Rumor Patrol: Marvel Studios Interested in Zac Efron

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Zac Efron Marvel Studios Rumor Patrol: Marvel Studios Interested in Zac Efron

Remember all those rumors about Zac Efron being cast in Star Wars: Episode VII? Well, he wasn’t. That doesn’t mean he won’t be joining a massive Disney-owned film franchise again though. Eventually. From the Disney Channel to… Marvel Studios? That is, if the latest rumor about the star of Neighbors pans out.

LR has the exclusive on a question for you, built on word they have that Marvel Studios has sent an unidentified script to Zac Efron to read. We don’t know what project this is for, but given the problem with rumors about Marvel casting and particular, rumors about Efron joining massive franchises, we’re going to not take this as news, but as a discussion on what lead role Marvel will attempt to cast next. Even if he does have a script, he’s not signed for anything.

With what Captain America: The Winter Soldier did to S.H.I.E.L.D., what Guardians of the Galaxy will do for the cosmic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, what the four Marvel Netflix programs will do for a few key heroes from Hell’s Kitchen, New York, and what The Avengers: Age of Ultron will do to the franchise’s top heroes, everything is changing and we’re about to meet plenty of new faces.

While there are a several unannounced films scheduled for 2016 and beyond for the studio, there are a few upcoming confirmed projects that have yet to be cast. This includes Daredevil which is the first of the Marvel Netflix programs airing next year that begins shooting in JulyDoctor Strange which sounds like a lock for summer 2016 (although not official) and Captain America 3 which was announced for May 2016. The latter two could both shoot next year alongside several of the Netflix shows. There’s also Ant-Man which undoubtedly has a lot of roles still be cast. All of these of course, take place in the same shared universe, so characters from the Netflix series could pop up in future movies.

Marvel Studios Assembling A Universe Rumor Patrol: Marvel Studios Interested in Zac Efron

If Zac Efron is being looked at for a part in the franchise, it’s for a big role. We can’t picture him as Doctor Strange due to his age, but playing Matt Murdock in a Netflix series about Daredevil is definitely feasible. The same can be said about Danny Rand aka Iron Fist. There’s also the chance that the studio is already planning spinoffs for Guardians of the Galaxy and that, if true, blows the doors wide open on possibilities, ranging from Wendell Vaughn aka Quasar, Richard Rider aka Nova (or the younger Sam Alexander Nova) to Adam Warlock – a key element of any story involving big bad villain Thanos who’s going to be a big part of the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Guardians of the Galaxy deep into post-production, there’s always the possibility a new character could be introduced in shot-at-the-last-minute button scene to play during the credits.

We don’t know if Efron is really a contender for a Marvel Studios role, but our own Kofi Outlaw suggested it to him while talking with Efron and his cast mates in That Awkward Moment – the other two (Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller) of course, landed lead roles in the Fantastic Four reboot.

Can Zac Efron play a Marvel superhero?


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is now in theaters, Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. He certainly has an energy about him, say what you want about HSM and such but I bet with the right role he could really shine. I think he has enough charisma to play someone like Richard Rider.

  2. As long as he is hired for a minor role, I could tolerate him. He doesn’t have the acting chops to be a superhero. Maybe a crazy dancer but not a hero.

  3. Speedball? AKA Penance?

    • Penance or Speedball, I can see!

  4. I really wouldn’t want to see that dude (whose primary reason for fame is making little girls feel a little weird down in their dungaroos, not talent of any discernible kind) try to be a superhero. How long before Justin Bieber is considered perfect for Peter Parker.

    This guy just really bugs me… I do believe I could possible maybe hate him.

  5. Never understood the hate for Efron. I don’t think it’s right to belittle someone for the subpar work they did to get famous. He did HSM to get noticed. And it clearly worked (look at Neighbors and these rumors). Heck, he’s even been quoted as saying HSM was pretty awful. But he did it get success. Don’t hold that against him. Dude’s a pretty good actor. Lots of potential. And there’s a lot of worst actors you fanboys praise on a consistent basis.

    • I agree, he’s really a cool guy.

    • Exactly.

      It’s pathetic how so many people hate on them just because they were on shows or movies like High School Musical, Glee, etc. Sure, some aren’t that great at acting initially, but they can improve just like anyone else if they’re just given a damn chance.

      Honestly, a lot of Zac Efron haters are probably the same people that hate Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, or any other popular young male actor that girls swoon over. Jealous much? Probably the same poor sap that still holds a grudge this day that their crush was taken due to said type of guy.

    • I don’t understand the hate either. Efron seems good to me. “Doesn’t have the acting chops to play a SUPERHERO?” Excuse me? Did someone here really write that here? This isn’t Shakespeare, it’s Marvel. Good grief. Yes, acting ability is important, and he doesn’t seem any less capable than Evans or Hemsworth.

      Ironically enough, I don’t mind him, and my wife hates him. *shrugs*

      Keep your pretty boy envy down a notch, eh fanboys?

