Zack Snyder Denies ‘Justice League’ 2015 Release; ‘Man of Steel 2′ May Come First

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Henry Cavill as Superman Zack Snyder Denies Justice League 2015 Release; Man of Steel 2 May Come First

In less than two weeks, Warner Bros.’ big attempt to (yet again) bring Superman to contemporary movie audiences, Man of Steel, will be unveiled. Like The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises before it, director Zack Snyder’s reboot is destined to be one of the high points of the summer blockbuster season, and the studio’s marketing is making sure of it.

With so much riding on Man of Steel, the chatter around it inevitably turns to the planned Justice League movie, Warner Bros. own attempt to match Marvel’s superhero team-up blockbuster The Avengers. With Marvel well ahead of the curve when it comes to establishing a unified cinematic universe based on their comic books, Man of Steel will have to be DC’s launching pad.

Despite early spoilers that hint toward his movie setting the stage for this, director Zack Snyder denies any knowledge of the reported 2015 release date for Justice League.

In an interview with Collider, Snyder was asked about whether he’d prefer to do a Man of Steel sequel before Justice League, were he offered either of these projects. His response:

“Look … completely hypothetically, I feel like you need … to get Superman a little further down the road, I think, before you can do a Justice League movie.”

This response is a little surprising given the marked lack of DC characters on the big screen, and could be a signal that the Man of Steel story is actually incomplete, with the ending setting up a direct sequel.

Still, since the end of the The Dark Knight was (SPOILERS for the handful of people that haven’t seen it!) sort of a cliffhanger, maybe we should’ve seen it coming. Sequel-bait endings drive critics insane, but Hollywood loves them because they think audiences love them. Christopher Nolan’s middle act to his Batman trilogy was nearly perfect – and some considered the ending to be the main let-down.

Zack Snyder Zack Snyder Denies Justice League 2015 Release; Man of Steel 2 May Come First

This approach contrasts with Marvel’s. Their films tend to be stand-alone affairs which don’t require much knowledge of the other films to enjoy (the exception to this being The Avengers – without at least a cursory knowledge of the other Phase One movies, a viewer would probably be lost). And while Iron Man 3 is informed by the events of The Avengers and references them, it takes off in its own direction.

Are we reading too much into Snyder’s remarks? Perhaps, since he’d understandably prefer all the attention remain on Man of Steel.

Still, we know DC and Marvel have taken different approaches to their cinematic world-building, but if this is an indication of Warner Bros. and DC’s direction, it could be a miscalculation. With the variety of different characters and worlds Marvel has given us – and plenty more on the way – audiences seem to be ready for DC to explore their untapped characters, not give us endless retreads of characters we already know.

As always, time will tell.


Man of Steel opens in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

Source: Collider

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  1. TDK trilogy is infinitely better than anything Marvel has put on the screen. I don’t care if they DO have a unified catalog of characters, their films are still individually weak. And DC has “sequel bait endings” and Marvel doesn’t? Marvel makes “standalone movies”, all of a sudden? Lol, okay, pal, okay….

    • TDK was great. The other two were just good. All of the Marvel Studios movies so far have been, at the very least, very good if not great with the exception of IM2. DC has been underwhelming on all fronts. This is clear to Hollywood and fanboys alike.

      • @Grim you have terrible taste in movies if you think every Marvel film is very good. They’re complete sh*t and you praise it. They are no better than any typical pg-13 movie that comes out every 2 weeks.

        • If they are complete sh*t then why don’t you elaborate on the sh*t part for us because last time I checked they have a huge fan base that continues to dish out money on those movies that you call sh*t, and let me tell you no one is going to continue to spend money like that on movies if they are not being done right enough to continue to draw sales to the box office.

          • Cue…

            You are right that the Marvel movieverse is quite popular…no denying that. One thing I must disagree with is that people will not continue to support things that are bad. The exact opposite (and a sad comment on modern sensibilities, in fact) is why “Jersey Shore” became as popular as it was. This also explains why the current MTV, reality programming, and quite a few horrible movies continue to make money and be made/remade.

