Rumor Patrol: Marvel Studios Interested in Zac Efron

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Zac Efron Marvel Studios Rumor Patrol: Marvel Studios Interested in Zac Efron

Remember all those rumors about Zac Efron being cast in Star Wars: Episode VII? Well, he wasn’t. That doesn’t mean he won’t be joining a massive Disney-owned film franchise again though. Eventually. From the Disney Channel to… Marvel Studios? That is, if the latest rumor about the star of Neighbors pans out.

LR has the exclusive on a question for you, built on word they have that Marvel Studios has sent an unidentified script to Zac Efron to read. We don’t know what project this is for, but given the problem with rumors about Marvel casting and particular, rumors about Efron joining massive franchises, we’re going to not take this as news, but as a discussion on what lead role Marvel will attempt to cast next. Even if he does have a script, he’s not signed for anything.

With what Captain America: The Winter Soldier did to S.H.I.E.L.D., what Guardians of the Galaxy will do for the cosmic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, what the four Marvel Netflix programs will do for a few key heroes from Hell’s Kitchen, New York, and what The Avengers: Age of Ultron will do to the franchise’s top heroes, everything is changing and we’re about to meet plenty of new faces.

While there are a several unannounced films scheduled for 2016 and beyond for the studio, there are a few upcoming confirmed projects that have yet to be cast. This includes Daredevil which is the first of the Marvel Netflix programs airing next year that begins shooting in JulyDoctor Strange which sounds like a lock for summer 2016 (although not official) and Captain America 3 which was announced for May 2016. The latter two could both shoot next year alongside several of the Netflix shows. There’s also Ant-Man which undoubtedly has a lot of roles still be cast. All of these of course, take place in the same shared universe, so characters from the Netflix series could pop up in future movies.

Marvel Studios Assembling A Universe Rumor Patrol: Marvel Studios Interested in Zac Efron

If Zac Efron is being looked at for a part in the franchise, it’s for a big role. We can’t picture him as Doctor Strange due to his age, but playing Matt Murdock in a Netflix series about Daredevil is definitely feasible. The same can be said about Danny Rand aka Iron Fist. There’s also the chance that the studio is already planning spinoffs for Guardians of the Galaxy and that, if true, blows the doors wide open on possibilities, ranging from Wendell Vaughn aka Quasar, Richard Rider aka Nova (or the younger Sam Alexander Nova) to Adam Warlock – a key element of any story involving big bad villain Thanos who’s going to be a big part of the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Guardians of the Galaxy deep into post-production, there’s always the possibility a new character could be introduced in shot-at-the-last-minute button scene to play during the credits.

We don’t know if Efron is really a contender for a Marvel Studios role, but our own Kofi Outlaw suggested it to him while talking with Efron and his cast mates in That Awkward Moment – the other two (Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller) of course, landed lead roles in the Fantastic Four reboot.

Can Zac Efron play a Marvel superhero?


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is now in theaters, Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. Richard Rider.

    • Could definitely see and appreciate that

    • My current fave character in the books.

    • Since before this casting rumor came out, in the beginning of this year, I’ve been saying Zac Efron for Richard Rider.

      I even made this side by side pic in March:

      • of all the actors to choose that’s pretty crazy you thought of Efron lol. (Im not being a d-bag either im being sincere)

        • I also called Chris Pratt to play Star-Lord several months before Marvel even mentioned him.

    • This will actually be pretty cool.

  2. People are going to always see him as that guy from HSM, but…I dunno, I enjoyed his stuff in Neighbors and he’s actually not that horrible of an actor, given the right role…Maybe he’d work in the MCU? I’d need to see what he’s going in for, to cast judgement on a rumor like this.

    • People will always see him as that guy from HSM…unless he knocks another role out of the park, then people will be like “High School what?”

      • Another role out of the park, why has he knocked something out the park that i missed.

    • Thing is, people know him as either the guy from High School Musical or the guy who’s only ever starred in terrible comedies since HSM so it’ll take something special to shake those things off.

      Maybe a Danny Ketch appearance pre-Ghost Rider transformation as a sort of throwaway guess (to go along with my “Burn Gorman as Carnage” suggestion on the Dark Marvel Facebook page the other day)?

