‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’: Deadpool Designers Address Fan Backlash

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Bring up cult comic book mercenary Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool these days, and you’ll get a variety of responses,: movie fans continue to hope that Ryan Reynolds will bring the character to life sooner rather than later, and due to recent developments, speculation on whether he may just appear in the upcoming X-Force.

But that wouldn’t be the first time Reynolds has played the ‘Merc with a Mouth’ on the big screen – even if fans have wiped X-Men Origins: Wolverine out of their memory. After years of criticism, the lead special effects designers responsible for the much-maligned take on Deadpool have come forward to explain the thinking behind the creation.

The first knee-jerk reaction to seeing veteran effects gurus Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr. address their critics directly may be to finally let one’s own rage boil over, but the pair clearly have well-developed senses of humor. Beginning by addressing some of the fair (but foul-mouthed) issues voiced by many fans, the duo explain that no single person is responsible for the surgically-altered-and-mouthless Deadpool (a treatment the character himself apparently hates).

Deadpool Xmen Origins Wolverine X Men Origins: Wolverine: Deadpool Designers Address Fan Backlash

Nobody is going to claim that Deadpool fans overreacted to what was done to their beloved anti-hero in Origins – Gillis and Woodruff admit that fan backlash means a passionate audience, which is why they do what they do. The wise-cracking, fourth-wall-breaking gun for hire became a test subject, silent, gifted with laser vision and retractable katanas.

The pair of effects specialists are quick to explain that design decisions in major studio productions – especially those based on enormous comic book properties – aren’t made quickly, easily, or unanimously. That explanation even removes much of the fan hate from director Gavin Hood’s shoulders (for this particular element of the film, at least), but is the ‘abomination’ seen on screen simply a case of too many cooks in the kitchen?

It was never a secret that Fox had bigger plans for Deadpool than a brief appearance in Wolverine’s standalone adventure – the end credits teaser was proof. And according to the effects team, that plan for the future was also partly responsible for an underwhelming debut. The video explains the thinking behind the twisted, scarred make-up and appliances seen in the film, but it also sounds as if the Origins version of Deadpool would have eventually grown into the one fans had hoped for.

Deadpool director Tim Miller X Men Origins: Wolverine: Deadpool Designers Address Fan Backlash

All fan anger aside, the good news is that the spoiled appearance doesn’t seem to have soured fans on either a Deadpool film, or Ryan Reynolds’ ability to do the character justice. But time doesn’t heal every wound, so although comic fans may have a faithful Deadpool movie to hope for (just awaiting Fox’s go-ahead), it won’t share any connection to the backstory attempted in Origins.

Regardless how long fans have to wait to see the Deadpool they know and love on the big screen, it’s nice to finally hear exactly what the thinking was behind the half-baked version seen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And if nothing else, know who not to attack for trying to do the best they could given the circumstances.

Has this explanation from the effects designers helped to remove some of the sting, or are you still as enraged as the day the film released?


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  1. honestly, someone wants reynolds to play deadpool still? the dude is a terrible actor and box office poison, i can think of 15 actors better suited for deadpool.

    • Just 15? Given that Deadpool should always be in his mask… and when he isn’t he should be displaying a terribly disfigured face… I actually believe that brings the number from 15 to ANYONE.

      • wrong. Not every one knows how to be funny! Not every one knows how to act crazy and not every knows how to act like a ass hole.

    • Finally, mattinacan – someone that agrees with me. As nice a bloke that Reynolds is he really can not act……

    • so how many films have you been in then? I’m assuming if you’re going to judge you must have been in something bigger and better?

      • By that line of thinking, one would have to like every actor to ever hold a role.

      • OH! For Christ Sakes!

        “how many films have YOU been in then?”

        f off.

        by that account, why do movie critics exist?

        We should ask Richard Roeper how many films HE’S been in.
        Otherwise he should STFU, right?

        Get LOST.

        • whats gotten you all sensitive

          • I think stupid arguments are his hot button.

          • Well that escalated quickly…

            • LMFAO!!!

