X-Men Spinoffs: Deadpool, Storm & Gambit With Rogue?

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gambit rogue taylor kitsch anna paquin X Men Spinoffs: Deadpool, Storm & Gambit With Rogue?

As we enter the aftermath of the opening weekend of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the discussions of spinoffs and sequels hit full throttle.

We’ve heard for a while now about the internal discussions at Fox about the many possible films that can branch out from the series so far. These include X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2, Deadpool, X-Men: First Class, X-Men Origins: Magneto and a Gambit solo.

Well, what’s it going to be?

With Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine origins movie banking nearly $160 Million worldwide this weekend, we can expect to see some green lights on upcoming Fox productions in the X-Men franchise.

For now, let’s talk about what the actors want to see in the future. The other day, I wrote about Ryan Reynolds and his desire to not only have his own Deadpool solo movie, but to feature the character Cable as his opposite in the film. I’m all for that idea as I thought Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in the Wolverine movie was one of the best parts (pre-Weapon XI that is).

cable and deadpool ryan reynolds1 X Men Spinoffs: Deadpool, Storm & Gambit With Rogue?

For those who don’t know the character, Cable is the son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey’s clone) who was taken to the future only to return as a much older and hardened mutant. This will certainly not be his origin if he is ever to appear in the movies. At least, not until the X-Men franchise is rebooted in the not-too-distant future.

I also thought that Cable would be a good character to introduce into the X-franchise and I proposed that a good place for his introduction would be in X-Men: First Class as it will bring back major characters Cyclops and Jean Grey back into the mix (and possibly Emma Frost). That way, Cable would known by audiences by the time Deadpool is made.

So, out of the solo possibilities, Deadpool seems a more likely choice than Gambit, if not for the fact Ryan Reynolds has significantly more star power than Taylor Kitsch.

As for Gambit, he is one of my favorite characters from the comics and of the classic nineties animated series. In the movie, he does not earn such praise from me.

While Gambit is a cool character and Taylor Kitsch a good actor, together they do not meet the basic needs of what many fans of the character want. Gambit needs his Cajun accent and his French catch-phrases – that is essential.

In the comments section of Screen Rant’s review of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, you may have seen my review of the movie where I discuss a few of the characters. In it, I talk about how Gambit came off as some cocky southern kid and didn’t have the coolness or suave that the real Gambit puts forth. He wasn’t a bad character in the movie; he was just a weak character who could jump 50 feet high and nothing like the Marvel versions.

Regardless, Gambit is one of the spinoff possibilities. What does Taylor Kitsch, the actor who plays him want in a Gambit spinoff? In speaking to MTV before X-Men Origins: Wolverine hit theaters, the Canadian actor of Friday Night Lights fame said:

“I would love to go darker… [Gambit] in Vegas was fun, but I want to go into the Thieves Guild part of his story.”

“How cool would it be to see him stealing things to survive because the stakes are so high?… Of course, as an actor, I’m always going to the darker side, but for him that would just be way more intriguing.”

“Come on, Fox… Let’s do it.”

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  1. I would really like seing a Gambit solo movie because in X Men Origins: Wolverine was the first time the introduced Gambit and they left him out in the X Men trilogy.

  2. Dead Pool is pretty much a given. If you saw the scene after the credits in Wolverine, you can pretty much surmise that the intention of the studio is to make a Dead Pool solo movie. It’s going to happen. The question now is who is going to helm the project. I’m hoping it’s not Hood as I don’t think he did a good job with Wolverine, but we’ll see.