  3. I’m okay with him as Daredevil (Joss Whedon tweeted that Matt Murdock has wavy hair, coincidence?), or youth energetic Richard Rider/Nova, or even young but double-faced Adam Warlock (he has dark side/personality, and Efron proved he’d make a nice villain in Neighbors).

    Probably not so for Doctor Strange though, the Sorcerer Supreme need to be more… ‘mature’. And for Iron Fist, I hope for someone who’s natural blonde, like Charlie Hunnam or someone like that hahaha

  4. Yeah, it just depends on who. I can easily see Daredevil, but would he be up to do a Netflix series? Iron Fist is a good guess too. My first thought was maybe an Iron Man recast? I know it’s heresy, but it’s gonna happen sometime and that pic up top brought it to mind. Could be the Inhumans, could be Nova. There’s honestly too many possibilities

  5. Tony Stark’s long-lost son steps out of the shadows to take over his dad’s mantle in Iron Man 4!

    • I could see it. He has the attitude necessary to portray Tony’s son. There’d be so much fan rage though lol. People aren’t ready to let RDJ go.

  6. I could see him as Richard Rider but not Daredevil!

  7. The Man Called Nova!!!!

  8. I can’t imagine him as Daredevil, but Iron Fist or Nova? Yeah, why not? He’s a pretty good actor.

  9. I was actually thinking while watching Neighbors that he might make a good young Cyclops, it seemed like he was wearing sunglasses in pretty much every scene haha.

    But I could see him as Matt Murdoch as well for similar reasons, and he is the most interesting casting idea for DD that I’ve heard, but it also could be for something else entirely

  10. Better actors they should consider (just doing my five top choices out of the millions out there):
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    Michael B. Jordan
    Tom Hardy
    Chris Pine
    Gerard Butler

    • I think its a bit of a stretch to call Gerard butler an actor.

      • I personally think it’s hard to take Efron seriously, and I personally don’t want him an inch near the MCU. They’ve been perfect in terms of casting thus far.
        And Butler, I just think has been given one note roles. At the same time, when he’s given the right roles, he does pretty well with them (300 and Olympus has Fallen are two examples).
        That being said, I think Gordon-Levitt or Michael B. Jordan would fit right into the MCU and should be looked at seriously to join one of these films. I’m campaigning for them.

        • Oh yes, and let us all remember just how seriously the MCU takes itself. Because it’s most certainly a franchise universe that doesn’t aim to crack jokes left and right. Look at the incredible drama that is “The Avengers”.

          Pfffffft. At this point, the word “serious” is what defines the drawing line for the styles of Marvel and DC. If Efron is a “joke”, then they’d cast him in a heartbeat.

          • Not just a genius response but 100% accurate too.

            Marvel have already shown that their biggest films are still treading the line between serious and comedy (not that it’s a bad thing) so yeah, they’d snatch Efron up in a heartbeat.

            I just find it hilariously pedantic and ironic that people bemoan WB’s casting for the DC films as crap but assume the casting for Disney’s Marvel films are spot-on. Bias, much? I mean, for every “Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor”, there’s a “Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner”.

        • Yeah, so Butler does well when given the right roles that allow him to continue to be a shouty guy with no personality, just like all his other characters. He’s the kind of actor you pick as the lead for brainless action movies, in much the same way as Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal and Jean Claude Van Damme were in the 80s and 90s (as much of a JCVD fan I am, can’t disagree that the only film he’s ever shown actual acting was JCVD, which was more tongue in cheek than anything).

    • JGL – Deadpool
      Michael B. Jordan – Miles Morales
      Tom Hardy – Namor
      Chris Pine – If they recast hawkeye he’d be a good choice, would be able to pull off the current hawkeye in the comics.
      Gerard Butler – Punisher

      idk lol

      • I don’t see why people are so against Jeremy Renner all of a sudden. He’s a terrific actor. It’s just that Hawkeye was underwritten, one of the few flaws I personally saw in The Avengers (which otherwise was fantastic). I’d like to see him and his character develop in more of these films.
        And I could see Hardy playing some sort of villain in a film, sort of like what Tom Hiddleston has done with Loki.
        Michael B. Jordan would be a nice casting, possibly as a superhero himself or a sidekick (like Anthony Mackie’s Falcon).
        Butler and Pine, I believe would make great superheroes in this universe.
        And there’s already some part of the MCU cut out for JGL, I can sense it

        • Oh no dont get me wrong I love renner as hawkeye, I’m just throwing out ideas lol just word vomit. I hope they dont kill off renner in AOU, I just thought pine would also make a good hawkeye.

