‘X-Men: First Class’ Set Photos Reveal the Blackbird Jet

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x men first class1 X Men: First Class Set Photos Reveal the Blackbird Jet

As shooting on X-Men: First Class continues, news on the Marvel origin story/reboot has been surprisingly scarce.

Despite a few minor casting additions, Matthew Vaughn’s mutants meet High School mash-up film has managed to fly under the radar, much like the X:Men’s own Blackbird aircraft – until today, when both the film production and the Blackbird were caught on film.

Before we go any further, it’s important to note that if you are trying to avoid spoilers for X-Men: First Class, please avert your eyes. The Blackbird photos, without question, give away at least one major plot-point.

For anyone unfamiliar with the X-Men’s VIP jet, and its many useful applications, here’s a brief rundown: the X-Men’s Blackbird is a supersonic jet, a prototype version of the famous aircraft (originally created by SHIELD), and first appeared in X-Men #104  back in April of 1977. Throughout the years the jet was further modified to include a cloaking device and sensors, concussion missiles – not to mention a combination of powers supplied by whatever mutants are riding in one of the plane’s seven seats.

X Men Blackbird X Men: First Class Set Photos Reveal the Blackbird Jet

The Blackbird aka the 'X-Jet' in Bryan Singer's 'X-Men'

The Blackbird has appeared in numerous iterations of X-Men related media, including the 90s X-Men animated series that aired on Fox and Bryan Singer’s X-Men films.

Once again, the images below are definitely within the realm of spoiler-territory – please be advised.

Spoilers for Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class

The set-photos, which come courtesy of Comic Book Movie, were taken off the coast of Jekyll Island in Georgia and show the X-Men’s iconic jet in shambles.



While it’s certainly possible that the photos merely represent an incomplete version of the jet, either being torn down or prepared for a shoot, it’s hard to reconcile the positioning of the cockpit, relative to the rest of the cabin, turbines, and wings – as a result it seems awfully likely that the Blackbird is destroyed at some point.

While it’s certainly fun to speculate about the events leading up to wreckage on the beach, maybe the plane is downed by the Hellfire Club in the film’s climactic conclusion or by some other means (such as the United States Secretary of State), we’ll just have to wait until the film opens in June for definitive answers.

One thing is for certain, with catastrophic action set-pieces like the one the Blackbird photos hint toward, who needs a Wolverine cameo?

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X-Men: First Class opens in theaters June 3, 2011.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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  1. That is definitely an SR-71. Seems to fit with the decade in which this takes place.

    • I agree. The original SR-71 was built in 1963/64. And maybe it crashed on Krakoa (?).

  2. Could those images of the X-jet be seen as a metaphor for this franchise and this movie?

    • Hahaha, so true my friend, SO true…

      • indeed.

    • Positivity isn’t something you’re good at, especially when it comes to a marvel comic book movie is it? I mean how many movies have you seen in your short life anyway? Obviously not enough to give quality opinions based on substantial life experiences and how they might relate to the themes explored in any written script. Granted it’s an X men movie, but damn, so jaded, maybe more diverse experiences might help you find something to relate to in this and all of the media you consume in the future.

      • OK. What is your problem? I have PLENTY of positive comments on this site. Hell, I just positive one on the ‘Real Steel’ thread. Check any Batman thread. Plenty of positive comments from me there. Wait, you’re not one of those fanboys who can’t take any negativie comments are you?

        BTW, I’ve seen plenty of films.

      • worthing,

        I’ve been keeping an eye out and it seems to me you’re baiting Little Monster. I don’t abide by one to one vendettas/ongoing arguments here on different article threads.


  3. LM this is not an attack on you personally, but I agree with Worthing’s point about younger fans bashing this movie and it is completely unjustified. I have faith in Matthew Vaughn and Brian Singer as a team, and combined with the 60′s as a backdrop, this movie holds lots of surprises. I’ve liked all of Vaughn’s films and see absolutely no reason to be negative at what’s been revealed to this point. This movie is going to be very exciting.

    With the whole 60′s political angle (JFK has been mentioned) I wonder If that beach is the coast of Cuba perhaps? Krakoa and Savage Land may be a stretch, but an Island off the coast of the US loaded with Nuclear missiles seems to good to pass up.

    • I’m bashing the movie b/c of all the continuity errors they have already made.

      1) Beast will going blue in the film. If the writers watched the movies, then they would know that Beast was still human ’til X3.

      2. Emma Frost is too old. It’s supposed to take place in the 60s (before XO:W, which featured a YOUNG Emma Frost), and that have like a 30 (more or less) year old version of her.

      3. Patrick Steward was able to portray Xavier in XO:W, so why not have im back for this film?

      4. No Jean or Cyclops. It was said in the first film those two were the first among Xavier’s student, and yet they’re not in the film. Oh wait, they have Cyclop’s brother, but not Cyclops himself.

      There’s more than the ones I just posted too. It has NOTHING to do with age, but the studio is just breaking continuity w/o even caring. And don’t try and say that it’s a reboot, b/c it’s already been to be a prequel.

