‘Young Justice’ and ‘Green Lantern’ Canceled by Cartoon Network?

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Cartoon Network Green Lantern Young Justice Cancelled Young Justice and Green Lantern Canceled by Cartoon Network?

Even in an age rich with comic book adaptations, superheroes aren’t always a sure thing. This is even truer on television, where a serialized format might best complement comics’ source material. Even if a such a show gains a fervent cult following on the Internet, flagging ratings can sink even the most faithful and beloved televised versions of popular characters.

The time has may have come once more for the axe to fall on two such superhero television series: the animated Green Lantern and Young Justice, currently showing as part of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation Saturday morning cartoon block. A press release by Cartoon Network highlighting its upcoming year of programming tellingly omits Young Justice and Green Lantern from its list of returning shows, indicating strongly that both series will conclude at the end of the current season.

While the Cartoon Network press release does not directly state that Young Justice and Green Lantern have been canceled, their absence from its lineup is telling. Moreover, the release specifically highlights two new DC Comics-based series set to begin airing as part of DC Nation on Saturdays – Teen Titans Go! and Beware the Batman. With these two shows slotted to begin next season, the departure of Lantern and Justice only makes sense.

Though Young Justice‘s cancellation has yet to be confirmed by its showrunners, it looks as if Green Lantern is definitely going the way of the dodo. Series producer Giancarlo Volpe acknowledged the end of the series via Twitter this afternoon. Volpe was muted in his announcement, fielding fan questions and confirming that all completed episodes of Green Lantern will air.

This is dismaying news for fans of both canceled series, which have gained decent followings during the previous year. However, it’s not particularly surprising – the entire DC Nation block was bumped from Saturdays in October and placed on a hiatus that only recently ended. This move presaged to many that the programming block might see some serious retooling in the near future.

Cartoon Network Beware the Batman Teen Titans Go Young Justice and Green Lantern Canceled by Cartoon Network?

Though DC Comics fans may be irritated that these animated adaptations are on the way out, the incoming Beware the Batman and Teen Titans Go! seem set to fulfill similar functions as Green Lantern and Young Justice, respectively. Beware the Batman is set to become the first CG-animated Batman adaptation and will apparently focus on aspects of the hero’s mythos that have gone largely unexplored by previous iterations. Teen Titans Go! is a quasi-continuation of the rather popular Teen Titans cartoon series that aired on Cartoon Network in the mid-2000s; this version appears to lean more toward comedy than action and adventure.

As with any television series cancellation, a period of angry mourning has already begun for both Young Justice and Green Lantern. Thousands of fans have taken to the Internet’s favorite mode of attempting to press for change and/or maintaining the status quo: a petition to reinstate the series for new episodes. However, with next season’s DC Nation block already carved out, these pleas will likely fall on deaf ears. DC Comics fans will have to decide whether the cancellations are enraging enough to forego the interesting premises of the new DC Nation shows waiting in the wings.

Green Lantern and Young Justice will continue to air Saturday mornings on Cartoon Network’s DC Nation through the end of the current season.


Source: Cartoon Network [via Comic Book Resources]

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  1. Are you serious? I love this series and now that it’s my favorite series they cancel it!

  2. Are you serious? I love this series and now that it’s my favorite series they cancel it! Now i believe Cartoon Network just wants to get people excited and then break their hearts.

  3. Now i want to go to CN, find out which genius’s idea it was to cancel Young Justice, an force them to bring it back!

  4. Ok lets be honest cartoon network noone wants to see another lame batman reboot or teen titans which was great in the original animation and lame in this no version.
    young justice and green lantern “are” DC NATION so congrats on cutting your viewership by two thirds.
    Really smart!

