CW Developing ‘Young Justice’ TV Series for 2015?

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Young Justice TV Series CW 2015 CW Developing Young Justice TV Series for 2015?

The DC movie universe is so overrun with rumors and speculation right now, it’s hard to keep anything straight. We’re getting a Batman vs. Superman movie in 2015, which will be a sequel to Man of Steel and will star Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in the titular roles as Batman and Superman, respectively. On the TV side, the Arrow TV show is going strong, it will give rise to a Flash TV show in the near future, and there’s word of shows like a Batman spinoff, Gotham Centralor a Constantine TV series being in the works. That’s about all the confirmed news that anybody has right now.

If you want to talk rumors, well, that conversation could go on for days; what it all boils down to, however, is that the roadmap for DC and Warner Bros. remains unclear, and the sense that the studio is flying by the seat of its pants remains prevalent. This latest rumor won’t change that sentiment one bit.

According to Bleeding CoolThe CW – home of DC/WB’s superhero TV series like Arrow and Smallville – could be getting a Young Justice TV show in 2015. For those not in the know: Young Justice is exactly what the title would suggest: a team made up of younger versions of the heroes in the Justice League. Superboy, Batman’s sidekick Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad – you get the idea.

Fanboys will likely recoil at the additional mention by BC that this Young Justice series would be “live action teen drama/romance…with a superhero twist.” The notion of Young Justice being in any way comparable to the network’s teen soap opera dramas (and all the stigma that goes with) will not make a good initial impression. However, the added note that the series will be based on the games, comics and (most importantly) hit cartoon series IS a good sign.

Young Justice Cartoon Series 570x407 CW Developing Young Justice TV Series for 2015?

Young Justice the cartoon has been airing on Carton Network since 2010. The show is probably the closest that DC Animation has come to matching the success (and formula) of its early 2000s Justice League animated series. Though Young Justice may not be quite as big with fans as its predecessor (which is arguable), it is distinguished by the fact that it has won an Emmy Award (whereas Justice League was only bestowed with nominations).

The point being: both the cartoon and the various iterations of the comic books (including both the Young Justice and Teen Titans titles) offer plenty of rich story material for a good show. Arrow has proven to be a welcome surprise in superhero storytelling – CW style – but this teen team dynamic is undoubtedly ripe for some potent cheese.

First, there’s the obvious concern of weak links in an ensemble chain; or worse yet, no standout links. Arrow star Stephen Amell was a find – now do that six times over, with affordable but quality young actors. No pressure.

Stephen Amell Arrow season 2 poster CW Developing Young Justice TV Series for 2015?

Second, there’s the question of character development and narrative progression. Arrow is about the slow development of one hero – but a group dynamic is something much different to juggle. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has had a hard time finding its footing, and even it doesn’t have to contend with point #3:

Superpowers. They’re hard to do on TV budgets – and doing them with multiple characters would be a true feat. Avoiding them entirely – or minimizing them to camera tricks or sparse use – runs the risk of underwhelming the viewers. No demographic would be served by a show that is 3/4 teen soap and 1/4 superpowers. Nobody needs that.

Smallville once tried to feature its own version of a Justice League in a story arc. I say “tried” because the results definitely looked more like an attempt than an accomplishment. See (and judge) for yourself:

The Young Justice squad tends to feature Robin and Superboy as its core, and Bleeding Cool‘s report also notes that Miss Martian (the female younger version of Martian Manhunter) will also be featured. Those are ambitious characters to tackle. Any fan of Arrow may see how certain characters from that show (like Colton Haynes’ Roy Harper) could be spun into a Young Justice series (thus bridging that gap); and those recent rumors of a TV version of Nightwing now seem all the more relevant.

…But as always with DC/WB, there is not necessarily fire where there is spark. Young Justice could be a self-contained experiment with no other ties to the DC TV universe; it may not even make it out of the trial stages. We’ll see.

This is DC/WB we’re talking about: Nothing and everything is possible.


We’ll Keep you updated on the status of Young Justice TV show as more develops.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. Excited by the prospect of anything related to ‘Young Justice’ (my all time favorite cartoon), but skeptical that any Houirlong drama on the CW will be worth the time.


  3. CW & DC are killing it, TV wise. Hopefully this happens!

  4. As long as I get Blue Beetle.

    • true that ermano 😀

    • Oh yeah, and that means the reach isn’t far behind.

  5. i hope they dont use the roy harper from arrow
    the guy cant act and looks too short

    • That’s what kept me away from The Vampire Diaries.

      But if you ignore the romance/drama, TVD is actually pretty good so I can see Young Justice being that way too (you can see how they pull it off in The Tomorrow People too).

      Plus the romance stuff gives you a chance to see hot girls right?

      • Romance=hot girls. Correct, you are. One of the reasons I watch TVD. Plus, you’re right, aside from the romantic sappiness, it’s quite a well-done show.

        • Yeah… I think the doubters need to give it a chance. I avoided The Vampire Diaries until this year because I was skurred of the teen drama romance even though I am a fan of the vampire/undead genre. Twilight is to blame for that.

