‘Young Justice’ Premiering on Cartoon Network This Friday

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young justice cartoon network Young Justice Premiering on Cartoon Network This Friday

Justice League Unlimited fans waiting for a spiritual successor to Bruce Timm’s work are about to be satisfied. Cartoon Network is airing a one-hour premiere of Young Justice, which follows the adventures of teenage counterparts to DC headliners Batman, Superman, Aquaman, the Flash and Green Arrow.

Based on the DC comic and similar fare like Teen Titans (not to be confused with the more goofy cartoon series of the same name), Young Justice follows the Dick Grayson version of Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Miss Martian, Superboy and Green Arrow proteges Speedy and Artemis.

Fans afraid of a return to the kid-friendly antics of the last series to feature these characters needn’t worry: the six-minute preview from MTV’s Splash Page features a more serious art style and plenty of input from DC headliners.

While DC Universe mastermind Bruce Timm isn’t directly involved with the project (he’s busy on the new animated Green Lantern, set to premier around the same time as the movie), Sam Register of Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Greg Weisman of Gargoyles are part of the production team.

The series isn’t part of the former Justice League Unlimited continuity or any of the recent DC Universe animated features. To avoid weighty continuity issues and better focus on the younger characters, Young Justice is set on Earth-16. This should allow the story room to breathe while keeping familiar heroes and villains available for future episodes and arcs.

You can take a look at the trailer below:

In the pilot, the young heroes are set up as a covert ops branch of the Justice League, able to carry out more subtle, nuanced missions than the heavy-hitters in the JLA main lineup. The hour-long special looks to feature the reveal of Superboy in his 90s-era Superman clone form, to avoid conflicting with CW’s long-running Smallville. Unlike the Teen Titans cartoon and the various comics, Aqualad will lead the squad instead of Robin.

Young Justice premieres November 26 @ 7:00 PM, on Cartoon Network.

Source: MTV, io9

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  1. I’ll watch it, but I am actually a fan of the last Teen Titans show. Here’s to hoping Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven and Cyborg show up in this series.

    • I liked the characters and some of the action sequences (especially the Robin-Slade dynamic) but the super expressive psuedo-anime “humor” was a real turn off. Bright spots were the Tournament of Champions and Brother Blood episodes.

      • They are using character names that belong to the original young justice:
        Robin – except it’s not tim drake
        Superboy – original character in young justice
        kid flash – his original name in young justice was impulse
        arrowette – original character in young justice; but left later in the comics
        Red Tornado – original character in young justice

        In a way this series is about the original young justice but TV shows will never create a series that’s exactly to the original content.

  2. I’m definitly interested, been awhile since I saw the Just-us League kick butt. And come on: the glass-jaw-joke and the Flashes arriving late? That’s funny :p

  3. why’d they use the dick grayson version of robin? tim drake would be more accurate, as he was the robin in the comic young justice, and he was robin when superboy appears. plus it’d be cool to see nightwing be a mentor to tim’s robin.

    • They’re not looking to be accurate because this isn’t an adaption of young justice it has characters who are linked to the justice league and it has that name but it isn’t young justice.

  4. I wished Bruce Timm & Co. made another season or two of Justice league Unlimited or atleast release feature length dvd movies of the show. Or go back to do one more season of Superman:TAS that would focus on Superman gaining back the people’s trust as Bruce Timm said he wouldn’t mind doin if he had to redo Superman or Batman:TAS.

    • I agree. Justice LEague was an awesome series. WOuld love to see more.

  5. Lame. Aquaman is lame and always be lame and it sucks so bad that the only black character on the show is freaking little aquaman… lame the black man can never catch a break.

    • There are so many things wrong with this. I’ll go with the worst part. Aquaman? The guy is in no way, shape or form lame. Thank you, Superfriends, for taking a character that is fairly well steeped in badassery in the hands of a good writer, and ruining the public perception of him.

    • ty…

      Did you actually WATCH the trailer? Aquaman and Aqualad worked very well together and kicked butt. Aqualad, if the article is correct, will be leading the YJ team. Aqualad, in the trailer, seemed to be an extremly effective close-combat fighter.

      WHERE do see lame? An eye test would be a good choice for you, I think.

      Oh, and stop with the race-baiting; it’s stupid and quite low-brow.

    • Well this version is apparently Black Manta’s son. So eh I think it’ll provide some interesting arcs.

    • Aqualad is the leader of the team in this dude, guess the black man got a break huh

  6. I am SO looking forward to this series. I miss JLU and all of Timm’s work.

  7. This looks great…I loved the humor, the dramatic build-up(s), the interactions, and the character choices. I’m very much looking forward to the show. :)

    • Your a pursit and you can’t be talked too

    • What’s so confusing? …different show, different continuity…not a problem…

      Oh, and HOW is this “a lazy situation”? They said this has no relation to JLU or other animated DC programs…Anybody who is even half-awake while watching the first five minutes of whatever episosode(s) they catch will realize the differences…not too difficult.

