X-Men Spinoffs: Deadpool, Storm & Gambit With Rogue?

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gambit rogue taylor kitsch anna paquin X Men Spinoffs: Deadpool, Storm & Gambit With Rogue?

As we enter the aftermath of the opening weekend of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the discussions of spinoffs and sequels hit full throttle.

We’ve heard for a while now about the internal discussions at Fox about the many possible films that can branch out from the series so far. These include X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2, Deadpool, X-Men: First Class, X-Men Origins: Magneto and a Gambit solo.

Well, what’s it going to be?

With Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine origins movie banking nearly $160 Million worldwide this weekend, we can expect to see some green lights on upcoming Fox productions in the X-Men franchise.

For now, let’s talk about what the actors want to see in the future. The other day, I wrote about Ryan Reynolds and his desire to not only have his own Deadpool solo movie, but to feature the character Cable as his opposite in the film. I’m all for that idea as I thought Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in the Wolverine movie was one of the best parts (pre-Weapon XI that is).

cable and deadpool ryan reynolds1 X Men Spinoffs: Deadpool, Storm & Gambit With Rogue?

For those who don’t know the character, Cable is the son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey’s clone) who was taken to the future only to return as a much older and hardened mutant. This will certainly not be his origin if he is ever to appear in the movies. At least, not until the X-Men franchise is rebooted in the not-too-distant future.

I also thought that Cable would be a good character to introduce into the X-franchise and I proposed that a good place for his introduction would be in X-Men: First Class as it will bring back major characters Cyclops and Jean Grey back into the mix (and possibly Emma Frost). That way, Cable would known by audiences by the time Deadpool is made.

So, out of the solo possibilities, Deadpool seems a more likely choice than Gambit, if not for the fact Ryan Reynolds has significantly more star power than Taylor Kitsch.

As for Gambit, he is one of my favorite characters from the comics and of the classic nineties animated series. In the movie, he does not earn such praise from me.

While Gambit is a cool character and Taylor Kitsch a good actor, together they do not meet the basic needs of what many fans of the character want. Gambit needs his Cajun accent and his French catch-phrases – that is essential.

In the comments section of Screen Rant’s review of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, you may have seen my review of the movie where I discuss a few of the characters. In it, I talk about how Gambit came off as some cocky southern kid and didn’t have the coolness or suave that the real Gambit puts forth. He wasn’t a bad character in the movie; he was just a weak character who could jump 50 feet high and nothing like the Marvel versions.

Regardless, Gambit is one of the spinoff possibilities. What does Taylor Kitsch, the actor who plays him want in a Gambit spinoff? In speaking to MTV before X-Men Origins: Wolverine hit theaters, the Canadian actor of Friday Night Lights fame said:

“I would love to go darker… [Gambit] in Vegas was fun, but I want to go into the Thieves Guild part of his story.”

“How cool would it be to see him stealing things to survive because the stakes are so high?… Of course, as an actor, I’m always going to the darker side, but for him that would just be way more intriguing.”

“Come on, Fox… Let’s do it.”

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  1. The good thing about the wolverine sequel in Japan is they can focus on his character without dumping a lot of extraneous mutant characters into it. The same would be true of a Deadpool movie.

  2. Just end this misery and reboot the franchise with X-Men: First Class.

  3. ok look taylor is on friday night lights and is from my home state texas. So cajun accent could of been easiar. But you have to think he was the one introducing this character for the first time in the franchise, i think he was a little pressured. IN the comics if you read them Rogue gets the powers taken away but the cure IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!!! She get them back. So i think the age thing is a little off but he looked about 19 maybe 20 so Rogue maybe 13 so not that off. I think x-men 4 , dead pool returns, Gambit helps, Rogue finds her hard side for the fact she got her powers back, they fall in love, magneto gets played by death pool, ends happy but sad and that’s that.

