‘Young Justice’ and ‘Green Lantern’ Canceled by Cartoon Network?

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Cartoon Network Green Lantern Young Justice Cancelled Young Justice and Green Lantern Canceled by Cartoon Network?

Even in an age rich with comic book adaptations, superheroes aren’t always a sure thing. This is even truer on television, where a serialized format might best complement comics’ source material. Even if a such a show gains a fervent cult following on the Internet, flagging ratings can sink even the most faithful and beloved televised versions of popular characters.

The time has may have come once more for the axe to fall on two such superhero television series: the animated Green Lantern and Young Justice, currently showing as part of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation Saturday morning cartoon block. A press release by Cartoon Network highlighting its upcoming year of programming tellingly omits Young Justice and Green Lantern from its list of returning shows, indicating strongly that both series will conclude at the end of the current season.

While the Cartoon Network press release does not directly state that Young Justice and Green Lantern have been canceled, their absence from its lineup is telling. Moreover, the release specifically highlights two new DC Comics-based series set to begin airing as part of DC Nation on Saturdays – Teen Titans Go! and Beware the Batman. With these two shows slotted to begin next season, the departure of Lantern and Justice only makes sense.

Though Young Justice‘s cancellation has yet to be confirmed by its showrunners, it looks as if Green Lantern is definitely going the way of the dodo. Series producer Giancarlo Volpe acknowledged the end of the series via Twitter this afternoon. Volpe was muted in his announcement, fielding fan questions and confirming that all completed episodes of Green Lantern will air.

This is dismaying news for fans of both canceled series, which have gained decent followings during the previous year. However, it’s not particularly surprising – the entire DC Nation block was bumped from Saturdays in October and placed on a hiatus that only recently ended. This move presaged to many that the programming block might see some serious retooling in the near future.

Cartoon Network Beware the Batman Teen Titans Go Young Justice and Green Lantern Canceled by Cartoon Network?

Though DC Comics fans may be irritated that these animated adaptations are on the way out, the incoming Beware the Batman and Teen Titans Go! seem set to fulfill similar functions as Green Lantern and Young Justice, respectively. Beware the Batman is set to become the first CG-animated Batman adaptation and will apparently focus on aspects of the hero’s mythos that have gone largely unexplored by previous iterations. Teen Titans Go! is a quasi-continuation of the rather popular Teen Titans cartoon series that aired on Cartoon Network in the mid-2000s; this version appears to lean more toward comedy than action and adventure.

As with any television series cancellation, a period of angry mourning has already begun for both Young Justice and Green Lantern. Thousands of fans have taken to the Internet’s favorite mode of attempting to press for change and/or maintaining the status quo: a petition to reinstate the series for new episodes. However, with next season’s DC Nation block already carved out, these pleas will likely fall on deaf ears. DC Comics fans will have to decide whether the cancellations are enraging enough to forego the interesting premises of the new DC Nation shows waiting in the wings.

Green Lantern and Young Justice will continue to air Saturday mornings on Cartoon Network’s DC Nation through the end of the current season.


Source: Cartoon Network [via Comic Book Resources]

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  1. Okay now, there is something wrong with Cartoon network green lantern the animated series and YJ was just awesome, who would even recommend both series to be cancelled, at-least but both something must definitely be wrong aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhh, something should be done about this!

  2. Exactly, the goofy takes on superheros only work in small doses, like the shorts they’d run, but, how do you take serious, something they’re not taking serious, trust me when they were created they didn’t intend for them to be drawn so terribly. They should be ashamed of themselves. Ruin your own creations.

  3. Hacks!

  4. What a shame, I can’t believe Young Justice is canceled.
    I also can’t believe the show Cartoon Network has chosen to replace it with.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Teen Titans as well, but based on the recent Wikipedia article:

    “Teen Titans Go! focuses on the “funny business” that happens between the Teen Titans when not saving the world and when living together as teenagers without adult supervision. The Teen Titans must deal with situations such as teenage pranks reaching a whole new level, or having to take Driver’s Ed after wrecking the Batmobile.”

