Rumor Patrol: Will Zack Snyder Direct ‘Justice League’?

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Superman Justice League Snyder Rumor Rumor Patrol: Will Zack Snyder Direct Justice League?

Well, no one can say that Man of Steel isn’t gaining momentum. Just days after the marketing kicked into high gear with the final action-packed trailer, the Superman reboot is quickly claiming the title of most anticipated summer movie to many comic book fans and casual moviegoers alike. But the enthusiasm for director Zack Snyder’s work is extending far beyond the big blue Boy Scout.

Rumors of Justice League abound wherever Superman goes – will Zack Snyder direct it? Will David S. Goyer write it? – but the latest reports aren’t claiming to be just gossip, but a full-blown confirmation. But for our part, we’d recommend everyone put their streamers and party hats away for now.

The rumors of a confirmation all stem from a recent interview Snyder took part in with Empire, the same coverage that has produced new images of both Superman and Zod (Michael Shannon), as well as hinting that Man of Steel may be built as open-ended as possible – with past comments hinting that the movie will launch a shared universe for DC Comics.

Superman and Zod covers for Empire Rumor Patrol: Will Zack Snyder Direct Justice League?

Naturally, how the Man of Steel and any potential sequels (already being developed, if you believe the rumors) will impact Warner Bros.’ plans hinges largely on the film’s success; if it’s a modest hit, it’s a step in the right direction. If it’s a billion-dollar blockbuster, then Nolan, Snyder, and Goyer will all have massive contracts in the future.

That fact isn’t lost on those conducting the interview, leading to an estimation of how Snyder could (or could not) be called on to helm a Justice League film. The word ‘confirm’ carries plenty of weight these days (or none at all, depending on who you ask), so let’s take a look at the magazine’s quote in question (via, in its entirety:

Both filmmakers [Zack and Deborah Snyder] know the proof will finally be in the watching, but there are rumblings about the breakfast counters of rival studios that Man of Steel is turning out very well indeed. Plans are being hatched, they say. Warner Bros.’ long-term view has been revised to embrace this new vision, just as the Dark Knight films resisted the commodification of Marvel. Whether we get a Justice League, they say, depends on Man of Steel. If we do, they say, Zack Snyder will be asked to direct.

Superman Man of Steel Zack Snyder Rumor Patrol: Will Zack Snyder Direct Justice League?

Now, if we were hoping to hear confirmation of a Justice League film and throw accuracy to the wind, we might read that passage as evidence of insider knowledge that if Man Of Steel is a hit, “they” – Warner Bros. – will offer Snyder the job. We’ve already explained why that move wouldn’t surprise anyone with knowledge of Warner Bros.’ track record, but if we’re focused solely on facts, it seems far more likely that the “they” in the above passage refers to “rival studios” – the same ones rumbling about Superman’s reboot.

The fact that this ‘scoop’ hasn’t been reported or even pulled from the interview as relevant by Empire lends credence to our reading, proving that awkward pronoun use can still send the internet into a maelstrom. So while we cross our fingers that a Justice League movie may become a reality at some point, expect a confirmation of that scale to be made with some fanfare, not buried in a lengthy conversation.

For what it’s worth, Superman fans are able to look forward to Snyder’s select cut of Man of Steel right out of the gate, as opposed to the multiple cuts and director’s prints of Watchmen. Artistic freedom and the studio’s biggest property seem like an unlikely match, but so far, Snyder knows just how lucky he’s been:

“I have a hard time having perspective…But I have to say that it is everything that I could have hoped for. Touch wood that I am not insane, but it feels really good…The movie is the director’s cut.”

Man of Steel Suit Rumor Patrol: Will Zack Snyder Direct Justice League?

Of course, Snyder is never one to back away from competition. So even if this summer looks promising for both Marvel and DC fans, the director is aiming at doing more than just offering a fun experience; he’s aiming at making the genre more meaningful for every costumed crime-fighter:

“In the end, Superman is Superman!…When you talk about superhero action movies, there is Batman of course, and I think that Chris (Nolan) laid a lot of important groundwork. And there are the Marvel movies… I don’t mean it as an insult, Iron Man and Hulk are strong superheroes, but we’ve never had a superhero movie where everyone can go, ‘Yeah, I understand the why of the whole thing.’ Superman is a character who deciphers the why of superheroes.

