‘X-Men: First Class’ Sequel Snags ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Writer

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There’s been a lot of question surrounding the proposed sequel to X-Men: First Class, including what time period it will be set in (the ’70s? The ’80s?), which mutants will be featured (Cyclops and Jean Grey, anyone?) and of course, whether the cast of the first film and director Matthew Vaughn will all return for the next installment.

One question that has been seldom asked is who might be writing the script for the next chapter of First Class – but, that’s the question we have the answer for today.

SuperHeroHype has it that screenwriter Simon Kinberg is the man who has been hired by FOX to script the First Class sequel. Kinberg has a pretty wide range of experience with genre-based action films, having penned scripts for xXx: State of the Union, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, X-Men: The Last Stand, Jumper, and of course, Sherlock Holmes. Kinberg also has some high-profile upcoming projects on the way, including the McG espionage rom-com This Means War, and the horror/period drama mashup, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. So basically, his screenwriting accomplishments range in quality from OK to poor – though, he does get points for producing Neill Blomkamp’s (District 9) next sci-fi film, Elysium.

Matthew Vaughn and his frequent collaborator Jane Goldman were involved in the scripts for both of their previous comic book adaptations (Kick-Ass and First Class), so the decision to have another writer work on this First Class sequel does raise eyebrows. Of course, there were other writers besides Goldman and Vaughn involved with scripting the first First Class film, so if Vaughn in fact returns to direct the next installment, there’s still a fairly good chance that he (and likely Goldman) will be putting their own stamp on story.

If not, suffice to say that it will be a fairly…interesting turn of events, should Kinberg be left to fly solo on this project. Because another X3 is just what we need…

We’ll let you know more about the X-Men: First Class sequel as news develops.

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  1. I am a little nervous that the man who wrote the the most disasterous X flick is now writing the next chapter in the saga.
    It better be one heck of a story

    • Exactly. None of those movies were good. Mr and Mrs Smith was the best one and that was only ok at best.

    • I really liked X3

  2. Why? Why can’t they keep the same writer?

    • I agree!!!

  3. Still early. But this news is disapointing.

  4. So discouraging. I want Vaughn to stick to his guns on his thematic ideas, and really take the time to flesh out and focus on just a few in First Class 2, rather than try and cramp everything together like First class, awesome as it was. If he can be guaranteed sequels I think he’ll do just fine, but I say get rid of this new writer (c’mon, look at the stuff he’s written – lots of it exactly counter to the sort of intelligent, well-paced kind of action that First Clas had). I really don’t want another X3…

  5. Oh good. Nothing like taking a promising franchise and flying it right into the mountain.

  6. For the love of Colossus who was misused in the final stand….NOOOOOOO!!!!

  7. How can they justify having this guy going anywhere near the X-franchise? They need to look at the momentum they built from X-Men: First Class. The movie box office wasn’t great. I think the dvd sales were good. They are in a similar situation as the Batman franchise after Batman Begins. They followed with the Dark Knight. Batman Begins was a great film, and did decent box office, but it was hurt by the stench of Schumacher’s Batman and Robin. X3 was the same drag on First Class. Really wish they’d change their minds on this decision. This guy must be related to some studio bigwig.

  8. There was once a time where I actually anticipated the next X-Men film, but now its
    if Fox truly doesn’t know what to do or where to take this franchise just as long as they
    maintain the rights. With each new installment comes a new director and/or writer with
    their own spin, one that typically involves disregarding the previous film.

    • That has been the formula, why change it now? And now that this guy is to only writer on this movie so far, it’s his fault that X-3 was bad, is Ratner off the hot seat now? The tone of most articles concerning this franchise and Fox have been all over the place. I would be less concerned with who is writing this script and more worried that there seems to be no idea what time period they are going to hop to this time, what the plot is going to be, or who the characters are going to be.

      I am of the opinion that is this installment is just another Magneto vs. Xavier deal with random people who serve a little more than cardboard cutouts, the result may keep with the trend of a drop off in interest.

      • “is Ratner off the hot seat now?”

        Hardly. However a greater portion of the blame falls to Fox. Atleast when Singer was at the helm, he
        clearly had some type of arc he wanted to conclude before Fox shafted him for Ratner. Overall it would
        be alot less discrepancies within the series if Fox managed to keep the same creative team for more than one
        film. And yes, this will likely be nothing more but an Xavier vs magneto story with other characters
        serving as props and the series has become stagnant as a result.