    I’m not exactly ecstatic about this new show. It just seems like a waste to replace a good show with a decent plot with one that looks like 30 minutes of shenanigans.

    Is this what gets “ratings” now-a-days?

    • thats what i’m saying both series are great but young justice was the best overall and to take it away like that is just dumb seriously!!

  5. and what else is that the new teen titans doesn’t look like all that and neither does the new batman. and if anything they should be shown in the afternoon after kids get out of school. they are thinking more about ”little little” kids and none else!

  6. Come on young justice doing good and they know no one going to watch teen titans Go! They just need to finish Young Justice Invades cause people your going to go on strike ,cause that a popular show on Cartoon Network now that static shock on the show and that kid flash is did.

  7. Cartoon Network never has and never will do right by the D.C.Comics Franchises.They can’t figure out if they want to be Nickelodeon or try to be a bigger draw with the Adult Swim Audience,so they deliver a sub-par product to both.And the New Teen Titans thing….TRAVESTY!

  8. Young Justice and Green Lantern are great TV shows. YJ a nd GL basically ended in a way where they can continue it. If CN doesn’t want them to return, then the producer or director should just continue it but post the shows online. It’s not fair to the devoted fans who’ve been watching them since day one.

    I can’t stand when shows are cancelled before they’re truly finished, even they’re not popular anymore. Just finish it for the people who actually DID watch them

  9. I just saw someone on a forum saying Young Justice is the best animated series of all time. Do I believe that, well, it’s possible, it’s at least in the top 10 and it’s really high on the list.

    For the last five years or so, it blows everything else away..you’d have to go back to X-Men or Batman to find better packaging and Avengers EMH wasn’t bad, but total package, wow, it may very well be the most, best, overall quality.

    So yeah, for this era, this is something DC got right, it is definitely the best animated series I can think of when you examine every category. So I’m saying it too, it’s the best animated series, ever. “Good Luck” trying to fill those shoes.

  10. I can’t believe they took young justice off the best animated show of all time the story was so well written this junk your replacing it with is a joke I’m done with cartoon network I guess I can sleep on on Saturday now

  11. Taking off Young Justice has got to be the worst thing they could have done to Cartoon Network. Me and my friends haven’t watched any of Cartoon Network since it was cancelled, it’s ridiculous that they replaced it with a joke of a chibi show. Look’s like it’ll just lose viewers and most of us can sleep in on Saturday’s as well, or watch any other network. I’m so done with Cartoon Network, when Young Justice comes back, then I’ll watch it again. But not until it’s back.

  12. I think that Cartoon Network should cater to the desires of their audience in this case. I can not remember this network having such a popular show since the line up of the 90′s. This is based solely on word of mouth opinion. I have never spoken with anyone on the subject of young justice that did not express anything but praise for the series and anger over its pending cancellation. Most companies actually comply when so many of their clients or audience have a mutual view on a particular matter. I guess Cartoon Network simply does not care.

  13. I loved the young justice series and the fact that it is most likely cancelled is very upsetting to me. There were 2 seasons and they ended on a cliffhanger with kid flash dead. Not cool. They at least could have had one more season if you ask me.


    Fans all of the world are outraged that the popular TV show “Young Justice” has been cancelled by Cartoon Network. If you don’t know what that is, check out the show. It’s really worth it!
    Remember, there is NO GUARENTEE that this will work, but if we use the steps in this plan, we have a greater chance of getting the show back!! 1) The fact of the matter is, we probably won’t get the show back right away! They wouldn’t cancel it if they didn’t have something already in the works. Don’t give up hope. Even if years go by, keep at it. This persistent mentality is the only thing that is going to get the show back.

    2) Let your displeasure be known. Here are the links to two petitions ( http://www.change.org/petitions/carto…) & ( http://www.change.org/petitions/carto… ) . Sign them and spread it! Keep it going! (if anyone knows of any other petitions, put it in the comment box) Cartoon Network expects the petitions to stop after a couple months, it’s really going to make them think if we can keep it going strong for years!

