CW Developing ‘Young Justice’ TV Series for 2015?

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Young Justice TV Series CW 2015 CW Developing Young Justice TV Series for 2015?

The DC movie universe is so overrun with rumors and speculation right now, it’s hard to keep anything straight. We’re getting a Batman vs. Superman movie in 2015, which will be a sequel to Man of Steel and will star Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in the titular roles as Batman and Superman, respectively. On the TV side, the Arrow TV show is going strong, it will give rise to a Flash TV show in the near future, and there’s word of shows like a Batman spinoff, Gotham Centralor a Constantine TV series being in the works. That’s about all the confirmed news that anybody has right now.

If you want to talk rumors, well, that conversation could go on for days; what it all boils down to, however, is that the roadmap for DC and Warner Bros. remains unclear, and the sense that the studio is flying by the seat of its pants remains prevalent. This latest rumor won’t change that sentiment one bit.

According to Bleeding CoolThe CW – home of DC/WB’s superhero TV series like Arrow and Smallville - could be getting a Young Justice TV show in 2015. For those not in the know: Young Justice is exactly what the title would suggest: a team made up of younger versions of the heroes in the Justice League. Superboy, Batman’s sidekick Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad – you get the idea.

Fanboys will likely recoil at the additional mention by BC that this Young Justice series would be “live action teen drama/romance…with a superhero twist.” The notion of Young Justice being in any way comparable to the network’s teen soap opera dramas (and all the stigma that goes with) will not make a good initial impression. However, the added note that the series will be based on the games, comics and (most importantly) hit cartoon series IS a good sign.

Young Justice Cartoon Series 570x407 CW Developing Young Justice TV Series for 2015?

Young Justice the cartoon has been airing on Carton Network since 2010. The show is probably the closest that DC Animation has come to matching the success (and formula) of its early 2000s Justice League animated series. Though Young Justice may not be quite as big with fans as its predecessor (which is arguable), it is distinguished by the fact that it has won an Emmy Award (whereas Justice League was only bestowed with nominations).

The point being: both the cartoon and the various iterations of the comic books (including both the Young Justice and Teen Titans titles) offer plenty of rich story material for a good show. Arrow has proven to be a welcome surprise in superhero storytelling – CW style – but this teen team dynamic is undoubtedly ripe for some potent cheese.

First, there’s the obvious concern of weak links in an ensemble chain; or worse yet, no standout links. Arrow star Stephen Amell was a find – now do that six times over, with affordable but quality young actors. No pressure.

Stephen Amell Arrow season 2 poster CW Developing Young Justice TV Series for 2015?

Second, there’s the question of character development and narrative progression. Arrow is about the slow development of one hero – but a group dynamic is something much different to juggle. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has had a hard time finding its footing, and even it doesn’t have to contend with point #3:

Superpowers. They’re hard to do on TV budgets – and doing them with multiple characters would be a true feat. Avoiding them entirely – or minimizing them to camera tricks or sparse use – runs the risk of underwhelming the viewers. No demographic would be served by a show that is 3/4 teen soap and 1/4 superpowers. Nobody needs that.

Smallville once tried to feature its own version of a Justice League in a story arc. I say “tried” because the results definitely looked more like an attempt than an accomplishment. See (and judge) for yourself:

The Young Justice squad tends to feature Robin and Superboy as its core, and Bleeding Cool‘s report also notes that Miss Martian (the female younger version of Martian Manhunter) will also be featured. Those are ambitious characters to tackle. Any fan of Arrow may see how certain characters from that show (like Colton Haynes’ Roy Harper) could be spun into a Young Justice series (thus bridging that gap); and those recent rumors of a TV version of Nightwing now seem all the more relevant.

…But as always with DC/WB, there is not necessarily fire where there is spark. Young Justice could be a self-contained experiment with no other ties to the DC TV universe; it may not even make it out of the trial stages. We’ll see.

This is DC/WB we’re talking about: Nothing and everything is possible.


