Zack Snyder Denies ‘Justice League’ 2015 Release; ‘Man of Steel 2′ May Come First

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Henry Cavill as Superman Zack Snyder Denies Justice League 2015 Release; Man of Steel 2 May Come First

In less than two weeks, Warner Bros.’ big attempt to (yet again) bring Superman to contemporary movie audiences, Man of Steel, will be unveiled. Like The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises before it, director Zack Snyder’s reboot is destined to be one of the high points of the summer blockbuster season, and the studio’s marketing is making sure of it.

With so much riding on Man of Steel, the chatter around it inevitably turns to the planned Justice League movie, Warner Bros. own attempt to match Marvel’s superhero team-up blockbuster The Avengers. With Marvel well ahead of the curve when it comes to establishing a unified cinematic universe based on their comic books, Man of Steel will have to be DC’s launching pad.

Despite early spoilers that hint toward his movie setting the stage for this, director Zack Snyder denies any knowledge of the reported 2015 release date for Justice League.

In an interview with Collider, Snyder was asked about whether he’d prefer to do a Man of Steel sequel before Justice League, were he offered either of these projects. His response:

“Look … completely hypothetically, I feel like you need … to get Superman a little further down the road, I think, before you can do a Justice League movie.”

This response is a little surprising given the marked lack of DC characters on the big screen, and could be a signal that the Man of Steel story is actually incomplete, with the ending setting up a direct sequel.

Still, since the end of the The Dark Knight was (SPOILERS for the handful of people that haven’t seen it!) sort of a cliffhanger, maybe we should’ve seen it coming. Sequel-bait endings drive critics insane, but Hollywood loves them because they think audiences love them. Christopher Nolan’s middle act to his Batman trilogy was nearly perfect – and some considered the ending to be the main let-down.

Zack Snyder Zack Snyder Denies Justice League 2015 Release; Man of Steel 2 May Come First

This approach contrasts with Marvel’s. Their films tend to be stand-alone affairs which don’t require much knowledge of the other films to enjoy (the exception to this being The Avengers – without at least a cursory knowledge of the other Phase One movies, a viewer would probably be lost). And while Iron Man 3 is informed by the events of The Avengers and references them, it takes off in its own direction.

Are we reading too much into Snyder’s remarks? Perhaps, since he’d understandably prefer all the attention remain on Man of Steel.

Still, we know DC and Marvel have taken different approaches to their cinematic world-building, but if this is an indication of Warner Bros. and DC’s direction, it could be a miscalculation. With the variety of different characters and worlds Marvel has given us – and plenty more on the way – audiences seem to be ready for DC to explore their untapped characters, not give us endless retreads of characters we already know.

As always, time will tell.


Man of Steel opens in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

Source: Collider

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  1. Of course he denies it, I’m sure the studio told him to do so. But I’d rather see Man of Steel 2 and 3 first. Because I’d rather see DC/Warner do it right with the best cast they can get as well as the writers and director(s).

  2. if they do this i hope they learn from iron man 2 and dont make it with the avengers in mind more like iron man 2 did.
    i still feel they need to introduce batman before the JL movie too. just need to wait and see how it turns out. Zack is my first pick for directing JL too.

  3. I say let WB take his time. There is no rush. We have to develop Superman first. Maybe Clack could meet Bruce by the end of the triology and then you can have themteamed up. A Clack and Bruce alliance could be the first step to the Justice League. If in the meantime, they want to introduce Wonder ùwoman and the flash movies then so be it. I think that Zack is right. Superman needs a little bit of digging before we think of Justice League. After all, Isn’t Superman a rookie a la Craig in Casino Royal? He needs a little maturity first… imho :)

    • OK now… Imeant Clark. :)

    • lol… theres taking time, then there is taking too long. you do realize your plan is like 15 years or more before a JL movie.

      • @Corey_1993
        I guess i should change keyboard lol
        But I guess you are right. Let’s say by the end of the 2nd movie. Maybe have Justice League by 2018. I guess that is Fair. :)

    • Totally agree, and why would Anthony say his response is surprising? Frankly, I completely agree with Zack – why wouldn’t we want Superman more established as opposed to introducing more characters (quite a few more) all at once. It’s better to have at least one Character we know really well to be the inlet and introduce us gradually. It might feel like were’re still trying to figure out who Superman is and how he might respond to these other characters. I don’t see how having a sequel thought of makes Superman incomplete; Batman Begins ended well and didn’t seem incomplete after it ended. I think it just sent a feeling to all of us fans to want more. BTW, why does DC/WB have to get a Justice League off the ground ASAP (not that I wouldn’t love one) just because Marvel has the Avengers? If DC is successful with just their solo characters then let it be for awhile (Green Lantern Excluded). With Nolan & Snyder doing them well I think they found their groove.

      • Well they kind of already have a universe established Green Lantern, Arrow, Batman and now Superman. I heard they want Ryan Reynolds to Reprise his role in the Arrow show and I heard he is up for it in Season 2. I just need Wonder Woman and Flash done! I am excited for all these movies though! I am just a fan of all of it so bring it on DC and Marvel!