“What is the mythology of superheroes?…The answer is Superman. And that is awesome.”

Fans of Hulk and Iron Man may take issue with Snyder’s comments, but there’s no denying the fact that he’s passionate about the superhero tradition; and whether you’re on Marvel or DC’s side, or happy in the middle, those are the kind of filmmakers we love to see bringing comic books to life.

What do you make of the rumor? Are you taking our advice of awaiting the (seemingly inevitable) announcement of Snyder’s future with DC films, or getting on board early?


Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

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  1. Will it even be called Justice League, or do we start with World’s Finest?

    • I hope for a 3 part epic
      Justice League: Worlds Finest (part 1)
      Justice League: something (Part 2)
      Justice League: Something (Part 3)

      • I could see Justice League: Tower of Babel being adapted in a live action film.


          i still find it hard to believe they would do darkseid or any other huge villains. and m shocked they are making superman punch someone.

          • I don’t see what is hard to believe about superman punching someone… Have you seen a zack Snyder film?

      • I think this is honestly the most sensible way to approach it if they plan on doing the team-up first and then the solo films

      • This is probably the best way to do it in order to make it succeed and be different from the Avengers. However if they do decide to film a Man of Steel sequel before Justice League, I would recommend that they use the sequel as a Batman/Superman team-up movie. That way they can establish the relationship between the two characters as well as establish the need for more heroes.

  2. As much as I would love this rumor to be true, it’s only a rumor. Which is why we can’t believe anything till its been confirmed. Can’t wait for MOS tho :)

  3. gahhh all these rumors but which is trueee i just want my justice league movie

  4. Like all Justice League rumors, I’m taking this with a grain of salt. There have been too many stories about this film. It’s a never-ending roller coaster of rumors. I probably won’t believe Justice League has happened until I’m actually in a theater watching it play in front of me.

    I think Man of Steel will certainly make enough money to warrant at least a sequel which Snyder will most likely direct. Buzz for the film is overwhelmingly positive right now, which is great. Plus, you don’t reboot Superman without intending to go for the trilogy.

    I do wonder if the public responds well the Man of Steel, will WB just go for the straight sequel and the guaranteed cash cow or will they pursue (and maybe rush) a Justice League film? WB executives are probably a little skeptical to go all in on DC’s “second tier” characters like the Flash after Green Lantern crashed an burned. And, if Man of Steel is a fan favorite, it will only increase demand for a Superman sequel. And Superman is certainly big enough to carry his own franchise without crossovers with secondary characters. This is definitely one of the more interesting stories in film this year.

    • I never believed there would be an X-Men movie until it happened.

    • My opinion…. Man of Steele sequel first, while they get all their Super ducks in a row for JLA.

  5. I hope it’s true!

  6. Bring it on Mr. Snyder :D

  7.  “And there are the Marvel movies… I don’t mean it as an insult, Iron Man and Hulk are strong superheroes, but we’ve never had a superhero movie where everyone can go, ‘Yeah, I understand the why of the whole thing.’ Superman is a character who deciphers the why of superheroes.”

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

    • *sniff*



      … so true.

    • *cries*

    • > Beautiful. Just beautiful.


      • come on guys, let’s try and grow up a little here and have an adult conversation about CBM’s. I don’t think anybody here is ten years old or under so let’s not act like it.

        • Come on Tony. If you look at the Marvel movies and then compare them to the tone of Dark Knight and MOS, you get what comic book fans truly crave. You get meaning and the grey, not just black & white (bad vs good)…

          Also I’m a ten year old.

          • @ Derick

            I disagree cometely. I’ve written at length on this topic before in diffrent posts. To sum it up, diffrent strokes for diffrent folks. I’m glad that we get both types of CBM’s to be honest.

            • I can’t tell if Stark is just the avatar or if he’s really in character..

          • @ Derick

            I disagree completely. I’ve written at length on this topic before in diffrent posts. To sum it up, diffrent strokes for diffrent folks. I’m glad that we get both types of CBM’s to be honest.

  8. Before Justice League movie I like to see, Flash movie, and reboot Green Lantern, Wonder Woman movie. They need to introduce all the characters before JL movie.

    • Why? X-men didn’t do it that way and has now almost 5 movies that are all BO hits.

