally more black and white, there’s a very sharp line between heroes and villains (there’s exceptions), Marvel is deep in the grey area of morality, heroic villains and broken-flawed heroes (but again there are some exceptions).

    And every single person has the right to have a preference, or they can like both or neither.

    Snyder is feeding the haters, encouraging them to keep beating their chest that “DC is better than Marvel” and I really don’t like that. It also puts the more aggressive Marvel fans on the defensive/offensive, because they feel like they need to protect their own heroes against this attack. And it just turns into a huge fight. It’s enough to glance at the comment section here.

    So yeah, if that’s Snyder’s way of making noise for his movie, I don’t like it. Praise your own stuff all you want, but do it without bashing the competition. Because that’s just childish. Point out the differences between the two sides, go ahead, but don’t claim superiority. Make a subjective opinion, but don’t try to sell it like it’s universal truth.

    So this is definitely one reason for me not to watch this in the cinema, which is again, my choice. If I don’t feel like “supporting” a director who makes comments like this with paying for a movie ticket, then I won’t.

    • Excellent post, totally agree.

      Though I’ll…still be watching it lol

    • I get what you are saying, but I think that everyone is reading too much into what Snyder said. Personally, I love both Marvel and DC, and I think that there is room as well as a need for both. Now I haven’t read the entire interview, but from the excerpts it doesn’t really seem to me that Snyder is bashing Marvel. He is pointing out a difference – DC characters are purer archetypes. I think that most people will agree with this. He also said that Superman and Batman are the two most widely recognized superheroes – again there is really nothing to debate here becasue it is true. What did Snyder actually say that is so offensive? I just don’t see it. He implied that Marvel’s films are a “fun romp” and little more. Well I’ve seen the all of Marvel’s films to far and well they are little more than a fun romp, but there is nothing wrong with that. I think that the fanboys are all just upset because a comparison is being made and Snyder thinks his character is better. He is certainly entitled to that opinion and I’d imagine that many people share it. But there is no single character that will resonate the most with every person. If there was there’d be no need for multiple heroes because they would be superfluous. Anyway – I think everyone just needs to chill and not get all upset because Snyder says that Superman is the best. If we actually had a vote on the best superhero – do you honestly expect anyone other than Superman or Batman to win? I certainly don’t.

    • @ scyllaya “Snyder is feeding the haters, encouraging them to keep beating their chest that “DC is better than Marvel” and I really don’t like that. It also puts the more aggressive Marvel fans on the defensive/offensive, because they feel like they need to protect their own heroes against this attack.”

      No he isn’t. The only people that will see it that way are the Marvel fanboys. Zack is simply stating the truth: you can have all the Iron Mans, Hulks, Captain Americas you want… but no matter what there is ONLY 1 SUPERMAN.

      You need to get something very clear… if anyone is instigating anything… it’s SCREENRANT… NOT ZACK SNYDER!!!

    • Well said.

  11. I’ve always been more attracted to Marvel comics over DC, I think it was because Marvel always seemed more current, up with the times, they seemed willing to make drastic changes to their characters without fear, in order to stay contemporary.

    When I was a teen buying comics, DC seemed too “cartoony” at times (except some batmans) I realize now that the characters are rich and have depth and history but one thing is certain… DC does have a different tone, it doesn’t help that it’s a fictional Earth… Metropolis instead of New York. That’s a major factor, it always lended DC to create more fantastic stories, not quite grounded in the minds of readers because of the imagined earth.

  12. I love both Marvel AND DC. Why would you choose? They both have strengths and weaknesses. I’ve never understood “one is better than the other” arguments.

  13. Did I miss something?

  14. I like the DC/Marvel dichotomy. Marvel is adept at making heroes in which we can see ourselves reflected. Flaws, conflicts, doubts and a lot of other concepts that are intrinsic to the human condition and soul. DC crafts it’s heroes with the intent to makes us strive towards betterment. Ideals that keep us moving forward and that inspires us to overcome our limitations.

    They’re both introspective in they’re own right. I prefer DC because I already know who and what I am. These are just my personal ramblings, but they’re genuine.

  15. As long as WB/DC Comics and Disney/Marvel go at each other on who makes better movies, the real winner will be the fans!!!