      • Acting ability isn’t just important, its vital. And your boy Efron definitely doesn’t have the ability to carry a film as the lead and if u think he can please name a film of his that was critically and commercially successful.
        I liked him in 17 Again and based on the reviews(of Neighbors) and other commenters(myself as well) feel he is stronger doin comedies or films of that nature.. the most dramatic film i recall Efron in was Parkland( based on the following 72 hrs of the JFK assassination) and his performance wasn’t convincing let alone engaging..

        • Never said he should lead. The Marvel movies are a shared universe and I agree, he’s weaker without an ensemble. (For comparison, the Hulk is better as a character with an ensemble, too.) There are plenty of characters in the Marvel universe he could portray, and nothing says he has to be the lead or carry the entire movie.

          So again. I don’t get the hate.

      • I think the hate is warrented somewhat, it just needs to be nuanced more.

        The backlash against child actors is that they don’t do anything – they’ve been peforming their whole life.

        Look at a guy like GD Spradlin: He was out in the real world before he became an actor, and he was one of the most in-demand charactor actors.

        You wear your real world life experience on your face like a badge of honor.

        Look at Zac’s face: as smooth as a baby. No worry lines, no stress lines.

        What can he do in the real world other than drugs and falling in his kitchen? I’ll take a guy like Kurt Russell any day of the week. At least he go out into the real world before he went back into acting.

        Child actors grow up please! Learn how to change the oil in your car or something, get your hands dirty for once.

        • Now you’re making sweeping assumptions, and that reveals a problem in your perception. I’m saying be liberal, be open. I’m not saying he should play anyone, only that he could. I’m not saying he should even be more than a cameo. That would be cool too.

          Is young Hollywood in a sad, pathetic state? Pssht. All of Hollywood is in a sad, pathetic state. The world spins on.

      • yhaa? howabout black kidz with chainzz and caps? Damn hating somebody becomes seems like a tedious job.

      • I think that’s a huge generalization there buddy.

  6. Black Panther and anyone who disagrees is a racist! lol

    Can’t picture him as Dr. Strange, maybe Iron Fist?

  7. I could see him as Richard Rider/Nova and I know it isn’t Marvel, but he would make a really good Invincible

    • I actually like the Nova reference.

  8. He can be the “REAL” Mandarin

  9. I think Zeke Stane is the ONLY way to go and to not go that way with this man would be a sick sad missed opportunity. An incredible travesty.

    • It would be almost as bad as not bringing back Justin Hammer.

  10. I’ve seen many of his movies. I don’t hate the guy like many people do, but I do think he isn’t too good an actor. He’s not even average IMO. His acting is less than stellar, and I honestly don’t think he should be involved in the Marvel Universe.

    • The Marvel Universe hasn’t already had some less than stellar actors, then? Ok…

  11. What are the scripts that have been confirmed as completed? Could that point in the direction of which role he was reading for?

    From my knowledge Ant-Man is the only completed script? I could be way off.

  12. Teller should’ve been Ben Grimm, Efron Johnny Storm and B. Jordan should’ve been Reed.
    But definitely think Efron could be a Marvel character, next Iron Man? Daredevil?, as you mentioned.

  13. I could see him as Richard Rider/Nova all the way.

  14. NO!!
    I hope this is just a rumor, I won’t watch anything not even a Marvel film if they cast Efron in any kind of role, the same goes for the Johnny Depp rumor a couple of months back.

    Please Marvel, don’t ruin the Universe you’ve created with terrible actors.

    • Depp a terrible actor? I want some of what he’s smokin.

    • I think you really need to check what you’re talking about before you say it.
      Out of Hiddleston, Hemsworth and Hopkins who apparently are good at being regal ’cause they’re english, only Hiddleston’s actually english. Anthony Hopkins is welsh(which in case you didn’t realize isn’t english) and Hemsworth is australian.

  15. Will you guys stop trying to promote that cheap reboot of the FF, believe it or not there’s alot of Marvel Fan out there mighty piss off on how they killing Marvel’s first family just so you can be so PC about it. anyways I can see efron as Nova. and I can see Johnny Depp as Steven Strange too.

    • Define “cheap” for me and as a bonus, tell me how cheap Chronicle was – compare the two.

  16. He surprised me in “Neighbors”. The guy was pretty funny. I dunno if comic films will be his thing but he has a future in comedies if he wants it. I never expected James Franco to be a pretty funny guy with his first few films but that guy is better in comedies than anything else. His chemistry on screen with Dave Franco was pretty good.

  17. Matt Murdoch! (Daredevil) That is the only one I could see him play!

  18. Wow. I actually hoped that Zac Efron would get a bigger role so that he would get recognized. After watching Neighbors, I felt that he could totally play a bigger role in super hero movies since that seems to be that big thing now. I enjoyed his performance in that movie. I didn’t get that feeling while watching High School Musical.