      • Monster! What bitter irony.In the recent past when I was bashing the X-men franchise, you came to the rescue. Now you’re taking heat for bashing it. Or maybe you came to Fox rescue, cause I was crusading for marvel to get the film rights back. Either way, I agree, there is just way too much wrong with the current X-men franchise. Too much for me to start typing about it. Maybe xfc will fix it. “there is always hope”. :)

      • Every point that Little Monster just made is dead on… I’m not taking sides, but yeah.

        • @ Little Monster

          We don’t always agree but I enjoy your comments anyway and respect your right to express your opinions. So please stick around. :-)

          I own most of the X-Men comics from the 60′s, 70′s, 80′ through to the mid 90′s. I’m not a fan of the (so called) X-Men films because they bear little resemblance to the original source material in just about every aspect.

          I don’t really think much of Bryan Singer’s version and Ratner’s isn’t worth talking about.

          I couldn’t care less for 1960′s re imaginings and alternative story lines that were never part of MARVELS’ creativity. By all means give us a new story but when Fox Abattoirs continue tampering with character traits, costumes, ages, time shifts, and continuity my contempt for them grows exponentially.

          This film doesn’t have anything in common with the real First Class. In fact it has nothing to do with any real or genuine attempt at presenting MARVELS’ premier team of mutants in a faithful and authentic way.

          It should be called something else entirely because it’s a counterfeit, it ain’t the X-Men.

          I’m not going to apologize for what some may perceive to be a negative opinion regarding characters that DON’T look or behave the same way they are in the books.

          Fox Abattoirs may think they have creative license to bring some perceived originality to this SCREWED UP franchise BUT the reality is they totally disregard and disrespect MARVEL’S best selling franchise with their convoluted abominations.

          • I totally agree.

            “We don’t always agree but I enjoy your comments anyway and respect your right to express your opinions.”

            This is, what this site is about, isn´t it? I guess, that´s why Vic called it screenRANT.

      • i agree with pretty much everything you said there little monster i had a similer comment lined up but with a expansion on your point about no jean or cyclops my point is that xavier adopted scott as the first member of the x-men at the age of 16 after he ran away from an orphange after he found him then hes the first and obveiously in the first 5 x-men which were Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast and Jean Grey which states beast would have transformed unlike umntill x-men3 so unless this a new take on the story or a re-boot and not a prequil there isnt much hope for a sucessive franchise really is there

  4. But once again I’m done with this site completely. No BS this time. You can’t seem to have an opinion (negative or positive) w/o someone turning this into a childish pissing contest.

    • Little Monster come on,youre awsome dude dont be a 790….

      • Couldnt help but use 790 as an example *crosses fingers so they both return*

    • Monster, he’s just all pissy cause you had a comment he didn’t want to hear. Just remember what Walter Shobchak said: calmer than you are dude, calmer than you are.

    • +1

    • Little Monster, don’t dismiss the site because of 1 or 2 people. I admire you for your opinions, and on this movie, I agree. Fox (it is Fox isn’t it?) has screwed up Marvel’s property to many times.

    • Hope you stick around Monster. I like your comments, plus you are a very civil person. On top of that, you can write a complete sentence! Definitely stay onboard.

    • Please Little Monster..don’t go..I miss 790 though. Vic always helps us out. daniel f. is still around which I have had to put up with mindless insults after insults about simply everything that is not understood…..I read everything here but do not post alot because of that….C’Mon Dawg, please don’t go. Happy Holidays!

  5. I agree with everything you’ve just said. We all know they have painted themselves into a corner with the popular characters and wasted them. But I believe Matthew Vaughn is a responsible director and would not take the job unless he saw merit in it. He ditched on X3, why take on even harder project unless there was a way around it. Look, it’s not just a few fans, it’s a majority of fans doing the bashing, which is why I and a few others feel compelled to voice our opinion which is lets wait and see how they solve this puzzle. I’m not trying to attack, I’m trying to defend. Everyone bashed Green Hornet a year ago, now most are saying hey this looks pretty good. I’m kind of excited to see how they’re going to pull it off. And if they break continuity here and there to repair damage, all the better.

  6. Come back Monster. Yours are some of my favorite comments\rants.

    • Yeah man, come on!

  7. And besides, “theres one in every crowd” you gotta shakem offa you dude….

  8. Guy, you don’t even know the plot of the movie yet you say its going to suck. Come on. I bought Giant Sized X-Men #1 at 7-11 when I was 14 years old. Still have it. I’m happy to see whatever movies they make, good or bad. Makes me feel young again.

    Hope I didn’t break any rules Vic, just trying to defend common sense.

  9. How many more X-Men movies have to be made before they realize they’re out of good ideas?

  10. if people where more cynical and didn’t go to the cinema to watch every damn movie then w/d/p’s will have to do a better job to pull people in instead of doing a half ass job and only worrying about cash (though them trying to do a better job will initially be due to low view #’s).

    you positive people are supporting the lazy w/d/p’s who cbf staying true to their fans etc so when a bad movie comes out you guys are the only ones to be blamed since you’re the 1st to step in the cinema. i admit that i have done so in the past but through fault have i learnt to be patient and wait for a couple of reviews/ different opinions prior to wasn’t time/money.

