‘Young Justice’ and ‘Green Lantern’ Canceled by Cartoon Network?

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Cartoon Network Green Lantern Young Justice Cancelled Young Justice and Green Lantern Canceled by Cartoon Network?

Even in an age rich with comic book adaptations, superheroes aren’t always a sure thing. This is even truer on television, where a serialized format might best complement comics’ source material. Even if a such a show gains a fervent cult following on the Internet, flagging ratings can sink even the most faithful and beloved televised versions of popular characters.

The time has may have come once more for the axe to fall on two such superhero television series: the animated Green Lantern and Young Justice, currently showing as part of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation Saturday morning cartoon block. A press release by Cartoon Network highlighting its upcoming year of programming tellingly omits Young Justice and Green Lantern from its list of returning shows, indicating strongly that both series will conclude at the end of the current season.

While the Cartoon Network press release does not directly state that Young Justice and Green Lantern have been canceled, their absence from its lineup is telling. Moreover, the release specifically highlights two new DC Comics-based series set to begin airing as part of DC Nation on Saturdays – Teen Titans Go! and Beware the Batman. With these two shows slotted to begin next season, the departure of Lantern and Justice only makes sense.

Though Young Justice‘s cancellation has yet to be confirmed by its showrunners, it looks as if Green Lantern is definitely going the way of the dodo. Series producer Giancarlo Volpe acknowledged the end of the series via Twitter this afternoon. Volpe was muted in his announcement, fielding fan questions and confirming that all completed episodes of Green Lantern will air.

This is dismaying news for fans of both canceled series, which have gained decent followings during the previous year. However, it’s not particularly surprising – the entire DC Nation block was bumped from Saturdays in October and placed on a hiatus that only recently ended. This move presaged to many that the programming block might see some serious retooling in the near future.

Cartoon Network Beware the Batman Teen Titans Go Young Justice and Green Lantern Canceled by Cartoon Network?

Though DC Comics fans may be irritated that these animated adaptations are on the way out, the incoming Beware the Batman and Teen Titans Go! seem set to fulfill similar functions as Green Lantern and Young Justice, respectively. Beware the Batman is set to become the first CG-animated Batman adaptationΒ and will apparently focus on aspects of the hero’s mythos that have gone largely unexplored by previous iterations. Teen Titans Go! is a quasi-continuation of the rather popular Teen Titans cartoon series that aired on Cartoon Network in the mid-2000s; this version appears to lean more toward comedy than action and adventure.

As with any television series cancellation, a period of angry mourning has already begun for both Young Justice and Green Lantern. Thousands of fans have taken to the Internet’s favorite mode of attempting to press for change and/or maintaining the status quo: a petition to reinstate the series for new episodes. However, with next season’s DC Nation block already carved out, these pleas will likely fall on deaf ears. DC Comics fans will have to decide whether the cancellations are enraging enough to forego the interesting premises of the new DC Nation shows waiting in the wings.

Green Lantern and Young Justice will continue to air Saturday mornings on Cartoon Network’s DC Nation through the end of the current season.

Source: Cartoon Network [via Comic Book Resources]

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  1. Never really cared much for Green Lantern: TAS, but Young Justice has been absolutely amazing.

    I won’t even bother watching Teen Titans Go! and so far, what I’ve seen of Beware The Batman isn’t very impressive either.

    /Sigh. Dammit. Why can’t Cartoon Network just let up and show quality stuff? In fact, they can show repeats of great shows like Batman:TAS, Superman:TAS, Justice League (and JL Unlimited) and Batman Beyond. Not only will it save them a lot of money, but it’ll provide QUALITY entertainment for kids too – I don’t see a downside to doing that…

    • If your cable company carries The Hub, I suggest getting it. They air Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, and Batman Beyond every night.

      • Thanks for the heads up, but sadly, here in South Africa we don’t get The Hub :(

        • Move to America where you can get the Hub :) For those three shows, its totally worth it lol

    • @The Avenger, I feel the exact same way.

