‘X-Men: First Class’ Russian Trailer: New Footage, More Mutants

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X Men First Class Trailer 40 Logo 570x240 X Men: First Class Russian Trailer: New Footage, More Mutants

The Russian trailer for X-Men: First Class has debuted, and though it’s been dubbed into a language I don’t recognize, I must say that the trailer as a whole is as epic as the American trailer (which I am still watching daily, by the way).

Although it still seems like a long shot – what with 20th Century Fox behind the film and a rushed production schedule – with two solid trailers under belt, is it time to get cautiously optimistic about this film?

The X-Men: First Class Russian trailer provides two things that its American predecessor does not: more footage of the young mutants in the film in action, and more insight into the character of Magneto, played by Michael Fassbender. Of all the young X-Men included in the film, it’s Banshee (Caleb Landry Jones) who gets some extra time to shine in this new trailer – keep a look out for both his signature sonic scream and flight capabilities. Also of note: this film’s version of Beast (Nicholas Hoult) looks better and better the more I see of him.

Check out the X-Men: First Class Russian trailer below [Update: Watch the English version of the international X-Men: First Class trailer]:



Trailers can be misleading, but it’s rare that you have two trailers – especially a domestic and foreign one – that can both successfully mislead you into thinking a crap movie is going to be awesome. Despite the (perhaps specious) decries of many X-Men purists, I’m slowly beginning to come around to the idea that Matthew Vaughn’s James Bond meets Twilight meets Thirteen Days vision of the X-Men’s early years could be an entertaining summer flick at worst, and a hit comic book movie at best.

Dare I even wonder if it might turn out to be the best X-flick to date? Dare I even wonder?

X-Men: First Class will be in theaters on June 3rd.

Source: The Playlist

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  1. Wow, I had my severe doubts on this film, but Vaughn is definitely making it look pretty epic, especially with the time and lack of material to work with.

    Fassbender as Magneto is going to be the highlight of this film!

  2. Hmmmmm….

    I must say, I have a good feeling about this film. The cast is solid, the director is good, the effects look impressive. It may not have any real relation to the comic version of First Class and they probably should have renamed it after all the fan backlash.
    However, it is clear that this is a prequel to the X-Men trilogy, so this surely exists within that created universe, and surely it didnt have the exact same First Class as the comics did.

  3. It’s looking better and better with each trailer that come out .
    Why did the Russian one be better than the english version?? Oh well it still LOOKS great.

    till next time

  4. очень хорошо!

    (Ochen Horosho!)

  5. I have to say this one did look better than the first one, I just wish that it was in English.

  6. I must say, this is movie up my chart of movies to see this year.

    • I have to admit, there was so much negativity flying around, but the trailers have turned it around for me. Not that I trust trailers. Spider-Man 3 looked good on trailers.

  7. Meh.

    • Double “meh”, with a yawn included.

  8. That was better than the first trailer, but the film still looks like crap.

  9. I feel that once again we’re being set up for a letdown (see X-men Origins: Wolverin & X-men: The Last Stand for more reference)

  10. better then the first trailer

  11. ya Battle LA falls in to the misleading movie category. Trailers were awsome movie was very very bad.

    • Well, that’s a matter of opinion. I thought the trailers for B:LA were good as well as the movie.

    • I thought it was pretty good , I didnt think it was great but it was good.I got exactly what I expected actually a little more cause I was listening to all the negative bs about the movie. It gets a strong c from me.
      Xmen : First Choice is still not working for me. I do wish they would keep the russian title though, it works much better than ” First Class”.

      if they switched the title and admitted it was a reboot then I might give them a little respect, and I do feel bad for Vaughn, cause even though it might be a good movie it still never going to get my respect as an Xmen film. Those are my felling , I hope everyone else that wants to see it enjoys it but to me its a serious insult to the source material. its sort of like making a pzza and before you cook it you fold it over and crimp it together the bake it. it has all the ingredients of a pizza but cause you folded it over and then baked its no longer a pizza its now a calzone.

      • First Choice seems to be the international title. It´s called the same way in Germany.