        • Well we both agree that Fox really doesn’t care what goes on, and closer to home Shuler-Donner and the producers don’t seem to know what direction they are going in from one film to the next. The idea that Singer had more of an idea for where the story was going after X-2 would hold water if there actually was ever anything substantial written in the first place.

          X-3 was bad but, Vaughn walked off the picture two weeks before shooting and had actually did some of the casting at that point. Ratner came in and just drove the already flaming bus off a cliff, but as you said a lack of any cohesive creative team is why almost none of these movies have keep a consistent story, tone or quality.

          I would hazard a guess that even with all of this negative buzz about this guy working on the script, it might not even matter if and when this film gets done. Just look at what is going on with Wolverine right now, they are on director and script number two with nothing but wishful thinking from Jackman and Mangold at this point. Looking at how many times they change scripts and the multiple writers they have had I can’t see how with the time and money they have spent they don’t have five movies worth of at least breakdowns sitting somewhere that follow some central structure.

      • “I would be less concerned with who is writing this script and more worried that there seems to be no idea what time period they are going to hop to this time, what the plot is going to be, or who the characters are going to be.”

        The script hasnt been written yet, they are still discussing who will write FC2 at this point. It’s not surprissing that they dont know what time period or charcters they will utilize yet. Or maube they have decided and are dont feel like releasing plot points this early in production. Anyway, if they do keep Vaughnn as director, he has already mentioned what time period and story ideas he would like to go foward with.

        • As I said the idea that this guys script, if it even gets done, will be used is not a done deal so how good he may or may not be isn’t really a big deal at this point. The fact that this series has a history of scripts being changed or dropped all together depending on who the director happens to be makes them even talking about this kind of jumping the gun a bit.

          And they don’t have to tell the general public anything, but I would hope that they have some vague idea what they are going to do. It’s not like they can just tell this guy, write a script with X-Men in it doing stuff, and expect anything coherent. And since this First Class set of movies has strayed so far away from anything from the dreaded actual comic series, it’s going to be interesting what they pull out of thin air for this movie.

  9. Not great news, the writer who did the script for X-Men: The Last Stand is now writing the script for X-Men: First Class 2.

    Come on, bring back X-Men: FC writers Ashley Edward Miller, Zack Stenz and Jane Goldman and have Matthew Vaughan return as the director.

    Vaughan did a amazing job, this is one of the best movies of the year and also the best X-Men prequel ever.

    I just hope the sequel turns out to better the first one.

  10. How do you follow-up to one of the summer’s best superhero films? You get the guy who wrote of the worst.

  11. damn already gonna F’up the new saga u would think WB would b smarter then tht..
    obviously not. guy has crap titles on his belt

  12. XXX: State of the Union had a writer?

  13. Is this an early April fools day Joke ?
    Somebody please tell me thats not true..how can they be serious about it ?
    Please no !

    Screenranters can u not do something and tell them about it ?

  14. Well, XMFC finally arrived at Redbox so I finally saw it and in short, the story was cleverly woven and worked within its own context. HOWEVER, all I could do was laugh and shake my head at the sheer amount of nonsensical, canon breaking things piled into this movie. They managed to pretty much single handedly destroy the X-Men universe as we know it which is a shame considering what they could have done if they had decided to do it right.

  15. Kurt, is she single? heh.

    how did spam get through here? lol

  16. @azrael, I’m not sure that’s quite correct. Did Fox actually shaft Singer for Ratner or did Singer shaft Xmen: Last Stand for Superman Returns (a childhood dream of his)?

    • Right I was off the impression that Singer left after X2 to direct Superman Returns. I’m curious though as to how much influence he had on FC and if he’s on board for the sequel.

    • “Did Fox actually shaft Singer for Ratner or did Singer shaft Xmen: Last Stand for Superman Returns (a childhood dream of his)?”

      While its true that Singer left X3 to direct SR, I believe that it was the direct result of Fox dragging their
      feet regarding it. I remember reading that Singer was up for directing X3, but Fox wasn’t willing to wait
      until he was finished with Superman so they replaced him. Ironically Singer left one franchise for another
      and as a result one suffered from his involvement while the other suffered without his involvement.