    Petitions are good, but it’s not enough! Try tweeting the network or going to Google and typing in “contact cartoon network” and sending them a personal message! (Actual written letters are nice too) REMEMBER TO BE RESPECTFUL! Disrespect doesn’t get you anything except make the network irritated at you. ALSO TRY TO USE YOUR BEST GRAMMAR AND SPELL ALL THE WORDS CORRECTLY! People are more inclined to listen to you if you don’t misspell every other word.

    3) What happens when the new shows that replaced Young Justice get less views and support…? Not telling you to not watch it or anything of the sort, but just some food for thought.

    4) DO NOT PIRATE THE SHOW! What better way to show Cartoon Network that we support this amazing show than to get the DVDS, episodes on iTunes, merchandise, and other stuff! It sucks that we live in a world like this, but by getting the merchandise, it shows that there is still a market for this show.
    Also, on 2/25/13, GET THE FINAL ISSUE (young justice #25) of the shows tie-in comic. Let’s try to make it a top seller! It’s only three dollars, so go to your nearest comic shop, or online and lets do it!

    5) Show the Young Justice TV show to your friends. Make new fans out of them! More fans = more people who want it back!

    6) DON’T LET YOUNG JUSTICE DIE. The network thinks that after the initial backlash from fans is over, Young Justice will fade into obscurity, but let’s show them that this isn’t the case. Once again, don’t get discouraged! Keep working at it. Also (I never even really knew anything about fanfiction before my viewers sent me some links) there are other mediums for awesome stories! It’s interesting because fanfictions are not exactly official stories, but a lot of authors can still tell a story very close to the tone set in YJ! Some stories contain alternate versions of events; others continue YJ and others take place in alternate worlds completely! Not everyone is in to it, but a lot of the authors are very talented. If you have a good idea for a story, write it!! KEEP YJ ALIVE!

  15. Wtf why might they be cancelled they’re amazing

  16. come on now, NOBODY, NOBODY is gonna watch teen titans go. Batman i may be looking forward to that but YJ and green lantern should stay. i might not even watch batman now because i don’t see why i should wake up early just to watch one show. bad cartoon network, bad.

  17. I’m soon sorry for the next generation who has to witness such cruelty. YJ is probably the best cartoon. Since transformers and GI Joe no other in the eighties no other cartoon series has come close to a good plot and story like YJ. This is the most disappointing move by CT network since inception. They need to get their heads out their ass and regain the respect of the animated world seriously.

  18. Green Lantern is amazing. I guess even the creators/guardians have strayed from their path. =-(

  19. Okay, I love Cartoon Network and DC comics but how many times has this happened now? At least 5 if you count Green Lantern and Young Justice as two separate incidences! Let me count….Green Lantern (1), Young Justice (2), Teen Titans (3), Justice League Unlimited/Justice League (4), and Batman the Brave and the Bold. Granted I wasn’t all that fond of Brave and the Bold but I’m pretty sure some people were. I’m a 90′s kid, I’ve been watching Cartoon Network since I was 5, I saw all of their greatest shows come and go; most of my favorites being DC based shows! I can’t stand this anymore! I know moaning over it and being a wet blanket won’t do anything but this is ridiculous. Teen Titans was great and was my absolute favorite (not to bring up a closed wound) and I read the many reasons they got rid of it (voice actors wanting to different things, working with the DC studio is more expensive than just doing Cartoon Network originals, etc.) well all of those problems, if not most of them, are still present with Teen Titans Go! and guess what…? I do NOT like the show…it completely ruined the feel of what the original was…thank you for giving it back, no thank you for giving it back in the condition of children’s book after your rottweiler got to it…Anyway, if the guys at CN ever see this, I love the DC shows…don’t get our hopes up for a fantastic, possibly long-running show if you are just going to take it from us like you always do.

