CW Developing ‘Young Justice’ TV Series for 2015?

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Young Justice TV Series CW 2015 CW Developing Young Justice TV Series for 2015?

The DC movie universe is so overrun with rumors and speculation right now, it’s hard to keep anything straight. We’re getting a Batman vs. Superman movie in 2015, which will be a sequel to Man of Steel and will star Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in the titular roles as Batman and Superman, respectively. On the TV side, the Arrow TV show is going strong, it will give rise to a Flash TV show in the near future, and there’s word of shows like a Batman spinoff, Gotham Centralor a Constantine TV series being in the works. That’s about all the confirmed news that anybody has right now.

If you want to talk rumors, well, that conversation could go on for days; what it all boils down to, however, is that the roadmap for DC and Warner Bros. remains unclear, and the sense that the studio is flying by the seat of its pants remains prevalent. This latest rumor won’t change that sentiment one bit.

According to Bleeding CoolThe CW – home of DC/WB’s superhero TV series like Arrow and Smallville – could be getting a Young Justice TV show in 2015. For those not in the know: Young Justice is exactly what the title would suggest: a team made up of younger versions of the heroes in the Justice League. Superboy, Batman’s sidekick Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad – you get the idea.

Fanboys will likely recoil at the additional mention by BC that this Young Justice series would be “live action teen drama/romance…with a superhero twist.” The notion of Young Justice being in any way comparable to the network’s teen soap opera dramas (and all the stigma that goes with) will not make a good initial impression. However, the added note that the series will be based on the games, comics and (most importantly) hit cartoon series IS a good sign.

Young Justice Cartoon Series 570x407 CW Developing Young Justice TV Series for 2015?

Young Justice the cartoon has been airing on Carton Network since 2010. The show is probably the closest that DC Animation has come to matching the success (and formula) of its early 2000s Justice League animated series. Though Young Justice may not be quite as big with fans as its predecessor (which is arguable), it is distinguished by the fact that it has won an Emmy Award (whereas Justice League was only bestowed with nominations).

The point being: both the cartoon and the various iterations of the comic books (including both the Young Justice and Teen Titans titles) offer plenty of rich story material for a good show. Arrow has proven to be a welcome surprise in superhero storytelling – CW style – but this teen team dynamic is undoubtedly ripe for some potent cheese.

First, there’s the obvious concern of weak links in an ensemble chain; or worse yet, no standout links. Arrow star Stephen Amell was a find – now do that six times over, with affordable but quality young actors. No pressure.

Stephen Amell Arrow season 2 poster CW Developing Young Justice TV Series for 2015?

Second, there’s the question of character development and narrative progression. Arrow is about the slow development of one hero – but a group dynamic is something much different to juggle. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has had a hard time finding its footing, and even it doesn’t have to contend with point #3:

Superpowers. They’re hard to do on TV budgets – and doing them with multiple characters would be a true feat. Avoiding them entirely – or minimizing them to camera tricks or sparse use – runs the risk of underwhelming the viewers. No demographic would be served by a show that is 3/4 teen soap and 1/4 superpowers. Nobody needs that.

Smallville once tried to feature its own version of a Justice League in a story arc. I say “tried” because the results definitely looked more like an attempt than an accomplishment. See (and judge) for yourself:

The Young Justice squad tends to feature Robin and Superboy as its core, and Bleeding Cool‘s report also notes that Miss Martian (the female younger version of Martian Manhunter) will also be featured. Those are ambitious characters to tackle. Any fan of Arrow may see how certain characters from that show (like Colton Haynes’ Roy Harper) could be spun into a Young Justice series (thus bridging that gap); and those recent rumors of a TV version of Nightwing now seem all the more relevant.

…But as always with DC/WB, there is not necessarily fire where there is spark. Young Justice could be a self-contained experiment with no other ties to the DC TV universe; it may not even make it out of the trial stages. We’ll see.

This is DC/WB we’re talking about: Nothing and everything is possible.


We’ll Keep you updated on the status of Young Justice TV show as more develops.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. A justice League tv series with both Stephen Amell (Arrow), Grant Gustin (Flash) that would be amazing.

    • Not really. The writing and acting of those shows are terrible. On top of that cw really pussified those two characters very badly.

      • If you have nothing good to say than dont say it
        its not like you can write better.