  5. Okay, f this! Young Justice is AMAZING! I converted my friend who never liked ANY of this stuff into a total comic book nerd! AND THEN THEY JUST GO AND EFFING CANCEL YOUNG JUSTICE!?!? AND THEY LET WALLY DIE!?!?!?!? You have got to be Effing kidding me! Young Justice is amazing. And now there making ANOTHER Batman show which, by the looks of it, has crappy animation. Oh, but fear not, because Teen Titans is coming back and I’m sure that’s going to be amazing! *le sarcasm* I mean, does DC Nation even pay attention to their fan base? People LOVE Young Justice! And they’re just going to throw it away with so many questions unanswered?
    What the f!
    Congratz, DC Nation. You have officially pissed-off over a million fangirls.

    • Agreed about everything, including the angering a million fangirls. It seems like they ALWAYS take the cop-out route when Disney gets their grubby hands on something.

    • I agree with you. The show was awesome especially season two!!!!!! You are also right about DC not paying attention to their fan base, for example the New 52 Justice League reboot with the pairing of wonder woman and superman. I admit it is a very nice pairing, but cliched none the less. Many fans (not all) wanted to see the possibility of a batman and wonder woman pairing, but they completely ignored that and argued hard for their SMWW pairing.

      • WHERE did you get that? Every single time I have EVER heard anyone debating Superman’s love life (at least, when Lois was temporarily or permanently removed from the equation), he has always been paired with Wonder Woman…even on the “evil is the winner” Earth 2, where Superwoman is dating Ultraman (although she IS having an affair with Owlman, more to piss off Ultranman than for any feelings of love for Owlman).

        Yes, btw, I know Clark did love Lori Lemaris and Lana Lang too, so let me amend my earlier statement to include all of the “LL” women instead of just Lois Lane.

        The point is that WW is generally paired with SM (when not with Steve Trevor), NOT BM.

        • I understand what you are saying you make a very good argument, however I was referring to JL and JLU cartoons when it was running on cartoon network. There the idea and possibility of a batman/wonder woman pairing was played with and it sparked interest of viewers watching,it was an interesting avenue to take, and people wanted to see where it would have gone. I understand that in comics superman and wonder woman are mainly paired together without other love interests in the picture and I did state it is a very nice, but CLICHED and PLAYED OUT pairing. Many fans who support bmww wanted to see a possible batman and wonder woman pairing in comics. ( I also know they already touched this subject in comics before, but it was never an ongoing relationship like wonder woman and superman or steve trevor)

          • But i was just arguing the point of them not listening to fans(from ALL points of views) about what they would like to see

          • Actually the WW+BM romance is taken straight from the comics.

            Those three have always had an odd romantic triangle going on.

            Diana would be happy with either really. She does love Bruce though, and any romantic feeling she has for Clark are firmly on the backburner since he is with Lois.

            although the more assertive WW and less “restrained” supers in the reboot don’t have any of the hangups that have always prevented them from hooking up in mainstream continuity.

            Frankly, despite it being a cliche’d pairing, the two are pretty much perfect for each other. Which is why they almost always end up together in virtually every AU. They are destined to be together for the most part simply due to just how compatible they are.

  6. Yeesh, these idiots just cannot seem to make up their minds about what is a good show and what is not a good show. Newsflash: Star Wars is NOT a toddler/elementary franchise, it’s for pre-teens – adults.

    That is why Disney getting ahold of Star Wars was the absolute worst mistake in history, they are not good at doing pre-teen to adult shows.

    • I wouldn’t discount Disney just yet. Remember, Disney was responsible for The Avengers, The Pirates of the Caribbean, and a handful of other stuff that was aimed at teenagers, young adults, and other older demographics.

      The content on the Disney Channel may be different from the content of their movies, but I’m not going to start bashing them before I actually see what they can do.

    • Disney has been making movies/shows for older crowds for decades.

      Tron is a prime example of a normal mainstream sci-fi movie that could have come from any studio.

      Tron Legacy is most deffinitely not a kiddie movie.

      Neither is the Pirates franchise (by any stretch of the imagination) and thats actually based ona freaking kids ride in the theme park.

      You can even look at the latest batch of Marvel movies. I anticipate Disney will do with SW what they are doing with Marvel. Giving them the money to reclaim licenses and make the movies the way they should be made.