          But after watching a few episodes I got hooked and can appreciate the show beyond the angst (that’s why I know The Flash will work because those vampires use superspeed quite a bit).

  6. why not just use that money to finish young justice?? -.-

    • Why not take that money and improve Hourman’s budget, or do Doctor Fate? Or combine them, or maybe add Dr. Midnite as a guest star? There is a series I am hopeful for!

  7. Young Justice has some cheese in the cartoons too, so I guess CW turning it into teen drama is ok. But I really hope they realize that this is a Superhero show first and foremost. Afterall, you can do teen drama without the powers.

    • When it comes to cheese, I’ll take sharp cheddar!!

  8. Can’t we just get season 3 of animated YJ?
    On TV easy people are Superboy, Robin, Red Arrow. Than goes Martian girl, Blue Beatle and pretty much anyone who doesn’t have superspeed(if you do it, do it quality) or elementals. Than make the show mostly featuring few of the team each episode. Its possible ofcourse but animated could be way cheaper to produce.

  9. I want to see it,if it is connected to man mof steel

    no cliffhanger bullsh*t
    finish season 3
    SEASON 3
    SEASON 3
    SEASON 3
    SEASON 3
    SEASON 3
    SEASON 3
    SEASON 3
    SEASON 3!!!!

  11. This makes me nervous. I like to think that Arrow shares the same universe as Man of Steel, so bringing in characters like Robin and Nightwing could possibly brake that idea. As soon as we see Batman on the big screen, I’ll be a supporter of this.

    • Even though they said Arrow doesn’t connect to MOS in any way.

  12. If it is done right like Arrow it can work. If it is done like SHIELD, it will fail and deserves to.

  13. Given the CW’s success with Arrow, I’m looking forward to Young Justice.

    Spandex is taking over!

  14. “Live action teen drama/romance…with a superhero twist.” Sure, I’d be cool with that. If it wasn’t a teen drama with a romance, and a superhero twist and was on the CW, I’d still be cool with it. But it’s a teen drama/romance with a superhero twist on the CW. Something I’m not too excited about. Sure CW’s known for having those teen romance genre, nothing wrong with that. The only problem is, CW doesn’t have that genre down very well, actually they’re pretty bad at it. The only reason why Arrow is getting better and better each episode is because they’re straying away from all that romance stuff. Consider me not excited until proven other wise.

    • I wonder if it will be like Smallville, a show which in my opinion did not work (at lest for me). The only thing I can give them (the Smallville people) credit for is at least they tried to introduce Doctor Fate, Hawkman, a few Legion of Super-Hero characters. They did not succeed very well at all, but I guess you have to give them credit for the thought and trying.

    • +1 ColdSc

      90210 plus spandex

  15. I am very uneasy about this news. I would much rather they continue the animated series rather than make a sloppy live action teen drama. No offense, but Young Justice was THE BEST animated series, if not one of the best overall television series, on TV at the time it was airing. It won an Emmy for Christ’s sake!! Bring back and continue the animated series and I guarantee the fan following will double for DC within the first six episodes.

  16. Definitely don’t like the idea of Young Justice becoming a superhero version of The Vampire Diaries. I would much rather have an animated season three, but… OH MY GOSH YOUNG JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. my choice for Robin is Billy Unger, for Superboy its Robbie Amell, Lee Thompson Young for Aqualad, Kid Flash is Cameron Monghan, Artemis is Caitlin Stasey, For Miss Martian its Karen Gillain/Jane Levy and Lucas Till for Speedy

    • Lee Thompson Young is dead.

  18. Bottomline get it done!!!!!

  19. I rather they just bring out the animated version again…but hey I will take what I can get.

  20. Where is that Booster Gold series?!?!?!?

  21. Could they just leave out the teen drama/romance rubbish? Sure the team are young no issues there but dont make it another sappy highschool drama with super powers.

  22. Definitely excited for this.

  23. Yep, I would rather they continue the animated Young Justice.

  24. Greg Weisman said if the Young Justice video game sells well WB will green light season 3. So quit whining how its not being made AND BUY THE GAME.

  25. I don’t like this one bit. I think they will spoil it for me. Why not continue with the original young justice series than spoiling it and carrying it to the big screen. I hate when they try to convert my favorite cartoon series into live action films. 70% out of 100 they usually spoil it

  26. I think a good team with no powers or minimal powers that won’t be to hard to do on t.v. would be:
    red robin (tim drake)
    arrowette (cissie king-jones)
    the ray (ray terril)
    the guardian (malcom duncan)
    jesse quick (jesse chambers)
    ravager (rose worth)
    static (virgil hawkins)

    danny the street

  27. I am excited for this as long as its done right. I would rather see Young Justice as a movie but i’ll take a TV show version. Hopefully it will have plenty of action and super villains.

  28. How are they going to do that when all of these characters are sidekicks and they cancelled the original cartoon so why try to do a live action version for it?