          • Panties in a bunch much

        • Yeah,but how many people hide behind the computer to say insulting things that they wouldn’t dare say to someone face to face? IMHO they are,,,,,,

      • Yeah that’s why no one is allowed to judge the President since they haven’t led a bigger or better country. And we can’t complain about long lines at the DMV unless we go and make our own more efficient DMV. And we can’t complain about under-cooked food at a restaurant until we become master chefs ourselves. Basically, no criticism is allowed until you devote your life’s work to that specific trade you’re criticizing even if you’re basing it off of comparisons with others within the same field, good point VictorSmith!

    • I think he’s a great actor. He was amazing in Buried and several other action flicks. I also thought he did moderately well in Green Lantern but it’s kinda obvious he wasn’t given much to work with.

      • I thought he did horrible in Green Lantern. It will be the same story though. He will be casted in Deadpool. The movie will not be what fans expected. The fans will blame the directors/sciprt. “He wasn’t given much to work with” will be the said excuse and the people who said “Ryan Reynolds” is not the right chose will say, “I told you so”. It’s been the same story with every CBM he has done from Green Lantern to RIPD. The guy doesn’t have a wide range of acting skills. Yes, he is funny and physical but I want someone who can dominate a film and not be overshadowed by someone else.

        • The reason people say blame it on the director and writer is because, well, look at the script, the story, the direction of the film. It’s horrible and Ryan Reynolds is arguably the only one who actually stood out. Not by any means great but good enough. Have you seen Buried btw? I thought he did great in that. Hell, I thought he did pretty well in Safe House.

          • Also RIPD, Green Lantern and X-Men Origins were all horrible and definitely not because of the actors involved.

            • +1 to ColdSc

              He gets it.

              Reynolds is a great actor and the only one I’d want to play Wade Wilson on the big screen because he suits the character perfectly. It’s like most of his non-serious roles have been one long audition to play Deadpool.

              If there are people thinking he can’t act or that he shouldn’t be in the movie business then hey, I guess there’s no accounting for taste and you’ll probably hate the next guy too if they lose their minds and cast someone else instead (which I hope they don’t).

              • I’ll give another +1 to ColdSc, so now he’s got +2!

                What no one really talks too much about but is well understood by those who make films is that an actor is a tool. Period. If the actor has range and talent, as Reynolds does, a bad performance is the director’s fault. If the actor does NOT have the chops, the performance is the producer’s fault.

                The same is true of SFX. Alec and Tom are highly skilled masters of their art, but they are low on the totem of control. It’s good to remind everybody of that fact. They don’t deserve the blame for choices they didn’t and weren’t given the opportunity to make.

          • I think Ryan Reynolds is a great actor if you don’t think so go watch the nines, chaos theory, yes definitely, smoking aces, atimiville horror, etc his serious tones are great and he has played the funny smartass so he is perfect for deadpool

    • name those 15 actors. READY….GO…(You are being timed…)

    • I can think of a lot of movies that show Reynolds is far from a terrible actor. I’m guessing you haven’t seen any of them.

    • He can act, the problem is he’s like Nick cage. He keep saying yes to bad movies.

    • Have you seen The Nines, Chaos Theory, or Buried? These movies showed that he can act. The actor just can’t seem to pick scripts.

    • Thanks,agree !

    • name them please I would like to check them out.

  2. Is this video recent? If it is what is the point of explaining this crap now? Should of addressed this after the movie was released not years later.

    • I was thinking the same thing, I guess in a year or two we’ll get a video explaining the monumental debacle that was green lantern. Every couple of years, a sh1tty Ryan Reynolds character will be addressed.

      • ^This LOL.

    • Well, it come up because when people search questions, and these forums are on the top. Obviously, they aren’t taken down because people still reply and it keeps going. It’s similar to myself, I searched a question why do people think X Men Origins Wolverine was so horrible and this is what comes up on the first page. The real question is why are you commenting on a old post if you can’t understand why other’s do?

