Zachary Quinto Says ‘Star Trek 2′ is ‘Bigger’ and ‘Bolder’

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Quinto Says Star Trek 2 Bigger Bolder Zachary Quinto Says Star Trek 2 is Bigger and Bolder

It’s been nearly four years since J.J. Abrams wowed critics, sci-fans and casual moviegoers alike with his reboot of the Star Trek franchise. With Star Trek 2 set to hit theaters in summer 2013, it’s only a matter of time before audiences start getting a sense of the scope and scale of the sequel.

Everyone from Chris Pine to Karl Urban to the film’s villain, Benedict Cumberbatch, have chimed in to tease this secretive project, each revealing a detail from the production that is a bit more tantalizing than the last – but none have delivered anything all that revelatory. Now it’s Zachary Quinto’s turn to do his due diligence and prepare audiences for the big-budget blockbuster.

Speaking with The Wrap, Quinto doesn’t say too much about Star Trek 2, but he does reveal the sequel is “bigger” and “bolder” than the first film. Coming from the actor – who admits the first Star Trek was pretty big and bold in its own right – that appears to be high praise.

Quinto fails to say anything in regards to his turn as Spock in the sequel, nor does he confirm any of the plot rumors that have been circulating in regards to various plotlines and new characters. The actor did confirm his scenes in Star Trek 2 have all been shot, and says it’s only a matter of promoting the film now. Quinto will also be reuniting with Glee creator Ryan Murphy for American Horror Story season 2, albeit as a completely different character.

star trek spock on enterprise bridge Zachary Quinto Says Star Trek 2 is Bigger and Bolder

As with any highly-anticipated sequel, there’s the hope that the cast and crew will expand on the ideas explored in their first film and deliver a – to use Quinto’s words – ‘bigger and bolder’ film. Obviously, after the success of the first Star Trek, Paramount has gifted J.J. Abrams with a bigger budget to work with – something he had previously spoken against – which should, on paper, make for more exciting action set pieces.

But don’t expect a darker film this time around – this isn’t going to be Star Trek as inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Batman, according to Chris Pine:

“We’re not making Batman. That’s not our deal…there’s comedy, which I think J.J. does a great job of, but, like the first one, there’s some serious issues being dealt with. And I’d say the threat is even greater in this one.”

He continues:

“The force [the Enterprise crew] are met with is much more frightening. It’s relentlessly action-packed and in terms of character development it goes places you’d never expect. The arc is huge for all the characters. It’s a really big story – I can’t hype it enough!”

This quote from Pine bleeds back into Cumberbatch’s claim about his villain being “iconic” and “exciting,” but still doesn’t confirm who that villain is. It’s only a matter of time before we discover if the rumors of Khan (or even Gary Mitchell) are true, but for now it’s still a mystery.

As far as the Batman comment is concerned, this is likely an attempt by Pine to present Stark Trek 2 as exactly what it is: a big-budget sci-fi action film intended for a wide range of audiences. Additionally, the comment could be interpreted as a response to writer Damon Lindelof’s comparison of the film to The Dark Knight.

All in all, we continue to get a  lot of glowing words from the cast and crew without much in the way of solid evidence to support their claims. While there’s no doubt Abrams and Co. are looking to deliver a more bombastic version of Gene Roddenberry’s universe, there’s also some high expectations they need to weather, as well.

Hopefully before the year is up Paramount releases a teaser trailer that helps give audiences a better sense of where this sequel is headed.

Star Trek 2 will be out in theaters on May 17, 2013.


Source: The Wrap, Total Film

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  1. evety fan says “Well that’s what we’re expecting”

  2. I loved the first Star Trek a lot this sounds like it will be a great sequel looking forward to May 17, 2013 this’ll be awesome.

  3. I liked the first Star Trek film, but I’m not really a fan of the franchise at whole. Can any legit Trekkies on here tell me if the movie was faithful and good? Just wondering.