  17. I kinda liked Xmen: Last Stand. Though I admit it didn’t have the depth of Xmen 2 but its climax was still more exciting IMO than the first movie’s Statue of Liberty fight scene. XLS is not an easy story to write, I maintain. Never had we seen so many superheroes and villains in one movie before and fanboy expectations were high (goodness knows, after Batman and Spiderman(?), Xmen probably has the largest fanboy following); movie critics expected a script masterpiece following X2’s critical success. Who knows, maybe Singer was overwhelmed by it all?

    But I’ll give Kinberg the benefit of doubt if he actually wrote ‘Sherlock Holmes’-which was a good movie. Maybe Ratner cramped his style in XLS, who knows? Never watched State of the Union-not exactly my kind of movie(little one can do with it when the acting prowess of your lead character is limited). Like getting the Rock to act the lead role in Shutter Island. You’d be forced to tailor your script and expectations.

    In any case, I believe there’s ample time to change Kinberg if the story isn’t coming out great.

  18. I understand Vaughn came on late for FC but why would he want to do it again? You would think after the success of FC he would have first dibs on the sequel. So my guess is that this means he most surely won’t be back. How would that meeting go at Fox? ” Hey thanks for coming in late, dealing with a rushed schedule, rewriting the script, directing a good film and saving our ass. Want to do it again?”

    • Seeing how he walked off X-3 two weeks before shooting, he was probably surprised he got called at all. Granted it seems like Lauren Shuler-Donner has allot to do with these decisions since Singer got to come back after walking off X-3 too, ironically. It more then likely came down to the fact they couldn’t get anyone else to direct the film and Vaughn had nothing else to do, and the check looked good.

  19. Um, I guess I might be the only one who didn’t like X-Men: First Class. For those who want to original writers: There wasn’t a lot of actual story written. They didn’t have to write a setting-Cuban Missile Crisis was there for them. The dialogue was just “ok”-for those who had the chance to speak (Riptide did not have a single line), Azazel said like one line. They concentrated on Charles and Eric a lot-which I understand b/c they started the school, but their origin stories weren’t from the comic books. The actual origins would have been way more compelling and interesting (Charles doing work helping people across the world, Eric “not his real name” starting a family that gets killed and he freaks out showing his power, which can allude to Pietro and Scarlett WItch).

    The film itself was ok, but it was not a good comic book movie. The fact that they just introduced characters just to kill them off was really bad (Darwin dying…they haven’t killed him yet in the comics, so…). The whole thing about them not using the actual First Class was very unsettling to me as well. It felt like Wolverine Origins-great concept but poor execution.

    • Actually, I believe Darwin dies pretty often in the comics, only to comeback due to
      his mutant ability. However I do agree regarding their usage of introducing characters
      and then abandoning them. Another issue I had with FC was the use of Havok. I
      remember how much controversy it caused with altering his history, the hilarious aspect
      is the fact that they never actually used him for anything that no other random mutant
      could have been used for. So while FC may have been somewhat better than the last
      two films, it still was mediocre imo.

      • The use of Havoc, or lack thereof, is pretty much what some people are so critical of with these movies. With all the talk of the movie makers doing something new with these stories and characters their depiction of Havoc was just, non-existent. They introduce him sitting in what looked like a maximum security prison and they never explain what he was doing there. I have little to no knowledge of the Darwin or Angel character and after First Class it’s still pretty much the same.

        After the first X-Men movie almost all of the characters they introduced have been reduced down to a code name and special effects. Perhaps it’s too many characters to do justice with, but aside from a few people these movies have short-changed pretty much everyone’s character development.

        • “After the first X-Men movie almost all of the characters they introduced have been reduced down to a code name and special effects.”

          That about sums things up. With this entire franchise hinging on just a few very select characters and with character introductions being nothing more but gratuitous cameos I no longer anticipate a new X-film, especially if its coming from Fox. The franchise could be so much more if they bothered developing other characters and taking chances with others.

          • The fact they have focused on one theme from the comics (the whole mutants being discriminated against)and a few characters would not be such as huge problem, except that even that has been done in a very superficial manner. I can’t really say that despite the amount of time they spent on Wolverine that they have really captured more then a tiny bit of what the character could be. Too much time and story seem to have been used trying to tie allot of these characters together when it wasn’t always needed. Mixing Stryker in with the Weapon X idea for X-2 did put most of the focus on Wolverine and then tied their hands when they did an actual Wolverine spin-off.

            Now that they want to still attempt to produce more X-Men movies they have run into the problem of having thrown so many characters on screen without any context and doing nothing with them, that they have limited who they can use and where.