    • Agreed…WB should roll out MOS 2 and 3 before a JL film. They can even do a Superman/Batman film; where the two of them are responding to the fact that some of the superheros have vanished/kidnapped…it would be a mystery ( Batman using his detective skills to figure how and who took the heros) At the end Supes and Bats would rescue Flash and wonderWoman( from either braniac or some other villian.)…hence the start of the JL forming…well…at least that is how i would go about a Superman/Batman movie.

  4. Quick question?
    Is there a Man of Steel post-credit scene?
    If he’s not ponying around then this means no.

    • Just my opinion here nothing fact but i would say if there is a post credit scene, it won’t be one that leads to a share universe. It could be that they want to tease the new villain just like they did in Amazing Spiderman. Then again I could be wrong. :)

      • There is a post-credit scene that has not been attached to the pre-screenings… for obvious reasons.

        There are also direct references to other members of the JL.

        To quote a WB/DC rep when asked if it is just as big as the Nick Fury thing in Iron Man:


        • Thank you! You just made my day.

          • @Dr Mindbender
            Thanks for the Info. :)

        • Is that the super super super secret Christian Bale cameo? The Internet would explode

          • Haha, the cameo scene that broke the Internet!!!

        • Only way it could be “bigger” than Nick Fury showing up at the end of Iron Man (Even me, a hardcore DC fanboy squealed like a 10 year old girl at that) is if we actually saw, not had mentioned, but saw Batman or Wonder Woman on screen. That… Would be insane.

          • A lot of things would beat nick fury, because many dont have any clue who he was. Only comic book fans did. I know many people who were like, whose this eye patch fellow

            • It wasn’t Nick Fury that got the buzz Trey, it was the Avengers initiative that he spoke of.

        • I do not buy into it. If you work for a company, are you going to say anything negative?

          Taking the Word of a WB/DC Rep, the same people who said Green Lantern was going to be a blockbuster?

          • @ Jeff

            i didn’t say the WB rep said the movie was going to be awesome.

            I said that the rep confirmed that there would be a post-credit scene, which was the question that was asked.

            I love how Green Lantern is constantly brought up even though it has absolutely nothing to do with this and is no way comparable other than it being distributed under the same parent name.

            Let’s go ahead and call all Marvel movies racist because it is distributed by the Walt Disney Company then… shall we?

        • Yes, thank you!!

        • @ Dr. M.

          Can we really trust a WB/DC rep? Aren’t these the same clowns that total us “Green Lantern we be all that the fans want it to be…..”?


          This is WB we’re talking about here. This is the company that manages to screw everything up, and keeps hitting on the same two characters because it’s all they know.

          An after credits scene bigger than Nick Fury showing up in Iron Man? That would be extremly hard to do for many reasons. One being, it’s been done before to set up a shared universe, and two, WB just isn’t that smart.

          Green Lantern had a button scene too it I recall.

          That went well……..

    • A good post-credits scene would be amazing, if it was Bruce Wayne it would be great. Although I am perfectly happy with a Batman reboot and a post-credits scene to introduce the new Batman would be a very clever way to do it, could you imagine the reaction if it was Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne and they found a script to make it work (absolutely key). People would literally wet themselves in the cinema due to the excitement. As I said, I am really very happy for there to be a new Batman, but just imagine the debates we would end up having here on screenrant.

      • Here’s the thing about that: The Dark Knight Rises takes place eight years after The Dark Knight. That would put it in the year 2016. If Christian Bale’s Batman/Bruce Wayne were to appear in Man of Steel, there would be a huge continuity problem, because it was established in The Dark Knight Rises that Batman had been inactive for that eight year period, and there isn’t a single reference to Superman in any of Nolan’s Bat-films. It doesn’t work at all. There will be a new Batman and it won’t be Christian Bale.

        • There is never one mention of what year BB actually starts in so your 2016 argument is based on absolutely nothing.

          • The security photo of The Joker in The Dark Knight is dated 7/18/2008. According to The Joker in The Dark Knight, the mob had complete control of Gotham one year before he showed up, thus Batman Begins takes place circa 2007/2008. Therefore, the events depicted in The Dark Knight Rises take place in 2016. Maybe you should start paying attention to what you’re watching.

            • Okay.. my bad.

              Obviously we should let a date on a photo dictate the entire universe.

              My bad for being so flipping stupid.

              • It does dictate the timeline for the universe of the Dark Knight films, a universe Nolan said explicity was not populated with any other characters that exist outside of the Batman mythos, and not even a great many that do, and squarely sets the year of The Dark Knight Rises in 2016, which you stated was based on absolutely nothing. So, up until the end of the Dark Knight Rises, there is no conceivable way that Superman is known on Earth, much less personally involved with Bruce Wayne/Batman. If Superman were known, he would have simply flown into Gotham and taken care of the nuke before anyone knew what had happened to it, thus making Batman’s role in the whole affair pointless, and because he didn’t do that, and nobody wondered aloud where that guy in the blue suit is to help, there is no Superman. Now, if they set Man of Steel in 2016, then subsequently try to set up Bale’s return as Batman ex post facto, that could conceivably work. I haven’t seen Man of Steel, so I don’t know when it takes place. However, I am willing to bet that they don’t do that, and we get a new Batman played by a new actor. They are anchoring the new DC movie universe to Man of Steel and if they are going to start building a universe in which all of these characters exist, they are going to create a version of Batman that is compatible with the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, etc., and Nolan’s Batman simply is not.