            Unfortunately, people WILL pay for crap…and continue to do so.

      • Wow.. you really believe all of Marvel’s movies have been ‘very good’?? I consider them all to be very average with the exception of the Avengers and IM1.
        The DK trilogy wasnt perfect but it explored and delved so much deeper into the character than any Marvel movie has ever done.

        • Yes BlueLiquidGold, other people consider Marvel’s movies to be very good, including myself even if you don’t. They’ve been witty, entertaining and they also delve into the character. Admittedly not as deeply as Batman’s but then again, in my opinion, they never needed to be understood or to be related to.

          • Marvel is cheesy and I”m tired of Stan Lee being in every Marvel movie…. And no continuity…

          • Elektra, Fantastic 4, every freaking Punisher movie, X-Men: The Last Stand, Iron Man 2…

            Yeah, all of Marvel’s movies have been “very good”…

            • He was talking about movies made by Marel not movies made by other studios with Marvel characters,

              And Ironman 2 was already mentioned as the exception.

            • I think he is refering to Marvel Studios movies not just Marvel Comics movies. Not everyone disliked Iron Man 2.

      • Thor, Incredible Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man 2/3 were just okay. The only beyond a shadow of a doubt great movies they’ve made were Iron Man 1 and Avengers.

    • the mistakes in all three tdk movies equal them out to the avengers’ awesomeness yet lack of depth and insight. they are not infinitely better unless you discount everything wrong with them. if they were flawless they would be the best action movies of all time.

      • Avengers had a ton of flaws too. Just saying.

  2. First of all, how come I often get my comment rejected as appearing to be Spam? Spam & I associate only when I whip open a can, and gobble it up.

    • Here is what needs to come down the road!
      Green Lantern #2, with Ryan Reynolds more serious this time as Hal Jordan!

      • Here is what needs to come down the road: The Flash movie!

        • Here is what needs to come down the road: Barry Allen as The Flash!

          • Here is what needs to come down the road”: a mini team-up movie to introduce some JLA characters, like a 3-man team-up between Hawkman, The Atom, and Martian Manhunter!

            • Here is what needs to come down the road: a team-up flick of Dr. Fate and Hourman (cuz I like ‘em, that’s why!).

              • Here is what needs to come down the road: a high-throttle effort to drop your rox & grab yer sox at DC/Warner, cuz we ain’t gettin’ any younger, to get the JLA flick under production. Quit sitting on the fence until the fence-post disappears up the ole dirt trail, DO IT NOW!

      • Yes! Green Lantern 2. The whole new Hal being gay thing needs to be explored in a movie. I wonder you they would cast as his boyfriend, can’t wait, this needs to happen.

        • Hal is not gay in the “New 52″. Alan Scott is, but he lives on Earth 2.

    • Yeah I dont know why your comments get rejected as appearing to be Spam. :)

  3. Not to take away from Man of Steel at all, but there needs to be more going on with DC Warner than knitting dreams and fantasies for fanboys, while just trotting out Batman and Superman time and time again. The leftovers are rotting in the fridge, there, ma…please cook something else! And you can take that down the road again, and again!

  4. Marvel might have made more movies so what, BUT none of them are hardly any good, They do nothing for me at all, The Dark Knight Trilogy smashes anything marvel has released, and I reckon MoS will be even better, I agree DC/WB need to look at other charactors, and that will come, I would love an Aquaman movie to be honest, Hes badass and massively underated, an underwater superhero film hasnt been done so it would be different, also the Flash and Martian Manhunter would be awesome as well, Teen Titans or Justice League dark could work also, DC is quality NOT quantity, stop the marvel comparisons!

    • Really?..none of them are ‘any good?’ You don’t have to like the movies but to deny that that their entire catalog is bad is just pure bias and gives you zero credibility.

      It just seems like DC fans take every opportunity to bash Marvel Studios and completly disregard all the major successes they have had. Its funny really.

      • Stating ‘DC fans’ as a whole kinda loses you credibility too. I’m a DC man hands down but I have to say Marvel has some pretty awesome movies. Iron Man and Avengers were both incredible and really enjoyed the Incredible Hulk. While I enjoyed Captain America and Thor as well, I felt they were treated as just films that were done just to get them out of the way in order to do The Avengers. They didn’t really feel very fleshed out, they were still pretty good though.