      • How many X-Men characters were solo characters before becoming a team member? None of them. X-Men started as X-Men, with 5.

        Justice League didn’t introduce Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, etc. it brought them together. There’s a crucial difference. They were heroes with their own origins, villains, arcs, etc. before coming together for a common cause.

        That being said, in the films, I’d like to see Flash first as well, but they won’t invest in that. They really want the team movie asap since the opposing studios are years ahead in their respective franchises. DC’s (re)starts this summer.

        • My thing is, if they won’t invest in Flash right now, why even bother with the team movie? If they do Justice League, then they’re going to have to do solo franchises for all of those characters. Even if fans respond well to an interpretation of a character, it doesn’t necessarily mean he/she will be able to carry their own series (see the Hulk. Everybody loved Ruffalo in Avengers, but Marvel is hesitant to invest in solo Hulk flicks).

          WB seems very reluctant to move out of the Batman/Superman comfort zone when it comes to the movies. I wonder if that will play any role in planning out their future. I think Green Lantern scared a few people.

          • “WB seems very reluctant to move out of the Batman/Superman comfort zone when it comes to the movies.”

            Wait what?

            • He’s pointing out the fact that every decent DC movie made was either a batman or superman movie, leaving out green lantern, which wasn’t good. But it wasn’t Reynold’s fault.

            • I mean outside of Batman and Superman, WB doesn’t have a strong track record for DC films. They’re hesitant to push forward on projects involving the “second tier” heroes.

              It makes sense. Batman and Superman are two of the most recognizable comic book characters and are more of a proven commodity than someone like Flash or Aquaman. There’s a better chance of Superman and Batman turning a profit, so they’re more worthy of the investment in the studio’s eyes.

              • It doesn’t make that much sense, actually. Name recognition will only get you so far. No matter how well-known the property, make a bad film and it’s likely to flop(Superman IV, Batman & Robin).

                If Warner Bros is willing to invest large sums in new tentpoles based on original screenplays(that have no pre-existing fanbase to depend on) then it should also be willing to spend on adaptations of less known comic book series(that at least have an existing, albeit small, fanbase).

                • Flopping for fans isn’t the same as flopping at the box office, which neither of those movies did because of… ready for this?.. name recognition.

                  A Batman/Superman movie could be thrown together with no effort, be one huge pile of BS… and still break records.

                  I’m not saying I want that to happen of course I don’t. Just pointing out that the names here do carry that kind of weight.

                  • Um… Batman and Robin and Superman IV WERE flops. There’s a reason why they killed their respective franchises and no new films were made for many years.

          • “If they do Justice League, then they’re going to have to do solo franchises for all of those characters.”

            Again I ask why? There isn’t a solo film being made for Black Widow or Hawkeye yet they are members of The Avengers.

        • Rob,
          YOu cant Fault Cheerio-brain there he cannot say a good thing unless it is DC property… HE IS CLOSE-MINDED, Forgive him…. Nahhh J/K can you Ban him instead?

          • Wow Snappy… have a few more drinks why don’t ya. Very childish.

          • I agree with everything you wrote up to close-minded, but not beyond that.

            • You obviously don’t read all the posts that I write. If you did, you would know that I am a fan of Marvel properties. Huge fan of X-Men and Thor. But that’s cool. Stay ignorant. The world needs more of you.

              • Sorry. Let me set the record straight. Marvel CBM’s I don’t care much for outside of X-Men and Thor. Marvel CB’s I am a fan of.

        • @Rob Keyes

          “How many X-Men characters were solo characters before becoming a team member? None of them. X-Men started as X-Men, with 5.”

          Just because that is how they were written into comics as a start doesn’t mean that each character doesn’t have their own origin. The X-Men were also brought together for a common cause. We saw that happen partially with X-Men: First Class. Superman isn’t anymore of a complex character than Magneto yet he was still perceived well to the audience without having an origin story movie. I fully understand and warrant your want for solo films. I want them as well. But they arent as necessary as people say. The “Avengers way” isn’t the only way to bring JL to life.

          • I also think doing Team up movie before solo movies is great idea. It require good script to introduce every character.

            I want only 5 character in TJL Movie.