        • @Johnny B. – to be honest I do agree that if you analyse the situation, that Bale’s Batman would seem a silly option. As I said (in my comment) I am happy for/and looking forward to the next incarnation of Batman. It was just a passing comment to say ‘could you imagine the scale of reaction’ if this came to be. That’s all, no fan boy crap saying that it is happening/ should happen/ has to happen :)

  5. i still really want a green lantern movie.

    the villain they picked for the first was so bad. i think that effected the film so much. unlike most i like ryan, i thought he was a great cast and i enjoyed his performance. i loved oa too

    the second has so much potential to be great… sinestro. thats all i can say.

    hope they give green lantern a try again. if not then i doubt if they even want a shared universe. this is all happening because of marvels success anyway.

    • what if they use the new 52 green lantern. wouldnt that be awesome to have a full on gay super hero as a main character on the big screen? im not gay but i would love to see that.

      • The gay Green Lantern is on Earth 2 which is not the main continuity.

        • Although certain Elements from Earth 2 would be great for the live action movies.

          Namely, Power Girl.

      • Why would that be awesome? And I’m not saying it wouldn’t be, I just don’t get a chance to read the comics and I’m wondering what makes that character so much different and/or better.

  6. I’d agree with Zack.

    Have a MOS sequel, use a button scene to tease Brainiac. Then maybe have a different DC hero debut in a movie, the post button scene teases a little more Brainiac.

    Several movies in, we get a JL movie with Brainiac as the main villain (mainly to avoid the Thanos/Darkseid comparisons and also because I think Brainiac is too big a threat for Superman alone but not big enough as a post-Darkseid villain in a JL sequel).

  7. That’s it! That’s it! That’s it! That’s it! That’s it! That’s it! I’ve had ENOUGH of screenrant’s constant comparisons between Marvel and DC. Why don’t you just come right out and say it screenrant, you think Marvel is better? I’m beyond sick of reading this crap. I’m unliking screen rant from facebook. Stop pushing for DC to be like Marvel. DC isn’t Marvel and never needs to be Marvel. Their movies are a thousand times better than Marvel’s shared universe could ever be. They are doing just fine in cinema without selling out the way Marvel has, so STOP TRYING TO GET THEM TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • right now… marvel is better.

      • Lmao that’s going to set him off

    • The Dark Knight trilogy and….um….yeah, WHAT other DC movies are “doing just fine on their own” again?

      Green Lantern failed by the way. Jonah Hex was a failure. The attempt at a Hellblazer movie was panned (although I didn’t think it was that bad, even though they changed things from the comics).

      No other DC character has had a movie out in a while/ever.

      Unlike Screen Rant from your Facebook if you want but that only shows your immaturity rather than this site doing something wrong. It’s only natural to compare the two since Marvel has a formula that works and movies that are popular and well liked while DC has struggled outside of the Nolan/Goyer input of the last decade.

      Plus if you knew anybody ar Screen Rant by just reading the comic book movie articles, you’d know they want DC to succeed as much as the rest of us do. You’d also know that they (just like a lot of us) read and enjoy DC and Marvel comic books with no bias towards one side or another.

    • You the same guy as yesterday? Still throwing a hissy fit?

      Marvel and DC will always be compared because they are rival companies. They are businesses that both want money. Right now, Marvel is making more money in the film industry so now DC is (whether you like it or not) finding a similar way to introduce their own cinematic universe.

      But hey, if you do leave, we won’t miss ya.

    • @Brian
      Ok. It’s like talking about american politics but you don’t want comparisons between democrats and republians or talking about Sodas but no comparison between Pepsi and Coke. Let me say my friend the comparisons are inevitable when we’re talking about superheroes and will always be a part of the conversation.
      Don’t you think the CEO’s of each companies are making comparisons themselves? Wake up a little.
      If you want to unlike Screenrant go ahead but Screenrant will always be there long after your unlike button is pressed.
      Personally, I think comparing them is one of the ingredients that makes the conversation interesting… :)

      • @Wanderer

        Just to let you know, I always hated Pepsi. It tastes like water, has no flavour whatsoever. I hate Diet Coke for having no flavour to it but Pepsi is even more bland and more disgusting than Coke Zero.

        This concludes the Can Of Steel discussion.

        • At Dazz
          Lol ‘Can of Steel’
          I don’t like pepsi either. I’m more of Sprite Type of Guy and Coke Zero, I tasted it once for curiosity and it was very forgettable. :)

          • Actually, “Can of Steel” would be incorrect for the nasty, disgusting drinks that you speak of.
            “Can of Aluminium” is more accurate.

        • Pepsi FTW

    • Brian, you’re such a baby

    • FANBOY/TROLL alert!!!!

    • Dude… make like Mr. Freeze and chill out. Anyway… ice to see you.

