X-Men Origins: Magneto Could Start Next Year?

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magneto wide X Men Origins: Magneto Could Start Next Year?

David Goyer has been talking up a storm recently. With his fame growing massively after the success of The Dark Knight, which he helped write, he’s been talked about for plenty of other projects in development, most related to comic properties.

Recently, he gave some insight into the future of the Blade franchise and revealed some details on the upcoming Super Max film which would follow DC Comics’ Green Arrow character incarcerated in prison with supervillains for a crime he did not commit.

One project that Marvel fans are looking forward to however, is that of a solo film for Magneto which would tell the story of the character’s origins before the events of the first X-Men film, similar to this summer’s Hugh Jackman-starrer based on Wolverine. The mutant character with the power of magnetism was made famous on screen thanks to the acting of the talented Sir Ian McKellen, but from the sounds of it, he’d likely be played by a younger actor this time around, no doubt with a cameo from McKellen though.

X-Men Origins: Magneto is tentatively set for a 2011 release although there’s been no official push forward in development for quite some time. Goyer is writing the screenplay and will likely be directing the film when it happens, pending his incredibly busy schedule.

He spoke to MTV recently and had this to say about the status of the project:

“They’re still thinking about doing it…They’re definitely looking into doing other X-Men spinoffs.”

“I’ve been in touch with them… I’m sure that project will move forward in the next year or so.”

There’s plenty of potential for the X-Men franchise, although I’d personally prefer them to start over from scratch and follow the comics more, the films have proven again and again to make a ton at the box office. Even with terrible reviews, the latest installment of the franchise and the first spinoff, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, banked a massive $85 million opening weekend and a world-wide money grab of more than $360 million.

Since then, a Deadpool spin-off was greenlit for Ryan Reynolds’ character and we know they’re working on an X-Men: First Class movie as well as another solo flick for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. There’s also been talk of spinoffs for Gambit and some of the other actors from the series have their own ideas for more films as well.

So, according to Goyer, they could be getting to work on Magneto next year which would allow them to make the 2011 release date. The Deadpool project is also said to release that year but with Reynolds’ casting into the role of Hal Jordan in Green Lantern which is officially set for a summer, 2011 release, we don’t know for sure when we’ll be seeing that.

Do you want a Magneto solo movie? What characters should appear in it and what do you think the story will be about?

Source: MTV

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  1. Well if he goes up against Metal Man its game over. B-)

    Besides nazi’s who are Magnetos enemies?

    Anyone ???

  2. @ 790

    Shadow king? Hellfire club? Just thinkin’

    Is Goyer directing this?

  3. there isn’t much buzz for Magneto but I love the idea. He’s a great character that they can do a ton with.

  4. Who Cares. With that abortion they pawned off as a Wolverine movie, I couldn’t care less about seeing any of my other favorite characters raped on the big screen.

  5. Well, if it’s about Magneto you need the following:
    -Professor Charles Xavier of course (younger version and Patrick Stewart as well?), because we’ll want to see their friendship develop
    -Shadow King possibly as an enemy
    -William Stryker to link the movie to all the other X-movies as beautifully as Wolverine did.
    -Moira McTaggert
    -Possibly Magneto’s children: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch
    -Mystique so we learn how those two get together;
    possibly Sabretooth and Toad as well to form the Brotherhood
    -Maybe Mr. Sinister, since he actually worked for the Nazis?
    -Polaris, and if so, maybe Havok; that would be pretty sweet.
    -Sebastian Shaw as the Black King

  6. I’d be nice if they just did the story up to the point where they defeat Baron von Strucker.

  7. I don’t really know many people who actually care much about this at all. I think it’s a terrible idea personally.

    Also I want to add that Goyer CO wrote TDK not wrote he co wrote.

  8. I am all for a magneto origin film, he is such a deep fantastic character.

    there is a graphic novel dealing with his origins that came out a few years ago (cant remember its name) but it is arguably the best graphic novel ever written.

    I thinj they should go with the Nazi storyline and lead into when he and charles first met, maybe his children but perhaps only as new borns.

