Curious New Set Pics From X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Published 7 years ago by , Updated June 11th, 2013 at 9:53 am,

newspic4831 Curious New Set Pics From X Men Origins: Wolverine El Toro over at Latino Review has posted new pictures from the set of the upcoming X-men Origins: Wolverine, from a scene that looks to be set during WWII???

Now, as any fanboy worth his adamantium knows, Wolverine’s mutant-healing factor has the added effect of slowing down his aging process to a crawl. Various storylines in the comics have hinted that Wolvy could be as old as 100, leaving the filmmakers behind Origins a lot of history to play with. And, If these photos are any indication, this film is aiming for a scope much more epic than originally thought. Let’s just hope it doesn’t stretch itself too thin by trying to do too much. Save something for Wolverine 2!

In the meantime, take a look at the pics and let us know what you think.




Source: Latino Review

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  1. I posted a link to the original flikr page of these yesterday in the open forum. Oscar! had a good idea that Cap America could appear in the Wolverine movie since its clearly gonna have some WW2 history and the cap movie is supposed to be based pretty much entirely in WW2

  2. Geez, Jackman looks like he could be Sgt. Rock too!!!

  3. wolverine was part of the devil’s brigade. the 1st special service force a joint u.s canadian commando unit made up mostly of mountain men, lumberjacks and the like.

  4. Would this be the premise of how Logan discovers his healing factor (e.g. he didn’t die as everyone expected him to) and then got hauled off for some experiments on mutants with awakened metagenes such as himself… which culminates in the Weapon X program?..

  5. the comics mostly. the portray logan at d-day on june 6 44 and the unit is mentioned in the wolverine origins series. the comics also have logan in a nazi concentration camp, italy, hiroshima and various places in the pacific theater. so the dude was all over the world in the comics.

  6. Thanks again Tim

  7. who’s kofi outlaw?

  8. He’s a new writer here at Screen Rant

  9. Wolverine is STILL everywhere in the comics, its the biggest joke of the Marvel universe. He’s in like every x-men team at all times, he’s an avenger and he’s off on his own.

    I think his origins are terrible for one reason and one reason only: Bone Claws, the dumbest and most unforgivable idea for wolverine ever. I pray that is not in the movie.


  11. Oh, and speaking of Cap, I think there may be a slight nod to him, but other than that, too much Fox control for anything decent. Otherwise, I can’t wait for the Cap movie, Im interested in seeing how they change the uniform for general audiences. I like his costume and all, but you have to admit that most of the viewing public would laugh at it.

  12. I was googling and found info on Wolverine film and I am ecstatic about it. Wolverine is by-far my favourite hero and will always be. Right on Logan you get’em.

  13. He’s one of mine too.

  14. I can’t say in words how excited I am about this movie. The story behind Wolvy is by far the most interesting, and endless. I hope that this is slanted more for adults so we can have Wolverine in the raw, as apposed to Wolverine Light.

  15. in response to the costume thing i would do what they did in that cartoon avengers movie were basically his costume is just the military uniform at the time with some stars here and there with some red white and blue stuff. i say no mask because there isn’t really a point in wearing a mask during war.

  16. The bone claws make perfect sense. How else, when the adamantium was bonded to Wolvies bones, would anyone explain he has claws?

    Also, as was already said, Wolvie’s whole group (Sabertooth, Maverick, Silver Fox, others) was Canadian working with America. Kind of like America worked with the Allies. Canada was not part of the Axis powers :)

    Maybe in this movie they’ll tell the actual Sabertooth vs. Wolverine battle. It’s the classic Marvel battle, yet to be told correctly.

  17. Looks like Operation Overlord, Normandy Beach. Always wondered if Logan fought in WWII.

    Stopped reading X-Men comics after they said Wolverine had bone claws. The 12 part Marvel Comics Presents from the Weapon X story late 80s-early 90s should have been the official adamantium lacing origin. But no….

    bones…. lame

  18. Probably Captain America appears in this movie a few seconds.

    Or maybe just mention his name. Who knows.

    Anyway, i hope it happends.

  19. in response to trevor the reason wolvie has “claws” is to make him more to the name “weapon x” thats the reason for the claws, there was no visual as to his abilities since you cant see his adamantium skelleton.(and real wolverines have very powerfull and long claws and they are squat and compact animals.)
    yet i never did like the bone claws idea anyway idea. i thought that was wrong.
    the claws are metal throughout not metal over bone. when magneto pulled the metal from his bones through his pores the claws were removed as well!

  20. no dwayne your wrong when magneto pulled the adamantium out of wolverine, wolverine states “at least i can still do what i do best” and pops out his bone claws. up untill then everyone thought that his claws were surgically inhanced and then we found out.

  21. Didnt one of the X-Men movies show nazis removing all of wolverines flesh and adding the metal to his bones? Maybe Im wrong but i thought thats what happened. So i was super confused when Wolverine still had his bone claws during the vietnam war in the Origins movie.