    • Brian is right though. The Dark Knight trilogy alone makes every Marvel superhero film look like really really crappy films. Not saying I didn’t enjoy Marvel’s films, I did. Be realistic here, Marvel’s films are no where near the quality of any of the Batman films. Sure Green Lantern sucked and w/e else. But seeing TDK trilogy and seeing this upcoming Man of Steel, there’s no way Marvel can compete with their films’ quality. You get as much out from the Marvel films than your typical pg-13 action movie that comes out every 2 weeks or so. TDK trilogy are timeless films, people will talk about them forever, more specifically TDK. Marvel’s films? Nope, maybe the Avengers, maybe.

      All these people that are saying Marvel is winning because of box office results and the amount of films they’re pumping out. How many of them are AMAZING superhero films? The only one that comes to my mind is Iron Man 1, Avengers a close second. Cpt. America? Hulk? Thor? I don’t like Marvel’s direction, which is targeting the kids and making their superhero films into comedies.

      • The Dark Knight trilogy does not make every Marvel superhero film look bad in comparison, not even close. Furthermore, WB/DC is just going in circles with Batman and Superman. There’s thirteen movies between them and still people are clamoring for another Batman reboot because they’ve seen what happens when do something outside of World’s Finest (i.e. Green Lantern). No Flash movie, no Wonder Woman, no Martian Manhunter and a Green Lantern so weak even Marvel’s weakest box office and most criticized efforts can’t match it. A slap in the face compared to work and effort put into the Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel. When you do something over and over again, of course it will be refined. But to do something new, to make break new ground where others are afraid to or unable to, that’s more difficult and to me, something I respect more. You’re not challenging yourself if you know you can already do it. If DC made a Wonder Woman movie with the same effort they made Man of Steel and I had to choose which one to watch, I take the Wonder Woman movie.

        With Marvel films, you get them breaking new ground, working with more than just two characters. In other words, they’re willing to make mistakes. DC is using Man of Steel to jumpstart a DC shared cinematic universe like Marvel did with Iron Man five years ago because of the phenomenal success they have had. Marvel’s ideas are not just timeless, they’re innovative. How many of Marvel’s movies are amazing superhero films? They all are. You call them generic, but their results are anything but especially the Avengers. Marvel targets all audiences and it would be foolish of them to neglect children. Children are comic book fans too and lest we forget, most of us were children when we started reading comic books. And Marvel’s superhero films are not comedic. They just tend to have very sharp wit and the ability to laugh at oneself.

        • I would like to shake your hand sir. I agree with your comment wholeheartedly.

        • I find that’s just one way of looking at it. I mean sure if you do the same characters several times, you can refine the later films, but it’s also harder to add something new to the franchise. Captain America, Iron Man and Thor may have been hard to develop since they were practically the first movies that were focused on those characters in so long, but you can also say you can pretty much do anything at all with them. There’s no other movie to compare them to, where as Nolan’s trilogy had the 90′s Batman, even the Amazing Spider-man has Raimi’s spider-man 5 years before. Nolan’s trilogy washed away the tastes (whether good or bad) of the previous incarnations.

          Marvel’s universe is definitely groundbreaking, I mean they’re the first superhero shared universe in film history, and congrats to them. Nolan’s trilogy was also groundbreaking since his stories include intense real world themes and ideas and also grounded them in our reality.

          In the end, it depends how you look at it, and I find it silly to discount a franchise since it’s been done before. I say if it adds something new, it has every right to stand next to brand new franchises.

          To be honest, if the Justice League franchise lifts off, spawns a universe on the big screen all the while keeping the themes, ideas and stories integrated into each film, it definitely has a chance to surpass Marvel’s universe. We have yet to see anything though, Marvel’s ahead but DC is just starting.

          • With the Dark Knight trilogy, it was easier to add something new to that franchise in my opinion because the previous Batman quadrilogy fell apart in the end. Same with Superman. Superman Returns ultimately failed because it tried to do too much of the same thing as the previous Superman movies. In part, that’s why Man of Steel is so anticipated because it’s just getting away from all of that and providing plenty of action that Returns desperately lacked. With the Amazing Spider-Man, that wasn’t as well received in my opinion because the previous Spider-Man trilogy didn’t fall apart as badly. Yes, Spider-Man 3 was terrible, but only in comparison to the first two movies. Anyhow, I’m not discounting them for making something that has been done before. In fact, I loved the Dark Knight Trilogy and hell even Marvel managed to finally get the Hulk right the third time around in the Avengers. No, I’m discounting them because they haven’t done anything else. I don’t count Green Lantern because just by seeing the previews and some early reviews for Man of Steel alone tells me of how awful of an effort that movie really was. I’m discounting them because I see Marvel willing to make Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-man, Doctor Strange, etc. whereas DC still hasn’t tried the Flash.

            When you say with Captain America, Iron Man and Thor that you can pretty much do anything at all with them, I say exactly. At least as long you’re willing to embrace the characters. So why doesn’t DC do that with their heroes? Marvel created three franchises out of those characters. DC can do the same with their characters. Before the Avengers went crazy at the box office, people were saying that they couldn’t put that many heroes into one movie. I loved that Marvel dared to ask, “why not?” They not only showed it can be done, but that it should have been done years ago. DC has always had a chance to surpass Marvel’s universe. But it’s not going to if keeps looking to Marvel for ideas and not willing to put in the effort outside of Batman and Superman.