  4. *Spoilers for Wolverine included*

    Hey Vic,

    I usually go to your site to get good movie and insight info so I thought it would be nice to share my discrepencies about X-Men and the spinoffs. First off I thought Fox butchered the Wolverine story. They seem to like killing off prominent mutants in X-Men so they can just throw in a bunch more for a flashy show and it seems that everyone forgot Sabertooth got a pretty prominent role in the first X-Men movie and theres no connection between the him and the more vibrant Sabertooth in Wolverine. Would a Deadpool spinoff be a prequel to Wolverine or happen after he gets all those neat powers and swords out of his arms and gets his head cut off? It seems Cable would be out of the question too as Cyclops was killed off quickly during the 3rd X-Men movie and there was no hint or any chance of him going with a clone of Jean. On X-men: First Class, how would that work? Do they just make up whatever now because half of the original class was already ruled out because of the other movies? I agree that this is pretty much a cash cow for Fox, but it would be nice to see maybe at least a little effort to do a good job and at least somewhat follow original storylines that made these comics popular in the first place like Warner Bros. does. It really seems that Warner Bros. has the right idea with Hulk, Iron Man, and Batman and their new coming movies, which I’m sure will be awesome, while Fox, although making money, is making crap through Fantastic 4, Daredevil, X-Men, and any branches off the X-Men, unless they reboot the story and start again like Warner Bros. did with Hulk a few years back.

  5. Firstly, you know it’s chock full, not chalk full, right? :)

    Secondly, Taylor Kitsch is not “from” Texas, he’s actually from British Columbia, and has a strong Canadian accent. He does do a very convincing Texan accent in Friday Night Lights, which was why I thought he’d have no problems with the Cajun accent that Gambit is supposed to have. Why he didn’t do it, I don’t know. Whether he couldn’t get it right/do it justice, or someone in production decided it making him too hard to understand, or they felt it was an unnecessary detail…who knows? Someone would have to ask Taylor. I have only read one X-Men comic in my life, I know next to nothing about the characters, so I can’t say I was disappointed with Gambit’s portrayal in Wolverine, and it’s not like they gave him enough screen time to do anything other than magic tricks, really.

    I’m ambivalent about a Deadpool movie. There would have to be a plot, not just lots of special effects, like Wolverine.

    I would watch a Gambit movie, especially if it involved Rogue, because I liked her in the X-Men movies. And the part of X3 that I liked (which was the part that came from “Gifted, the one X-Men comic that I have) was the mutant cure idea, and her part in that storyline which I thought was strong, emotionally.

    Someone needs to remind the Fox execs though, that lots of shiny explosions do not a good movie make. Saying that, most of the people I saw Wolverine with (excluding my friends, who were as bored as I was) seemed to like it. They even laughed at the “jokes”. The only part of the movie I really enjoyed, the only part that stays with me, was Dominic Monaghan’s scenes (I don’t even know his character’s name) at the carnival, with the “Turn off the light” trick and his crazy trailer. That was the only true character moment that any of the supporting cast got. Shame they killed him off so mercilessly.

  6. Lurk,

    I saw Wolverine for a second time last night to focus on the details of all of what we’re discussing. Gambit had a darker and semi-decent voice in his first scenes at the card table and in the alley. But the next time we see him in the plane scene, he has just a basic southern accent, it was ENTIRELY DIFFERENT.

    Then, even worse, in the final scenes where he’s talking to missing-memory Wolverine, he has like no accent at all. I don’t know when they chronologically shot those scenes, but it was pretty horrible when paying attention to his voice.

    On that topic, the alley scene doesn’t make sense. How does he go from knocked out on the ground, to a 100 feet away on some building running towards them? The Helicopter he does with the staff wasn’t good either. What they should of done was have Gambit get back up then a three-way fight between him, Sabretooth and Wolverine.

    @ victor,

    The First Class movie will be very different from the comics as Angel and Iceman won’t be a part of it. It will likely be a team larger than 5 members as well. Also, in the movies, Cyc meets Emma before Jean and they all go together with professor X so it makes sense to have the Fox version of First Class include Emma.

    Cable can’t be like he is in the comics because Jean and Cyc never got to develop their relationship and as far as we know, Cyc didn’t marry any clone of her and have a kid.

    Putting that all together, if they did go with a time-travel storyline with Cable, it would be different. I’d imagine they’d still want him to be a son of Scott Summers, so who could the mom be? Not a clone and not Jean. So if Emma’s involved, that’s a possibility. All hypothetical.

    @ NecroticD,

    Emma’s been able to change her skin to diamond for many years now in the comics. A “second mutation” they call it or something.

    And ya, the blond girl partially leading the kids with Cyclops out of the facility was Emma (the sister of Kayla).