We’ll Keep you updated on the status of Young Justice TV show as more develops.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. Definitely! I miss this show! It was one of my favourites, and the end of season 2 was an implied continuation so it should be easy for them to pick right up. Just so long as they stick to the still that I’ve become accustomed to in YJ then it should be a hit. In other words DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING. Though I have no idea how I will be able to watch now that *Spoiler* Wally is gone :( none the less- great show!

    • Exactly my thoughts. Why does everything need to be live action anyway. The series was fine before. Can’t they just continue from where they left of? I mean, what’s the problem? The animation was great, the voice acting was smooth and the overall product extremely enjoyable. Now, all that we can look forward to is a sucky version of Smallvile. And that would be a feat of it’s own.

      • C’mon man, Give it a chance. It could be really good. (And I loved Smallville.

      • agree

  2. I think this would be a good idea but not really having them as young teenagers but young adults so they can use Roy or possibly Thea’s character. The easiest character to introduce would probably be kid flash because they can just put him in season 2 of the flash series where at some point Barry and Iris’ relationship progresses Wally is introduced, Barry shows off his lab and another accident creating KF.

    • i was thinkin like the same thing or have him cloned some how where star labs find the real roy with one arm and turn him in to arsenl but being u cant split a actor up into 2 peices lol dont know how he could still work on arrow and yjl but thats my thoughts!


  4. Im not sure it either has to be a great show or ……… sorry lost my mind for a sec still in shock of why they cancelled the cartoon in the first place wasn’t there a third party trying to fund for the third season what happened to that?

  5. I think I speak for most when I say just bring the excellent cartoon series back.

    PS Just started watching the Flash promo :)

  6. Just continue the friggin cartoon. It isn’t that hard. Cartoon network is a disaster of a place for DC. Just move the YJ cartoon shop to CW and see the profits rise.

  7. just finish the show on netflix and season 2 was a very odd season, i cant say i loved it like season 2 but i liked it, just how there was a 5 year differnce between seasons. Maybe season 3 if they do make one (i saw a petition that had 50k signuatures and the rating on Netfix was a average 4.5 out of 5 and 360,872 rating should mean something to CN)

    the show should not be based off of the toy line, the only show that has a excellent toy line was Star Wars The Clone Wars and now has died but had years of toys before.

    The views speak for themselves, The show rivals Justice League.

    the Cartoon Network channel should not be what decides what is created, They dont need to have a open slot on the channel, Netflix is here and will get even more views beacuse there is no time frame and people can watch it on everything (when i was young, i always tried to catch Sar Wars but never could, now its on netflix, i dont have to go to my DVR to record it or have to rush, I just open netflix on my phone and its there.)

    ALso most Tv shows on CN run for 3 seasons (JL and JLU is a exception) will it hurt that much to make it and see a ending to the Team? OR make a branch off of the show like they have done to Ben 10 a while back to keep it fresh.

    I am personally tired of seeing there Tv shows that feature a single person, Batman shows have been overdone, This is differnt and exciting and i will miss it.

    • They could at lease make a DC animated movie that wraps up everything.

  8. Before you try and make the real live show Cw you have to give the fans what they want lol and we want season 3 of the animated version. Just put it you the Cw channel or Netflix because Cartoon Network wasn’t the right network for it I mean the artwork from the cartoons changes over the years and it just didn’t fit and they had it playing it the mornings so I could never catch it on they should’ve had it on toonami with all the other animated series because the only time I tune into CN is when nothing else is on tv. I was watching the series over the internet and it was getting good characters like beast boy came in and I got to know the story behide him and other favs like static shock and impulse the other robin. I wanted to see the whole teen Titan gang come on there but they decided to cancel it for what reason idk was it cause it wasn’t bringing in viewers ? I believe that’s the networks fault for not giving it a stable time and if I could I would bring that show back in a instant but I don’t have the money or rights to.

  9. It would be better if it were a mix of Titans characters and young justices continual arc story telling, with a bit of Arrow’s character development mixed in. I’d also vote for more slice of life elements with them just sitting around and interacting sometimes; I like real people.

