Zac Efron Is Johnny Quest; Film May Get Different Title

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High School Musical star Zac Efron has signed onto the dotted line for the long-in-development Johnny Quest movie opposite Dwayne “The Rock “Johnson. Johnson would play action man Race Bannon. But there’s a catch – the film might not actually be called Johnny Quest!

“What?!” I hear you say – “Why?”

Well the head honchos at Warner Bros. are afraid that last year’s “über-bomb” Speed Racer may have tainted the vintage cartoon-to-movie conveyer belt.

And if you think that’s bad, there’s more.

Johnny Quest is a sort of young James Bond / Indiana Jones cartoon series from the 1960’s where young Johnny followed his father on all sorts of amazing adventures. The series was rebooted in the 1990’s where they upped Johnny’s age from 11 to 14. Not bad going over the course of thirty years if you ask me.

In the original series, Johnny Quest is an 11 year old boy, in the reboot he was 14. Efron is 21. That age may work for playing a 17 year old- but he’s going to need some serious makeup and soft focus lenses to try and make him look 11.

To be honest with you Efron’s age doesn’t irk me at all. In fact, as much as I hate Efron (I haven’t seen him in anything and 17 Again ain’t going to change that), I feel that this is a smart move. Firstly, I hate kids in movies. When movies shoe-horn children into the plot for kid appeal they ruin them. Prime examples being The Mummy Returns and Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Secondly, it’ll make the action romp slightly more believable. I know, I know – it’s a cartoon, but come on, kids in action movies just seem stupid. It worked in Home Alone and that’s it.

jonny quest big Zac Efron Is Johnny Quest; Film May Get Different Title

So if Warner Bros. does change the title what will it be, Quest, Here’s Johnny? I reckon that they’ll keep it in the end – after all, why bother remaking an existing property at all if you aren‘t going to use its name. If it came down to it then I imagine that the studio will probably go the way of Treehouse Gang and The Goonies.

Whatever the case, it looks like Efron really is trying to detach himself from the singing and dancing ‘tween star persona that he currently has. Efron recently dropped out of the Footloose remake for that very reason. Hanging with Dwayne Johnson may just help him- and it’ll give him a viable movie franchise if the film strikes gold at the box office.

Efron will next be seen opposite (as) Matthew Perry in 17 Again, which opens this weekend. Dwayne Johnson is at a cinema near you (probably) in Race to Witch Mountain.

Source: LA Times

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  1. Oh dear lord!….. I hate Zac Efron so much, but this…. THIS is a… a….. (I can say it, it’ll be okay) a GOOD idea. For some twisted reason this makes sense to me. They can pull off older Johnny, it worked in the Venture Bros. Sure he’ll be a junkie, but with a Teen-Beat past like Efron, he’s peddling down that path anyways.


  2. I always thought that the whole point of doing stuff like this (remaking movies, making them from established properties like old TV shows or books) was for the name recognition that’d surely bring in the fans of whatever established properties it was based off of.

    By now changing the name to avoid name recognition, this suggests to me that they’re making this film… because they want to.

    I’m sure in Hollywood, this is an alien concept.

  3. I think they missed the point why speed racer was a flop. Those aweful trailers where you couldn’t tell what was happening, and gave you an impression that headaches were just a cinema ticket away. Ironically it also had one of the most annoying child characters in the history of film, that had clearly just been shoehorned into the screenplay by warner execs. Was a pretty good popcorn film in all honesty that unfortunately at differing points took itself to seriously and not seriously enough.

    No kid characters is a good sign, Zac Efron is not unlikeable; but not using the name is a bit stupid. At least until they come up with something amazing that makes me eat my words. Quest is a good name though.

  4. No one can really pin-point why Speed Racer was a flop but it sure did not have to do anything with the title.

    So, what are they going to call this then? “The Amazing Quests”? Hey, that is not bad…TRADEMARK that to ScreenRant, my gift to you guys.

    DarthMalnu, yes indeed, GO TEAM VENTURE!

  5. In the post it says Johnny Quest. In the picture it says Jonny Quest. I went and looked it up.
    It is Jonny Quest. Everywhere I read online for the movie says Johnny Quest, yet the actual show doesn’t have the ‘h’ there.

    Just found that interesting is all.

  6. “DarthMalnu, yes indeed, GO TEAM VENTURE!”

    Cool, what robot do they form when they yell this?

  7. Back to the topic …

    Seem like a perfect fit. Us “oldies” will see it because it’s Johnn Quest (maybe it will be anyway) and the youngin’s will see it due to Zacky’s name recognition.

    Win, win if you ask me.

  8. The writer of the script, Dan Mazeau, is a friend and classmate of mine. The script itself is killer and doesn’t disappoint — no THUNDERBIRDS here — so its starting in the right place.

    If the script survives unscathed, they get a good director, budget and production team, Efron and The Rock are going to have a really good showcase for themselves.

    It could be smart moves all around.

    • I really do not like the idea of having Race Bannon protrayed by a meathead such as Dwayne Johnson. Obviously, the appeal of Race Bannon in the cartoon is that he looks like a regular guy, albeit one that has experience in hand-to-hand combat (krav magra), small arms, can operate various vehilces (planes, autos, motocycles, boats, flying disks, etc) and generally has a Secret Service type of aura to him. Sorry Hollywood but I think it time to ditch the meathead bad-ass look in favor of someone more like the everday kind of person (Jason Bourne).