  3. There is no excuse for the crap they put on screen in Origins, and trying to justify it now is just kind of stupid. And yes, Reynolds should be Deadpool. Complain about his recent box office failures all you want, and you would be justified in doing so. But the guy has great comedic timing, and is at his best playing a smart mouthed jerk like Deadpool. I would also argue that there isn’t anything wrong with his acting, but that he has had the misfortune of starring in a lot of bad movies in a very short period of time.

    • I agree, I hate when the studios keep recasting roles, especially when they will be continued to be made and promoted in the same franchise. Its just like Superman Returns/Man of Steel, or the 3 actors playing Bruce Banner as the Incredible Hulk. Yeah maybe they didn’t represent the character as expected, but I would rather they give them more direction on how to play the character for the next film, rather than just recast. It get’s annoying. I think Fantastic Four is next, not to mention the current Amazing Spiderman.

  4. 12 mins of wasted time without a true explanation of why did they change Deadpools character origin. Also…Tom Woodruff is a real a**. His argument against the responses and comments is grammar?!?! It seems he took it a little more personal against his SFX work. Why are the SFX guys trying to give us a reason for the changes? It is safe to assume that most people know that the SFX guys are part of the bigger picture of a movie. It should be the director given a reason of the horrendous abomination that they want to call Deadpool in Wolverine:Origins.

    • “His argument against the responses and comments is grammar?!?!”

      When you know your argument is weak you focus on the opposition’s mistakes, as small and insignificant as they may be.

      • “When you know your argument is weak you focus on the opposition’s mistakes, as small and insignificant as they may be.”

        Yeah, his argument that many other people and higher ups influenced the look and back-story of Deadpool in the movie is SUCH a weak argument.

    • “His argument against the responses and comments is grammar?!?!”

      “Tom Woodruff is a real a**.”

      “It should be the director given a reason of the horrendous abomination…”

      “It seems he took it a little more personal”

      I agree, he took it way too personal.

  5. This is like 3 years too late. Deadpool is probably dead

  6. And are we surprised about them messing up Deadpool? When they cast Ryan Reynolds for the role I already knew the Deadpool character would be messed up. I wasn’t surprised at all. As part of Reynolds contract(on the web) he asks to have the character he plays adapted for him. Case in point, the guy plays the same characters in all his movies he’s in (the Adam Sandler effect). I can think of at least 20 other actors that would be perfect for Deadpool and would take the character to a whole new level

    • name your 20 then?

      • 1. Josh Holloway
        2. Zachary Quinto
        3. Wentworth Miller
        4. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
        5. Sam Worthington
        6. Ray Park
        7. Sam Rockwell
        8. Charlie Day
        9. Jason Lee
        10. Seann William Scott
        11. Scott Adkins
        12. Eric Christian Olsen
        13. Nolan North
        14. Chris Pine
        15. If they want to go as an older Deadpool version then even Bruce Campbell

        All of these are miles better than a Ryan Reynolds

        • What has Sam Worthington done to make you think he could pull off Deadpool?

          • His work with Terminator Salvation, Texas Killing Fields, Man on a Ledge, Drift, and Last Night is okay and has done a little better work than a Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds is a good actor but within the comedy field with a strong supporting actor. As far as action, he does okay but is he strong enough to do a role of a Deadpool? As a solo movie? I don’t know. Some actors are able to take a weak storyline and make the movie great. He had his chance to be among those type of actors with Green Lantern and in the end it didn’t work out. Worthington isn’t the strongest of the bunch either but he’s at the same level as Reynolds IMO

        • That has to be the most horrible list I’ve ever seen. Honestly, your credibility = zero after a list like that. Zachary Quinto? Bruce Campbell? Scott Adkins? Sam Worthington? Wentworth Miller WHAT? Do you know anything about Deadpool? Or are you just completely blinded by anti Ryan Reynolds rage that you don’t know your just made a complete fool of yourself?

          • The list is based on better actors. Is Reynolds funny for the Deadpool character? Yes. Is he a strong enough actor to do a solo Deadpool movie? I just don’t see it. Either way it doesn’t matter because I just don’t see Fox giving the okay for an “R” rated Deadpool movie.