      • I too would be a little more accepting of this movie if they had called it something else. Maybe “X-Men Re-imagined”? That way they are being honest about screwing with the source material while still using the X-Men franchise. “X-Men First Class” implies this is the original group which it is most definitely NOT. As it is it still bugs the hell out of me.

        I also don’t know how some people can still be duped into thinking a good looking trailer somehow means the movie will be good. Those who make trailers do an amazing job at making even the worst movie look good so don’t be fooled.

  12. Movie looks great! I’m very excited. Effects look awesome, great story, great cast, great director. And I love the idea of placing the characters within real world events.

  13. Still not convinced anyone wants to see this heap.

  14. Chills.

  15. Practically no January Jones in the trailer? The Russians clearly dont know how to sell tickets

  16. The more I see of this, the more I can’t wait to see the movie. I know they screwed up the continuity but these trailers look very good to me.

  17. I don’t know, man…. this is actually looking pretty good to me.


  18. This looks fantastic. I think for sheer quality of acting, story, dialogue, and epic effects, this is going to trounce Thor and Captain America. I don’t give a hoot how much of the continuity this film steps on. Should be a great time!

    • How could it trounce Thor directed by Kenneth Branagh?

      • Well, X-Men has a much greater brand recognition than Thor. But it doesnt matter… GREEN LANTERN FOR THE WIN!!!!!!

  19. im sold
    the best looks fantastic, and its kinda cool to see one of my favorite underused mutants (banshie) brought to life
    yes, im choosing to forget you crappy 1993 Gen X made for TV movie

  20. They showed too much of Fassbender and McAvoy… the two people that i am not worried about at all in the movie. I would have like to some of the other people in the cast..

  21. While I didn’t understand one word of this trailer, I got goose bumps at times. Looking better.

  22. Looking pretty solid so far.

  23. Here´s the translation from the text as well as the spoken words:

    Title: “Before he was Professor X, he was called Charles”
    Title: “Before he was Magneto, he was called Erik”
    Xavier: “Hi, my name is Charles Xavier”
    Magneto (raising drink): “Here’s to you”
    Title: “They were friends” – “One hoped for peace” – “The other was defined by pain” – “Their unique abilities made them different”
    Xavier to Magneto: “There is more than you know inside you, more than pain and fury”
    Title: “But fate will make them into comrades”
    Xavier to Magneto: “You have kindness in you, you can control this, you have strength inside that no one else does. Not even me”
    Magneto: “Tomorrow people will know that mutants exist”
    Title: “Find out about the beginning of the truth”
    Xavier to Magneto: “We can become better”
    Magneto to Xavier: “We already are”
    Title: “Which will decide our world”
    Xavier to Magneto: “Listen to me carefully my friend, killing will not bring you peace”
    Magneto to Xavier: “Peace is not my goal”

  24. This looks awesome.

  25. “…best X-Men film to date…”

    It’s not that hard to float to the top of the X-Men-Film Toilet.

    Thank you, Dr. Cox. =)

  26. hey x men is classic!!!

  27. Like the first trailer’s music much better, because it seemed so different than usual.

    I’m completely reconciled with the changes from the comic, even if Alex is Scott’s father (in fact that could make sense, and there’d still be the family relationship).

    Time will tell, but the producers could easily slip by on the technicality that this team isn’t called “the X-men” yet, being that they’re a combination of Magneto and Xavier. (Of course you have an older Magneto and Charles visiting Jean in X3, and Iceman and Angel aren’t even born yet).

    That’s if the movie is successful, in which case fanboys will forgive the changes (yes, I said it). If it is, then it could be like Batman Begins, in that it works as a prequel but then becomes a reboot. Not a realistic comparison perhaps, although it wouldn’t surprise me if this is the best superhero movie this year. The others look mediocre at best.

    And “successful” to me mean’s a decent box office that maintains over several weeks rather than dropping off, and then has a continued positive buzz that builds interest in a sequel.

    I have no doubt Thor and Captain America will make money, but will they help promote the Avengers movie (instead of the other way around)?