        On topic, on whether or not they do Justice League, I really hope they finish a trilogy for Superman, with beginning, middle and end. For me personally, I don’t think I’d be doing post-credit scenes for these movies, I’d be more interested in actually including hints of future sequels or characters in the actual plot of the film.

    • DC is Batman and Superman at the moment. I hope that changes but speaking for myself, I would not call Green Lantern quality. As for Marvel, they’re not doing quantity, they’re just simply exploring more characters than DC is at the moment.

    • I disagree with you. MARVEL has put out some entertaining movies…much more so than DC. I prefer Tim Burton’s Batman films more than Nolans. I’m a comic book fan for over 30 years, and I love both DC and Marvel, but the truth is, Marvel have put out some good films and DC has put out some good films. I never liked Nolan’s approach to Batman. Period. I did not like Superman Returns; and Green Lantern wasn’t very good…except for the FX work.
      I’m rooting for Man of Steel…at first I wasn’t…but the more I see…the more I’m thinking it will be a bonafied hit. But I would like to see more than just the core heros…I too would like to see an Aquaman film…because like another poster said…it hasn’t been done. God…if only they could get james cameron for Aquaman…imagine what he would do with that if he wasn’t exploring Avatar 2 and 3.

    • We need Shazam too. This is a character that is completey underated. You are right though about other DC movies as well.

  5. So far, to my knowledge, there is ZERO concrete proof whatsoever that Warner Bros. /DC are planning ANY Justice League movie. It’s all just speculation and hyperbole on the web.

    Sure, it makes perfect sense…but we have had no official word that it’s in the pipe.

    • Zero concrete proof what-so-ever huh?

      Your internet sucks bro.

    • Oh, rest assured they did have plans but they were pinning their hopes on Green Lantern being DCs, “Iron Man” and kicking off the DC shared universe. That didn’t happen so DC has put a JL movie in a holding pattern waiting for MoS. They need one good lead in movie to build momentum so if MoS fails, we probably won’t see a JL movie for a long, long time (if ever).

  6. there trying to builds to jl with mos since its the first in the series of the dc multi-verse and if its success i would luv to see wonder woman,flash,reboot green lantern,mos2 would be great to all lead into justice league.

  7. I’d do a great Justice League movie

    • Lol
      I always wanted to see Lois Lane rack

      • What are you talking about????

        • That he’s not gay. I support him though. I’d like to see her rack too :D

    • @Michael Bay.

      If you see a 6’5 260 lb man running at you. Arms wide about to run you into the wall.

      That would be me, preventing you from even going close to Justice League..Sorry, but it was for all mankind.


  8. I want a cat fight between Catwoman (Beyonce) and Lois Lane! Make it happen!

  9. Man Of Steel is going to be awesome.

  10. DC is just speculating and gossips are flying about. Enough with sitting on the fence. Just roll out some movies in 2015 and 2016. Get 2-3 movies out in those 2 years and then things will look good for the JL movie that we have been waiting or even MOS2 or a batman-superman teamup even. But for all that to happen they need to start releasing few movies first. Till now all they have done is just talk while Marvel has released an entire cinematic universe. So DC unfortunately is really all talk and no show as of now. Hope that changes.

  11. Marvel is rolling out movies while DC is just talking and talking. This year itself ironman2 and thor2. Their phase2 gets underway and DC just releases 1. I understand this one movies this year but for 2015 and 2016 they should have 3 movies in those 2 years. Otherwise they shall always be lagging behind. I loved the batman trilogy more than i enjoyed the Marvel movies but still such lagging behind is too much even for a fan.