          • Azmiq, I completely agree. I want to see more development from Hawkeye because Renner is a terrific actor it’s just that besides for American Hustle, his work has been mostly overlooked after The Hurt Locker and The Town. And I also believe he deserved much more recognition for his work in American Hustle.

            • Yeah Renner is overlooked alot, you made a valid point. I also want them to give more background on black widow and hawkeye’s relationship.

        • Why mention MBJ and Mackie in the same context? Are blacks so second-rate that the only role they’re considered for are sidekicks? I mean, how hard can it be to put Black Panther and Killmonger battling it out on the big screen? Forget these all-black sidekicks and tokens.

      • Universal owns the rights to Namor the sub mariner.

      • If Universal gave up the rights to Namor, he should be played by Norman Reedus.

        • Oh and if Deadpool gets off the ground, it’s either Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in and out of costume or it’s a stunt man with Nolan North voice work, otherwise, don’t bother making it.

      • Michael Ian Black for Deadpool*

  11. He must’ve done a really good job in Neighbors. But I can definitely see him as Matt Murdock. His interview with Kofi gave me confidence in him.

  12. Please no

  13. Well this is actually very interesting to me in all honesty I don’t mind efron at all even in the high school musical mocpvies I thought he was a good actor one of the few and I think he is a good actor today I really wouldn’t mind looking like him either lol but as for what role he could be cast as I don’t know I can see Hamas Daredevil but more as iron fist from an acting standpoint I think he pull off either one I’d actually like to see him as Daredevil casting him would make me think that they are going in a very interesting direction because I think he’s a terrific actor

    • Jesus Christ, dude, ever hear of periods… you know, like, once in awhile?

  14. Yeah I could Nova or Iron Fist or maybe Protector. While I don’t think Efron would be right for this role, I’m kinda hoping they bring Namor into the mix at some point.

  15. I’m down for him joining Marvel, he would fit right in. Not sure who he would play though, bring it on.

  16. I could see him as Iron Fist easy.

  17. Zac Efron for Luke Cage

    • LOL, literally.

  18. Some people forget he has worked with Joss before. He was young Simon Tamm on Firefly.

    • Lol yeah I completely forgot about that lol thats just great lol

  19. Oh…totally skimmed over the “LR has the exclusive” bit. I’m glad Rob qulaified this report by saying “we’re not going to take this as news, but as a discussion on what lead role Marvel will attempt to cast next.” With that in mind, I’d say they’re looking to cast the Netflix characters and get some young faces signed for yet to be announced projects so that they have them lined up when it comes time. They do have it mapped out until 2028 after all. They could be talking to actors with a role in mind 10 years from now.

    • AGREED:
      I’m glad Rob qulaified this report by saying “we’re not going to take this as news, but as a discussion on what lead role Marvel will attempt to cast next.”

      Rob – PLEASE continue using this line of thinking – until a studio or production company announces something “officially” – basically all news or “leaks” etc – are only rumors or unverified information – UNLESS you or a SR writer is the one with the source
      take every bit of “news” from 3rd party sources – ie. other websites – no matter who they are as unverified

      virtually 50% or more of “leaked” news/ casting, etc – is always WRONG !! glad to see you’re “reporting” is changing a little and acknowledging that in reality – no one knows anything – unless they’re in the private meetings in studio offices

      incidentally when info leaks do happen – how can the studios/ production companies/ agencies, etc – not figure out who the leak was – obviously the 1st person to look at would be the assistants, etc – can’t be that hard to figure out who leaked what info
      curious how more people aren’t fired on a regular basis

  20. I’m surprised there isn’t more drama in these comments. I can’t picture Efron playing a blind person.

    • I think everyone tuckered themselves out on the Batman reveal article lol

  21. can totally look like a young stark..they should do a time travel twist reboot

    • But would the world accept Downey being replaced by Efron?