            All people know about GL and Batman already. Superman coming this June.
            WW and Flash left.
            Making solo movies of these character based on origin is risky move.
            For me if they use TJL as WW origin story and introduce story of Flash in flashback is good.

            • @Grewal

              In past Open Discussions I have pondered so many ideas that IMO could work. I want 7 members in the JL movie. Add in Aquaman and Martian Manhunter. One of my thoughts was to have it start as a trilogy and add in characters overtime. Like have Aquaman come at the end of the first film by taking the final battle over the ocean. For Martian Manhunter, use him as the final key on finding the bad guy similar to Secret Origins or the path like The New Frontier. But I definitely agree with having an origin for Flash and WW inside the movie. Similar to Magneto’s scene in the beginning of both X-Men FC and the first film. To bring back GL, they can bring in the entire corps at the end of the film to help seal the deal of the JL being created. Setup sequels and spin offs.

      • Leathercheerio: Seriously?

        • Seriously to what? This thread has gotten long… Sorry lol.

  9. It’s certainly a bold decision. Though he’s nowhere near as clever director as Joss Whedon (he’s more of a ‘visionary’ director than a creative one). Joss Whedon has always made stuff I loved. Zack Snyder managed to take things I love (Owls of Gahoole, Watchmen) and turn them into mediocre adaptations, and subpar remakes like Dawn of the Dead and adaptations like 300. Though I’m praying Man of Steel is great, but I’ll thank C Nolan if it is.

    • That’s kinda harsh. Watchmen, being different from the comic book, was still good. So was 300. and the owl movie wasn’t really bad, just stereotypical.

      • Meh. Watchmen and 300 were decent, but the graphic novels were just so much more satisfying (especially Watchmen). He seemed to miss the clever political and social satire in Watchmen, and it seemed Snyder ignored the fact Watchmen was a ‘gritty parody’ of superheroes, rather than an actual conventional superhero film. I just don’t think Snyder is as capable as Hollywood is trying to make him look. He just likes making films about badasses rather than films with true people.

        • “300″ was great, stylish, pure macho fun. Period. Mr. Snyders best.

          Watchmen was great… when Rorschach was on screen. Jackie Earle Haley owned every scene, drove the action, and acted every other character into second tier status. The rest of that movie was like watching a glacier melt. Slow, cold, emotionless. I blame the director for the slow pacing and flat performances.

          “Sucker-punch” was lame. Kinda fun lame, but lame.

          I want to see “Man of Steel” before we give Mr. Snyder a pass on some of his misses. I am cheering for him. I am no Superman fan, but I understand how important this character is.

          • I meant to give him “Dawn of the Dead” in my above rambling.. I freaking had a blast in that flick….

    • I will aim my un-calibrated anti-hydro-matter ray at ANYONE who dares calls Dawn of the Dead subpar…

      … you have been warned!


      • It’s not bad, but it’s not THAT good either.

        • Commencing reverse-ion-polarization…so long as Zartain has calibrated the satellite… BLAST!!!!

          • *smack**smack*

            Why isn’t this working!?!?

            • ROFL!!!

              Buddy, step away from the Ion cannon…

              “Dawn of the Dead” rocked. It is just an Un-Dead fact.

        • Well at least it was much better than “Day of the dead”, that sucked Zombie stump! (IMO)

    • So if Man of Steel is great you won`t be thanking the director or the writer who started the script, but the producer? I love Christopher Nolan but you gotta give credit where it’s due.

      • Well the writers definitely, but Snyder? Not so much. I don’t think he’s capable of handling dramatic power as much as most.

        • Really? I think he’s great at translating a script to the screen, he’s really got a creative vision for that but I have to say he’s not the best at actually writing the script.

    • See, that’s the thing: You, yourself said it…”Joss Whedon has always made stuff I loved. [Zack Snyder] is nowhere near as clever as Joss Whedon.” You merely stated your opinions, NOT facts. Many people quite enjoyed Snyder’s “visionary” take on “Watchmen”, the supposedly unfilmable graphic epic that many zealous fans damn-near equate with the Judeo-Christian BIBLE and Muslim QU’RAN all rolled up into one. For my part, I actually thought he IMPROVED on some major aspects of Alan Moore’s work (primarily, the imbecilic “giant alien squid” ending of the graphic novel). Was it perfect? Of course not…but it DID, I think (and many agree with me, and this is in direct disagreement with Ben Moore’s opinion on the matter), capture the tone and overall flavor of the story and the characters.