            • I agree with you on those points, Marvel is more confident in their characters than DC at the moment, especially if they’re doing Guardians of the Galaxy, which looks awesome so far. I barely count Returns or Green Lantern since like you said, there was barely any effort put into them. Returns was a chance to reboot but they made a sequel to a movie that was done almost 30 years ago, really odd choice if you as me. For Green Lantern, while I enjoyed Ryan Reynolds, you can tell he wasn’t given anything to work on, the whole movie was bland for me.

              Hopefully now, DC is actually willing to explore Flash, Wonder Woman or even Martian Manhunter and put the same effort in those characters as they did with Batman and right now Superman.

        • J.Carter

          I agree that DC learned what didn’t work by making crappy Batman and Superman movies in the past, they learned to make great movies that just happened to be about comic book characters. I know that upsets many comic book readers, but I think it has worked well and have high hopes it will work with MOS too.

          I don’t think Marvel has been innovative since IM1. They took a character I knew next to nothing about and made me care about that story. However since then everything has been about building to the Avengers and I feel like the other movies have suffered. I have liked all the Marvel movies but I don’t think any have been on the level of IM1. I hoped that they would redirect course with IM3 and it would share a similar tone to IM1 but that obviously didn’t happen.

          As far as appealing to children, I say let them have the comics and Saturday morning cartoons. It seems like a waste to make movies that are just like those other two mediums but with real people. Yeah they might have to wait a couple of years to see the movies but I think not appealing to kids and making TDK is much better than trying to sell toys with a Batman and Robin movie.

          • Mike, all the Marvel movies that have been released are rated PG-13. Not one of them is rated G or even PG. I think the criticism of appealing to children is overrated and frankly unfounded, especially when Marvel does no less in my opinion to appeal to adults. As far as the Avengers goes, the thing I like about Marvel is that shared cinematic universe isn’t simply a gimmick, it’s something that lives and breathes in their movies. Phase One was about the build up to the Avengers but to me, the other movies didn’t suffer for it but were enhanced by it because we were seeing a connected cinematic universe for the first time. The Dark Knight Trilogy was a incredible movie experience for me but my caveat with it was that it was more of an incredible movie experience than an incredible Batman experience. It wasn’t the quintessential Batman or Gotham City. Marvel Phase One was. Man of Steel is following more along the lines of Marvel in my opinion. Making a great Superman experience instead of only a great movie experience, with a cinematic shared universe and launch vehicle to an eventual Justice League. After the Avengers, I think DC saw the writing on the wall.

            • Yeah after thinking about it I guess it’s not right to say Marvel overly tries to appeal to kids but you have to admit that they aren’t as serious as TDK movies. Personally I like the “realistic” approach, which is why I was really disappointed with IM3. If it had been done a different way, with a different tone, it could have been as great a movie as TDK, but they chose to not be as serious and to me that just felt like more of the same. I think RDJ is a great actor and they missed an opportunity to delve into how having a near death experience along with realizing there are greater threats in the world now, effects someone. That inner conflict along with a serious terrorist threat would have been great. But that is just my opinion.

              I agree it is cool how Marvel’s universe is connected, as is each movie. However that is a bit of a double-edged sword. It raises the question as to why the other Avengers didn’t help IM. I don’t know why but reading a comic it’s easier to forget there are other superheroes, but since last year the biggest thing that happened for Marvel was having multiple heroes fight together, it’s hard to forget and not ask where they are in the other Phase 2 movies.

              I think BTAS and the Arkham games have given us better interpretations of Batman but for what they were, Batman in our world, TDK trilogy was great. I don’t know if they are just going to reboot Batman or try to continue in a similar way. Personally I don’t think it would be that difficult to bring TDK Batman into a MOS world. People have suggested Zod gets some of his power from his suit. A Bruce Wayne that gets ahold of a suit and other Kryptonian tech would be able to hold his own with super-powered beings, which would also allow DC to introduce some of the lesser realistic Batman villains.

              • In my opinion, they chose to be very serious about Iron Man 3. Killian’s dialogue about the moment you give evil a face, you give the people a target was true to me. I liked the Mandarin reveal from the start but in light of what happened during the Boston bombing, I appreciate the statement even more. In regards to why the other Avengers didn’t help Iron Man, that’s in part explained in the movie and also will be further explained in future films. The latter being said by Feige himself. If DC does decide to involve Batman from the Dark Knight trilogy or a Batman reboot, I just hope it is after they start making movies about their other characters.

            • J. Carter, you obviously enjoy films that lack substance, story, character development, emotions, acting and great cinematography. You’re praising Marvel too much. Every one of their films before Avengers felt very very rushed, they simply wanted to get them done as soon as possible to deliver the Avengers. They took their time with Iron Man 1 and that turned out to be their best movie yet. If you like superhero films filled with jokes, terrible acting, terrible plots and so forth, good for you. But I’m going to say you have terrible taste in film and I’m sorry.