  7. I didn’t get a chance to read every single post in here, but as to making a Rogue and Gambit spin-off; I don’t see it happening.

    The whole series is starting to crumble with plot holes and continuity problems as it is. I thought Liev Schriber’s Sabortooth was great, but it doesn’t at all explain how the Sabortooth character has no existing knowledge of Wolverine in the first X-Men film.

  8. I heard that they’ve confirmed a Deadpool movie. I’m a bit hopeful, because the synopsis they put out reflects Deadpool’s story (cancer, weapon X, blah blah blah)…but with the thieving powers from dead or captured mutants shoehorned in. Whatever they do, I want two things.

    1) Costume
    2) MOUTH.

    ‘Nuff said.

  9. I could be wrong, but I thought that Gambit in the comics did live longer then normal humans. I cannot remember if it had to do with his powers, or something with the elixirs given to the thief’s guild. Also I like Anna Paquin, but I hated her as Rogue- though probably because of the pathetic writing.

  10. Doesn’t anybody realize that the phoenix never really dies. That’s what a phoenix does, it goes down in all its flaming glory only to be revived again. Besides no one ever really knows who’s dead or alive went it comes to comics

  11. Totally agree with you on the Gambit and Rogue. They should just reboot the x men just like they did with the Hulk. I liked 1 and 2 but 3 really killed it all for me plus they can’t really go anywhere since they killed characters that were never supposed to be killed off. They might be able to set it up to where Rogue is closer to Gambit’s age.

  12. @Rob

    I haven’t had a chance to read every post, but somewhere above you mentioned that Scott and Jean were never married. That’s incorrect. In X2, Jean tells Wolverine that she married a good guy…meaning Scott and Jean were married before X1 ever took place. So they could have very well had a kid some time in the past. There’s so much that could place off screen that we never see.

    Also, someone mentioned that we never see Cyclops die, this is true. It’s still possible to bring him back. And can a Phoenix ever really stay dead? In my mind, all the events in X3 can be easily undone. Magneto still has some power at the end, which means Rogue could still very well redevelop her powers (and perhaps new powers). Professor X has transferred his mind into his twin brother’s body, so he’s pretty much still alive. And I just pretend that the purple-haired asian girl was just another villain and not Psylocke. Psylocke’s one of my favorite female X-Men, and it’s never mentioned in the movie that that’s who it is. Wow, I just start rambling when talking about X3.

  13. Please, tell the movie world that Gambit needs to be made into a full out movie. I love Wolverine just as much as the next x-men fan but it’s time for my Cajun boy to be seen too with his girl-friend Rogue. Would love to see the romance with them too. –Hot!!

  14. I have mixed feeling about a Gambit movie. First off, as a long standing Gambit fan I feel ecstatic about the possibility of seeing him in his own movie. But, on the other hand, I felt the same way about The Punisher and I’ve been kicked in the peaches 3 times in that sense.

    If they did then I would really like to see them delve a bit into the lobotomizing of his powers and make his character more….. Gambit-like. Gambit’s always relied more on cunning than he has being a fighter and I’d like to see that emphasized. I think Taylor Kitsch can still pull it of. He seems to have passion for the character, and as we’ve seen with Hugh Jackman, that goes a long way.

    Oh yeah, as far as his aging goes, lets just say that his powers stretch far beyond exploding cards. I’ve followed Gambit past X-Men and I’ve read all his solo comics. If portrayed correctly, he can be a very intriguing character. But after seeing the Spider-Man, X-Men, and Punisher movies I can’t help but to remain skeptical.

  15. Gambit would be a fun Charater to see but I would like to see Ryan Renalds Deadpool again as well these two characters have been my favorite right along side Wolverine since I was a little boy., But they would have to do it right and not fudge them up.

  16. Oh Yeah, Definitely. I just can’t speak much on Deadpool since I didn’t read about him too much back in the day except here and there in my brothers X-Factor comics. But the more I see him (with a mouth) the more I like him. And I also trust Reynolds as an actor. I just hope that the die hard Deadpool fans can keep getting their voices out there and somehow, in any way, influence the Fox writers not to butcher his movie.