      As for other films like “Legend of the Guardians”, I actually appreciated that he simplified the overall narrative of the MANY books in the series to make an intriguing, fairly evenly paced hero tale with absolutely stunning visuals. “Sucker Punch”, while not a particularly good film, DID accomplish at least one of its major goals (again, IMO) of providing an interesting popcorn escape for a pleasant weekend afternoon viewing. “300″, on the other hand, was a grand comic book epic film that hit all the notes it intended in terms of being a rousing, macho, heroically inspirational, “cool” movie. Let’s face it: its source material was not exactly “high art”.

      Snyder, you’re right, IS a visionary director, but that is frequently much preferable to one who OVER-plays with words (anyone who BELIEVED in the high school setting of “Buffy”, based on the uber-cool, too-clever-for-itself dialogue, raise your hand…Anyone? ANYONE?).

      Now, before I’m attacked as a Snyder worshiper (not even close…I enjoy his films but know they’re not perfect AND that he should concentrate on directing, not writing) or a Whedon hater (and I have NO doubt I WILL be), know this: I enjoyed immensely and own “Firefly”, “Buffy”, “Angel”, “Doll’s House (yes, I was one of the four people who liked that series), “Serenity”, and “The Avengers”…the complete series on DVD and the films on Blu-ray.

      In short, I am NOT playing favorites, but I AM looking forward to a fantastic Superman film, thanks to Nolan, Goyer, AND Snyder.

      • Ummm, my comment has been awaiting moderation for 9 hours…?

  10. Honestly i think he’s gonna do the “JL” movie. He’s not gonna past it up if MoS hits it very big. Watch and see.

  11. I can honestly see him doing this movie but on a bigger scale.

  12. His style matches what the “JL” movie should look like.

  13. So Man of Steel is literally the hope for all of Justice League. That’s very appropriate.

  14. I say if successful, Zack Snyder, Chris Nolan, and David S. Goyer should be the main core team to work on the films. Snyder obviously has the loves and visual style needed for the pictures. Goyer seems to be knowledgeable about comics in general and DC in particular. Both of them apparently produce their best work under filter. Nolan is an accomplished filmmaker- whether you liked his Batman films or not- who keeps things grounded in an emotional context.

    I believe this team stick together as a unit in DC franchises and working with writers and storytellers such as Geoff Johns, Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, Greg Weismann and Brandon Vietti. (And of course filmmakers who love and respect the essence of these characters)

    I am in the side of people who cannot decide to do Justice League first as an epic or build up to it because either way has pros and cons. I believe this team should sit down work together in mapping out what should occur and how these films should be handled. I am in favor of whichever route gives me the best film version of the Justice League possible. Beyond that, I want live-adaptation of DC films that build a consistent, satisfactory, inspiring cinematic world for these heroes and their respective mythology.

    • 100% agree. I don’t care how its done personally, I just hate the one sided Avengers view. Its not the only way to bring a universe together. LOTR trilogy did fine with The Hobbit coming after. It didn’t need that origin first to have a worldwide successful franchise.

      And I didn’t even like LOTR but I respect what it has done.

      • @ Mr. Cheerios

        I hear you, but the Avengers way, if I can call it that, is a proven path, with a proven record of sucess. It’s not a bad way to go or follow. I think WB is on shaky ground here and they’re nervous with good reason given thier track record of failures. They should take the proven sure Avengers way.

        • Its not a bad way but it doesn’t need to be obsessed over like the only way. I think that WB is treading softly with what they are doing, as would I if I was in charge of billions of dollars. Its just not the only way. Said and done.

        • BTW, I posted my premise for Aquaman in the OD.

          • @ Cheerios


            Thanks, I look forward to reading it.

            • @ Cheerio

              Cool idea on Aquaman!

  15. I love both DC and Marvel. But I’m pretty sure I started with DC due to Batman… well I did watch Spiderman as well around the time so maybe both. I’m neutral. I will admit Marvel’s films are amazing, but so are DC’s (even though they don’t make their own films). You know what, DC/Warner Bros. should just buy Legendary right now since they all ready distribute most of Legendary’s films I’ve seen, as well as make the most successful DC superhero films. I’d love it if Zack Snyder directed Justice League with David Goyer writing.

