‘Young Justice’ and ‘Green Lantern’ Canceled by Cartoon Network?

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Cartoon Network Green Lantern Young Justice Cancelled Young Justice and Green Lantern Canceled by Cartoon Network?

Even in an age rich with comic book adaptations, superheroes aren’t always a sure thing. This is even truer on television, where a serialized format might best complement comics’ source material. Even if a such a show gains a fervent cult following on the Internet, flagging ratings can sink even the most faithful and beloved televised versions of popular characters.

The time has may have come once more for the axe to fall on two such superhero television series: the animated Green Lantern and Young Justice, currently showing as part of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation Saturday morning cartoon block. A press release by Cartoon Network highlighting its upcoming year of programming tellingly omits Young Justice and Green Lantern from its list of returning shows, indicating strongly that both series will conclude at the end of the current season.

While the Cartoon Network press release does not directly state that Young Justice and Green Lantern have been canceled, their absence from its lineup is telling. Moreover, the release specifically highlights two new DC Comics-based series set to begin airing as part of DC Nation on Saturdays – Teen Titans Go! and Beware the Batman. With these two shows slotted to begin next season, the departure of Lantern and Justice only makes sense.

Though Young Justice‘s cancellation has yet to be confirmed by its showrunners, it looks as if Green Lantern is definitely going the way of the dodo. Series producer Giancarlo Volpe acknowledged the end of the series via Twitter this afternoon. Volpe was muted in his announcement, fielding fan questions and confirming that all completed episodes of Green Lantern will air.

This is dismaying news for fans of both canceled series, which have gained decent followings during the previous year. However, it’s not particularly surprising – the entire DC Nation block was bumped from Saturdays in October and placed on a hiatus that only recently ended. This move presaged to many that the programming block might see some serious retooling in the near future.

Cartoon Network Beware the Batman Teen Titans Go Young Justice and Green Lantern Canceled by Cartoon Network?

Though DC Comics fans may be irritated that these animated adaptations are on the way out, the incoming Beware the Batman and Teen Titans Go! seem set to fulfill similar functions as Green Lantern and Young Justice, respectively. Beware the Batman is set to become the first CG-animated Batman adaptation and will apparently focus on aspects of the hero’s mythos that have gone largely unexplored by previous iterations. Teen Titans Go! is a quasi-continuation of the rather popular Teen Titans cartoon series that aired on Cartoon Network in the mid-2000s; this version appears to lean more toward comedy than action and adventure.

As with any television series cancellation, a period of angry mourning has already begun for both Young Justice and Green Lantern. Thousands of fans have taken to the Internet’s favorite mode of attempting to press for change and/or maintaining the status quo: a petition to reinstate the series for new episodes. However, with next season’s DC Nation block already carved out, these pleas will likely fall on deaf ears. DC Comics fans will have to decide whether the cancellations are enraging enough to forego the interesting premises of the new DC Nation shows waiting in the wings.

Green Lantern and Young Justice will continue to air Saturday mornings on Cartoon Network’s DC Nation through the end of the current season.


Source: Cartoon Network [via Comic Book Resources]

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  1. What am I supposed to do with my life now???? Screw you Cartoon Network. You guys couldn’t keep a decent show if your network depended on it.

  2. Well that sucks Young Justice and clone wars were the only thing other than Robot chicken that I watched

  3. Its not canceled cartoon network reslease a statement saying that it was not canceled and both shows will be back on the air soon

    • can u post a link to this statement

  4. Wow i blame because the time. No one watches a show at 9 am. kids are at school and people have jobs to go to SOB!

    • its Saturday morning………

      • yes which means they would sleep in

  5. Both of these shows were fantastic; this news sucks.

  6. Son of a *******. #@*&^#$&*(%#@$%@%^*# Cartoon Network. You first kill off Ben 10 with a moronic, episodic crap version and now this? I was actually enjoying both shows (especially the deep, YJ story arc this season).

    You then replace them with yet ANOTHER incarnation of Batman which I am now sadly bored with after watching numerous incarnations over the past 20 years and an ultra silly Teen Titans?

    Guess I’m finally done with Cartoon Network.

    • It would appear as if we were all suckered into a rant response by a volatile tag line.

      Would have been nice to have updated this article to include the fact that neither show has been canceled.

  7. Damn, young justice was one of my favorite shows, since losing spectacular spiderman and avengers EMH marvel cartoons are garbage (I’m looking at you ultimate spiderman) and young justice was true quality animation and storytelling (they did in fact work on spectacular spiderman) and I genuinely I joyed the show and it’s characters. True shame that the best shows are always the ones to go.

  8. Young justice was good… Green lantern? not so much. So now there taking a awesome show away from us to give us teen titans chibi edition and replacing a meh CGI tv show with a CGI tv show that looks absolutely awful on every aspects!? THE HELL ARE YOU SMOKING CARTOON NETWORK!? And here I was starting to think Toonami and Young justice was making cartoon network a good channel again!!!

  9. You have got to be kidding me they just introduced deathstroke and arsenal they haven’t even gotten to red hood yet! Bs

  10. WTF. It’s hard to believe that awesome some shows like Young Justice and GREEN LANTURN TAKE the back set for crap cartoons like advancer time, regular show, and about 24 more absolutely retarded shows. The only other thing cartoon network has for them is its Adult Swim.