  10. Hopefully superboy won’t be a whiny b**** like in the first half of season one of young justice. Stop being passive aggressive and man up.

    • hahha yea i mean even in smallville he was a little whiny i wonder why but he wasnt that angry all the time but would be cool to see or just the cartoon i like both ideas

  11. why DID they cancel the cartoon?? come ON it had great….EVERYTHING, shut up, take my money and MAKE IT HAPPEN

  12. Please, yes continue but please,please,please god no live action. My heart just couldn’t take that nor would I watch it

  13. Bring back the animated series. I DON’T want to see another CW teen soap opera. And i don’t want to see superpower heroes on a limited TV budget. I really hate that. Lois & Clark and Smallville were perfect examples of that. I like to see superpower heroes on the big screen where they belong. Save television for the non-power heroes like Green Arrow.

  14. I would love the show to return. so, please make it come back!

  15. There are far too many limits on a live-action tv show. Lois & Clark and Smallville were perfect examples of that. With animation you have total freedom. If Fox can bring back Family Guy from cancellation. Then they can bring back Young Justice.

  16. I’d love to see a 3rd season of Young Justice. I don’t know about live action. Justice was much more than teen drama. The plot was great nothing ever what to waste in it. The only thing that fell of the map was the ending only because there wasn’t a new season. With not a plot that uses the characters and everything they are well then the project is doomed to failure. I’d rather see a reboot of the cartoon. But with Cartoon Network going more for the funny than anything else that’s unlikely. But it the cartoon dose get a reboot the best home for it would be on toonami which is now up and running again.

    • Toonami is on The Cartoon Network. And i don’t trust those guys. They will just find another way to cancel the show again. If they bring back Young Justice put it on Netflix. They can show brand new episodes. Just like they did with Arrested Development.

  17. My sister and i watched Young Justice together and we were both disipointed when we reach the ending. For one Kid Flash died and two there was still more to be done. I would be so HAPPY if Young justice started up where they left off, but not on cartoon network because, like others before me have stated, Cartoon Network is undeserving of this amazing show.

    (Sister) Electromagnetic fields DO NOT DESTROY ORGANISMS!!!!! DDDDDDDDDDx T-T

    • To hell with The Cartoon Network. Give Young Justice to Netflix. They can show brand new episodes. Just like they did with Arrested Development.

  18. There has to be another season! I just finished season 2 and looked up for season 3, but it’s wasn’t there.. I went to websites and fourms.. they say there’s no season 3…
    There has to be another season, since ending of season 2 explain they are still going to do missons.. Sorry for my english..

  19. just please can they continue the story, and is wally really gone? or will they go with the speed force theory. Id really want him back. :’(

  20. Does Stephen Amell have any young, blond, female relatives who are good actors and know how to use a bow?

  21. will they bring back Wally West as Kid Flash? I heard that they could bring him back anytime and have him have electricity powers and have the same speed as Flash or Impulse.

  22. I loved the cartoon and I really hope they bring it back it had the perfect amount of action and calmness scenes. It’s the best one yet so bringing it back would make lots of people happy.also they left it on a cliff hanger so that gives them more reason to continue the series

  23. Jeez CW wants to ruin all of the DC characters. So far they’ve made all the character’s p***ys in smallvile, arrow and soon to be flash. Way to screw things up CW.

  24. Loved watching it! Hope they make season 3. :)

    • Im sure you also loved watching Twilight too.

  25. What they should do is make YJ a more mature show. You can see the possibilities of this from season 2. And BRING BACK KID FLASH!!! T.T

  26. i really miss this show, it was one one of my favorites. though i have to admit,i stopped watching when season 2 came out (cartoon network totally screwed it up). so i guess i’m only a fan of season 1 and those characters but if the CW did do this, i doubt they would make the same mistake as cartoon network. i think if the CW does add young justice to the list of DC tv shows they have, it would get a lot more viewers. especially with DC making a come back and all these very successful DC comic based tv shows.

    • DC could at lease do an animated movie to help wrap things up from season 2.

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