  16. Oh and by the way, the shared superhero universe is the greatest thing ever. Marvel had an amazing idea, and it’s nice to see DC’s films following suit.

  17. It’s funny how people are doubting Zack Snyder. Meanwhile Joss Whedon wrote a script to a crappy movie known as Alien: Resurrection and he had two shows that miserably failed. Examples: Firefly & Dollhouse. But nobody doubts him? Lmao funny.

    • Firefly while being cancelled was not a miserable failure but a cult success and after much fan outcry a film was made. He also directed Buffy which ran for 7 seasons, hardly a failure. The spin off Angel ran for 5 seasons. He also had a successful run on the X-men comics and has now made the most financially successful comic book movie of all time. I agree with the first part of your post about doubting Zack Snyder he is another director who has proven himself visually as long as he just directs and leaves the script writing to goyer it should imo be a match made in heaven

  18. I remember loving Christopher Reeve as Superman and I think Man of steel will be great, but it was still an insult to Marvel! The fact that snyder felt the need for the jab is sad.

    • It wasn’t just sad. I found it to be pathetic.

      • Actually, he wasn’t insulting Marvel. The FACT is that Superman IS the granddaddy of non-pulped, comic book superheroes. If anyone is to show the nature of super-heroism, what it means to have that much power and use it to help the world, it SHOULD, indeed, be Superman. It takes nothing away from any Marvel character (OR DC or other companies’ characters) but merely emphasizes that the inspiration should CONTINUE to inspire (something, BTW, that Superman has oft been accused of not doing, consequently leading into such reboots as this upcoming film).

        There was no insult…there was truth.

    • What are you on about??? There was no insult, he even mentioned it to avoid Marvel fans kicking up a fanboy fuss.

      The fact is Superman is seen by many as being the first Superhero character and every other Superhero comic owes a lot to superman, Marvel included. You can argue if he is the first or not, but he’s certainly the most influential.

  19. Zack talking Superman is Zack speaking for me.
    A voice of history come to set the record straight.

    It is a long road back and you do want to go home again.
    For so very long I thought, with changing times and fading
    memories, maybe the Superman of youth might never return.

  20. Zack Snyder talking smack about Hulk is hilarious considering that his Superman is ripping off the Hulk’s backstory and calling it his own.

    • I know right? And Norman Osborn is ripping off your back story right Rhodie?

      • My username was inspired by Norman, so no.
        Anyway, here’s a breakdown of Snyder’s Clark Kent:
        - He’s an outsider who intentionally lives off the grid. Sounds nothing like Superman, but positively screams Bruce Banner.
        - Despite trying to live a quiet, isolated life, Clark can’t resist using his power when things are desperate, which ultimately betrays his secret and forces him to move on to the next town. Bill Bixby never had the flashy “hold up the burning oil rig” effects, but we saw this stuff all the time in the old Hulk TV show.
        - His heroic actions over the years are practically “National Enquirer” fodder, but still attract the attention of an intrepid reporter who will likely be mocked by his or her contempories. Again, not Superman, but it sounds exactly like Jack McGee back in the day.
        - When the military witnesses Clark’s power in action, they foolishly try to destroy him. Superman almost never fights Earth’s military forces, but you can probably guess which hero has in two straight solo efforts now.
        - Ang Lee’s Bruce Banner was born special, which his father believed would make him a target once people found out just how special. An article in Entertainment Weekly revealed that Clark, too, was born special, which explains why Zod “WILL FIND HIM!!”

        I could go on, but it would start getting spoilery.

        • WOW! what a great post almost makes me wanna shed a tear!!
          Im actually a neutral fan of both DC and Marvel but im so sick of the DC slappies coming to the Marvel posts and starting to talk Sh*t because they dont like the Marvel films or format or… well it is ALWAYS SOMETHING, Just be happy DC is still around after only making good cartoons for the last 20 yrs (other than Nolans Batman Trilogy)
          He made THIS movie possible!

          • You’re getting a little desperate with your attempts to connect Man of Steel with the Hulk there. In no single adaptation does Hulk have all those characteristics; you’re trying to insinuate that Snyder is specifically ripping off the comics, the TV show and the movie all at once which is an incredible stretch.