  9. They need to keep the title Johnny Quest, at least more people will be willing to go see it.

    SpeedRacer felt empty and a bit more corny than the actual anime (at least 4 me anyway). Plus it was rumored people were having seizures when watching the film.

  10. I find it hard to understand how a person can hate someone when they have never seen any work the hated person has done and so how informed can their judgment be?

    I certainly hope the people in charge make another revision of this story since Zac Efron cannot pass for any 14 year old either. They need to make he college years. Also, although I like both Zac and Dwayne as people and actors I find it hard to picture them as son and father. I guess I will refrain from judging until I have more facts about this project.

  11. I’d rather they retitle it so they aren’t limited to the confines of the series, and that on the likely case that it doesn’t turn out so well, it’s doesn’t tarnish my fond memories of Jonny Quest.

  12. WB is having a knee jerk reaction with the title. Didn’t Scooby Doo work a few years ago? Now with the eye gouging wake of Speed Racer (which wasn’t all bad-the monkey was fine) they want to drop the tittle of “Jonny Quest”. It would be fine if the character had already been established in film, and everyone knows who the character is and thus needs no introduction like Batman ( The Dark Knight) but that isn’t the case.

    So…here’s what I propose WB:
    Two choices.

    or better yet, Jonny Quest is actually the sidekick of…you guessed it.
    Race Bannon WHOOPS! Forget that last one, I’m sorry. You can’t call it Race Bannon because it has ‘Race’ in it.

    Keep it Quest.

  13. Personally I felt that High School Musical 2 was the worst film of 2008, but that’s not because of Efron…

    After watching him host SNL the other night its clear the kid has talent,,,
    With the right career direction and a couple of standout performances in some heavy roles he could be a huge star in a few years…
    He’s still young. He just needs to move away from the kids stuff. Johnny Quest was fun 30 years ago, but its just another campy saturday morn adventure cartoon.
    (17, Again) isn’t the right direction either,,,

    I can see him as “Lt Gary Mitchell” in the Star Trek sequel… He would also be great in some action films.
    Just get away from the kids stuff Zac…

  14. @790

    I don’t know, if done right Johnny Quest could actually be very good and a way for Efron to get into the action/adventure game. It just depends on the script.

  15. Possibly INK, but it just seems a bit “Agent Cody Banks” to me,,,

    Isn’t the Quest theme kinda played out,,,? Indiana Jones, Mummy films, Scooby Doo?
    It could be cool, but sheesh what a waste of time for Efrons career,,

    Eh just my opinion.

  16. Zac Efron Is Johnny Quest; Film May Get Different Title

    I certainly hope so – “Zac Efron Is Johnny Quest” is a terrible title.

  17. Well if they change the title that’ll take care of our typos of calling him “Johnny” instead of “Jonny.” 😛


  18. After the casting for Dragonball and The Last Airbender, I’m waiting for the news that Michael Cera has been cast as Haji…

    …I’d see that movie.

  19. Efron was on SNL this weekend. I hate to say it, but I think the sketches he was in were some of the best this season. He was much better as a guest-host than Seth Rogan on pretty much every level. They even did a sketch about the next graduating class of the High School Musical high school, in which he reprised his role. He was coming back to warn the kids that “there is no singing in college. Instead of choreographed music numbers, everyone just looks at you weird. And when you sing to yourself when you’re alone in bed? Yeah, everyone can HEAR you!”

    I think if he is able to get beyond the tween image, he could become a respectable actor. Also, much of the material he did on SNL was very adult and it is obvious he is really kicking hard against being pigeon-holed as a tween idol. I’ve never seen one of his movies, but if he starts to go for more serious and adult roles, he’ll be someone to watch out for.

  20. after watching 17 Again, i got to wondering, do they ever cast people who are actually high school age to play high school aged kids?

  21. I actually thing this movie would be waayyy better as a Pixar animated feature, like the Incredibles. sometimes taking a cartoon to live action ruins it.

  22. zac eres los maximo no dejes que te amargen la vida . y porfas no te pongas un tato bye…. i love you

  23. hello zac soy hermana de lesly y te puedo asegurar que mi hermana muere por ti ya que esta ahorrando para hacer un fototomontage tuyo con ellla el dia de sus 15 años y mi ma dice que esta omcecionada y ellla dice que es amor artistico que sea feliz toda tu vida y no te olvides de tus tus fans de mexico bye . aa eres supere guapo eeeeeeeee

  24. Zac Efron will make a fine Johnny Quest. That is no big deal. I dont see the difference. In my suggestions I like to see Dennis Quaid to play Johnny’s Dad Race Bannon and he can make a great Dad like a Father & Son adventure. He may dye his hair Red. How does that sound ? Ayush Mahesh Khedekar “Slumdog Millionaire” can also play Hadji as Johnny’s Partner. how does that sound ?

    Ken Watanabe can play the villain Dr. Napolean Zin

  25. Oh, and it’s James Hong as Zin or I will kill everyone involved with this.