X-Men Regenesis NYCC ’11: Wolverine & the X-Men, Uncanny X-Men & More

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On Sunday at NYCC ‘11, Marvel held a panel about the explosive new direction the X-Men comic books are going to be taking in the coming months (dubbed X-Men: Regenesis) as a result of the recent Schism crossover – wherein Wolverine and Cyclops had both a figurative and physical fight of massive proportions before going their separate ways.

Marvel Director of Communications Arune Singh hosted the event, with guests that included Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, editors Jeaneane Schaefer, C.B. Cebulski, and Daniel Ketchum, writers Marjorie Liu (X23), Jason Aaron (Wolverine and the X-Men), Kieron Gillen (Uncanny X-Men), Peter David (X-Factor), Greg Pak (Astonishing X-Men), Brian Wood (Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha and Omega), James Asmus (Generation Hope), and Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (The New Mutants).

For those who didn’t read Schism, in short: Wolverine got fed up with Cyclops’ philosophies as leader of the X-Men – and his willingness to put children at risk as “soldiers” in the war for mutant survival – so they beat each other up for a while, followed by Wolverine deciding to leave Utopia (the island west of San Francisco where the mutants have called home), return to Westchester, NY, and recreate the mutant school as originally envisioned by Professor X. So begins Regenesis.



X Men Regenesis Team Cyclops Poster 570x216 X Men Regenesis NYCC 11: Wolverine & the X Men, Uncanny X Men & More

As there were a lot of books to cover in just an hour-and-forty-five minute timeframe, Arune dove right in, starting with the “Team Cyclops” books:

  • Kieron Gillen’s Uncanny X-Men books are going to be the premier super-team, at least as far as mutants are concerned; he called them “a superhero team as a nuclear deterrent”
  • The X-Men in Victor Gischler’s X-Men will fight War Machine (James Rhodes, Tony Stark’s best friend) and see a lot of the vampire issues introduced in #1 will come full circle (of which Jubilee, now a vampire, will be a big focus)
  • Dan Abnet and Andy Lanning’s The New Mutants will see the return of Blink as a major character, as well as Nate Grey (A.K.A. X-Man) as the leader of the team; because the team includes non-mutants, they really want to carve their own path.
  • Generation Hope will see Hope and co. tracking down a mind-wiped Sebastian Shaw, as well as a lot of teenage hormonal action going on – i.e. kissing/flirting/etc.
  • Greg Pak’s Astonishing X-Men will have a lot of emotional repercussions from Schism – for example, Mohawk Storm and Cyclops kissing on the cover of issue #44; we were also shown a #44 cover image of what looks like Wolverine with solid gold claws


X Men Regenesis Team Wolverine Poster 570x216 X Men Regenesis NYCC 11: Wolverine & the X Men, Uncanny X Men & More

The next part of the panel showcased all the Team Wolverine books:

  • Jason Aaron discussed Wolverine and the X-Men where Wolverine will recreate the X-school in Westchester – which he has named The Jean Grey School of Higher Learning, partly to enrage Cyclops – and sort of play the role of Professor X (suit and tie included).
  • Everything at the new school will be a very different version of the things from the old school, such as the Danger Room; what those differences are was not disclosed.
  • Wolverine and the X-Men will utilize characters from all the different eras of the X-Men; Professor X makes an appearance in the first issue; awesomely, the once-villainous Toad will be a janitor at the school.
  • Brian Wood will be writing Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha and Omega, which details a battle of wills between Wolverine and Quentin Quire, a character created by Grant Morrison in New X-Men; Wolverine’s newest girl sidekick, Armor, may end up as collateral damage.
  • Christos Gage will be taking over X-Men: Legacy from Mike Carey – who has worked on the book for five years – wherein Rogue will leave Magneto (with whom she was in a relationship) and Utopia to join Wolverine in Westchester; things are only complicated when her old flame Gambit also comes to Westchester.
  • Peter David’s X-Factor will see the return of Havok and Polaris, both of whom have been out of commission for sometime, as well as an integration with Wolverine’s way of doing things (he is, after all, paying them); the new stuff in X-Factor will appeal to both fans of the current detective agency-themed book and the older more superhero-slanted book that David worked on.
  • While Rick Remender was not in attendance, Arune did talk about the book, saying there will be important repercussions from the recent Age of Apocalypse/Dark Angel run on Uncanny X-Force.
  • One such repercussion (though not, in this case, a bad one) will be a new ongoing Age of Apocalypse book by David Lapham and Roberto De La Torre; you’ll be able to get your first look at the book in Marvel’s upcoming Point One, on sale November 11th.
  • Wolverine #300 will be a huge book written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Adam Kubert.
Check out some of artwork below (click to enlarge):


Phoenix & Sabretooth Returning, ‘Deadpool is Dead,’ ‘X23,’ Runaways in ‘Daken’