  12. Although I want to see a JL film and shared movieverse, I don’t want a Batman/Bruce Wayne/Wayne Enterprises name drop/cameo/reference. Maybe go with very veryy subtle Easter eggs. I say this because everyone wants a shared universe but the majority only talk about using Batman. Why can’t they use other characters? DC has plenty of rich characters to choose from. Using Batman, to me, seems a bit too forced. Like I’m Iron Man 2, they were pretty blatant about it but it was still forced and that’s what made it the weakest link of Phase One. In Thor, after Jane’s equipment all gets taken away the dude (cant remember his name) mentions how he had heard if a story or knew about a scientist in gamma radiation but after there was an accident he was never heard from again. I might be a little off on some things but that is a referance to Hulk/Bruce Banner. In MoS Clark is a fisherman at one point in time. A good idea that I have is have him on lunch break or something with a bunch of the other dudes and they’re telling they’re ‘tall tales’ and one guy talks about a story where a ship of men were were out at sea but disappeared around where Wonder Woman’s home island is. Or maybe they talk about something else and it’s something like ‘hey, did you hear about..’ and it’s like some mysterious man/woman (whichever) saved a bunch of people somewhere and Clark seems surprised for a moment or whatever. Or maybe Ma and Pa Kent are discussing it quietly over breakfast trying to figure out what it means when little Clark walks in for breakfast and they hush real fast. Or maybe just use Nolan’s trilogy and you hear a couple talking about what happened there while someone’s in a cafe real fast and sudden BOOM! Zod is attacking and if you weren’t paying attention you wouldn’t notice it. Or someone’s driving a car near the end of the movie after Zod has attacked and you see a partially destroyed sign that says part of Gotham or Central city. I mean, I’m not crazy about the idea if trying to use TDK trilogy and in fact don’t believe it’d work or be a good idea but I’ve heard ideas and what not and I guess that some of them would work. There are a million ways they could hint at a greater universe, I just don’t want it to be too forced or rushed. I’m willing to accept a Batman reference but I kinda want something different because his world his too big and well known by moat average people for a referance to not be instantly noticed. Give it to another character because although I love Batman, he’s had plenty of screen time so why not just give the hint/egg/tease to someone else? 

    • sorry but painful to read wall of text ftl.

  13. Has anyone see the new 13 min Man of Steel Publicity Special (Featurette)? Absolutely Amazing and much longer and revealing then the shorter behind the scenes footage. Warning: Spoiler Alert. Youtube it!!

    • Saw it too, really interesting, and really glad to see them praise Snyder’s interpretation and experience so much, seemed like he knew what he wanted and how to get it.

    • I started to watch it – but when it began to show such detailed plot footage, I turned it off. I know enough about this movie to know that I’m going to absolutely LOVE it. And I can wait a week and a half to see it all in one 143 minute film. I’ll come back and watch all the “behind the scenes” stuff afterward. #holdingmybreath

  14. Ok DC is continuously falling back to the same characters OVER and OVER again to try and boost thier EVER slacking Market. NOLANVERSE while a good take on Batman severely dropped the ball killing off Ra’s Al Ghul, Talia Al Ghul when thier TRUE fans know they CAN NOT be killed off that easy! Even poor Two-Face got killed off why so they can keep showcasing the OVER DONE Joker as well as the equally OVER DONE Catwoman. I’m sorry but Catwoman is a ONE TRICK pony she isn’t as multifaceted as Talia, Ra’s, or Two-face. Marvel on the other hand has been conststant in bringing out more characters of thier VAST stable of Heroes and Villians making them rise above the shoddy attempts that WB/DC has done. I can’t see DC fairing very well since Marvel has already pulled well ahead of the pack where Live Action movies are concerned. DC does really well in the Animated movie arena so they could keep on doing that til WB gets thier heads out of thier collective asses and realize it’s not always the BATMAN/SUPERMAN hour, Sure they gave Green lantern a shot now while I really liked it they kinda didn’t give it the “Batman” treatment when it came around to Publisising the move when Batman came out WB opened the gats and gave it the full nine yards where press was concerend. If WB wants to make the public want to see thier movies they need to treat each movie with the same publicity they have given Batman and now Superman if they want thier future stables to be successful and STOP using the same old worn out Villians OVER AND OVER again. VILLIANS I would love to see: Braniac, Circe, Vandal Savage, Killer Croc the list can go on and on. I am kinda tired of seeing Joker and Catwoman constantly as villians while the true ones either get killed off or destroyed.