            And for your information

            -Clark travelling the world and helping people in secret has been an established part of his history since John Byrne’s Man of Steel reboot in the 80s

            -Lois following Clark’s early exploits around the world is taken from Superman: Birthright, not ‘Jack McGee’

            -Attracting the military’s attention is hardly unique to the Hulk; suffice to say once Superman establishes himself as a hero he won’t be perpetually hounded by them the way Banner is

            -Only in the Ang Lee movie was Banner ‘born’ special, not the Hulk comics. In this case it’s Ang Lee who borrowed from Superman and not vice versa.

            I don’t know if you’re a Superman hater, an overzealous Hulk fanboy or just a troll. But all you’re achieving is to make your self look laughable.

            • +1

            • Bravo, GG. +1

            • The ’80′s, you say? The Hulk tv show started in 1978, more than 8 years before Byrne’s Man of Steel. Jack McGee was the reporter pursuing Banner in that show, which predates Birthright by 25 years. DC is so creatively bankrupt that it has to rip off a 30 year old show, so quit whining when people point out the obvious.

              • …and you really believe MOS is copying from any Hulk movie or show? You actually think that?


              • If you want to put it that way, then the Hulk TV show ripped off Batman, where Bruce travelled all over the world in his formative years.

                Ultimately you’re just being an irrational, overzealous Marvelite here with a clear bias against MoS just grasping for an excuse. I doubt Zack Snyder or Nolan have even SEEN the old Hulk TV series. The idea of a hero travelling the world and someone trying to uncover the trail is old as dirt.

                In brief, the only one coming off as a whiner is you, and you’ll just end up crying alone while everyone around you goes about enjoying the things that you exclusively hate and obsess about.

                • GG…

                  Precisely. Well said.

            • Totally agree.

              Clark goes backpacking, does some soulsearching, finds himself (as was done in the first film, only it was massively glossed over). His deeds don’t go unoticed by the media (As the wouldn’t). The military thinks anyone with that much power could be a threat (As they would).

              This is all the grounded-ness that Superman has needed in his movies. Saying it’s ripping off Hulk is a real stretch.

    • +1

  21. I disagree about Nolan’s Batman trilogy’s action being that great. Not imo it was. I thought Nolan was gonna be done after TDK trilogy AND MOS involvement? WB/DC can’t make a CBM without him or Goyer? All DC heroes gonna get the Nolan touch of lookin darker like Superman does?

    • Yes they are because ITS WORKING! its a successful different approach than the competitor. That is why the Nolan touch will be implemented. You may not like it but 1 billion dollars worth of gross for the last two batman films show people do.

      • In a shared universe, Nolan’s touch imo won’t work unless he has to work his A$$ off doin it. Money isn’t everything from what 2 of his Batman films in his trilogy made or how popular it is. I know for a fact not everyone thinks his trilogy is perfect CBM’s as they’re hyped up to be. I find it odd Goyer can write good DC films but can’t do the same for Marvel. Maybe Batman & Supeman were easier because they’ve been done on film before, lessons learned from,etc. I know i hope to not see Batman’s origin in the next reboot again.

        Imo, the more realistic you make CBM, the more limits they have concernings characters,all of them, things that happen around them,etc in a shared universe. I see Marvel’s films have more of a balance between realism/fantasy CBM than what WB/DC have planned. In Nolan’s touch of things i can’t see a villain like Gorilla Grodd or Giganta appearing vs. the League on DC’s terms of realism. Marvel’s i would, not DC.

        • U got realism in wrong way. And marvel movies are enjoyable but there is no realism in marvel movie

          • @ Grewal

            Sorry but imo you’f be mistaken on that. Marvel’s films have a fair balance of realism/fantasy within their films.

            • @ Wally West


              Correct you are!

              • @ Stark

                Thank You!

        • Just a thought but with “aliens” being introduced into the film, doesn’t that open the door for any possibility? I mean… they are aliens. Extra terrestrial beings. Not of Earth. A talking gorilla isn’t too far fetched from that.

          • @ Leathercheerio

            Every thing possible in Realism CBM , even talking gorilla is possible. If a talking gorilla is in movie it don’t mean it is non realistic.