        • I didn’t know the internet was restricted to what you like to hear. Well, here’s some good writing. Go f**k yourself 😉

          • He never said what we wanted to hear. What he said was to follow your own advice if you can do a better job then do it either put up or shut up. IF you such a good writer.. then do it.. Awe inspire us with your epic skills

            • Um OK… That made sense. Can you feel the sarcasm. So unless I’m an epic writer I can’t have an opinion. Yeah stop talking.

      • I totally agree! The writing is atrocious and boring for both shows. I really wish another station would pick young justice up. One with a bigger budget and knows that they’re doing…

    • Why bother with a tv show when they are going to make a Justice League feature film. Right after they finish work on Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice. Besides you can do a major battle between superheroes and supervillians justice with a limited tv budget. Rather see that play out on the big screen like in IMAX.

  2. They better have Zatanna, some Wally and Artemis spitfire, and definitely Cheshire and Roy, which means Thea Queen has to go bye bye as far as romance is concerned, because Cheshire is Artemis’s older sister, and Thea cannot become Cheshire. I love Jade Nguyen and Artemis Crock!!!! My God, they better not mess this up if they make it, else hell will break loose, and please bring Wally back, he cannot be lost in the speed force forever!!!!

    • relax. DC has decided the have several tv and movie universes instead of one. So Young Justice, Teen Titans, Flash/Arrow/Atom, the movies, constantine and gotham and sadly even supergirl will all have their own universes. No need to worry about the roy from arrow not being to hook up with chesh because of thea.

    • oh well i really hope they make it and they should add back nightwing i remember the last episode he quit …. and wally .-. i actually want the old team back when they were just 7 :I and yeah i agree get thea out of the way shes better without roy … and omg i remember smallville they tried making the justice league but they missed some members plus since when was green arrow the leade ? o-o i thought it was batman …..

  3. I really want them to bring back Young Yustice!! It’s such a great show! And they better bring back wally! They definitely need to continue the spirited between wally and Artemis! PLEASE bring the show back!!

  4. I’m probably late here but.. yeah I’d still watch it. TNT are bringing out a Teen Titan live action series too.. but how would that work? Aren’t most of the characters between the two groups shared? The CW president said Titans might cross with the CW verse.. so thats pretty cool. Titans is apparently going to feature Nightwing as the main character so maybe thats the nightwing tv show you mentioned.

    I’m liking the DC news so far. Supergirl (CBS), Static Shock.. as well as Titans and YJ :O and the CW are still planning on Booster Gold and Hourman.

    • I woulnd’t get to excited. The dude in charge said there will be very restricted crossovers. Pretty much if a show didn’t launch FROM another show like flash and atom did/is doing from arrow you don’t get to share a universe.

  5. to qoute robin fromseason “one why isnt anyone just whelmed”

    • I’m totally whelmed. These rumors all seem pretty great. I love ‘Young Justice’, and think it would make an excellent live-action show…as would ‘Nightwing’ or ‘Supergirl’…but until there’s any real confirmation on these projects…I’ll remain simply whelmed, and try to remain satisfied with ‘Arrow” and ‘The Flash’ (despite that both shows leave something to be desired).

  6. I want the animated series back!!, Ive watched Young Justice over 10 times and keep crying my eyes out over how it ended “and we all know its not even a ending…”.

  7. Can you guys just tell me if your going to make another season of young justice I mean really it’s ayes or know question. It would be a huge shame if you can’t make another season a lot people at my school love young justice. Me and brothers also found a way for the real kid flash to comeback. If Wonder Woman is a Greek and so is Captain marvel so then all they have to do is travel to the underworld and bring his soul or dead body back to the real world and then bada bing bada boom kid flash is back.

  8. all i know is the planned cbs supergirl series so far from everything read has nothing to do with superman as in not even a mention which is a bad mistake ,,,,,,,now in my opinion i think it could be a instant classic if they tied it into the original george reaves superman universe but set in our time with supergirl arriving 9n earth 50 years after superman(easily explained as cryosleep)…..supergirl series could refrence orginal series once in awhile .and state that superman vanished few years ago maybe in 1980s

    • Well ‘Supergirl’ isn’t ABOUT Superman…it’s about SuperGIRL. If you know anything about the history of Supergirl in the DC universe…you’d know that her story stands almost entirely apart from Superman’s. She’s his cousin…she grew-up on Krypton (till her teens), but due to circumstances which vary a little from story to story, she arrived on Earth many years after Superman. Superman becomes aware of her existence, obviously…but they really don’t spend much time together. Tying Superman into her story MORE, would be a mistake. Superman is pretty much the ultimate superhero (certainly the most well-known). If he was more a part of Supergirl’s story, he’d greatly overshadow her, and her character wouldn’t have much chance to really shine. Also…fans today aren’t very familiar with the Superman show from the 50’s (starring George Reeves)…so tying the new Supergirl in to THAT particular show and referencing it from time to time wouldn’t make sense to the vast majority of viewers.