    • agreed i have Batman TAS on DVD so i make my nephew watch it instead of the other stuff thats on CN now. Never watched young justice but i was a big fan of the Justice League and JL Unlimited shows

  2. As monumentally angry/upset as I am about the cancellation of Young Justice, I can’t say that I’m surprised. Anyone who’s followed the series from the beginning can testify to the fact that the show has spent more time on hiatus than it’s spent on the air.

    I don’t know which jack*** (or jack***es) are responsible for the way this series has been handled, but they’ve pretty much guaranteed that I’ll never bother watching a superhero show on their network again.

  3. In case any one’s wondering, Cartoon Network anounced the Joker will not appear in Beware the Batman whatsoever. Their main focus is old forgotten characters in the Batman stories. As for the cancellations, im not to bummed about GL, i never watched it. Young Justice however, should stay on the air instead of Teen Titans Go! because it was a fantastic show and much better than a freakin chibi version of Teen Titans. There was absolutely no need to ruin two perfectly good shows like that, they should revamp the old Teen Titans, keep Young Justice and extend the DC Nation block.

  4. Man, that sucks. I could tell that it would happen when they put it on hiatus, then dropped YJ into a new storyline 5 years in the future. Nothing good could come from that.

  5. It amazes me that a show as good as YJ can actually be canceled. Do people not have any taste?

  6. I don’t know who in WB is responsible for either of these series production but they always seemed to be behind schedule.
    This, more than anything else may be why Cartoon Network pulled the plug.

    I’m still pissed though

    • actually it has been constantly put on hiatus by Cartoonnetwork

  7. This is bull, young justice is awesome
    Beware the Batman and Teen Titans Go! look like s****
    I am angry

  8. not surprised at all by the gl show – i thought it was terrible. young justice wasn’t too bad but i couldn’t watch consistently (only actually watched 2 or 3 episodes). my 5 year old is just confused about the young justice show. he wants batman, superman etc but instead it’s a show based on all their sidekicks etc. i understand the want to explore lesser known characters but that can backfire if not executed well.

    • “We’re not sidekicks.”-Young Justice

      • touche

      • +100

      • Uh, “Hero Support”? πŸ˜€

  9. I just want a large amount of the BTAS cast and crew to come together and work on a new Batman show. This probably hasn’t happened because of this enforced idea that everything must be fun and PG, whereas BTAS was an incredible masterpiece of dark stories and incredible writing mixed together

    • ^This.

    • Thatd be too much money now.

  10. I can understand the cancellation of Green Lantern but Young Justice has been AWESOME. Great story lines that has kept me watching. That would be a mistake, at least give it an extra season so they can wrap it up with an ending and not leave us hanging without a clear ending to the series.

  11. Hopefully it’s untrue as the previous posts set. I really enjoy both shows, they have a maturity and quality that I’ve been missing since JLU left the screen. Hope the keep them going.

    • Yes.

  12. They cannot do this! First it was Samurai Jack (which I am still hoping that a feature length movie will be made with Genndy Tartakovsky involved), next it was Sym-Bionic Titan (because Cartoon Network and Genndy Tartakovsky had some disagreements about the show, which led Tartakovsky to leave Cartoon Network), then it was the new Thundercats TV series (which is currently on hiatus for some odd reason), and now Young Justice & Green Lantern. This doesn’t make any sense; each of these shows had great storylines, characterizations, ratings as well as reviews, & they have been nominated and won many awards. I just don’t understand why they keep doing this, and maybe I never will.

  13. Time for a new cartoon channel to rise up and challenge Cartoon Network. The execs there now don’t have a clue about the good shows they have. Another network needs to come into existence and take these great shows under their care.

  14. :(

    Young Justice ruled.


  15. Wow guess they are gonna replace them with to crappy kid friendly shows. Wow they already did. Yeah I was suprised about the cancellation of ThunderCats! Young Justice was awesome! That Batman and Teen Titan shows look like crap!