    I’m also torn on a Gambit film. I’m a huge Gambit fan, been in love with him since I was 12 years old. Now, as an actor, I like Taylor Kitsch, but I was not impressed with his portrayal of Gambit. The accent was terrible – he sounded more like a Southern boy with a lot less charm, and there were NONE of his French catch phrases which are an integral part of his character, that’s just who he is. Now, if they do a spin off and cast Kitsch in the role, I’d expect he spend some extensive time with a vocal coach to get that accent right. I also think it would be an origins film, which means it’s not going to include Rogue – though I’d love to see that since I think it’s one of the more interesting stories of X-Men anyway. So, I think we’d see more of his time in the Thieves Guild and Bella Donna would be the woman in his movie. I’d be ok with all of that if they did an X-Men 4 where he joined up with the X-Men and Rogue gained her powers back and then some. It’s feasible, his name was on the list in X-Men 2. And since they’re moving the love interest for Iceman from Rogue (which was idiotic in the first place) to Kitty Pride (still idiotic, but better then Rogue) that leaves room for Rogue and Gambit to fall in love. Phoenix isn’t dead, as it’s been pointed out, a phoenix will rise from the ashes. Scott isn’t dead either. Storm and Logan didn’t find a body, only the glasses. And Professor X isn’t dead…the scene after the credits hints at that as well. A 4th film could work and make for a better story than it’s predecessors if written properly. My thought on that is that none of the previous writers need be involved as they had three chances to fix things and only made them worse. Keep both Singer and Ratner off the directing side, and for the love of God, someone replace Berry as Storm, and I think we’ll have a decent shot at a good X-Men film.

    No thanks to the Storm movie, especially if Halle Berry is playing it. That was a horrible choice from the get go.

  3. I disagree with Rob Keyes and Kristy. Believe it or not but X-men would not be the same without storm. Storm was the unique one do to her abilities with weather. Storm was always the one that was right by charles and along with him, she was the caring, protecting, person in the X-men always giving good advice. Considering that she was one of the strongest female mutants along with Jean, A X-men origin based on Storm, Jean, Charles Xavier, including, Emma Frost, fighting the shadow king sounds like a smashing movie. This showing people how important, and strong the female mutants really are. Including with other X-men characters like,
    even Gambit
    Plus this could get into more with the family of storm, her nephew Spike. She could have a kid

  4. I would love a movie about storm origins if you ever read any of the comics storms background was amazing I love wolverine but my favorite was kitty pryde and her love for Colossus and his little sister Illyana I hate how much they ruin the characters when they put them in the movie way before they were ever in the group of x-men but hollywood is famous for that x3 was the worst movie I have ever seen they ruin it and true fans of the comics should have been disgusted as I was and whatever project they choose to do I am sure they will ruin it compared to the comic of it so I guess it won’t matter in the end

  5. I recon storm should have
    her own movie cause shes
    a awesome character!!
    and halle berry is really good
    at acting and + i luv storm[halle berry]!!!!!

    x-men iz kool!!!!!

  6. Storm is an awesome character, one of the best Marvel has. However, Halle Berry as Storm isn’t as awesome and she doesn’t fit the role.

  7. Storm is an awesome character but I disagree on on e point you made as have others…that Halle doesn’t fit the role.
    I really really believe that most of the reason that Halle’s Storm has not been the Storm we want is because of the writers mostly but also directors giving poor direction. If Halle had the kind of support and time put into her character that writer and directors gave Hugh for Wolverine, i think we would see a different Storm. I still believe Halle could be a good Storm.

    Now as far as who could play a young Storm…I have been puzzled until now. I saw the premier of Vampire Diaries last night. The actress who plays Bonnie would be really good as a young Storm and or Storm period if they ever were to reboot X-MEN and not use Halle. The actresses name is KATERINA GRAHAM. Google her and tell me what you guys think. I’m sure you could even see her on youtube. I think she looks the part seeing as she beautiful but also she seems to have the acting chops.

    • I would really love a Storm Movie as well. But I believe a lot of us are tired of the “novice” and need a real hardcore film that gives into Storms true abilities. I believe that could only be given by an experienced Storm play by an experienced actress like Roshumba Williams..you may have seen in the series “Mortal Kombat: Conquest” as the character Quali, friend of Kitana. She has the look, hieght, figure, voice and attitude of Storm herself. So far all comic based movies have been boring and far ass-backwards, especially when it came down to similar traits. Roshumba Williams would do Storm great justice.