              Just because they are building a cinematic universe, doesn’t automatically mean they’re great. What the hell are you talking about? And yes they are targeted towards children, that’s why these movies are filled with jokes, that’s why you don’t see a single serious moment in any of these films, that’s why the Avengers were never in danger. Just go along for the ride, that’s all. None of these films shows the audience what it means and takes to become a superhero. And if you honestly think Marvel>DC in film quality, you have bad taste in film and your opinions are inferior. And here come the Marvel rage fanboys.

              Btw I enjoyed almost all of Marvel’s films, enjoyed but that’s about it. To say that they are truly amazing is lying to yourselves. Whenever I walk out of a Marvel film, I felt as if I just watched another action movie that comes out every week or so.

              • don’t fall off that pedestal that you have put your opinion on.

                the fact that you call someone’s opinion inferior ONLY because it doesn’t match your own opinion, shows your inferior intelligence.

                lighten up man. it’s only a fraking movie!

                • Opinions don’t equal facts.

    • @Brian,

      Dude, that is your opinion. ScreenRant did not say Marvel is better. The article simply says that Marvel has a formula that works as evidenced by the high gross of their movies. Superhero fans (myself included) saw that Marvel made Avengers work and want to see Justice League on the big screen.

      Comparisons are inevitable. Comparisons are inevitable. First between Justice League and Avengers since they are both superhero teams that have a rich history. Second, between Marvel and DC since they are both comic book companies trying to translate their characters to the big screen. Finally, between their respective “formulas” since that is the method for bringing their characters to the screen.

      To address your complaint, the writers do not like Marvel more. They are not being malicious with their comparisons. They are trying to bring the difficulties facing DC’s Justice League into focus by comparing to Marvel’s success. Once again, this is not a slight on DC, it is simply done to give focus to the discussion.

      You are within your right to not like the comparisons being made, but it is your opinion. As you can see from th other comments,plent of other people have no issues with the way the writers set-up their articles. Go ahead and unlike screenrant. I for one will not miss you.

    • um…obsess much?

  8. just throwing this out there- i want this movie to do great because i think it looks amazing and epic and i want wb to do justice league and all the characters movies; but in my line of work i talk to tons of different people and usually about movies, and virtually no one aside from a few hardcore comics people, are excited for the man of steel. i hope that changes when people start hearing word of mouth about how good it is.

    • It’s gonna be real interesting to see how this does at the box office. Everyone thought Star Trek Into Darkness was gonna set the world on fire, and it’s only on par with how the first one performed.

      I hope Man of Steel is big, but after the Star Trek thing I’m not too sure. I know WB is waiting to see how Man of Steel does before green lighting another film, but how much does MOS have to make?

      • True, but I’d say the trailers for MoS so far have done a more convincing job that the Into Darkness ones. While the Star Trek trailers were a lot of fun, it was basically just cutting through action scenes punctuated by Benedict Cumberbatch’s voiceover. The way that the MoS trailers seem to be putting a leash on the action has me more convinced that they’re trying to keep things under wraps, whereas for Into Darkness it’s more like they were trying to show off everything (minus the bigger reveals of course). So when it comes to a payoff, I think MoS has the chance to generate more buzz as it goes along, whereas Star Trek may have overpromised a little. I really hope it goes big though.

        • Man of Steel is selling a story. Star Trek Into Darkness did not have that luxury.

          • ^That sums it up nicely.

  9. I think this would be best for everyone. If Snyder is telling the truth, it means that there’s still no real plan of action established at WB and in order to pull this off, you need a plan.

    If they are going to go the shared universe route, you need more than a Wayne Enterprises logo hidden somewhere in Man of Steel to build a universe (because that could be anything from a nod to Chris Nolan, a fan service gag, or something more). You probably don’t need to do a Batman reboot, but guys like Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman(?)… casual audiences need to be introduced to these characters so we all have a reason to care about them. You can’t rush something like this.

    WB really shouldn’t even be concerned with Justice League or DC Easter eggs or references to other characters right now. If Man of Steel flops (unlikely, but still) then they’re finished.

    I want Man of Steel to be awesome and I’m already looking forward to a sequel. I hope Snyder gets his way.

  10. I cannot wait to see Superman & Batman teaming up with the Hall of Justice battling against Apokolips. Michael Chikilis who played Benjamin Grimm can make an awesome villain playing Darkseid. Chris Isaaks can also make a great casting playing Desaad.

  11. In order for JLA to be made DC needs to introduce more of the JLA characters to generate interest. That is step one. Step 2 is to produce better movies. Outside of the Batman trilogy the majority of the DC movies in recent years have been duds. Quality is one reason why Marvel is doing so well at the box office. Iron Man 2 and Captain America were the weakest, but were still better then Green Lantern. This brings up another problem with that DC has to deal with. Marvel has characters that every one can relate to because they are close to being you or me. Outside of Thor, who is a god, most of the Marvel characters in the movies are just average Joes. In the DC universe, outside of Batman, most of the characters are far from the average Joe with tremendous superpowers. This has made it difficult to translate the characters to the big screen. That is the question for DC, how do you make these characters relatable to everyone? If DC can answer this question then the JLA movie has a chance to be very good.

    • I keep seeing “Captain America was a weak movie” but fail to understand why that is.