    Just keep making movies for our entertainment!!!

  16. Man this thread is trashed. Nothing is in order anymore. I give up on trying to read. Good luck everyone!

  17. “Snyder was specifically asked how he hopes to bring something new and meaningful to a genre already dominated by the likes of Iron Man, Thor, and now the collected talents of The Avengers.”

    I don’t think any of those movies brought anything meaningful to the table. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the movies for what they are. But they aren’t anything more than just witty movies with superheroes. DC explores the philosophy of their superheroes and that’s why their characters thrive on interpretation while Marvel establishes their characters only once and after a while they become sterile. If it’s not for the actors to bring something from their personalities to the characters they wouldn’t have had that success IMHO. I don’t bash Marvel or hate on their success, I enjoy their movies as much as the next. I’ll continue to fallow both publishers. That’s it.

    Anyway, the article is provoking DC vs Marvel discussion again. It’s just stupid. Stop it.

  18. Not even close, Marvel kicks DC in the tights!! All hail Stan Lee!!

  19. I recall the episode of Bugs Bunny.

    When he became Super Bugs

    and the end, he said “This looks like a job for a real Superman.”

    And ducks into the phone booth

    and comes out in the Uniform of the United States Marine Corp.

  20. As a kid, and into my adult years, I always thought Superman’s cape should at least be ankle-length. I don’t know how to explain it, but from an early age I liked the idea of a large cape that went all the way down. Various artwork and other media that showed the cape going to his calves or even shorter than that drove me crazy. Maybe it’s a small, niggling thing but I’m very happy that Snyder and his team chose to make Superman’s cape as long as they did.

  21. DC has the better collection of superheroes by far. Marvel’s characters feel ridiculous, Poochy-the dog like characters. DC is just plain awesome when done right, while Marvel, even at its best is merely meh. Right now there is a renaissance with the recent Dark Knight trilogy, Smallville was pretty good tv, the Arrow show is fantastic, and the upcoming Man of Steel feels like it will be epic. Its not perfect by any means, Green Lantern sucked. But as for Marvel, Iron Man 1 is good but forgettable, the sequels even worse, Spiderman has always been a whiner, the Xmen are boring, the Fantastic Four are lame, Daredevil was a joke, the Avengers was only good b/c of the Hulk’s scenes.

  22. I had to pick DC just because of Batman. And not just because of the great movies Nolan made (not that those didn’t help..). I just love Batman.

  23. Marvel is much better than the other DC Comics.

  24. I enjoy the character of Superman, but there’s one thing that people don’t seem to notice.

    Apart from the first series of Superman movies, every single Superman movie has been about Superman coming out of the superhero closet. Every. Single. One.

    There has never been a character redone over and over again more than Superman except maybe Doctor Who (which is part of the character’s story).

    Superman tells only one story that’s worth telling. That’s why we keep getting the story of Superman coming out of nowhere to save the planet from an incredible evil that would lay waste to the planet.

    Superman is the Messiah story. And that’s all that he’s good for. Once he comes, he gets boring.

    So, sure, he’s a pure archetype. That doesn’t actually make for a good, long-lasting character which can be used for diverse story lines.

    So it’s not worth all that much…

  25. Friends I need ur help.I just start reading comics. Thanks to new 52 I know where to start DC universe but don’t get any starting point of Marvel. I read AvX, extrimes, I want to know where to start comic reading of marvel and DC special series like Flash point. I know it is off topic but it is right place to get help about this.

  26. Considering how great ‘Man of Steel’ is looking so far, I can’t help but hope that some future Justice League film brings Darkseid to life. I’m re-watching Justice League Unlimited and it really stokes the live-action imagination.

  27. I voted that DC has the best characters but I think Marvel has the best movies. (Other than The Dark Knight but Marvel has more successful and entertaining movies). MOS looks like it could jump start something big that could change my mind though.

  28. i prefer DC for the characters, but Marvel keeps knocking it out of the park with their movies.
    Not too sure if i like Snyder for director, because in my opinion hes pretty crappy – sucker punch.
    i just hope that they(hollywood) can get it right movie-wise. i love superman, so dont ruin him!!!!!!