    Leave sinister out, I think he should be the main villian in first class… or perhaps have him behind the scenes for a nice tie in with first class

    im excited!

    what i dont want (despite being in my top 5 xmen characters) is a gambit spinoff

  9. yeah sounds good, Beast should be in it and also maybe mystique if they have any crazy ideas,and definitely professor x, they should really focus on magneto though,and make the whole holocaust thing matter

  10. I dont trust goyer – Screw the dark knight (it could have been better) this is the man who directed blade 3 I consider him a liability

  11. I am not crazy about the idea of a Magneto spinoff, but it could be interesting. I’m not sure if FOX is doing this because of the WWII Nazi angle that is going to be in Captain America and they want to be the first to the punch on that (although if it wasn’t for FOX competing with Marvel, it would be great to have Cap in a cameo role in Magneto, maybe HELPING Magneto defeat the Nazis). Of course if they DO make a Magneto film, you can be sure that my butt will be seeing it. 😀

  12. Im hoping they would do Deadpool first.

  13. They SHOULD show Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch (pietro and wanda) after all, they are his children, right?

  14. Yes they are along with Polaris. But he doesn’t realize that till many years into his career as as super villain. The movie is supposedly an origin story.

  15. this is a dreadful idea.
    i love magneto and been an x-men fan since i was a kid but with what happened with wolvie……uhh
    they will completely change the actual story,ruin his character and take away what is x-men even more hope this movie doesnt make it.

  16. While not in connection with the plot for Magneto’s spin-off, I think that a Gambit spin-off could benefit from a few of the ideas being thrown around for “Magneto” and “First Class.”

    Like it or not, X-Men Origins: Wolverine will probably be looked at as more successful than the original X-Men trilogy in that it made as much as it did at the box-office despite having been massively leaked online over a month before its theatrical release date and will likely do well in DVD/Bluray sales.

    With that success, a sequel has been greenlit, as has a Deadpool spin-off (and the character of Wade Wilson/Deadpool can ACTUALLY be saved within the first ten minutes of the Deadpool spin-off if done in a number of ways. Off-hand: Weapon XI was an experiment using a clone of Wade Wilson OR Wade’s healing factor rejects his newly acquired powers, including including the blades that he was provided with surgically (as this was an unnatural enhancement to his body’s structure, as opposed to the adamantium lacing Wolverine’s bone-structure which the claws were originally a part of).

    Gambit will likely have a spin-off as well, and hopefully with the proper training, Tyler Kitsch can better master the accent. He already looks the part and is of the age that, at 28, he is able to play a character in his young 20’s/late teens and still be able to have a role in X-Men 4 as a new team member in his early-to-mid-30’s (He’s not much older than the young Cyclops from “Origins: Wolverine”).

    “Origins: Gambit” can come out in between Magneto and X-Men 4, tying in all of the X-Men spin-offs with the actually X-Men franchise (assuming that “First Class” will release shortly prior to “Magneto” as a means to garner more interest in the actual story of Magneto). In order for this to work, Fox will have to mirror what Marvel is doing with Iron-Man 2, Captain America, Thor, and Avengers by filming non-stop and having one film release after another (Comic book characters don’t age, but actors do).

    This is being mentioned here because if all of these films ARE in-development, then I think it would work for Mr. Sinister to be the main villain in Gambit’s film, with him leading the Marauders (the group made up of Mystique, Toad, and a more vicious and animalistic looking Sabertooth).

    Since Toad was seen imprisoned at Three-Mile-Island but wasn’t among the group that Xavier found upon meeting “First Class” members Scott Summers and Emma Frost, it can be revealed in a flash-back scene in the Gambit spin-off that Sinister “rescues” a group of mutants (among those being Toad and Mystique) on the island. The Sabertooth connection would then occur in a short cameo in Wolverine 2 after the credits roll (Assuming that Victor Creed hunts down Wolverine prior to his trip to Japan. After the two engage in a short battle, Victor Creed retreats and goes into exile, unable to cope with the idea that his brother no longer remembers him – thus leading to a de-evolution that is first seen in the Sinister cameo at the end of Wolverine 2, and explored more in-depth over the course of the Gambit spin-off, ultimately resulting in what we saw as Sabertooth by the beginning of the first X-Men movie).

    This would leave Gambit with Sinister as the final villain, but also allow for a Victor Creed/Gambit showdown, where Creed can blame Gambit for bringing Logan to Three-Mile-Island and Gambit can seek revenge for the 2 years he spent incarcerated there, while also sowing the seeds for Magneto’s putting together the “Brotherhood” (Even have Magneto enter the final act of Gambit’s movie to persuade the main Marauders to join his cause – convincing Creed that he’d lead him to Wolverine if he joined him).