  9. I really hope Young Justice becomes a show. If it does, I hope it doesn’t get canceled after the first or second season, like the animation. I am a huge fan and it is always great to see characters come to life!

    • Yeah, but they’re going to hire some s***** teenage actors, Only because they’re teenagers.

  10. Great. CW is going to make a reality show of putting some stupid teen-stars in a great DC animation. I rather wait for the upcoming Justice League movie, I couldn’t even get into Arrow or the Flash TV shows, or like I never had a chance to catch up to the plots. Like, Are they really following through the comics? Marvel is more for made for children, and DC is more made for adult audience. And, All of those cartoons attracted adult audience and 50% of the kids in nationwide ( even my parents ), as a DC fan, I will give the CW reality shows a chance. But, If I don’t like them, DC might have something better.

  11. I want Young Justice. There is no alternative. I don’t give a f*ck about some stupid live actions bull sh*t, or if it follows the comics, games, and the show. Or whatever. Young Justice is a f*cking ANIMATED Tv show. I enjoyed Young Justice BECAUSE it didn’t follow the comic, and because it didn’t have the stupid Human element. It was basically a highly animated and thought through comic of its own. All the live action sh*t sucks balls because we try and put in the aspect that normal people can do this. With normal humans, Super Heroes have to worry about whether or not their best friend is gonna bang their girlfriend while their gone. Or, god forbid, they Christopher-Nolan that sh*t, and f*ck everything up. Personally, If I got a promise from anyone in the higher ups of DC that buying the merchandising would get YJ back on air, I would spend all the money I could to buy everything they have.

    TLDR: Instead of paying for people to PLAY as the characters of YJ, why not F*CKING CONTINUE MAKING YOUNG JUSTICE! Also, no one likes live action, so go home.

    • ok…so what you’re saying is that a live-action show would have too much teen “drama”? I understand what you mean…but personally, I disagree. I like stories with substance. Superheroes ARE people…with real people problems. That may not be focused on very much in the comics or in the animated DC universe…but I like it (usually). The animated stuff is amazing in its’ own right…but the live-action shows and films let us see a side of our heroes that we don’t often see. That’s a GOOD THING. If you don’t like it…don’t watch it…but if you want “Young Justice”, you’re not likely to get it any other way. They aren’t bringing back the animated series anytime soon. You may not get it AT ALL. I don’t think this rumor has yet been confirmed??? Anyway…I hope they DO make a live-action show. I’ll take YJ any way I can get it.

  12. I’m a bit iffy on a live-action series of Young Justice, to be honest. I loved the cartoon, and was hugely disappointed when it got cancelled; but it seems odd with a live action series coming soon after the cartoon got cancelled. Creators should’ve waited for a few more years to release this show, Fans are only going to be critical and try to compare it with the cartoon series.

  13. That is ridiculous, and why any “fan” of Young Justice would settle for a comedy cameo of YJ on another show or a drama series is beyond me. True fans of Young Justice should be boycotting WB and exposing their fan disrespect to the masses every chance we get. The way they cut the YJ show up and then canceled it with so many unanswered questions was the ultimate disrespect to fans and they should be made to feel the wrath of YJ fans. We should have taught them a lesson but in stead we just signed petitions and went home. So WB feels that can do as they please. Good for them and good for us. We get what we deserve for being such poor fans of one of the best animated show on TV. And WB gets to continue to be a poor network with little respect for its fans and supporters. My hope is that someone will one day expose the person or people at WB who were behind the disrespectful manner in which they handled the YJ conclusion and force some kind of sincere apology along with a promise to get the original team of artist and writers back to tie up all the loose ends between season 1 and 2. I am sure that the true fans would settle for a 2 hour animated movie on DVD. Where is the YJ fan backbone? or do we just settle for bones?

    • You do relize danzil that it was CN not WB that axed YJ(cartoon) do you not?