  17. Heres the deal, for the general populace i think the Wolverine movie made a Gambit movie much more likely. Many of my friends who knew neither character before hand asked if this Gambit character was going to have hi frankinstine s own movie. So why did this happen? In the Wolverine movie, Deadpool is cast as a freak that the audience wants dead (I am just talking about how he is portrayed in this particular movie). Thats how people saw him in the movie and gratz, cause thats what the producers wanted, and ultimate scary villain for wolverine to fight. Gambit, whether you like his portrayal or not, is cast as a interesting and mysterious character who helps save the day and lets face it, has cool special effects for his powers. So on the strength of the wolverine movie which is all most movie goers will judge things by, Gambit is the movie of choice.
    Fanboys my disagree, and thats ok, but it takes more than fanboys to make a movie real successful, and Wolverine has now inherently paved the way for a greater audience response to Gambit rather than Deadpool.

  18. Deadpool is the better choice it opens up for fun and sick hummor Violence and action pacted movie and Ryan Renalds and Gabit does not have that to offer in a movie it would be very lame I think with out the X-Men to back Gambit he would be lacking and he doesn’t have many good villians to fight that would kick his butt with out the X-Mens help., In defeating them., So in the long run Deadpool is the better choice for a blow out movie.

  19. One I think would be fun to see would be a Beast movie. Even Ice Man or Collosus would be awesome to see. Or at least having them all in a movie w/ a little more focus. I’m glad they killed off the whiny Cyclops. He was getting annoying. A live action version of the new Wolverine and the x-men cartoon would be a cool starting point.

  20. I love storm and would love to see her as a theif and having to fight shadow king with professor X and have him come back and maybe jean grey and professor x can fight him in the astro plane to save storm.\
    I like the idea of any Xmen origin movies just along as they excite and amazes like the xmen also do.

  21. I freaking love Storm! she has been my favorite X-MAN since the late 80′s, about the time I started getting interested in the X-Men. As for Halle I like her alot. I think she is a great actress. I agree with with most that the Storm of the movies was watered down. However I don’t believe that was because of Halle. I blame most of that on the writers and directors. It was clear from the beginning that characters like Storm and Cyclops were put on the back burner while others like Wolverine’s story and character was made priority.
    I believe if Halle was given the chance to play Storm as we all know her… a strong leader full of compassion and presence…that she could and would do it.
    I just think we need writers and directors who care about Storm and her story.
    Also I really don’t know why people jump down Halle’s throat for having issue with her part in the movies.
    First of all she never said she wanted more screen time. She said she wanted Storm to have more to do besides just fly the jet. She said something to the effect that she didn’t even care if her character was more relagated to the background as long she was being used in a good way and she stood for something. In other words she wanted Storm to have a good story. Now all of this was said before X-Men 3.
    Now I for one find nothing wrong with what she said and further more I agree.
    Now as for as a Gambit movie I haven’t heard the big wigs talk about Rogue and Gambit rather Storm and Gambit.
    If you read the comics you know that Storm and Gambit knew one another first. They always had a very special relationship. So they may use that in the Gambit movie.
    Now they said relationship so I’m not sure if that means romantic or friendship.
    I personally would be fine with them having a romantic relationship in the movie.
    Here’s why….
    At this time Rogue would not even had enterd the scene as X-Men 1 happens later on down the road.
    I also know there are alot of Rogue and
    gambit fans but as far as the movies go they kind of messed that up. Also they had Iceman and Rogue hook up so why not have Gambit and Storm have a thing. I’ve always felt like they had a cool chemistry with one another.
    Last but not least I would love to see a Storm origins movie.
    Storm outside of Wolverine is argueably one of the most popular and love X-Men of all time and has many fans.
    If the movie was done right and had the right team behind it, I believe it could be amazing and I hope Halle fights tooth and nail for it!

  22. One more thing. I think Taylor did a great job as Gambit.
    I did notice his accent was stronger in parts of the movie than others but I thought that was more realistic. It’s not going to be the like the cartoon lol. I remember people saying the same thing about Halle as Storm in X-Men 1 and I for one like her accent. I agree with gia, I would tend to blame the guys behind the scenes.

  23. A Storm movie would be intresting for sure if stayed true to the comic books., I always like Storm as one of the Female X-Men but I would have to agree that they really limited what the Characters did in that movie like Storm and Cyclops for people like Wolverine the X-Men are a very diverst Team and the movie should have treated it so and not on just one Charicter.

  24. Yup, it’s true.