‘Chuck’s’ Zachary Levi Could Replace Josh Dallas in ‘Thor 2′

Published 3 years ago by , Updated July 19th, 2013 at 1:15 pm,

Superhero movie headlines have been rampant this past week, ranging from reports revealing Warner Bros./DC’s developing plans for (potentially) a shared movie universe to counter that of Marvel’s – and multiple leaks from the set of Iron Man 3 (which officially began production this week). That shouldn’t change in the immediate future, what with the 2012 Comic-Con, the theatrical release date for The Dark Knight Rises, and the start date for shooting on Thor 2 approaching fast.

Today, we have word that Thor co-star Josh Dallas will not reprise his role as Warriors Three member Fandral in the sequel, since he’ll be tied down working on ABC’s Once Upon a Time TV series when production gets underway. However, it appears that Marvel already his replacement lined up and ready to go.

Heat Vision is reporting that Chuck leading man Zachary Levi is up to take Dallas’ place as Fandral in Thor 2. Although negotiations between Levi and Marvel have yet to officially begin, the actor is believed to be pretty much a lock for the role. That’s partly because Levi was an original contender to play Fandral in Thor two years ago, and was only forced to resign after Chuck received an eleventh hour reprieve from cancellation.

It stands to reason that Thor’s fellow Asgardians – including, Fandral and the other two-thirds of the Warriors Three, Hogun (Tadanobu Asano) and Volstagg (Ray Stevenson) – along with gate guardian Heimdall (Idris Elba) and warrior woman Sif (Jaimie Alexander), could all get more screen time in the sequel. Moreover, if the film does see Thor (Chris Hemsworth) venture out further into the cosmic realm of the Marvel movie universe, all of the aforementioned players may also get to do a lot more fighting than they did in the God of Thunder’s first movie.

thor 2 warriors three Chucks Zachary Levi Could Replace Josh Dallas in Thor 2

Sif and the Warriors Three in ‘Thor’

We’ve been given reason to expect as much, what with Hemworth’s suggestion that Thor 2 director Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones) could embrace the Viking influence on Asgardian mythology and deliver a sequel that’s more unpolished and gritty in terms of style. Not to mention, indications that one of the film’s villains (possibly, Hannibal‘s Mads Mikkelsen) will be quite the nasty piece of work. Throw in a subplot concerning the damaged relationship between Thor and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in the aftermath of The Avengers, and there’s plenty of rich thematic material that can be mined for Thor 2.

Of course, the film will also cover the continued romance between Thor and human scientist Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) – so it’s best to take any talk of Thor 2 as a pure mixture of emotionally-charged character drama and gritty action (in an expanded, ethereal setting), with a grain of salt.

Thor 2 is expected to begin principal photography later this summer, for a November 8th, 2013 theatrical release date.

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  1. Well that’s unfortunate. I’m really not a fan of actor replacement but know it’s a fact of life so……

    The only problem is that Frandral is supposed to be the “suave and debonair” type based on Errol Flynn’s iconic character and I don’t really think “Chuck” fits the part. Also he needs to be a blond 😉

    • C’mon now, Zachary is a pretty darn good actor. I think he can pull it off AND they can dye his hair if need be. :-)

      • I never said he was a bad actor, only that not every role is perfect for every actor, no matter how good they are.

        • Dont base Zachary’s acting talent on “Chuck”. He can pull off Fandral no problem.

  2. Im glad to see Levi will be getting a shot at the role, I also think it would be great to explore the nine realms, I dont think we need to go back to earth other then to pick up Jane and bring her back to Asgard.
    I’m really intrested in seeing whom the main villan is going to before the sequel. I do have one request and that is to really have the warriors three assert themselves as warriors. Their fight in Jotunheim was good but since they were mostly running, I d much rather see them in all their glory taking on trolls, dark elfs, or Surtars Demons.

  3. Fandral, not Fandral.

    • Er, or rather “Fandral, not Frandral”. It is a law that every typo correction should contain a typo, but that’s a particularly silly one of me. :-)

    • Sorry, that was my bad.

      It’s been corrected.

  4. Well if this does happens I’m gonna have to see the first one… Zach Levi is AMAZING in everything he does and I can’t very well see 2 with out seeing 1… oh well, netflix just added thor to it’s instant streaming so should be too hard :)

    • *shouldn’t* be too hard that is… when’s that “edit” button getting installed?

  5. Levi is awesome would love to see him in thor

  6. Not a fan of recasting characters, but Fandral wasn’t a major one in the movie (honestly, I think about 70% of those who have seen ‘THOR’ won’t even notice the recasting in THOR 2).
    Still, Dallas did a great job and it’s a pity that he won’t return… I do like Levi though, but he doesn’t seem “right” for the role (and that’s not even because he isn’t blonde…).

    I’m gonna reserve my judgment until the casting has been confirmed.

  7. The guy that discovers the undercover shwarma girl is gonna be fighting along side the shwarma eating crime fighter

  8. I want to see Balder the Brave

    • You and I both.


  9. Personally I would prefer a Sif and Thor love angle instead of Jane Foster, not that I hate her character but maybe that way they could stay in Asgard more and I do love Jamie Alexander (Sif). :) Also glad to see Zachary Levi getting another awesome gig, Chuck FTW!!!

    • We need way more Jamie. WAY, way more Jamie. I went at length about this in previous Thor movie threads.


  10. I’m glad to see Zachy get a chance to shine in a Marvel film. Being the nerd that he is, he deserves this. Hopefully it will happen.

    • I think he deserves more…
      If he plays Fandral, he’ll just be a secondary character that only gets like 10 minutes of screen time, but IMO Levi has the potential to be a starring/main character.

      • ok, but if we are talking superheroes, WHO? Which DC/Marvel superhero would be be a match for? Hank Pym perhaps? Capt. Mar-vell? Flash or Aquaman? our next Batman?!

        The unfortunate thing is he really isn’t a good match for anyone I can think of that we might be seeing in the foreseeable future.

        • Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing him play Hank Pym or Scott Lang (Fillion recently said he doesn’t want to be Ant-man :( so that counts him out).
          But the hero I’ve always pictured Levi as is the Flash…

          Probably won’t happen, but hey! if people can say “the Rock should play Black Panther”, then why can’t I say “Levi should play the Flash!” 😉

  11. This sucks. The truth is, Fandral was perfect, and the closest to the book of all three of them.

    If they were going to recast, I was hoping the suddenly asian Hogun would have been it. Hogun was never a character who said too much, his only job is to stand there, look imposing, scary even, and maul people when he fought. The asian Hogun couldn’t pull off any of those things really. A total miscast.

    Ray, on the other hand, while having limited time to kind of channel Volstagg, (since obviously he looks more like the Volstagg from certain flashback scenes than the 8000 pound Volstagg from the books) came very close to the general attitude.

    Fandral had it all. He looked the part, he fought like him, he spoke like him. This is the guy who they have to recast. Yup, this sucks.


  12. Marvel recasting actors? what a surprise.

    • It has little to do with Marvel it seems.

      • my point is that just about any marvel sequel has a recast in it. Avengers, iron man, xmen twice, off the top of my head and now thor. That’s why I kind of hate watching marvel movies. When you watch them and see a character recast, it pulls you out of the movie that you’re supposed to be pulled into.

  13. Well, this is kind of a downer. Dallas is great as Fandral, despite the limited screen time. I didn’t even call his character in Once Upon a Time as Prince Charming, but Fandral instead. Of course I didn’t recognize that they’re played by the same guy until half 1st season of UOaT. Well, best of luck for Zach Levi if he really made it. Love his work as Chuck.