  16. That sucks ! …I was ready every Saturday Morning when I was sober

  17. This better not be true, I can understand Green Lantern but Young Justice? That’s absurd. One of the best animation and script writing on TV! Give me 2 or even 1 that are better? Horrible just horrible, I can’t believe it. What is better? Seriously…

  18. I watched teen titans as a kid, didnt care for it. But young justice is an amazing show. I hate that CN ruined its chances by never giving it more than a couple episodes in a row. I really hope hey pull it together and realize that it is an aazing show. Other than adult swim this is the only reason I even bother with CN.

  19. This is certainly disappointing. Green Lantern never did much for me, but I was shocked at the quality and depth of the writing in Young Justice. There hasn’t been a DC animated show of that caliber since Justice League/Unlimited (and Batman Beyond, can’t remember which came first). It’s also nice to have a show that explores characters other then the big two (Supes and Bats). Also, Teen Titans Go seems to be aimed at a much younger demographic than Young Justice. Where is the love for comic fans that are older than 10?

  20. I will mis YJ as it is a decent show in the line of Unlimited.
    From the look of the screenie the new TT show is for toddlers and not anyone over the age of 4, somebody mentioned 10 but when I was 10 I didn’t want to see something that silly looking, mind you that was way back.

  21. Son of a b****. Green Lantern was amazing! I just don’t understand why these good shows don’t get the views but people stay up and watch ben 10 like its the best thing ever created.

  22. Cartoon Network sucks. They move programming around all over the place, it is never consistent. These shows were originally on Friday nights and then moved to Saturday mornings. Then they put the series on hiatus, now it is cancelled. Only show on CN worth watching. They are definitely a children’s network apparently run by children. They have the same attention spans. Young Justice is an excellent series with excellent writers. DC needs to get on a different better network that has some consistency.

  23. Curse you Cartoon Network, Young Justice has been amazing. I cannot fathom why its being cancelled especially with what they are replacing it with.

    Cartoon Network is run by idiots.

  24. Seriously, I can’t believe this! either than Adult Swim, YJ was the only show I’d watch CN for.
    Why are they doing this? Young Justice was awesome and the story lines were well written, a well produced animation.
    I dont wanna watch cartoons where I have to be half-brain-dozing to enjoy. Come On!!

  25. I am not upset by the cancellation of Young Justice nor am I surprised. When a show goes on an abrupt hiatus in October and doesn’t return until late January, you know its going to be cancelled. Besides, the life of a superhero cartoon is on average about 2 to 4 years. Usually to surpass that, a show will undergo cosmetic and title changes ala Justice League/Justice League Unlimited or BTAS/New Adventures ….

    I tend to like shows that are finished because then I never have to worry about the possibility of a show taking a nosedive after dedicating so much time to it.

    My only worry is that CN won’t give Young Justice a proper ending. At least allow enough episodes to give the series a full and complete ending in which all loose ends are tied up.

    I think what mostly annoys me about all of this is that they are replacing good shows with not so good shows. I mean do we really need reboots of past shows? It wouldn’t be so bad if they were at least replacing the shows with something just as good like when Batman Beyond replaced BTAS on the WB.

    There is a reason I tend to watch reruns of past superhero cartoons. The stuff currently on the air is just not good quality.

    Avengers and Young Justice were some of the best superhero cartoons since the end of the Justice League, they’ll be missed.

  26. Are you fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu************* kidding me, first they cancel Sym-bionic, then Thundercats, and now YJ and GL:TAS, someone please set whoever decided to not renew these shows on fire and then boil them in acid, CN has canceled 4 of it’s most well written top quality shows for no freaking reason. Cn deserves to just die as a network right now, I mean seriously why is it that these great shows are canceled yet Adventure Time, Regular show, Gumball, Johnny Test(god knows it shouldn’t be on), and those other horrible shows still be on the freaking air. This is not only a travesty, this is downright terrorism and discrimination against good tv and great cartoons with good story telling. It’s a freaking shame on how low CN has fallen from grace. As a channel they have nothing to offer besides fail attempts at humor and trash witless cartoons that drive children brain dead(looking at you Adventure Time.) Well Toonami is the only thing left to watch on the network now