  8. I love Halle – but never in the role of Storm. She’s just not tall or athletic enough. And the writers really weakened her character in the movies. On paper Storm is not just beautiful – but statuesque, bold and a real butt-kicker! She flies and takes charge when necessary. The movies don’t do her character justice so I don’t think a solo bit will do well. Too much hype over the Wolverine. He was never my favorite X-Man. Cyclops is way more appealing to me. An origins movie would be great I think but only if there is not the over emphasis on Wolverine and Jean Grey.

  9. I disagree if the writers would give Halle something to work with, she could do it. I understand the height thing but you have to remember James who play’s Cyclops is not nearly as tall as his character in the comics and yet I think he ulled his role off beautifully. I believe that if the writers and director would give Halle and Storm the time they deserve we would have a great movie.

  10. I agree no Storm movie especially with Halle Berry. However with that being said I would like to see a Rogue spinoff, with her and Wolvie teaming up like they did in Japan. I think the combination of those two would make for a butt kicking good time because they both love to fight and they are unstoppable together (in the comics and cartoons anyway). Wolverines’ main purpose is to kill, hence the name soul taker, but with Rogue he can actually give life, and I think that is why he grew so close to her in the comics. Nothing romantical, just a great pairing, neither one can die, that would really spoil a bad guys day. They would certainly have to give Rogue her proper abilities to make it good..Rogue is an awesome female character with so many layers her possibilities are endless. I think Anna Paquin could have rocked that role in all the X-Men movies if they had done Rogues character justice.

  11. Yeah if we have to have yet another movie that’s all about Wolverine I would love to see Rogue in it, with Miss marvels powers. That being said I’m sick of Wolverine lol.

    I still say Storm movie with Gambit.

  12. Check this out guys. Got this from http://www.xmenfilms.net

    Shuler Donner revealed that she has been cooking up plans for several other mutant films. The two she named? An X4, reuniting the X-Men and a big screen outing for The New Mutants. X4, she said, had yet to be pitched to the studio

  13. Halle and Storm just don’t mix. I agree that Storm was a huge character in the comics and in the 90′s series. But if there are going to be more solo movies for the different characters then Storm should not be one of them.

  14. I love Storm as a character, however I can’t see Halle donning the mohawk to accurately potray her character. Not to mention that technically only Wolverine should be played by the same actor in an origin film. So who’s to say that she would even play the part. Yet, she is essential in the movies. It was horrible enough when they got rid of Nightcrawler for the third movie- losing Storm would be a horrible plan.

  15. The most upsetting part for me is that there’s no rogue and remy (aka gambit) time. I am a HUGE fan and know anything that is everything about the cutest couple in Marvel history. I was disappointed to see the first 3 x-men movies. Rogue’s real name is ANNA MARIE PEOPLE NOT MARIE! I was flabbergasted to hear that she was going out with iceboy and that gambit wasn’t in one movie with his chere yet. The ragin’ cajun just isn’t himself without his southern belle. They should have a spinoff before they meet for both rogue and gambit then have another were they left off and meet each other. I could think of ten thousand things for the movie right now. I have to write my own fanfic stories cause these people don’t know crap if it bit them in the butt. I also believe that storm and wolverine makes a perfect couple, will not perfect that’s boring like boy scout aka scott and ms. perfect aka jean. Ororo and logan’s relationship would be exciting and something new and juicy (please don’t hate me for loving them as a couple, I have many fanfic where they are married and have kids. Now can’t you see logan having to run around with ororo to catch their little tykes. ADORABLE I KNOW!!!!!) But can’t you image rogue as a little girl being abused by her drunk father and running away from home to meet and be adopted by mystique and then run away again after the cody thing and meet charles and her adoptive brother kurt aka nightcrawler. Gambit being abandoned at a hospital cause of his red on black eyes (so dreamy by the way), the hospital just gets rid from him and he grows up on the street and picks pocket jean-luc, jean-luc adopts him at the age of four and trains him to be the prince of thieves along with his adoptive brother henry. ororo having to go through the plane crash at her home and being buried alive right next to her deceased parents, (correct me if i’m wrong but the movies didn’t say anything about storm being claustrophobic)I MEAN SERIOUSLY PEOPLE MY PINKY HAS MORE IMAGINATION THEN THE X MEN MOVIES, but you always need to think about the money and that’s something they have that i don’t. But i love deadpool just not as much. Also i think warren wothington and betts bradlock (sorry if i spelled it wrong) should be a couple. The biggest thing i’ve notice is THEY DIDN’T PUT SCARLET WITCH IN THE MOVIES, THEY DIDN’T EVEN PUT MAGNETO’S OWN DAUGHTER IN ONE MOVIE, AND THEY PUT QUICKSILVER AS A GIRL, WHAT THE HELL IS PEIRTO DOING AS A GIRL, WERE THEY TRYING TO MIX HIS POWERS INTO SOMETHING THAT LOOKED LIKE WANDA. Well guess what, IT DIDN’T WORK. But i do have to say that jean dying twice AND scott dying was beautiful, that have to be my fav parts in x-men movies 2 & 3. My fav part in the first movie is rogue kissing cody( NO PEOPLE HIS NAME IS NOT JACOB, THOSE DUMBASSES!) ALSO SHE WAS BORN WITH THOSE WHITE STRIPS IN HER HAIR, AND THEY SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN EMBALD GREEN CONTACTS CAUSE ROGUE DON’T GOT NOT BROWN EYES, NEITHER DOES REMY, RED ON BLECK, NOT BROWN AND NOT RED ON WHITE, WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING, oh wait I can answer that THEY’RE NOT THINKING AT ALL!
    Well i hope u enjoyed what i THINK
    Thanks for reading