            • Thank you! for the past 4 months I have stated that after a flying alien with super strength is introduced nothing is out of bounds. He broke the ground, MOS will set up the earth experiencing an extra terrestrial moment. Superman will inspire heroes around the world to reveal themselves and help when they are needed.

              • Exactly. When SR posted about MOS being like an alien invasion movie, all my worries went away for a JL franchise. As you said, nothing is out of bounds.

            • @ wallywest

              I don’t get what u want to say , if a talking raccone is possible in movie then why not talking gorilla?

              And I don’t get what ur mean by realism of CBM?

              • @ Grewal

                If you don’t take anything in a Marvel film as realistic, like Rocket Raccone,then how is people supposed to take a villain like Gorilla Grodd in DC’s shared universe?

                Or is it personal choice such as yours of which shared universe is 100% realistic?

                • Wally…

                  I find myself wondering (again) why you refuse to understand that “realistic” does not necessarily mean the biology and physics of the film world; instead, it deals with the emotional reality of the characters. How would people react to such beings and such events? How would such beings deal with their abilities, their roles, their destinies, their loved ones, their very existence?

                  • @ Archaeon

                    It baffles me when people think DC’s films are the only films that have any realistic tone/feel to them. But deny Marvel’s films balance their films with both reality/fantasty as they too live in our world. If they watched the films carefully at all, they know it to be true. Even Fox’s X-Men films have a realistic tone because one example would be they’re all wearing black leather cotumes as a team instead of indiviual costumes as in the comics

                    I understand it well. I think people have their own opinions mostly about which shared universe is more realistic than the other just as people judge which CBM is better than the other.

          • @ leathercheerio

            Yea, Really, and what are the chances of realisticly of aliens lookin exactly like humans from another planet compared to a talking Gorilla from a comic aswell.

            • @ wallywest

              Please give me answer of these simple question.

              Q1: suppose one person in ur city make a fighter tank. He don’t give it to government. He said that he want to use it for himself. Did u feel safe and say ” hey Mr. U did great job”. Or u think government take tank from him against his will?

              Q2:- A lady in helicopter, helicopter going fall on ground then a man catch it with his empty hand and lift it like piece of paper then but u think. Thank god lady is safe and support that man or afraid that how that man catch helicopter.?

  22. I see Snyder directing another DC film…WATCHMEN ?

  23. Why not just do a batman & superman film? I think that could be pretty epic and not too many characters to juggle.

    • If they want to do TJL movie I don’t want to see Superman , Batman team up movie before it.

  24. Snyder was bang spot on about Marvel, their films and there charactors suck, I couldnt give a monkeys about ironman 3, Superman is the king and its all im hanging for, THE WAIT IS KILLING ME NOW!!

  25. After a couple of Justice League movies and a couple of Avengers movies DC and Marvel should get together and do a crossover.

    There would be big dollars in that with the right story.

    • Im down for that. But first lets get Avengers VS X-Men. My favorite series of Marvel starts with The House of M.

  26. ” Iron Man and Hulk are strong superheroes, but we’ve never had a superhero movie where everyone can go, ‘Yeah, I understand the why of the whole thing.”

    Actually that is not true.

    When Frank Miller first wrote The Dark Knight Returns in the eighties he simply did to batman what Marvel had been doing with their super hero’s for years. Provided internal conflict and motive.

    Up till that point dc characters were nothing more than characters on paper.

    So though I love what Nolan has done with Batman and what Snyder is doing with Superman they are lessons learnt from Marvel.

    • I think you aren’t understanding Snyder’s comment. It is clearly about marvel and dc movies. Not the comic book properties, he is stated that Marvel movies don’t have the “why” factor that his film and Nolan’s batman film had. Which he isn’t saying is bad its just highlighting a difference.

      • Exactly.

    • @ Chris Fawkes

      That is absolutely correct and a great observation.

  27. Everything looks promising so we can only hope but I think World’s finest should be first! Can you imagine Superman and Batman on screen together., epic

  28. I do not take Snyder’s comment as an insult at all. This guy gets it, much like KF at Marvel.

    It’s what I’ve been saying all along, one good CBM feeds off another good CBM, regardless of which studio makes it. He understands that. Now whether or not he made a good Superman movie, we’ll just have to wait and see, but I’m sure hoping he did.