  8. @Wally West – so, so agree with you 100% – The Justice League Unlimited series finished so prematurely. They could so easily revive the show for as many seasons as they wish as they have so much material and characters to work from. I would so prefer this series than Young Justice which just doesn’t excite me at all.

    Overall any traditional 2d animated shows nowadays just aren’t that good. Gone is that golden age of the 90s of animated shows such as X-Men, Batman, Spiderman were so unmissable. Of cousre you cannot forget the almost imcomparable Dragonball Z, along with Monster Rancher, Gargoyles, Conan the Adventurer etc. The recent He-Man revamp was going really strong befoe being cancelled. Theses were all shows high on action but with story and quality animation. Everything now is so kiddie orientated – not too impressed with the Avengers show particularly either. Any shows now are just a watered down diluted version of the classic shows from before. Can somebody please bring these shows back.

    Note to Screen Rant – a serious suggestion for a new topic of discussion –

    ”Which is the greatest animated series ever??? ”

    • @ lebsta

      Thank you. If i knew what address to send letters to, id send one once or twice a week lol, requesting Bruce Timm & Co to reconsider makin another season or two of JLU or even several JLU dvd movies. Id even pitch ideas id like to see, such as the Death & Return Of Superman story arc shown properly since they got all those heroes on the show and can show more than core heroes walkin behind the casket. I know they might have to twist it a bit because of Characters like Eradicator, Cyborg Superman, Superboy, Steel who’s already on the show. But besides that idea after figures i collected from the toyline, id like to see Firestorm & Cyborg on the show. The last 13 episode for me wasn’t enough, left me wanting more since i loved how Luthor took over the Secret Society from Grodd etc. Yeah, alot of great shows were made in the 90’s, by both DC & Marvel. That’s good poll question there, & a hard one too because there’s more than one i like.

  9. So happy that this is coming out tomorrow, though unfortunately after this it’s a wait until January for more episodes.

    This show has Greg Weisman as one of it’s co-creators and I haven’t seen a show by him that wasn’t great (Gargoyles, Spectacular Spider-Man). It also has plenty of other great people working on it as well. Looking at discussions of their plans for the series (at least with the first season) seem quite promising overall with what they are going for.

  10. I don’t know much at all about all the different DC universes and continuities but this certainly looks interesting.

    I’m more of a MARVEL fan but do enjoy a few DC titles & graphic novels. I love the animation style. It’s better than some of the MARVEL stuff I’ve seen. :-)

    • @ Magnetic Eye

      People like myself would call the following shows part of the Timmverse animation. It started with Batman:TAS, Superman: TAS which connected w/ the New Batman Adventures airing as The New Batman/Superman Adventures. Then came Batman Beyond & to see if a Justice League Series would be picked up etc, they made the two parter episode (The Call) in season 3 of the show. Then came Justice League seasons 1&2 & was retitled Justice League Unlimited for two More seasons, actually 3 but two by dvd boxsets. Feature length dvd films that excist in the same universe would include Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm, Batman: Subzero, Batman: Mystery Of The Batwoman. Though done with same animation style & original voice actors, Namely Tim Daly, Superman: Brainiac Attacks isnt in the same universe. Other dvds like The Batman/Superman Movie, Justice League Starcrossed, Superman: Last Son of Krypton are episodes that can be found on boxsets. Other dvd films like Superman: Doomsday, WonderWoman, Green Lantern: First Flight are seperate solo movies that got nothin to do with the Timmverse or each other. I hope this helped you out.

      • @ WallyWest

        Yes it does. Thanks! :-)

  11. What’s with all the ice villains attacking on the same day?

  12. Did they make Aqualad leader to draw attention away from how lame-ass his character and mentor are? Good ploy.

    • Do me a favor, yeah? Tell me what Aquaman’s standard power set is.

        • He has the powers of a citizen of Bikini Bottom, then?

          And I was under the impression that Robin and/or Superboy were the powerhouses of the team, regardless of whether it be Justice or Titans. I don’t know. My only issue with Aqualad… If his abilities extended to manipulation of water, like atmospheric control, for example, then I’d be…more accepting of him. I still need to catch up on the Young Justice to see if Mr. Aqualad is worthwhile. I actually hope to be wrong… (That he sucks)

  13. i watched it and thought it was nicely done. really cool to see a lot of the dc universe in one show.

  14. I don’t see much point in showing Green Arrow and Speedy when Speedy isn’t even a member of the team. From what I have found online, its a female archer named Artemis who wears a purple costume. In all of the team pictures, Speedy isn’t seen and in the listing of members of the team, he isn’t on there. Green Arrow and Speedy always get shoved out of the way :(