      But again Disney has nothing to do with YJ or GL being canceled. GL was due to poor merchandising after the bomb that was the GL movie tainted the market and made all the sellers refuse to carry the toys since they lost money. YJ’s cancellation is just another asinine demonstration of the lack of comprehension CN execs repeatedly show in canceling award winning shows that bring in good ratings

  7. This is unacceptable!! I really hope Cartoon Network realize’s their mistake IMMEDIATELY. I mean really Young Justice, was ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS on Cartoon Network that they have ever aired in years. Honestly the only reason, Young Justice and Green Lantern (BTW of which i only watched once but believe is still better than this “trash” their about to show on TV) is because the network moved it to a crappy time on a Saturday morning where people are either 1. Asleep 2. Has DVR’ed the show because they’re already out of the house (like me) or still ASLEEP 3. They were not notified of the crappy schedule change and missed all of the episodes or 4. They watched from another source realizing of the crappy schedule and tried to catch up from the 3+ months it was put on a CRAPPY Hiatus. (And these are just reasons i interpreted in 5 mins). The Network should have ,and in the future, better notify viewers of schedule changes, hiatus’s, cancellation threats, or any other problem that my be occurring with their shows. This was really the only reason i watched CN, for the thrill and excitement of YG, and GL in a way too. I’m immensely upset that this shows are being canceled and probably will not even watch CN anymore. I think it’s safe to say CN made a serious mistake here, will lose a lot of viewers, and will lose even more money when these upcoming shows get a serious lack of viewers. Thank you for your time ~ Sincerely a lost viewer (of hundreds/thousands/millions)

  8. Honestly Cartoon Network, without Regular Show I’d v chip you so I never watch you ever again. Annoying Orange!!!!!!!!! Come on they make fun of Star Trek all the time (my fav franchise so lay off) Johnny Test is a horrid (barf) sorry the name makes me hurl.

    I’m going and staying on the Nicktoons channel they never cancelled Iron Man Armored Adventures which has a catchy theme and great story. DC I bid you good bye and f you CN and your incredible crew. Hello Marvel and Iron Dude.

  9. Honestly Cartoon Network, without Regular Show I’d v chip you so I never watch you ever again. Annoying Orange!!!!!!!!! Come on they make fun of Star Trek all the time (my fav franchise so lay off) Johnny Test is a horrid (barf) sorry the name makes me hurl.
    I’m going and staying on the Nicktoons channel they never cancelled Iron Man Armored Adventures which has a catchy theme and great story. DC I bid you good bye and f you CN and your incredible crew. Hello Marvel and Iron Dude.

  10. i love young justice why would u take it away this show is better than ben10 and look how long u kept ben10 for

  11. why have they canceled young justice the new batman and teen titans series look like poo bring back young justice it so much better then ben10 and look how long ben10 was around for

  12. This is some bullllshiiiit!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to see no damn teen titans!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Cartoon Network always cancels the good shows, but keeps crap like Annoying Orange or Level Up.

    Sym-Bionic Titan, Thundercats, Generator Rex- All good shows.

    CN can go shove it.

  14. They can’t end it yet!! I mean what happens after Savage meets in Apocalipto with the war world?? R they gonna attack the earth?? Destroy the justice league and the team?? Come on don’t end it!!!!!

  15. Well that’s Disney for ya buy out the comics and ruin the tv shows and movies Disney needs to but out of dc and marvel

    • Disney bought Marvel and Lucas, they have nothing to do with DC.

      And as far as how they are handling Marvel, they are bank rolling Marvel re-acquiring its licenses back and then letting the Marvel crew handle the Marvel verse the way they have been… only with more stable finances. Same is likely to happen with Lucas works/Star Wars franchise.

      DC is screwing things up on their own without any outside help.

      • Actually, WB is the screw-up… They own DC. DC is churning out plenty of excellent ideas…

  16. Good bye Wally West. Forever.

  17. Please don’t cancel this show… I’m not a comic book fan, but my boys and I are totally addicted to Young Justice. I have never seen a animated show that is so well written. It very entertaining even for more mature viewers. We didn’t discover this show until this year, but I’m convinced that viewership will continue to grow if given the chance.