  20. C’mon azrael. Did you actually expect Fox to wait for Singer to finish the Superman movie? They should take the back bench?

    • Yeah, foolish me huh? Suppose I was simply holding on the hope that Fox
      was going to stick with the director that arguably made the 2 best films in the franchise
      and allow him to conclude the trilogy, much how Nolan got to, but this is Fox
      we’re talking about.

  21. I’m not holding fort for the big corporations. However there is also a limit to being held to ransome. Marvel let Terence Howard and Edward Norton go for similar reasons. Pearce Brosnan turned down the Bond role in Living Daylights due to TV series commitments! Trying to handle two major movies with almost similar production schedules is like trying to eat your cake and have it and I daresay unprofessional. I don’t blame Fox for not condoning it. And SR wasn’t the bomb he thought it would be… Xmen is not exactly a trilogy like say Lord of the Rings so it didn’t look like a desperate situation. The notion that every good director of a movie should have a trilogy is quiet novel and highly debatable. Granted Singer would have done a better job but there are limits conditions IMO.

    • I believe that’s where we differ. I believe Fox could have postponed production of X3 enough to give Singer some leeway to finish up SR or at the very least they could have went with a director more capable of doing X3 justice than what we got. However I do agree that trilogies are quite the novelty these days. I do think that Singer had an arc that he wanted to continue with. To be honest I’m not even sure whether or not it would have been a trilogy as I also heard Singer wanted to shoot X3 and X4 consecutively. To be fair though, I do believe Singer should have simply went with X3 above SR especially in hindsight due to his inability to relaunch the Superman franchise.

  22. make a great story ,and have characters like Beak,glob herman,husk,cyclops,storm,sabretoothe,blob,sinister,stryker,and the sentinels and i will continue to watch,but focus on great story and character.also looking forward to x-men first class 3, and x-men 4 and 5 back to back.

  23. I’m just glad it’s getting a sequel :)!

    • Careful what you wish for. You just might get it. I don’t know how high/low you set your standards for your Marvel superhero movies, but going by the previous movies this guy helped create and the less then inspiring already existing Marvel movies, this is just going to be another run of the mill, uninspiring summer blockbuster.

  24. The X-men First Class was AMAZING because for the first time, u get to see how the X-men use their powers as a team, but as a sequence away from the the crappy Fast BAll Special, which didnt feel very natural in X-men 3. Those that remember the cartoons will know that when X-men battle they all go at once, and are not limited to wacky detached editing or screenplay that shows 1 on 1 battles, (see Mystique vs Wolverine X-men 1, Storm Vs Callisto, X-men 3 ) everything was done in 2s.. and I think FOX were struggling to juggle all the mutants at once.
    I have FULL respect for Vaughn, Fox gave him a second chance, and as he mentioned its the STORY that drives the Powers they display.. its all provoked by the emotion that the mutants go through on screen. He did not hold These x-men back, something that Bryan did. Storm not flying..etc.. she wasnt the goddess that shes supposed to be! Magneto tossing the anchor chains across a Boat is the best example.
    The only person that really was in character was Jean (famke Janssen), as much as X-men 3 was not received as well, She sold that movie, and got the anticipation set from X-men 2,
    What I want from X-men First Class 2:
    Matthew Vaughn Directing, When u watch the DVD about how the film was put together u’ll see that he collaborates quite nicely and wants to achieve the best. Bryan was more about his vision.. very left from what the x-men had was all by itself.
    -Jean needs to come there are too many guys,
    – I want Early Danger room training.
    – I want more team work dynamics, seeing multiple mutant powers at once.
    -Magneto in a metalic moulded suit..like the comics. Not this cotton look.
    -Keep the X-Jet as it is in First Class
    -Keep the suits. Beast needs to be bear Chested and wear bottom half in suit. He needs to be bigger and more acobatic, (Summersaults, Foot Grabbing over poles etc)

  25. Oh god please no. Why would they do this? Vaugn and Goldman have been a great team on the first flick so why are they hiring THIS GUY?!?!?!?!

    At this point I don’t know whether to see the film or wait for it on DVD albeit a rental at best because this guy can’t write for sh*t.

  26. Cyclops,Beak,Sinister,Apocalypse,The Sentinels,Stryker,John Sublime, Sabretoothe, and Toad. all of these characters need to be brought back into the sequels.