    • their*

    • Actually Agent X

      Ra Al Ghul can die. He needs to be near a lazrus pit into order to rejuvenate himself.
      He can be decapitate.
      As long as he is not taken back to a Lazrus pit, then he can die. So, technically you are wrong.

      Ra Al Ghul was on a train in Gotham, he could not have gotten back to a Lazrus pit in time to heal him and bring him back to life.

      Your point being.

      Batman, Batman Returns, Batman forever and Batman and Robin, all of them had a the major enemy killed, so it is no big deal it happen with Nolan.

      They are all closed ended single standalone movies, none of them were creaated to be a squeal, they were designed to start and end with all acts ending up to the movie.

  15. WOW! Really? The Batman movies sucked, only TDK was good (and it was GOOD not great). Yes the story was cool but that was an insult to Batman. Everything was given to him, he drove a tank not a batmobile, he flew a thing that can’t even be named not a batwing, “Robin’s” real name was Robin? WTF? His name is Dick (or Richard), Bane was a strong man, WOW! doesn’t use venom, wears a mask for no reason, is not hispanic. People only liked does movies because it was “Batman”, in my eyes I saw a man dressed black and fighting really stiff instead of ninja like, those are not Batman movies just a man dressed in black…I prefer Tim Burton’s Batman movies (even though they are kinda crazy they stayed true to the character).

    • I think the opposite of almost everything you just wrote. The Nolan films were great and of higher quality than the Burton films (although I enjoyed those as well).

      • You mean the opposite of everything he wrote is fact.

    • AXL…You do know, that everything you see in movies about Ninjas is not real right?

  16. I think the point that is being missed is that DC or the movie bigwigs don’t seem to want to use anyone but Joker and Catwoman…..Axl you were correct that the batman movies were done poorly….but I think the point Agent X was making is they have all these solid characters and they bump them off and only use a generic version of the ones they do use….and killing off villians in Batman when NEVER does Batman kill…is his number one rule….and agreed…BANE sucked

    • Actually, you and Axl are both very much incorrect…on virtually all the points you made.

  17. ok so if we are both very wrong then why don’t you, someone who is much more well informed, correct the points that we are wrong on? Come on even you have to admit it comes down to each persons own view, and in both of our views that how we see it, even Agent X has a different view. So please impart your all knowing wisdom on us the little people who don’t get to have our own image of the comics and what we think the movies should be.

    • Void…

      Gladly. You actually (finally) made one good point. I am NOT the all-knowing authority on such matters. Neither are you and Axl. You two, for some silly reason, decided to comment as if you were stating undeniable facts. You simply were not. As such, I decided to respond in a similar manner…to give you hint of how your comments appear. You’re welcome.

      Now, there ARE a couple of things you were just plain wrong about: First, DC films over the years have introduced quite a few Batman villains, of which Catwoman has only been seen four times over the past forty-something years, Joker has appeared the same, and Bane has appeared only twice (and really only once as a strategically minded, physically imposing “anti-Batman”, since the Jeep Swenson version was Bane in name only). Other rogues shown have been Penguin, Riddler, Two-Face, Scarecrow, and others. Including live-action TV shows, DC has shown a great many heroes as well…

      These include Batman, Superman (and Superboy), Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Shazam, and Isis. Of course, “Smallville” cameoed even more heroes and villains. Let’s not forget the other comic book heroes in the DC stables that have also been portrayed: V, the Watchmen, Constantine. You may not have LIKED those many portrayals (and some have been bad), but that’s your issue and your OPINION.

      The second outright false statement you two made is that the DK trilogy was badly made. Even people who strongly disliked the films have usually agreed that, overall, the trilogy was put together quite well.

      Any other witticisms you wish to share?

      • @Archaeon

        Couldn’t have said it better myself :)

      • Ahem

        Isis was not part of DC, it was just part of the Shazam/Isis hour, so I see where you might have been mistaken.

        And do not argue with me…I seen it first run in 1974! :)


        GOD IM OLD!