  16. I really hope they come out with a Gambit movie and have Rogue in it. That would be the best. I have be waiting years for a Xmen movie with them two in it and finally it might come. I was very upset when Gambit wasnt in any of the Xmen movies (only thing in one of the movies was his name) and then when he played in the Wolverine movie it was a short part and did not show the Gambit that we all love. He wasnt the cool, confident, flirtatious Gambit we all know. But I was happy to see him in the movie.

    I hope that if this movie is really coming out that it has the Ragin’ Cajun and his Southern Belle Rogue.

  17. i think its time for x-men to have a rest for a while let the deadpool movie happen because ryan reynolds would be an amazing deadpool because he’s a brilliant actor, leave x-men for 5-10 years and get paramount studios to do those movies because they will get the job done right unlike fox who ruin quite a few big comic cartoon franchises they ruined dragonball and they slowly ruined x-men the only thing they got right was patrick stewart and sir ian mckellen as professor x and magneto

  18. oh and they need gambit to be in another x-men if they do make it and the storyline of him and rogue and i would of like to have seen these bad guys mr sinister apocalypse sauron and onslaught

  19. i think a storm spin off would me great but great some one a bit more like storm to play her in this movie and if you use the right story lines form the comics then your have a hit

  20. The ONly reason spinoffs are being made is because they ended Xmen but wanna keep the franchise going. It sucks big time, especially since i think if they put theyre heads together they could make an xmen 4 work. Im pretty sure Famke Janesen doesnt want to do xmen anymore but u could press on without her. or offer her something intriguing. Ive got a few ideas anyway. Xmen are by far the coolest team ever assembled. The movies if done write would kill avengers. As for CABLE i think Deadpool would be a good start off point for him. THe guy is a time traveler. Ya people are gonna be like “whos that guy” but it would give him some mystery. Then he could be in another X movie. and It would get really interesting. Rmember in the 90's series when he would jus be in certain episodes. He really got u wanting to know who he was. Thats what they should go for. That Hardass from Avatar could maybe play him. huh? i dunno. SOme one get Brian Singer on the phone i got some thigns to discuss with him!!!!