      I personally liked it. Then again, I don’t understand a lot of the hate or love for some movies.

      • My problem with cap is it seemed to gloss over everything. The bucky relationship was beyond terrible as was his relation with peggy. Red skull was extremely lame and they used a montage inatead of just showing some good missioms

        • The Bucky relationship was indeed glossed over but I dunno, I kinda think that it was more of a Steve Rogers movie and focusing more on Bucky would’ve made the movie longer.

          It did make for a “meh, who cares?” feeling when Bucky “died” though.

          The Peggy thing was just fine and you could tell they really had feeligns for each other even if it was rushed at the expense of the bigger story around it and I thought Red Skull was done pretty well in that he wasn’t an overbearing villain that dominated the movie.

          The montage was good too because it showed him participating in missions and campaigns rather than having him as just this guy who did only one thing during such a huge war. Showed his early foray into leadership and his abilities without having to make the run time longer than it was.

      • As a movie I thought ‘Captain America’ was the best of all the Marvel movies. It just looked better, for me, and the acting was top-notch.

    • Hal Jordan and Barry Allen were normal guys until their powers were thrust upon them. Bruce Wayne is far less like an Average Joe then They are. He’s rich, a genius, and has serious mental issues.

    • How’s that? ones a god, ones a hulk, one has super human strength!

  12. I’m probably in the minority here but I firmly believe we need JLA in 2015(they could do late 2015? I mean Ant-Man hasn’t really gotten much progress yes?), why you may ask?

    1)I want to see a JLA vs Avengers 2 vs Star Wars 3 way geekasm/nerdgasm war and laugh and marvel at the chaos of the sheer awesomeness of a dream of all these movies released in the space of 2-3 months coming true.

    2)The serious reasons, they are described in these videos from 4:35-5:13: and from 2:28-2:50:

    That being said, if they really had to introduce a Batman/Superman movie, they must acknowledge that the other heroes like Flash and Wonder Woman exist. For example, their World’s Finest adventure(which explores this shared world and introduces it to the audience) takes them to Central City where they could come across The Flash in action(briefly) as well as Batman or Clark Kent the reporter meets Barry Allen the Forensic Analyst to find details on a case or Batman meets another fellow detective John Jones aka J’onn J’onzz the martian to follow their lead.

    They could even try to foil an assassination plot against the Queen and Princess of an Amazon nation that joins the UN. Just for laughs they can introduce a love triangle between the 3 where the Princess clearly wants Superman while Batman clearly wants her but keeps to himself about it.

    • Versus avatar 2 versus bond 24 versus the final hunger games film

  13. Let them do MoS right, even MoS 2, if that means we will have a worthy JL movie, Im all for it.

    • +1

  14. It would be cool if someone like Michael Caine showed up in a post-credits scene.

  15. A few months back I was really hoping that MoS would set the stage for TJL but lately I’m just hoping MoS is great on it’s own and if that leads to TJL that’s a bonus.
    I’m trying to keep my expectations in check but after 3 utterly amazing trailers and the fantastic job WB/DC is doing with promotion if MoS is a dud it will be one of the biggest surprises I could remember.
    2 weeks to go…

  16. Good. Get me a World’s Finest movie, a Flash movie, and THEN we can talk about a JLA movie. Take your time, Snyder.

    • ^ this

  17. I never thought The Dark Knight was setting up a sequel. I just thought it was the natural conclusion to the story being told. Sure it inevitably led to a sequel but I also saw it as a fitting end if there wasn’t a third film.

    • I firmly believe that TDKR would have been a completely different film if Heath Ledger (R.I.P) hadn’t died. I think that it would have continued straight on from the end of TDK with the Joker breaking out again and causing havoc. As much as I really really really wish that had been the case, the fact that it didn’t happen, in my eyes makes TDK even more special.

      • I doubt it. It doesn’t seem like something that Nolan would do, to recycle a character and a story. Having the antagonist be the Joker, again, and having him cause havoc in the city, again, would mean repeating himself – PLUS he’d have the added burden of trying to top TDK. So he went in a different direction with TDKR. I believe he did everything he could with the Joker, and that there’s not much they could’ve added that wouldn’t be a rehash or a watering down of the character. That’s not to say that TDKR would’ve been exactly the same or that the Joker wouldn’t feature at all, just that Nolan isn’t a Hollywood movie studio and he likely wouldn’t make a Jack Sparrow out of the Joker.

      • Agreed i believe the line “i think we are destined to do this forever” was properly placed for the final act

  18. Warner Bros should do both movies simultaneously, having MOS 2 feed into the Justice League film. Is that a tall order? You bet it is. But WB, whether they like it or not, is facing a clock that is winding down: interest in Marvel’s and DC’s brand of superhero films will undergo the same dormancy as other genre films.

    Westerns and musicals were huge before audiences tired of them and moved on to something else. After a few decades of absence, they came back first in hybrid forms (for example, musicals: The Wall, Purple Rain) before audiences embraced their traditional forms (Chicago, Dreamgirls).