As for books and events somewhat unrelated to Regenesis:

  • Marjorie Liu’s X23 will see the titular character get into some crazy babysitting adventures with the children of the Fantastic Four – sort of like a superhero version of Adventures in Babysitting.
  • Daken: Dark Wolverine (otherwise known as the 90s-esque son of Wolverine) will see the Runaways make an appearance – and Daken will underestimate them.
  • Daniel Way’s Deadpool is Dead arc will see Deadpool looking for a way to kill himself – and he may have actually found one.
  • Jeph Loeb and Simone Bianchi are working on a book that will see Sabretooth – who was previously killed by Wolverine in 2007 by, incidentally, Loeb and Bianchi – return from the dead.
  • The “It’s Coming” teaser was revealed to be the return of the Phoenix – does that mean Jean Grey (who was killed by Grant Morrison in New X-Men) is returning from the dead? Or is this the Phoenix sans Jean Grey? The book will be written by Jason Aaron, Brian Michael Bendis, and Greg Brubaker and drawn by Greg Coipel, and you can get a first look at it in Point One next month.

X-Men: Schism was enjoyable, if underwhelming in its climax, but Regenesis looks even more exciting – particularly where Aaron’s Wolverine and the X-Men is concerned. It makes sense that Wolverine, the guy who has had countless pre-teen and teenage sidekicks over the years, would want to take mutant children under his wing in the way that Jean Grey and Professor X would’ve wanted.

What about you guys? Do you like what you see, Screen Ranters? Do any of these books interest you? Let us know in the comments.


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X-Men: Regenesis has already started. Check your local comic book store for Regenesis #1 and more details about the above comic books.

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  1. This is a prime example of why I gave up on marvel. Their comics are just impossible to follow way to many X-men books. The stories are overly convoluted even for comic books and they seem to lose track of who their characters are. Did I seriously just read Wolverine in a suit and tie? I love the Marvel characters, but their over all story writing has really gone down hill and they are only helping the fall of the comic industry with over saturation of their titles. DC is almost just as bad at this point.

    So more accurately this is why I gave up on Marvel years ago and why I’ve finally in more recent years given up on comics in general. I still hang on to the classic great stories, but have given up reading anything new from DC after Final Crisis and anything new from Marvel since Civil War.

    I had a good exit on Marvel, but my DC exit did end in a really convoluted impossible to follow with out wikipedia help way. To much in to one story that required to much past knowledge.

    • Wolverine is going to be the headmaster of a school and Cyclops is a warmonger, how time have changed. I find it funny after reading this synopsis that people say the old titles had convoluted, hard to follow plot lines. This all sounds like a mess…..

    • i have no problem following the comics i follow the ultimate universe and all the xmen books and pretty much everything out there but i do work part time at a comic shop…

      • everything out there with major marvel characters i mean. mostly events and deadpool.

        • Guess that’s one way to keep up without going broke. One question though, aside from buying for entertainment, how do these newer volumes hold up as far as collecting for future financial value ?

  2. I’m totally looking forward to Age of Apocalypse book in Nov. Such a great and dark story line there.

    Should be outstanding and looking forward to see where those versions of the characters are headed.

  3. The return of both the phoenix and scarlet witch, i suppose this is how wolverine will produce students for his school, since there are very few mutant children, he probably had a chat with the editors, thats the real reason he schism’d out of utopia, he KNOWS mutant births will be back in a big way.

    he’s totally out of character though, and schism makes so little sense, other than if you assume that it’s only happening to make room for new mutants after wanda/phoenix fixes the decimation.

    I really hope X-Factor doesn’t turn into just another x-book when other-scott joins…

    i feel like everything marvel does is just to move books up to the next event, and each event is left behind as rushed as it started, how about you tone things down a bit, and spend time getting into longer stories, instead of just focusing on filler arcs between events/crossovers.

    sell some more movie rights marvel, so you can afford decent writers

    • It wouldn´t surprise me if Wanda comes back, possesed by the Phoenix Force…

      • Wanda already is back, guys.

  4. I’m going to pass. The Xverse is all over the place and I see they’re digging up Sabertooth and Nightcrawler?? It would have been a great time to reboot their universe by cleaning up some of the nonsense of the last decade.
    I don’t think I saw our favorite Russian?

    • Those fools made him the new Juggernaut. I´m not joking.

  5. They’re bringing back Jean again?

    • Of course they are. She’s the last of the characters one should question if they are bringing back or not, what with her being tied into the whole Phoenix mythology. Your question should really have read, “They’re bringing back Jean, seriously?”

  6. Sounds like a good jumping OFF point to me. Was already starting to cut my comics habit due to price increases and continual relaunching lately. Think DC 52. Reading that Wolverine will be wearing a suit and tie and be the more level headed of the two just does it for me.