      • Is it. Going to continue on continue on from where the 2010 one ended plZ reply to ths comment

      • Is it. Going to continue on continue on from where the 2010 one ended plZ reply to ths comment plZ plz plz tell me

  14. I love the 2010 one is this going to continue on with the old one the 2010 one

  15. Is thic going to continue on from where the 2010 one then

  16. yes! they should definitely bring back young justice because on the final episode of young justice invasion which i just watched on blue ray, wally died and lex luthor became governor. we don’t know if wally west will come back or if the team will rise up. I think that they just didn’t make a good run of the show, for example the five year jump was just bad and left us confused. i think that with the right creativity the show could rise, and maybe they should do a flashback season to explain what happened in those five years. i don’t know but i can tell you this: YOUNG JUSTICE NEEDS TO COME BACK!

  17. I am an adult who has always loved super hero cartoons as a child and now. Young Justice was great and I would love to see another season or two. Also I would love to see a series with Icon and Hardware in it using their powers. Also please take off Teen Titans go. That is a disgrace to DC comics and poorly animated.

    • Not sure if anyone has noticed this, but it seems Arrow is preparing Laurel Lance to be one of either Arrowette or Cheshire. But if shes either, then the other is needed. Could that be Thea Queen although they are meant to be sisters……….Watch this space!

      • Laurel is supposed to be the Black Cannery

  18. MUST CONTINUE WITH THE ANIMATED YOUNG JUSTICE! How dare they forget about not returning to it and not letting us have our Spitfire. I mean….They need to come back…Right? And what about M’gann and Conner….Just can’t leave us hanging and waiting for them to get back together and to bring our little Wally back…I mean…Please?! And Darkseid teaming up….So many questions that need to be answered!

  19. Whilst I would love a live action I just don’t think it would come to fruition. Season 1 of Young Justice had 8 regular heroes if you include Rocket, though she didn’t become a main character till the end. And even then the Leaguers were regularly shown using their powers. Just think how much would have to be spent to show these powers.

    The only way I could see them doing it would to be to feature a team with very few powers. I think the easiest way would be for Arsenal to break off from Team Arrow. He would lead the team so people already have a familiar face. But then who else would you bring in? Artemis would be boring to have a third archer. Robin and Superboy would be too difficult to bring in without having Batman and Superman, also with Supergirl having her own show you don’t want to be too overwhelmed with kryptonians in such a small amount of time. They could possibly have just Nightwing and change the backstory a lot but would people accept that. There would be no Kid Flash/Impulse as Flash at the moment is way too young. And Miss Martian and Aqualad would need their mentors to be introduced first.

    I’d rather they do a gritty Dakota based tv series, basically called Dakota where it is teenage led. The series could start with the Big Bang showing how Static gets his powers. Rocket and Icon’s alter egos can be recurring characters throughout it. in the season 2 premiere Rocket breaks into Icons house and finds out he is an alien and the two also become superheroes and start working with Static. Creating much more of a team than Team Arrow or Team Flash, all three work together much more equally. Then Season 3 can introduce She-Bang and Gear, (from the animated show) or Hardware to round off the team where similarly to Young Justice the rashness of the teens is in contrast to the thought out plans made by the adults (Icon). An easy way to introduce this universe would be for Arsenal to be visiting one of his old friends from the glades who is now a member of a gang in Paris Island, Dakota. He isn’t at the Big Bang but stays in Dakota for a few days afterwards to help with the aftermath. This could also give Arsenal some much needed character development which he barely gets on Arrow.

  20. Any word on season 3 of young justice ?

  21. Lke come on DC you cant cancel anther season of young justice for anther 5 YEAR. God PLEASDE dont pleaseeeee!?

  22. Bring back young justice best show of my childhood !!!!

  23. Teen Titans Go is a disgrace why doesnt DC cancel that and bring back young justice?

    • Yep it is

    • I disagree. Teen Titans Go is actually pretty hilarious. I realize why older fans may not be in to it…but for what it is…it’s great. I love Young Justice, too, and wish it would come back…but it’s a completely different type of show, and I love it for different reasons. I’m 34, and though I love the darker, more mature side of DC…I still can’t help but love Teen Titans Go when I’m in the mood for something light and funny.

  24. I love young Justice! its the only DC show that I watched until the end. I was so sad to see it end, especially with so many unanswered questions, like what happens to Kid Flash. They say never believe someone is dead until you see the body. I would totally watch the show if it continues.

    • Same for me except that I am currently watching CWS arrow and flash shows.

  25. I really really really really really really really want a third young justice season to come out.