  11. I never really liked either.

    • “Shows will run their courses, others will premiere – but we are not canceling anything, and those two series are still on our air.” – Cartoon Network representative

      If anything, this only confirms that the shows were not taken off the air and that they will air the remaining shows they’ve produced.

  12. Are you f**king kidding me? Out of all of the crappy programming on cartoon network, they cancel those two? I didn’t even know that they cancelled the avengers:EMH, but i can’t speak on spectacular spider-man b/c i never watched it. If they are going to make another teen titans show, can they at least take a more serious approach & do we REALLY need another batman show? why not flash, the authority or birds of prey?

  13. The only cartoons i actually watch…

  14. News broke today that the DC Comics animated shows Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series were going to be canceled. After a press release of Cartoon Network 2013-2014 lists of new and returning shows didn’t have the 2 DC Comics show, fans of the show went into panic mode. News then broke that the shows were going to be canceled simply because it wasn’t on the programming list BUT NOT SO FAST MY FRIENDS! Two representatives from Cartoon Network told The World’s Finest about why Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series was absent from the schedule

    “Shows will run their courses, others will premiere – but we are not canceling anything, and those two series are still on our air.” – Cartoon Network representative

    “[We] still have premieres for both those shows and are committed to excellent action programming and are very excited about ‘Beware the Batman.’” – Cartoon Network representative

    It seems like they aren’t canceled but just won’t be on while new DC shows, Beware The Batman and Teen Titans GO!, are on. In other news, nothing about the possibility of Hellboy 3 happening. Peace.

    • +1

  15. If the do cancel them they are stupid. Those shows are the only good thing on there channel. This we haven’t canceled them is bs they are waiting to see if their new shows are crap


    *Reaction to* Green Lanturn: Eh

  17. Can they just not bring back Justice League Unlimited already

    • +1 JLU was great.

  18. Like I said in opening discussion this SUCKS! Why do these companies whether its WB or the cartoon network always have to mess around with the cool shows? Disney did with avengers emh and now cartoon network is pulling this s***! Young justice was the best cartoon on TV IMO, now it gets replaced with a crappy comedy version of teen titans?! Screw cartoon network! And WB if they had anything to do with this travesty!!

  19. I loved young justice, but then it decided to jump ahead and drop us into the middle of a storyline. I thought for a long time that I missed an entire season. Though I still enjoy the show, it shot itself in the foot.

  20. Young Justice was a decent show >.> Hate to see it go ;c

  21. so,.. we are supposed to accept the choppy & dull the Japanimated renditions of the superheroshows over the ones like these that are actually detailed and in depth? screw that. and CT network wonders why disney channel & Nickelodeon are still getting better raitings than them. well, when they are trying to make themselves be more like the Adult Swim network. you know, taking out the actually good shows, & replacing them with the oh-so-very-Unfunny L.A. shows & lame cartoons, that tends to happen.

    • Ummm, the answer to why the other two channels are enjoying whatever success they have has little to nothing to do with animated programming; instead, they are popular because of those corny, often moronic, teenybopper shows starring the Mileys and Selenas and (fill-in-the-blank_______) cookie-cutter, Iwannabeafamoussingerbutwilldothisshowtolaunchmyshortlivedcareer “role models”.

      In short…no.

      Having said that, I happen to enjoy both shows and will miss them if they do indeed disappear. “Young Justice” was excellent, and “Green Lantern” was deepening and finding its stride. I AM, however, very excited to see “Beware the Batman” as I think it has some great potential, and I’m fascinated by the sleek animation possibilities afforded by the new designs. “Teen Titans”…? Well, here’s hoping…

  22. Green lantern had actually kind of grown on me, and young justice was awesome. Teen titans go looks like the teen titan version of superhero squad show (which is craptastic super crap) and I’m skeptical of the new batman look. FU cartoon network

  23. I actually hear people excited for them “bringing back Teen Titans”

    i had to explain to them that the new show is a step down in both animation quality and story quality in order to pander to the children demographic. And to make way for this show, they are cutting “Young Justice” the best super hero show since Justice League.

    Young Justice really is my favorite cartoon currently playing. I always sleep in but i DVR it and watch it with my friends

  24. The whole shift in Young Justice was a real jolt for me. Still haven’t made all the connections, but I liked the show. GL is much better than the garbage on CN now. Losing these two shows & the new Thundercats blows.

    I’m finding the Hub airs more & more old cartoons that I like. Maybe someday it’ll give new life to these cancelled shows. Dare to dream.

    • I would really hope someone brings the new Thundercats back. I really enjoyed that show and couldn’t wait to see more. Never realized they cancelled it…

  25. No, Young Justice is one of the best animated shows i’ve watch in my life. Awesome character designs(Expecially Batman) and a very good story. Green Lantern too is very good. First they cancel Symbionic Titan and now these two, shame on you CN. With Clone Wars seemingly moving to Disney all i have left to watch is Adventure Time, Regular Show and Gumball(really good shows by the way).

  26. ANOTHER Batman cartoon??? Yeah, I can do without that. Never watched Teen Titans bc it was unwatchable…much like the stupid DC Shorts they show during DC Nation. SO unfunny.

    If they really wanna do some “shorts,” why not do non-comedic bits about lesser-known heroes…& with better animation. Do some quick, clever action scenes. They do use a variety of heroes, but I can’t get into it with the way they are portrayed now.

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