          • +1 there sir. Awful list. the only one I could see as pulling off the humour/wit and this is a stretch in itself. would be sean william scott. (And that is a major stretch)

      • @Castor

        The fact that Reynolds seems like he’s been auditioning to play Deadpool for much of his career?

        That he can bring the serious weight and the quick-witted smart-mouth we’re used to seeing him do to a character that’s much the same?

        It’s like asking “Why is Karl Urban Judge Dredd? Why is Henry Cavill Superman?”

        Simple answer is that sometimes, you see someone in a role (or one similar) and you just know that’s the guy. As great an actor as he is, Sir Ian McKellen will always be either Gandalf or Magneto to a lot of people. Same with Sir Patrick Stewart as Picard/Xavier, Jackman as Wolverine, Peter Weller as Robocop, Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer.

        Someone perfect comes in, plays a role and that’s it, all bets are off, nobody else will ever be able to play those characters as perfectly as they do. Same goes for Reynolds as Deadpool.

        Nolan North does a brilliant job as the character in the videogame but live action? Reynolds all the way.

        • I see your point. Does Reynolds look and act the part? Yes, but what we might think how Deadpool should be played might not be the same way the writers or Reynolds see it. If he is casted I will still see it because it’s Deadpool but I also know his track history with CBM

        • As I’ve mentioned, I’m not all too familiar with the character so I’ll trust your knowledge. Although, Origins left such a bad taste in some people’s mouths that for some, it’d be like giving Halle Berry another shot at Catwoman. It was just a crap movie, not entirely her fault. And I’ll admit I’m slightly biased, not a big fan of Ryan Reynolds but I guess his onscreen personality that I find kind of annoying is a good match for Deadpool!

  7. sean willian scott would be perfect.

  8. *William*

  9. I thought Reynolds was great as Deadpool. He can portray the attitude to pull it off quite well.


  11. It wasn’t just what they did to the character, the SFX sucked, seriously it was so bad in that movie. Prey they don’t get involved if there is a stand alone.

    • pray not prey

  12. Really? They had to make a video to say “hey, don’t blame us” …

    They have nothing better to do with their time?

    Here’s what could’ve been done … no mention of the name Deadpool at all in the movie … it could’ve just been Weapon X 3000 or something … might’ve saved everyone from complaining. Hell, they change enough of all the Marvel character’s as it is anyways (their origins and what not) so I doubt anyone would’ve cared at that point. (though, saying he was Wade Wilson at the beginning kind of doesn’t help …)

    Argh, just get the actual Deadpool moving FOX and all of this will be forgotten. (unless you play the idiot card again and produce something that isn’t true to the character)

  13. Deadpool cracks jokes, Reynolds has relatively good comedic timing and can also bring the necessary physicality to the role. It wasn’t that Reynolds was s*it in the film it just wasn’t portrayed correctly

  14. so much swearing in this thread you think Deadpool was typing it all out

    • Aaaaand, you win. I’m done.

  15. I feel Reynolds is good for the role but I think directing and producing got in the way of letting him have fun with it.

    By the way, a buddy of mine and I were saying the Neil Patrick Harris would be good.

  16. By the way when watching The Croods (which Reynolds is in) I feel like he is good for the character.

  17. James Franco for Deadpool?

  18. @ Castor Troy

    nice screen name. just saw Face/Off this week :D kinda corny but a good action-film nonetheless.

    • Cheers man :) Kinda silly, yeah, but a classic!

  19. The whole Origins movie was pretty s*** and what the writers and VFX team did to Deadpool was really s***. Reynolds’ Wade Wilson was one of the few bright spots in the movie. Most of the roles he’s played bear no resemblance to his Two Guys and Pizza character. But you’re not familiar with Deadpool either, so I don’t expect you to have seen them.

    • Mate, even in Buried, his personality shone through. Not a big fan of George Clooney either, for the same reason. Some actors can’t disappear entirely into a role – are they what you would call character actors?

  20. These guys did a great job. That Weapon XI design from the movie is way cooler than that lame Rob Liefeld character who constantly makes tired Bea Arthur jokes.