    WB needs to make JL before the audiences at large don’t give a crap anymore. Then they will have to wait a couple of decades for the hybrids to respark interest. Even that’s not a guarantee of return to prominence. The sources for these hybrids (indie comic brands, self pubbed fiction) may eclipse Marvel and DC by then.

    That’s why Marvel has to be commended for making hay while the sun is still shining. WB/DC can’t afford to do a character-by-character movie rollout. The clock is being run out by Marvel/Disney, Fox and Sony.

    Sorry for being long winded. I just think time, growing disinterest, and looming socio-economic strife is working against this movie’s potential success. The sooner they make it the better. 2017 at the latest. Or don’t make it at all.

    • @ Joost

      That is an excellent and often over looked fact. WB is definitely up against a clock.

      Great point Joost!!

  19. hh

  20. 2016- MoS 2
    2017- Batman
    Justice League

    This way you can switch up actors and totally reboot Batman, a la Spiderman. They dont have to compete with Disney at all summer of 2015 (Avengers 2, Star Wars VII, Pirates 15), they can keep Reynolds as GL if they want to, people seem to like him enough in the role.

  21. I’d like to see Justice League as soon as possible, but if a MOS sequel is needed for the team-up movie to work, then I say go for it!
    Man Of Steel looks fantastic, and if the movie is even a tenth as good as the trailers, then I’ll definitely want a sequel anyways (I’m not even a big Superman fan btw).

    Still, WB/DC needs to stop thinking “one movie at a time”. The way I see things, is that they’re waiting on one movie’s success before they move on to the next and if WB were to take just one piece of advise from Marvel, it should be that they need to start planning BIGGER. If they want to make big bucks, they need to get their own “cinematic universe” going, and that means they need to make a good game plan for at least the next 6 years.

  22. i think they should try to put off a batman reboot for as long as possible, and also possibly reintroduced ryan renoylds as gl again

  23. I think

    You all need to pray, that Legendary Pictures does not get picked up by Disney.

    Because Warner Brothers has yet to strike a deal.

    As Legendary Goes, so does Christopher Nolan.

    • @Jeff
      If Im not mistaken, I think you mean Syncopy Inc.

      • No, Legendary and Syncopy both.

        • @Jeff
          Thanks for the Info. :)

          • Jeff take a look online nobody believes disney is at all interested in legendary. Its been known for a while legendary would go to universal before anyone else

    • @ Jeff W.

      Your point is well taken, no matter where Legendary goes. If they do split from WB, whether MoS is a success or not, it will set WB back a long way.

      I wish Legendary would buy DC from WB, if that is even possible.

  24. Right now I’m just looking forward to seeing this film. Been waiting a long time for it. Batman had his time in the sun, and I enjoyed them movies very much, so in all honesty I wouldn’t want him a part of this movie at all. Not even a logo. This should be about Superman and Superman alone.

    As for JLA. Can you really do a grounded, kind of realistic, take on the other characters? I think it would be difficult but if they can pull it off then go for it.

  25. How about this for a post MOS credits scene. Post event news reports of Supermans battles are being played on the screen and the camera pans out to see bale in Bat suit minus the cowl watching them on the His bat computer :) thoughts?

    • It would be nice but imo, I don’t think Bale is coming back. Maybe a new actor… :)

  26. I believe it would behoove Warner Bros. to make a Batman/Superman team-up film before Justice League. In my opinion, this should be the sequence of films: Man of Steel > Man of Steel II > Batman: Rebooted > Superman/Batman > Justice League. If they wanted to, they could introduce other members of the Justice League along the way.

    • I don’t t think they have to reboot Batman. Just introduce him in MOS 2 and the public will be satisfied. :)

      • That’s what I was thinking too but I don’t think it’s only the character Batman that makes in impact, it’s also the actor portraying him. It’d be cool if he made a cameo with the new actor, add another Batman movie after MOS2 then do Justice League or World’s finest or something.

      • I’m a fan of Nolan’s Bat-films, but I do not want to see John Blake as Batman. I want to see a different iteration of Bruce Wayne as the character, and with a different actor almost assuredly assuming the role, I believe it’s a great opportunity to do something interesting that diverges from Nolan’s interpretation.

        • @Johnny B.
          I entirely agree with you. We need a new actor for Bruce and since MOS Universe is already a fantastical one, automatically The new Bat would be introduced in a fantastical one as well that could potentially lead to larger than life Villain from The Bat’s Repertoire.

          • Agreed. I would really like to see a more adventurous, swashbuckling version of Batman that isn’t uncomfortable with the fantasy elements that, let’s face it, are just as much a part of the character’s history as the dark and gritty aspects. Nolan’s version of Batman just does not belong in a world where Superman can exist. A new version of Batman is needed that is more compatible with that world if a Justice League movie is ever going to work.

  27. I hope it is not a Man of Steel 2 that Snyder is referencing to. I hope it is a World’s Finest flick.

  28. Whatever works. All I’m gonna say

  29. Read as:

    “Man of Steel ends with the unveiling of Lex Luthor. Man of Steel 2 presents the long term game Luthor is playing. Justice League is then the answer to whatever Lex is up to.”

    • I like your idea, something will come up at the end of the movie I`m sure there will be a cameo lets just wait and see, sick of spoilers already