Rumor Patrol: Marvel Studios Interested in Zac Efron

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Zac Efron Marvel Studios Rumor Patrol: Marvel Studios Interested in Zac Efron

Remember all those rumors about Zac Efron being cast in Star Wars: Episode VII? Well, he wasn’t. That doesn’t mean he won’t be joining a massive Disney-owned film franchise again though. Eventually. From the Disney Channel to… Marvel Studios? That is, if the latest rumor about the star of Neighbors pans out.

LR has the exclusive on a question for you, built on word they have that Marvel Studios has sent an unidentified script to Zac Efron to read. We don’t know what project this is for, but given the problem with rumors about Marvel casting and particular, rumors about Efron joining massive franchises, we’re going to not take this as news, but as a discussion on what lead role Marvel will attempt to cast next. Even if he does have a script, he’s not signed for anything.

With what Captain America: The Winter Soldier did to S.H.I.E.L.D., what Guardians of the Galaxy will do for the cosmic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, what the four Marvel Netflix programs will do for a few key heroes from Hell’s Kitchen, New York, and what The Avengers: Age of Ultron will do to the franchise’s top heroes, everything is changing and we’re about to meet plenty of new faces.

While there are a several unannounced films scheduled for 2016 and beyond for the studio, there are a few upcoming confirmed projects that have yet to be cast. This includes Daredevil which is the first of the Marvel Netflix programs airing next year that begins shooting in JulyDoctor Strange which sounds like a lock for summer 2016 (although not official) and Captain America 3 which was announced for May 2016. The latter two could both shoot next year alongside several of the Netflix shows. There’s also Ant-Man which undoubtedly has a lot of roles still be cast. All of these of course, take place in the same shared universe, so characters from the Netflix series could pop up in future movies.

Marvel Studios Assembling A Universe Rumor Patrol: Marvel Studios Interested in Zac Efron

If Zac Efron is being looked at for a part in the franchise, it’s for a big role. We can’t picture him as Doctor Strange due to his age, but playing Matt Murdock in a Netflix series about Daredevil is definitely feasible. The same can be said about Danny Rand aka Iron Fist. There’s also the chance that the studio is already planning spinoffs for Guardians of the Galaxy and that, if true, blows the doors wide open on possibilities, ranging from Wendell Vaughn aka Quasar, Richard Rider aka Nova (or the younger Sam Alexander Nova) to Adam Warlock – a key element of any story involving big bad villain Thanos who’s going to be a big part of the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Guardians of the Galaxy deep into post-production, there’s always the possibility a new character could be introduced in shot-at-the-last-minute button scene to play during the credits.

We don’t know if Efron is really a contender for a Marvel Studios role, but our own Kofi Outlaw suggested it to him while talking with Efron and his cast mates in That Awkward Moment – the other two (Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller) of course, landed lead roles in the Fantastic Four reboot.

Can Zac Efron play a Marvel superhero?


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is now in theaters, Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. Wow the hate post on this page is overwhelming. It seems a lot of this trolls are still in denial that they have a man crush on Zac Efron.

    • What!? Have you read some of your own posts on the Batman suit reveal article? You should be as open minded about that as you are about Efron.

      • @SuperHulk, on my post in the batman suit reveal article I never mentioned any negative about the movie except Snyder as the director. I am not a DC fan boy obviously but TDK is my all time favorite superhero movie and Cap2 just joined in. My first childhood superhero until now is Batman and my not so favorite is unfortunately superman because for me its no way you can make him “grounded” as a character because of his powers which by the way is what Snyder pathetically trying for MOS. But who cares right?

        How can I not be open minded about Efron? What I meant by my post is why all the hate about the guy we dont even know what role his offered by marvel and we dont even know if he would accept the role for that matter.

        • I respect your honest but just as you stated it is disappointing when people hate with nothing to base it off of. You should re read some of your posts on any DC article and you will see the same thing you are accusing people of here.

          • As a big fan of the bat its disappointing that his comeback movie after the DK trilogy is to be handled by Snyder. That was and always my point on all the articles of BvS. Though I thank WB their not making a reboot and I dont mind if he shares screen with superman in fact I was hoping they would make Public Enemies cos for me that would be a great storyline to introduce the Justice League.

            As what I said on my other post MOS has in fact 90% chances to really break IM3′s records but it went down as a sub par movie not because of Cavill nor because of General Zod it was all because of Snyder and thats what pissed me off because his already tested and its just all hype.

            • Mos never had a chance to pass ironman 3 as far as BO numbers, coming off the success of the Avengers. I think Snyder is a decent director but I just want a good movie it takes more than just a director to make that happen. At least you have Transformers 4 to look forward to. You stated it looks good, and I would agree with you.

  2. Nova for sure. Heck, he even looks like the character from the comics. Efron is a decent actor and can physically pull off the part. Don’t judge him because of High School Musical, the guy can act. He was great in The Neighbors as well.

  3. Sorry but if Rogen can be the Green Hornet then I see no issues with Zac being a Marvel character. He sold me when I saw Neighbors. He was the highlight of the film IMO. I wouldn’t be upset if they gave him a shot

  4. Perhaps he is being considered for the next version of Tony Stark? Marvel does like to plan ahead, I could see that happen.

    • Efron as the next Stark? Yeah, actually that could work a few years down the line.

      He could also play Nova. There are possibilities there.

      Efron is a solid bet for a franchise casting. I’m a fan & even slip in & out of a mancrush for the pretty boy with the hot bod ;-)

  5. 1. Speedball / Penance (would have cool story and cool special effects plus plays in nicely with Civil War arc if they go that route)

    2. Wonderman (looks the part and could play love triangle with Vision and Scarlet Witch as someone else said)

    3. Nova (R. Rider) (Goes with the cosmic route MCU is going)

  6. I’m willing to give Efron a shot because there are more than a few examples of actors or actresses that were once considered un-castable because of prior roles only to turn around their careers and make huge impacts.

    George Clooney- Facts of Life & Roseanne and a career killer for most Batman & Robin
    Matthew McConaughey- Every rom-com released in the early 2000′s
    Channing Tatum- Some dance movie’s I forget the name of
    Sean Penn- Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High

    Yeah, it’s easy to write off Efron for High School Musical but he’s shown an ability to change it up recently and he has the looks and charm that does factor into it whether we like it or not.
    So before completely writing him off for any and all roles lets wait and see what happens next.

  7. I think Zac Efron should play Namor (King of Atlantis) How does that sound ?

    • Interesting idea its hard for me to picture Efron as Namor because the stuff that I’ve seen Efron in he’s usually a happy guy while Namor is usually angry and stubborn but I think it would be interesting to see Efron play a different kind of character than what I usually see him play.

    • I’m pretty sure Patrick Wilson is in the cast for Ant-Man to play a “young” Michael Douglas/Hank Pym.

  8. I can’t see Efron agreeing to a Netflix series right after having such a big box office success. Like it or not, it’s probably Stephen Strange…

  9. I’m hoping for Warlock;NOVA;Doc Strange?

  10. Nova, just Nova, only Nova. Not Doctor Strange, not Warlock, not Daredevil (well that’s gone anyway), not Namor, not not not. So many bad roles for him. Really Nova is the only role that suits him.