  21. I agree it’s not these guys fault what was done to DP. They were given a task to do and, within the context of the parameters they were given, they did an excellent job.

    The fault in ruining DP lies with all the Fox movie execs who thought this was a good idea.

    • There was a lot of different companies involved with the SFX in Origins so I don’t know who is responsible but the majority of SFX in Origins looked awful, even his claws looked worse than in previous movies. SFX should improve not regress.

      • Well I’m referring specifically to this video and DP. The FX artists did a good job omho given the task that was handed them.

  22. I would rather see Reynolds reprise Hal Jordan (although have the part written much more serious this time) in a Green Lantern #2 movie. Or, if no Reynolds in it, a different actor as Hal Jordan (just so long as GL is HJ). Deadpool is not that big of a priority for me personally, although I would watch the movie if it were made.

  23. LOL burn the studios down BWHAHAHAHa that had me rolling on the floor. Well guys if you are listening the look of the Deadpool effects where great but the way that Deadpool was portrayed just did not work and the story was Horrible but like you guys said all in all it is the studios fail. Another thing let Fox know we or at least I want to see more Cyclops, Gambit, Rogue, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Archangel, Colossus, Multiple Man,Blob, and the real Juggernaught, and new characters Beak, Psylocke, Cable, Bishop, Forge, Husk, Random, Sinister, and Apocalypse. these are the characters to focus on in future films while bringing back some of the others these characters just really need to be in the story, as well as having Bryan Singer return again to direct, he knows how to turn up the drama in these films.

  24. I think Reynolds will do great if they re-cast him as Deadpool. The only thing I ask is that Nolan North comes in and works with Reynolds on his vocalization skills(?) Trying to say that Nolan North helps Reynolds to portray him the way that North does in the animated movies and video games. OOORRRR, they have Nolan North take some acting classes and get into super hero movie shape and have him cast as Deadpool. All problems solved. Boom.

  25. @JaredDac: Okay, here’s the problem with your choices but four of them I’d get behind but RR has a great understanding for the character and the whole Wolverine: Origins could be fixed with five minutes of a Deadpool movie by saying that everything after the Adamantium process was a memory implant done deal and I’m waiting for the movie ::looks at watch:: Anytime now
    Okay here’s the problem with your choices
    1. Josh Holloway (Really? You want me to break that down)
    2. Zachary Quinto (He’s good but he isn’t that funny but for Mr. Nemesis sure)
    3. Wentworth Miller (He’s a blank slate and he has no emotion, totally stiff)
    4. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (He’s busy with Game of Thrones, really busy)
    5. Sam Worthington (See 4)
    6. Ray Park (Great stunt man but actually acting…. Moving on)
    7. Sam Rockwell (I’d get behind this, he’s funny)
    8. Charlie Day (Same as Rockwell)
    9. Jason Lee (It would be have been good ten years ago)
    10. Seann William Scott (If Reynolds doesn’t do it he’d be perfect but I wanted him to be Iceman)
    11. Scott Adkins (Who?)
    12. Eric Christian Olsen (If Scott passes)
    13. Nolan North (You’re really reaching here, buddy)
    14. Chris Pine (Not that bad, I would love it)
    15. If they want to go as an older Deadpool version then even Bruce Campbell (You serious)

  26. Ray Park would make for an incredibly awesome Deadpool. He could easily pull off all the stunts and acrobatics. And he really looks the part. As for his comedic acting, I don’t know, but he was quite funny as Toad in the first X-Men.

    • From a physical stand point ok i can kind of see it. Only way it would work is if you had deadpool with his face covered the entire movie and someone else doing the vocals.

  27. @Paddy to each their own, I guess

  28. I think with the right script, Ryan Reynolds could make an excellent Deadpool. Writers are just as important as acting talent. I honestly can’t think of anyone else in Hollywood who’s voice echoes the tone of the comic.

  29. Reynolds is just fine for the part, the horrible portrayal of the character is what has everyone doubting him. If he was gonna get replaced though… James Franco. He could be a kick ass Deadpool.

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