    Please reconsider!!!

  18. Why Did They have to cancel Young Justice!? Why Did they kill Wally!? Why Did they have to end it on Season 2 Episode 20. If I could I would bring back Young Justice On Cartoon Network. I had a friend that was NEVER into this stuff, but cause of Young Justice it turned him into a TOTAL Dc Nerd! Why does Cartoon Network always have to cancel all the good shows. Now There making a whole new Batman Series which by the looks of it, has stupid looking animation!This is unacceptable! I really really hope Cartoon Network realize’s their mistake IMMEDIATELY. I mean really Young Justice, was ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS on Cartoon Network, I might even saw it was the BEST. Look how long Cartoon Network kept Ben 10! Can’t they keep Young Justice!They can’t end it yet!! I mean what happens after Savage meets with Apocalipto in the war world?? Will they attack Earth? Destroy the mighty Justice League and the team?? Come on don’t end it!!!!!
    Thanks for your time.
    ~Sincerely a lost viewer(of hundred,thousands, millions, or even Billions)

    P.S The Green Lantern Show was awesome, don’t get me started on how sad I am they canceled the show :(

  19. Bring them back!

  20. What bothers me, is that they say, this will fill DC fans needs, as if we blindly love every DC backed series their is. Wow, they must have no respect for our senses of individuality. They had something respectable and with that they sold us on GL, but, to compare the epic achievements of both these shows with these choppy paper thin throw together replacements is blasphemous.

    • And I totally agree, yes my son liked superheroes but, I’m stuck watching terribly designed, innuendo-esque, tonge in cheek shows. We were watching these two together at first and we both genuinely liked them. This was doomed from the start though, I don’t think I’ve seen a brand so poorly handled. It was as if they went after these two shows with a lynch mob, schedule changes, hiatuses instead of repeats, you name it, it happened to these shows. I’m not surprised, just disappointed. And I bought my son every figure to make the Hall of Justice and almost all the figures for him. The reasons I’m hearing are disgusting, we didn’t give them enough money, fast enough. Seriously?

      • To think they may revamp Young Justice years later like Teen Titans with even crappier animation makes me want to vomit…if that’s the plan, don’t bother. If YJ or GL ever come back, it better be the same or better, get some self respect DC/CN/TW. Stop acting like the second best and maybe you won’t be anymore. In these shows, DC truley shined, GL was a nice throw back to Batman TAS, JL, and JLU and YJ personified where the future of DC should be.

  21. Was going on with cn I’m done first they messed up Ben 10 and the jl show now its yj and green lantern and it seem someone wants to make the teen titians look stupid I’m done with this network their stupid

  22. This is a crazy network they cancel all the good shows

  23. i cant believe they are ruining teen titans it was the greatest show of the 21st century if you disagree you oviously do not understamd it and were too young.

  24. *Obviously

    • Ummm, Dan…you DO realize how arrogant, ignorant, and just plain dumb that sounds, right?

      …and this is coming from someone who found the first TeTi show entertaining.

  25. If you cancel these 2 cartoons, you lose an entire family of cartoon network. Best series on TV.

  26. What are you doing CN,my saturday’s are not complete unless I can see GL & YJ they both get my day started off right!! To delete them is like doomsday killing superman or bane taking out the dark knight!Don’t do this to the fans of DC Nation,you’ll lose excellent ratings for this!

    • I guess you’d like Disney or Boomerang to out rate you in that time slot huh????

  27. First, they found a way to f**k up the Ben 10 series with this Omniverse junk. Then they turn Adventure Time into a show for pre teen girls, then they Axe Gen-Rex, Thundercats and nOw Young Justice??!!! The show that single handedly made me stop putting money in Stan Lee’s pocket and switch to DC?? CN just keeps sh*tting on our demographic. I’d it wasn’t for Regular Show, I’d be long gone

  28. They can’t end Young Justice! How can Wally become the next generation of Flash if they ended with him “dying?” They have to have a way to revive him.