  21. The ONly reason spinoffs are being made is because they ended Xmen but wanna keep the franchise going. It sucks big time, especially since i think if they put theyre heads together they could make an xmen 4 work. Im pretty sure Famke Janesen doesnt want to do xmen anymore but u could press on without her. or offer her something intriguing. Ive got a few ideas anyway. Xmen are by far the coolest team ever assembled. The movies if done write would kill avengers. As for CABLE i think Deadpool would be a good start off point for him. THe guy is a time traveler. Ya people are gonna be like “whos that guy” but it would give him some mystery. Then he could be in another X movie. and It would get really interesting. Rmember in the 90's series when he would jus be in certain episodes. He really got u wanting to know who he was. Thats what they should go for. That Hardass from Avatar could maybe play him. huh? i dunno. SOme one get Brian Singer on the phone i got some thigns to discuss with him!!!!

  22. My personal actor choices for cable: Michael Biehn (Terminator, he's used to time-travel and the not-so-distant future), Sly Stallone (great old school worn-out superhero look), Thomas Jane (The Punisher, Cristopher Lambert look-alike), and maybe Dolph Lundgren (well directed and with some serious acting coaching from… say… Jeremy Irons)

  23. they shouldn’t make any more x-men spin-offs period! stop doing that so much. it’s ridiculously stupid. i don’t want to see a Gambit solo movie or a Storm one. i’m looking forward to Deadpool but not Magneto. i don’t care about a first class x-men movie either. i’m also waiting for the Wolverine sequel. i just really want to see a fourth x-men movie the most.

  24. I would love a gambit spin off! :D maybe Taylor Kitch would have to work on some things but I realy think it could work :) would be even better if rogue is gonna be in it too… I always loved those 2 together in the comics :)

  25. I agree about Storm being a great character, and although I LOVE Halle Berry – she is not the one to play storm. Mahammed Ali’s daughter, Grace Jones, and other larger, stronger women need to play this character. Storm is a GOD (Mythical), and her back story has her stronger than even Phoenix – but she was watered down in the movie. Unlike Phoenix, she has no inner demon commanding her outer strength – and her relationships with other African Gods would set this story off in a whole new direction. Think about it Hollywood…and get a Marvels Legends and read it sometime.

  26. Have any of you people thought of RIHANNA(the singer) would be a good
    choice she’s it all she has the look and she already has an accent they would just have twick it a little to sound like and african accent and when wolverine goes to japan thats when storm meets youkio and chaves her had RIHANNA already has that and she the one who looks good with that type of hair style!!!!!!!!! so she has my vote 100% know one has mentioned her yet and i think she’s the perfect choice the BEST choice!!!!Go RIHANNA :)

  27. Rihanna? What?
    Sweet Jesus no!

  28. All the strong characters are weak ,not because of the actors but because of the WRITERS they are the ones that made them weak as HELL and even the best actors can only do so much with poor writing going on lets keep it real the writing for all of these movies are sad ,don’t get me wrong I am a die hard X MEN FAN but all the story’s have been really weak STANLEY LEE where are you they need a lot of help stop tryna change original story to try and fit the big screen that when y’all start messing up.

    • Yes they should made a movies about the
      Gambit and
      Rogue but it would be much batter if they bry
      Jubilee in the picture oh and Don’t forget
      X23 and
      I thank they are cool.

  29. Storm is not weak in the movies because it Halley Berry – it’s because of the script. Anyone who knows about Storm knows she was far more powerful than portrayed in the movie – much more powerful and popular than the ones they have pumped up, characters who had no popularity at all in the comics. The most powerful characters in comics were featured in animated media – Storm was one of them… where was Phoenix in our afterschool cartoons? Nowhere and nobody cared.

    Beast was more interesting and more popular than Wolverine – yet movie after movie it’s all about Wolverine. I am actually tired of the X-Men movies and it’s narrow focus, not to mention taking liberties to virtually destroy characters for whatever subjective reasons they may have. Magneto was not an octogenarian in the comics – and I was sorely disappointed in the role choice no matter what the pedigree of the actor. And the Nightcrawler I read about did not have overtones of a conflicted bible freak with gay tendencies – as most of the male characters, weakened so that Wolverine could look like he was the strongest character. They should re-name the series “Wolverine’s Lookin’ for a Mutant to Love” – because it isn’t the X-Men, it’s a love drama disguised as a superheor movie – and a free ride for Hugh Jackman.