  11. Possible spoilers based on unconfirmed rumors below:

    Let me address the No Cyclops or Jean Grey thing.

    From what I’ve been able to gather from the few plot details that have emerged, this movie is primarily a Xavier/Magneto flick, and NOT a true “First Class” film. It’s set in the 1960s. Kennedy is president, Martin Luther King Jr is up and coming, etc. Xavier has hair and isn’t in a wheelchair yet, and he and Magneto are still close friends working together to peacefully unite humans and mutants.

    The climax of Origins: Wolverine places that movie, and Xavier and Scott’s first meeting, in 1979 (Three Mile Island). Kennedy was assassinated in 63, so this movie takes place at least 16 years earlier. Cyclops is in high school in Origins, so he’d be a toddler in this flick (and oddly enough, makes the Cyclops character almost a full decade older than James Marsden in the first X-Men film). Famke Jannsen is actually 10 years older than Marsden, so Jean would be the same age. Too young for the time period this film takes place in.

    There’s the whole Havok issue, but when has the movie’s ages ever matched the comic’s ones? This just means Havok is now 16 or 17 years older than Scott, and in the movie-verse may not even be related.

    At the very least they’re trying to be consistent with established movie-continuity characters. And let’s face it, if they brought in only Xavier/Magneto contemporaries, or even made up their own mutant characters, fans would be complaining that they should have used any of the hundreds of characters from the comics. They’ve chosen a relatively obscure character (no one in the mainstream has any idea Cyclops even has a brother) and shifted him in time to suit their needs.

    Since Kelsey Grammar is 20 years older than James Marsden, it’s easy enough to assume Movie-Beast is also 20 years older, so he’d still fit in with the early ’60s setting. As for Beast only becoming Blue shortly before X3, this is never stated in-film, and is implied to not be the case. Hank McCoy’s television cameo in X2 seems to have been retconed out, which I’m, personally, okay with.

    The movie is in need of name-change, since a true “First Class” film would, by movie timeline, need to be set in the 80s, and if ever there was an excuse for the flamboyantly colored costumes that would be it.

    • I have a problem with Havok too. How can Cyclops´ YOUNGER brother be in that movie that´s placed in the 60s? But maybe they´ll explain that… And for the Beast cameo in X2… Maybe he was using a holo-projector like he and Nightcrawler used in the comics…

    • The only thing these guys seem to be doing consistently is screwing up X-men.

  12. I always thought it was ridiculous for discreet mutants to be flying around in a Blackbird anyway. Talk about drawing attention to yourselves! They shoul’ve travelled by train, that is… if they didn’t have a teleporter near, like nightcrawler, Magik, that aboriginal dude, amanda sefton, cable… but I digress.

    I’ll see this movie, maybe… because like others, I’ve been an x-fan since the late 70′s and I like Matthew Vaughn. I’ll give it a chance.


    Everything I’ve been hearing sounds really bad, nothing like the actual history. They really should’ve done a real re-boot with the originals.

    but Kevin Bacon as Shaw, well thats good. and a Xavier/Magneto backstory? any x-fan worth their cerebro helmet would want that.

  13. hi to all! i agree mostly with little monster.. this is a very poor idea of what the x-men should be. why are they using the first class name? the x-men in this movie are almost all from the 3rd generation. i was really upset when i knew there was no cyclops i thougth this picture was his step to the frontline and be the leader of x-men that i always liked. but hey i dont have the money to make a movie of my own, so we just have to stick together and keep supporting marvel to make an honest and real x-men movie.

  14. because FOX is trying to milk this franchise for all the money it can get out of it, expect for this film to really suck and further wreck the xmen’s legacy on film, watch at some point FOX will make an XMAN movie that will FLOP at the box office… guaranteed… this will be one of the lower grossers of franchise! guaranteed!

  15. Jekyll island is only 1 hour from where i live lol ODD though why they picked that..so far i am not enthused about this film..it is because they have totally re-written the X-men stories to point it totally sucks.

  16. Most movies do not follow the comics strictly. If they do, I’m not going to watch it because it’s too predictable.

    As long as NO names are mentioned in a negative light, I enjoy all your wonderful comments! I really do… even if they really screw up the movie.


    • @ Kev

      It’s never been about following the comics exactly. It’s not about a panel by panel reconstruction because as you as you say it would be very predictable. :-)

      What would be exceptional is having the characters on screen faithfully and accurately portrayed i.e. looking and behaving the same way they do in the books.

      I don’t see that as an impossibility.

      • Sorry one too many “as you” :-) where’s the edit button??? :-)

  17. If i were to reboot this franchise my first scene would be the phoenix force scene and then backtrack to show how they got there. How would yall redo it?