  19. I think, Efron could be a cool Danny Rand or maybe either Nova.

  20. Question: How much hate for young actors is due to unfair perception, regardless of fact? Oh, 100%?

    Every argument against this actor in every thread about him has been weak. Why? He seems alright. Here, I’ll go through them:

    Oh, High School Musical, alright, yay… Michael Keaton was Mr. Mom before he was Batman. Heath Ledger is often cited – by YOU fan boys – for the roles he played before Joker. Robert Downey, Jr. is famed for rising above his past. High School Musical, a series of movies for kids that must be approaching 10 years in the past, isn’t a big deal.

    Oh, some women – and I don’t personally know any but you all seem to bring them up – love this guy. Again, I don’t know who does. My wife, her sister, female friends don’t seem to care that much. And if they did, what are you complaining about? So your girl will go with you to see an action flick? That’s your complaint?

    Oh, he’s not that great an actor? I disagree. He’s a pretty standard actor from what I’ve seen. If you can pull off a smiling face while doing take after take after take with Vanessa Hudgens, he’s probably a better actor than you’d think. And he’s divorced at this young an age? Then he’s got some potential to show on screen. He has some frustration he could channel, easily.

    Oh, but… but he’s pretty.

    Well cry me a river. I swear to god, men can hate just as women when it comes to other men. Give it a break.

    • Off topic, but I wouldn’t mind doing take after take with Vanessa Hudgens…

  21. Hey Rob,
    Where did you get the picture of Iron Man from ? Looks kinda evil.

    • It’s the Heartbreaker armor (Mark 17) from Iron Man 3. I cheated and used a model image from Hot Toys ;)

  22. I believe some of you here are most likely stalkers of Zac. I don’t know this person at all but the comments are disturbing as people are commenting as though they know him O.o Creepy.

  23. Some people on this infuriate me. HSM was not for your demographic. You did not have to watch that movie. Obviously you wouldn’t like it. And then to go berating it when it was clearly made for pre teens. Oh my god you people are unbelievable.

  24. What is wrong with Dr. Strange? Maybe they are casting for the future. Meaning we will see the origin story evolve the character. Can you imagine what would have happened if they could have locked in RDJ 10 years earlier? (troubles aside etc.)

    While a lot depends on the actor/contract etc. Marvel has proven they can do it story/movie wise. So bringing in Efron as a cocky young world class surgeon does not seem that far fetched. There are a few pics of him online with facial hair suit and tie. I can see it.

    He could be the spoke to the Marvel Movie Universe of the future. Our current roster is not getting any younger.

    • If this script is done and they’re reading it now, it’s a near-future project and Feige has said more than once that Strange is Phase 3, that means 2016 or 2017 release date and potential beginning to photography as early as next spring.

      I supposed it’s possible, but I don’t believe it fits.

  25. Zack is going to be the Black Panther, and if you don’t believe he can, then you’re racist…I’m just kidding…or am I?!!!

  26. He’s a Hollywood actor! No way he’s doing a tv show, it’s either something for the big screen or a rumour.

    • Well, Kevin Spacey is doing tv… Sam Jackson was cool with appearing on a tv show… so is Don Cheadle, Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Karl Urban, Sean Bean and many many more… so explain how there’s “no way” he’d be appear on a tv show?

      The format of “movies” and “tv shows” as we know them are rapidly changing and mini series’ (like the ones Marvel and Netflix are planning to do) are at the forefront of that change. I wouldn’t be surprised if they cast Efron as Daredevil at all… although I do think he’d make a pretty good Nova, as many others have mentioned.

  27. These are the kind of actors that you either hate or like. There’s Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen or James Franco. Personally, I don’t like the idea of him being a super hero. I could endure a film with him as a villain or having a minor role, otherwise I would have to say “thanks but I’ll pass”.

    The fact is that he is not a likeable actor. Other forums have similar opinions about him even rumours in Star Wars have similar results. People at Disney and Marvel have to at least consider them. Should that be the case, then I would be one of the many who would have to say goodbye to the franchise.

  28. I think there are a few possible characters Effron could play:

    1) WONDER MAN – simon williams is certainly in his range, and he could have a love triangle with Vision and Scarlet Witch.

    2) NOVA – Richard Ryder looks alot like Effron, and they are exploring the Kree/Nova corps in Guardians as well as pushing the character in the comics.

    3) NAMOR – If you look at the earliest avengers not yet used or in development, the only male ones left are Black Panther, Hercules, Swordsman, Black Knight, Starfox and Namor. The only one he fits is the SUBMARINER. ALSO!!! If WB/DC has plans for Aquaman, Marvel would want to get Namor to the surface sooner than later.

    • Universal owns the rights to Namor.

      • Really? I didn’t know that. Well, Namor’s off the list then. I’m grateful that I’ve never seen any high school musical movies, I’ll give Effron a chance, but not as Daredevil or Iron Fist, I don’t think he’s got the martial arts fighting chops.

        • @Pitt Man,MCU as Namor.