2nd Trailer For ‘Yogi Bear’ Is Mostly Harmless

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Second trailer for Yogi Bear 2nd Trailer For Yogi Bear Is Mostly Harmless

Nobody really asked for a 3D film version of the Yogi Bear cartoon that features the vocal talents of Dan Aykroyd or Justin Timberlake – but that is exactly what moviegoers will get this December.

A second trailer has been released for Yogi Bear, the titular star who made his debut as a side character on the cartoon The Huckleberry Hound Show back in 1958.  The picnic-basket-loving bear was given his own TV series three years later and has since become one of the most famous characters created by Hanna-Barbera Productions.

Fast forward to 2010 and now Yogi Bear (voice of Aykroyd) and his companion Boo Boo (Timberlake) have been brought to life in a motion picture via the magic of modern-day computer technology.  Joining the animated critters in the film will be flesh-and-bone performers Tom Cavanagh (a.k.a. Zach Braff’s brother on Scrubs) and Anna Faris (star of the Scary Movie franchise).

The plot of Yogi Bear revolves around a ploy by an evil mayor who is out to shut down Jellystone Park and the subsequent efforts of Yogi, Boo Boo, and their old nemesis Ranger Smith (Cavanagh) to try and save the beloved forest.  Not that any of this can be gleaned from the new trailer, but really, it is for a Yogi Bear movie – we should just be thankful it contains only one “bears passing gas” joke.

Check out the second official trailer below:

The film looks pretty harmless, all things considered – yes, this is a show for the kiddies, but for the most part the footage released so far has consisted of inoffensive gags involving food, comical pratfalls and Cavanagh playing the straight man opposite his not-very-convincing CG co-stars, a la Jason Lee in the Alvin & the Chipmunks movies.  Hey, it can’t be any worse than those were, right? icon razz 2nd Trailer For Yogi Bear Is Mostly Harmless

Will Yogi have the same success at the box office as Alvin, Simon and Theodore did?  The former’s movie is being released at the beginning of the winter holiday season and aims to appeal to the same family crowd that flocked to check out the Chipmunk’s (sigh…) Squeakquel around the same time last year.  Warner Bros. can only hope that not all moviegoers opt to see Tron Legacy instead.

Yogi Bear arrives in 2D and 3D theaters in the U.S. on December 17th, 2010.

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  1. This was one of the worst trailers I’ve ever seen in theaters, kiddie film or not. I’d much rather a classic cartoon animated feature instead.

    And to top it off, the bears look poorly animated, like they belong in an all-CGI flick.

    I guess I’m wearing hater pants today or something, heh.

    • @ Rob

      I guess the trailer was so lame I didn’t feel the need to get worked up about it.

      Plus, it is a Yogi Bear movie – my expectations were so low from the get go, it would’ve been hard for it to be worse than I already imagined.

  2. i’d rather see a Hong Kong Phooey cartoon movie

    • id rather see a movie about oxygen! how excited that would be :)

  3. I cant wait to see this!!!!

    JK lol

    I might take my lil bro though…

  4. I never understand the hate towards these kids movies. They’re not rying to get adults to go. They’re trying to get kids to tell their parents they want to see it. Whether any of us think this movie looks good is beside the point. Its a kids movie for kids to enjoy. Not for adults with no kids to enjoy. That’s why we have Pixar. So I say who cares if it looks bad, let the kids have it.

      • watching these movies is just something parents have to deal with. what i dont understand is why so many get all in a fit because its not a good movie. the filmmakers dont care. they’re just making money and hey if some 1 million 7 years old think it’s great then perfect. I mean I watch Space Jam now and say wow this was not that great but when I was a kid it was awesome. Personally I dont take any reviews of any family friendly movies seriously because thats not the point of them. Now you take a Scorcese movie, that’s meant to say something and be good. This, not so much.

  5. I thought it captured the feel of the old cartoon pretty well. Questionable CG aside, I’ll be taking my daughter to see it. She loves Yogi’s cartoons and I love having all my old favorite cartoons on DVD.

    BTW Anthony, Hong Kong Phooey could be funny but would probably look just as lame to you if done live-action. Just guessing though.

  6. He almost sounds like a Rodney Dangerfield…

  7. this looks so bad, so so bad

  8. I think what a few people are trying to say (12 yo here) is there are few and far movies “just for kids”.

    While I appreciate the film makers putting in little nods for the adults I dont mind a film that is for kids. I don’t mind sitting through it as long as my son enjoys it.

    Even if he doesn’t enjoy it he still gets to experience it. He then can talk about it (hopefully intelligently… most times.. :D ).

  9. I’m sorry. This does NOT look anything like the Yogi cartoon. Yogi never farted in the cartoon. Why do they insist on putting fart jokes in modern ‘kids’ films!? The voice work sounds bad. The animation looks horrible. The jokes fall flat even in the trailer. Why would any parent subject their kid to this garbage?! True, a kid’s film is a kid’s film; but, have some respect for your child and take them to see quality instead of bruising their brains with this kind of mindless pablum. Legend of the Gaurdians is a perfect example of a kid’s movie I’m actually proud to take my children to see…

  10. Okay, ‘jam head’. Feel free to waste your time and money on this piece of trash. I’ll take my kids to Schlitterbahn, instead…

    • no no.. I wouldn’t waste money on this in the theaters, but maybe a rental when kid sitting my nephew because he would find it funny.

  11. Why can’t they at least get the character design of Yogi & Boo Boo correct?

    These don’t even look remotely like the cartoon character designs, nor do they look like real bears. It is this nether region between the two. Makes me wonder if some suit thought real looking bears would not be funny, but the CGI animators could not draw the old style Yogi & Boo-Boo in 3-d.

    I’ll pass.

  12. Some parts of every kids childhood should just be left alone.

  13. Yes a Bear does crap in the woods, and in theaters too, and now we know what it smells like!

  14. What if the pic-a-nic basket loving bear gets a new franchise if his new film turns out sucessful?