    • The Star Trek original TV Series and Film Franchise had lighter humor and less edge-of-your-seat action, but they always had an entertaining story with though provoking themes and ideas. Abram’s film is like the original Star Wars films, adventurous space operas with more inaccuracies and less philosophy. But I still find Abram’s film relevant enough for less whiny Trekkies (like myself) to accept. And the characters are much easier to relate to for the younger fans kind of like Star Wars also. I must say, Star Trek (2009) was great, ignoring the inconsistencies, and anybody who likes good action, good story and character development, and sci-fi in general will find little to hate about this, Trekkie or no Trekkie.

      • I really liked the new Star Trek and have virtually no complaints, but it doesn’t replace the old ones. I still watch some of the old ones (Wrath of Khan, Undiscovered Country, First Contact) as much if not more than the new one because they had better themes and character development than the new one, which is basically the result of having had a lot more time to reach that depth that hopefully this series will be able to get to eventually. They were a lot more cerebral than Abrams’ was, which definitely adopted a lot of Star Wars’ ideas for action’s sake. If I didn’t love Star Wars so much too then I might’ve minded the trade off more, but my dad who’s an old school Trek fan loves the new one, so Abrams did right by both sides of the spectrum. My only worry now is that Abrams’ Trek will never reach that solidified mature crew chemistry that the original had both since they are so young and because I don’t imagine this going beyond 3 movies. I hope they don’t always feel like they’re still getting to know each other, because the best stories from the old ones came from how they already did.

    • I am not a Trekkie or a Trekker, what I am is a fan of Star Trek, I will go to a convention to buy items and gifts, but not dressed up…so with that in mind..

      My Take on Star Trek 09 was that in a way it was both faitful and a reboot of the Orginal Star Trek or TOS if you prefer. One of the things that struck me as amusing was that people complained about he Enterprise Being Built on Earth, well in the Great Canon of Star Trek, the Enterprise was built in parts on earth and ferried for assembly in Earth Orbit. Some would disagree and argue, but truth be known there were never any real way to build or forge metals in space.

      Some people say the Enterprise was way to big (As Big or Bigger than the Enterprise D) Yes that was a way off in size, but then again it was a reboot..Abrahams might have went a little overboard with the size.

      Characters, All the Same, and added new twist, which were never really explained in TOS…How did Bones get his name, Star Trek 09 Gave us that.

      A Relationship with Spock and Uhura….Odd, shocking,Strange but to me it worked.

      Now James Tiberius Kirk….The Same, The One and Only, played by two different actors. But Still James T Kirk. Rogue, Renegade, Scoundrel to the Women and a Threat to any and all who dare challenge him or the Enterprise. Truth to the character, which is to say..Without a Kirk, there would be no TNG, DS9 or VOY….It was Kirk with the help of his friends and crew that made the difference. JJ Abrahams got Kirk down and nailed it perfectly…Some will argue, some will protest…But Kirk is not who portrays him, but who can Be Kirk.

      Improvements in the sequel, Bring the Enterprise more in line with the Trek Universe or..Damn the rules and do as you please. Either way, I am going to be there front and center to see it.

      In closing, it was neither true or did it stray away from the Mythos that is Star Trek. What it did was reboot Star Trek for a whole new audience and they did not have to be a fan of Old Trek to Enjoy New Trek.

      • sorry about typos, coffee has not kicked in yet

    • i did also liked the first reboot,i´m also not a fan of the franchise,but i´ve heard from a fan that he was dissapointed because he meant there was nothing in it that belongs truly to the trek-universe. it was his point,but i can´t wait for the next part.

  4. Like the guy was going to come out after shooting, and say anything bad about the movie. Why do articles like this even get written? Oh Zack already answered it. HYPE

    • Because Star Trek 2 one of the most anticipated movies. News of any kind about it generate lots of clicks and more clicks mean more cha-ching for Screenrant. That’s why. ;)

  5. Yeah, yeah, blah blah blah!
    Lip service that’s all fluff and no stuff!
    Bring on the trailer, J.J.
    I got got thinking (Save the remarks, I know its dangerous.:)) about when we might see a teaser or trailer arrive in the theaters. My guess is the earliest is around Christmas time and the film it’ll tied to is ‘Flight’. That Denzel Washington movie about an airline pilot who saves his plane from crashing.
    Any other guesses?

    • The teaser for the first film came out 18 months before the actual release. We should really be seeing something before christmas, which would only be 6 months before release.