        • I won’t argue…but Isis WAS part of the same universe as Captain Marvel (back when he could still be called that), so she WAS, indeed, part of the DC universe…at least the “pocket universe” that existed in those two shows.

          I, too, saw the originals of both shows… :D

  18. I say DC should adopt Marvel’s approach of solo films first then go ahead with the Justice League movie. I also agree with releasing the MOS sequel first as well.

    Marvel s light years ahead of DC at the this stage in terms of output and commercial success. In terms of quality? Yes the TDK trilogy is superior but Marvel have a clutch of different films that range from average to very good which I think gives the edge in any overall comparison.

  19. How about is they just get Superman right first? There is so much ground work that has to be laid before a team up movie the magnitude of Justice League can even be talked about. Character introductions, back stories, etc. If WB rushes this, they will blow it. There is a very good chance that they will blow it anyway, granted, but if they rush it, that will for sure blow it. WB gets one shot at a JL type movie, and I do not trust those in charge at WB to get it right. They have no plan, and no brains in charge.

    • Well, Man of Steel.

      Still did not get Superman Right. It is going to be Synders version of Superman which is different from a lot of people view of Superman.

      We might like the movies, but dislike what Synder Superman is like. Sounds to me, he might have given Superman too much power.

      • Eh, as a huge Superman fan, I think they got Superman right with Man of Steel. Could be wrong, but from what I’m seeing in the trailers, there are differences, but changes for the better. The world and tone of the movie is certainly different, but Superman himself looks like the same character (with the exception of the new costume). And in all honesty, I think it’s time for a change and a new take on Superman.

        Think about it, all five Superman movies (and a Supergirl movie) have used the traditional lighthearted fun formula, but only two ACTUALLY worked! I didn’t hate Superman Returns, but I thought it did prove it’s time for a different Superman movie, something darker that people can actually get engaged in.

        And there is a little too much Snyder hate here. He didn’t write the movie, he is just directing it and gave some story ideas (and visually, I think he is a great director). All of his movies (in my opinion) have been great as long as he doesn’t write them (Sucker Punch, for example). With Nolan producing and David S. Goyer writing, I think the different talents these people have will balance quite well for this movie.

        Again, I could be wrong and the movie might suck, but looking at the trailers, I think the film is going to be great (especially with the perfect casting). So, yes, I do think Man of Steel will get Superman right.

  20. I hope superman does well , if not there will be no justice league movie!

  21. Ok, the reason why DC doesn’t get to make NEARLY as many movies as Marvel is because ALL of their characters are owned by Warner Bros. With Marvel, they have a broader range of companies (which is why Spiderman still can’t be in Avengers, because he is owned by Sony).

    Now, this doesn’t excuse the fact that we haven’t at LEAST had a Wonder Woman movie or a Flash movie. But, DC just has a natural tendency with development hell.

  22. I knew it. I’ve been saying this ever since they tossed out that release date. They didn’t have a cast, script, or a director. They just threw it out there to try and steal some buzz from the Avengers.

  23. MAN OF STEEL will make Over $1 BiLLiON Dollars Worldwide, Henry Cavill is a Great Actor & Amy Adams is a Multi-Oscar-Nominated-Actress & Very Beautiful Plus Multi-Oscar-Nominated: C-NOLAN is The Writer & Producer, i think The New Suit Looks Great & Much Better than The Old Light Blue Suit that Looked Like a SMURF & with The OutSide UnderWear was Real Bad, i Will See MAN OF STEEL in 3D.

  24. DC doesnt really have very many characters that could translate well to the big screen. Most of them are too cartoonish. Obviously, Superman and Batman are the exception but most of the other DC heroes that they tried to make into movies were flops and they just dont have the depth of characters that Marvel has. Unfortunately, Marvel also has a bunch of low level cartoonish characters and it seems that the studio has decided that since Iron Man, Thor, Cap and Hulk have been such big hits that the rest of their characters will as well. I just dont see anyone caring about an Antman movie. But thats just me.

  25. I love DC Comics i really hope that more movies with his character still coming and a justice leage movie it could be awesomee