    • I think it’s the only way you can justify recasting. After the final battle with Thanos and his gauntlet, the universe resets. Tony is young, Cap is really Bucky, etc. It would be a huge departure from the comics but it seems like the powers that be could pull it off.

      Also I don’t see Efron taking a lead roll on Netflix. If I had to guess? Nova or Black Bolt. He would actually make a great Danny Rand IMO…

      • I can see young Tony. Efron’s also had his own problems with Alcoholism like RDJ. I don’t think people would go with the universe resetting thing though. Too much of a deus ex machina. I can see Tony’s son easily, it’s only a matter of time before they kill Tony off.

  22. I think we need to think beyond GOG and DD, and try to think of the future projects they have planned for 2028. Eventually he will be in Avengers if this is true. So are there any fresh faces in the comics on the team or old faces resurfacing?

    • Nova. Rich will be resurfacing in Augest’s issue of Guardian of the Galaxy.

      • The only way he’d probably be nova is if either the GOG did extremely well allowing them to expand on that side of the comics or if they had a heavy presence through out the movie(in my opinion)

        • Well Rich hasn’t been in the comics since “The Thanos Imperative,” in 2011. All of a sudden “NOW!” he’s being reintroduced in Guardians issue 18, in August. Mind you that’s the same month as the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, where they introduce the Nova Corps and Rhomann Dey (alive at this point).

          All this is telling me that if Guardians is gonna do really well and people go right out after the movie and pick up the latest issue, who will they find on the cover? Richard Rider standing in front of Thanos.

          “NOW!” This is marketing Nova!

          • You make a pretty interesting theory there

            • Thank you! I’m a huge Nova fan! For a few months now (before this rumor), I’ve been saying Zac Efron for Richard Rider and from when they first said Rhomann Dey to be in Guardians, I knew they were gonna shoot for a Nova movie. An as soon as they announced Rich’s reintroduction into the comics, I couldn’t of been more certain.

              Also Thanos can play into Rich’s MCU story very smoothly. So smoothly, they can pull off introducing Rich in Avengers 3 imo.

      • It was be the best thing ever if Nova was announced as the 2016 or 2017 second film. I saw mock-up of the Nova logo for 2016 but every source I checked said it’s not happening :(

        • I guess they’re going to decide by how the fans will react to all the Nova merchandise coming this summer. In the summer, he’s returning to the comics after three years of being MIA, they’re releasing three new dice cards of Rich, they’re coming out with an Uncle Sam parody t-shirt for the Nova Corps, he’s being rumored to become a playable character in the MMO Marvel Heroes, and the Nova Corps will be featured in the Guardians movie.

          Marvel is going all out to put Nova into people’s heads. If the demand becomes great from all the merchandise, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Nova movie come Phase 4.

          Plus seeing that Thanos will most likely be in Avengers 3 and that Marvel loves to market Nova, what’s a better way to market Nova than to introduce him in Avengers 3? Rich can play into the story just as smoothly as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are for Avengers 2.

          They could of handed Zac Efron the script for Nova’s part in Avengers 3 for all we know and that’s why your sources said a Nova movie isn’t happening come Phase 3.

  23. Beta-Ray Bill? M.O.D.O.K.?

    • oh my god that is funny. On a side note, I don’t know why but Wb seems a bit slow at picking actors who could’ve been great for their characters. I could easily see Zac as the Flash, Jordan as Cyborg, Tantum as Shazam.

  24. shave his head and Zac could pull off an Ezekial Stane

  25. What other villians could Efron play?

  26. You also have to keep in mind of heroes who can be in multiple franchises like QuickSilver and Scarlet Witch

  27. Where did I miss the introduction of that weird-looking Ironman design?? Looks like a new semi-Ultron design but nobody is really discussing it..

    • It was one of the 40 or so suits that showed up in Iron Man 3 for for 5 seconds or less…

    • It is a pretty badass suit, looks like the heartbreaker suit.

      • it is Heartbreaker.

        • Ohhh okay. Thanks guys.

  28. Johnny Blaze!

    • That’s…not a bad idea. Marvel got the rights back didn’t they?

      • Yeah, I think just recently they did.

      • They did, yes.

  29. Announce him for Thanos then watch the Internet explode

    • I think I would shoot at my computer if that came up on here.

    • The internet would spontaneously combust.