  6. I wish they’d bloody hurry up and deliver a trailer. I have serious withdrawal.

  7. Really need to see a trailer. Really. And soon. Filming finished ages ago, come on!

  8. The original release date was June 2012… Sigh… We could have all be discussing the third film if JJ had gotten himself in gear!!!

  9. What always makes me laugh is when people moan about the first, it’s not true Trek, it’s an insult!

    Well, all of your old films and shows still exist, this hasn’t jumped back in time and stopped them from being made, JJ Abrams and Chris Pine haven’t broken into your house and stolen all of your dvds.

    The old films exist. The new ones do too. Best to accept it and move on.

    • This ^

  10. Watching Prometheus yesterday made me ask myself a question: why do Star Trek movies need a villain? Is no one content with the thrill and action that ensues by simply exploring the wonderous unknown of distant planets anymore? Does everything have to end in some war between factions with some bad guy scheming in the background?

    • They don’t need a villain. But the ones with the more existential style adventures, didn’t prove very popular in the past. The like’s of Khan, Borg Queen, Chang, the films with a definitive and memorable central protagonist have been the best.
      However, Star Trek 4 TVH, had no villain and was a classic.

  11. I have had a recent Trek revelation. The Motion Picture, so oft derided, is a fantastic film. Go back and watch it with fresh eyes.

    • I like 1 better than 5,7,8,9,10, and the 2009 reboot…

    • Yup, I love the The Motion Picture and never understood why so many people trash it. I love that it takes its time to build up the story and the suspense. The 5 minute introduction of the Enterprise alone is absolutely wonderful and pretty much unthinkable in today’s movie business. Today it would be realized with a heartless 10 second “Oh, and here’s our ship. Let’s go!” scene.

      • I think they did a great job of introducing the new Enterprise in the 2009 film, it reminded me of that beautiful sweeping shot of the refitted ship in TPM.

        TPM is great, it’s gloriously stylish and the score is fantastic, it was one of those films that was truly ahead of its time and couldn’t be fully appreciated upon release. It is much more pertinent nowadays,

  12. this movie is going to be great! jj abrams rules, everything he does is usually brilliant, great great director!

  13. im waiting for the article “Star Trek Sequel gets a title.”

  14. The new Star Trek reboot was great! I was never a fan of Star Trek (hardcore Trekkies freak me out) until I saw the new movie. Because of it, I voyaged out and watched every episode of TOS, the Animated series and all the movies. Captain Kirk became my hero, he is one to face up against the toughest odds of adversity no matter how illogical his actions may seem. In the end, he will always overcome those odds by taking the greatest life threatening risks and with his crew in mind. However he isn’t a one man army, he mostly has his crew with him (at his back) and he will always put his crew before himself. His leadership skills are unyielding, the decisions he makes are the decisions for the hundreds of lives upon the Enterprise. The new reboot captured all those aspects perfectly. Chris Pine plays the role of a year one (still maturing) Captain Kirk perfectly.

    However not the same can be said about Spock in the reboot. They gave Spock far too much emotion for any Vulcan. In episode Mirror, Mirror, it was told that no matter what alternate timeline you are in, Spock will always live his life as a Vulcan; by pure logic and no emotions. By him showing affection toward Uhura, completely threw that lore/mythos away. This Spock in the reboot needs to go through the Kahs-wan again. However when Spock was enraged by Kirk, that was understandable and Kirk always knows what buttons to press. The other time Kirk pissed Spock off was while they were high off spores.

    As for Bones, he was just perfect. He said all his classic lines and everything. He even got into a debate with Spock over the flaws of making commanding decisions only out of pure logic. It always comes down to both of them arguing on what solves problems better; your gut instinct or logic. Then ofc Kirk always in the middle, taking the middle way, looking at both sides of a coin.

    The New Reboot lacked the philosophical battles the crew always encountered during their explorations of the unknown. However this movie took place before their five year mission, therefore understandable. Hopefully they will implement that element into the second one, seeing that they are now on their on-going mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations. However the new one was far more action packed than TOS.

  15. wow,it sounds very cool.I like it ~~

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