  20. Just saw this on reddit and wikipedia.
    “Ongoing support for the show has inspired a pledge campaign on smgo.tv in order to attract attention for a possible Season 3 continuation.”
    I would love to try and fund this, but I’m broke… If any of you guys want to support it, here’s the link.

  21. Cartoon network wtf where you thinking? You take off the two of the best shows to replace it with two horrible ones? Retelling the story of batman for the billionth time, we know what happens its so coded in our DNA that our future children knows batmans beginnings. That show teen titans go are you serious? That show should go suck a big floppy……fill in the blank, and whom ever came up with the idea to replace GL and young justice with these sh*tty shows should no longer work at CN and in Hollywood for that matter. Just horrible ideas. I hope hbo or showtime picks up on young justice so we true fans can watch it more in it’s original format vs it being all kiddie like, expanded it out for an hour per episode. Guaranteed to get viewers plus make the azz hole who made this decision, look like a Moran.

  22. Cartoon network wtf where you thinking? You take off the two of the best shows to replace it with two horrible ones? Retelling the story of batman for the billionth time, we know what happens its so coded in our DNA that our future children knows batmans beginnings. That show teen titans go are you serious? That show should go suck a big floppy……fill in the blank, and whom ever came up with the idea to replace GL and young justice with these shifty shows should no longer work at CN and in Hollywood for that matter. Just horrible ideas. I hope hbo or showtime picks up on young justice so we true fans can watch it more in it’s original format vs it being all kiddie like, expanded it out for an hour per episode. Guaranteed to get viewers plus make the azz hole who made this decision, look like a Moran.

  23. If they do not bring back Young Justice and they continue with these much “lesser” of shows…CN is going to be going down the drain soon…REAL soon.

  24. Young Justice was awesome. I can’t believe another great show is being canceled by CN. This reminds me of when CN stopped showing Teen Titans.

    Please someone do something, bring it back to life, at least in some other network or something!!
    It truly had potential. What a shame :(

    PS I did see Teen Titans Go! and didn’t like it very much.

  25. This is an obvious travesty. CN lost it’s way. It used to be a pioneer. I get that the new generation is a bit different. But most boys will still wake up for a solider chunk of Saturday morning action. Frankly a one hour programming block isn’t enough. DC Nation WAS wonderful in theory but poorly executed in practice. They need an 8am to 12 noon lineup. It doesn’t have to be all DC but Young Justice should be a part of it. Put Ronin Warriors, Naruto, Gundam, Green Lantern, Young Justice, Big O, and whatever else on the television for 4 or 5 hours on a Saturday morning and Cartoon Network will be THE destination. We all know that. Let these power brokers know that. Copy and paste this. Bomb Cartoon Network. Your Golden Age was late 1990s to early 2000s. Reclaim your glory.

  26. Oh NO, i’m a green lantern fan and not too bothered about Green Lantern the Animated Series, but Young Justice cancelled? WHY? It is so soo sooo GOOD
    Too complicated for the youngsters? hey grown ups watch them TOO.
    Bring back Young Justice with it’s plots and sub plots.

  27. (Warning: The following contains high levels of sarcasm.)

    Oh thank God, YJ and GL are canceled. I mean, having amazing characters? Plots that don’t insult my intelligence? Insanity! Cartoon network is doing the right thing by pulling the plug before I built up too much hope for the future. Also, replacing them with a terrible looking Batman and a pathetic rendition of the Teen Titans is a brilliant idea because what do we, your last few viewers, want? Since you obviously know us better than we know ourselves, you must know we want to see ANOTHER FREAKING Batman, because that’s NEVER been done before, and Teen Titans saving the world? Nah, I’d much rather watch them learn to drive or prank each other.

    Thank you, Cartoon Network, I’m so happy you canceled two great shows because the bloody toy franchise didn’t do well. Thanks so freaking much.


  28. If a great show like Young justice got cancelled, I know damn well Incredible Crew better be next! That show is just a complete waste.

  29. 1 word Netflix