    • No one said the suit and tie would actually work for him! Any wrestling fans out there? Have you seen Triple H rocking the suit, but practically wanting to rip it off? Suit and Tie Wolverine works as a nice foil for Ravaging Wolverine, which hopefully will want to break free of the shackles of responsibility. And as for Cyclops… he’s been a little off since right before he broke up with Jean. Perhaps he might be turning into the new Magneto? There’s still a lot of story that can come out from this… well, if they do it right… right?

    • Why? Heaven forbid they do something different with a character, huh?

      • Exactly. Why shouldnt they try new things? This looks fresh and interesting. And if doesnt work out they can always retcon and go back.

  7. The X-Men franchise died for me when Morrison came along and “re-invented” it.

    • Man, I cannot agree with you there. Morrison took a stale, lagging, financially unsuccessful franchise and creatively and financially reinvigorated it — made it genuine sci-fi again — to the point that it’s considered far and wide to be a classic just ten years after its creation.

      • Maybe. But Magneto posing as Xorn? Summers and the White Queen (who tried to kill him many times)? Boring characters (Beak, Angel Salvadore and those other freaks in Xorn´s class)? Jean Grey posessed by the Phoenix (without any explanation how that happened), then she dies (again; what a surprise) and another possible future (how many does that make? 200? 250?). Then he made Wolverine remember his past and took all the mystery of the character.

        And now every writer tries to make up for the mess Morrison left behind.

        • Magneto as Xorn was awesome. Summers and the White Queen was excellent. First of all, this was a lady who was technically redeemed way back in Generation X. Secondly, this was a guy who married and impregnated a lady who looked just like his recently dead girlfriend, then left her immediately for that resurrected girlfriend despite the fact that said wife was pregnant, thus turning said wife insane. Scott Summers is terrible when it comes to women. Thirdly, Jean Grey has always had a connection to the Phoenix (that was in continuity before Morrison came along). Fourthly, Morrison didn’t give Wolverine his memory back, that was Bendis in House of M. What you might be thinking of was the fact that Wolverine discovered most of the details of his past (didn’t regain memories), but those details were not shared with the reader. So no, his mystery remained after Morrison.

          Every writer tries to make up for the Morrison mess? Did you read Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon? Practically a sequel. And, I might add, the OTHER most successful X-Men book of the past ten years (behind Morrison’s revitalization).

          • “Every writer tries to make up for the Morrison mess? Did you read Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon?”

            Yes, I have. And if I recall correctly, the first thing he did was bringing back the costumes that Morrison got rid off. And he re-established the X-Men as superheroes, not just this international mutant task force that Morrison came up with. And lets not forget that he made Wolverine tell Summers off because he cheated on Jean.

            • The costumes were changed? The X-Men were superheroes instead of a mutant task force, which is essentially what superhero teams are? Yes, these were huge messes Morrison left behind! Haha. Come on.

              As for the Wolverine/Summers thing — yeah, that’s called character development. Summers cheated on Jean! Kind of like he threw away his first wife for Jean. And Wolverine told him off because he’s cool like that. I’m not seeing how this is cleaning up Morrison’s mess — it’s extending it. It’s utilizing the issues that arose from it. I mean, it’s not like Cyclops left Emma in that book, did he? No, they got closer, in fact.

        • Scapegoat I agree with you completely. I’d go one step forward and say every series ends for me when Morrison steps in. IMO he ruined X-men and he ruined Batman. Morrison changes characters almost beyond recognition, but what he does best of all is creating horribly convoluted stories that make little to no sense and are nearly impossible to follow with out having photographic memory of every issue ever published even then it makes no sense. He was just a mediocre writer back in the day then he suddenly lost his mind and started writing really crazy crap that made no sense.

          • “Morrison changes characters almost beyond recognition, but what he does best of all is creating horribly convoluted stories that make little to no sense and are nearly impossible to follow with out having photographic memory of every issue ever published even then it makes no sense. ”

            I followed Batman from beginning to end just fine with plain old normal memory. It seems most people did, too, considering he revitalized the entire Batman comic book side of things — all those books are selling insanely well, and it’s because of his run on the character.

            “He was just a mediocre writer back in the day then he suddenly lost his mind and started writing really crazy crap that made no sense..”

            You may think so, but you realize you’re in the minority here, right? After Animal Man, few believed he was “just a mediocre writer.”

  8. This

    “Wolverine #300 will be a huge book written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Adam Kubert.”

  9. i think suit and tie wolverine seems hilarious, that’s one teacher you don’t want to **** with XD

  10. what is with the baby nightcrawler dudes?

  11. Wow … I miss Chris Claremont. At least his books were aiming for specific future events. This just looks like throwing the characters and seeing what will stick a la paint on a wall. Marvel, you have sunk to new lows…

  12. Hard to follow? I think that just depends how interested you are. I’m excited for the X-Men changes–especially some of the returning characters (sniff…I missed you Nightcrawler)!