‘X-Men: First Class’ Sequel Ideas Emerge

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New X Men First Class poster X Men: First Class Sequel Ideas Emerge

If the early reviews are any indication, it looks like X-Men: First Class has a better than average chance of becoming a dark horse success story this summer.

Despite the fact that a large number of fans have been sharpening their claws and getting ready to make minced meat of this project since its earliest stages of development, there’s been some speculation that the film might actually turn out to be the best entry in the X-Men franchise since the much-lauded X2: X-Men United.

The tide began to turn somewhat after the release of several trailers and clips, but there’s still a surprisingly sizable level of skepticism when it comes to X-Men: First Class. The brunt of the criticism seems to center around the fact that the story takes significant liberties not only with comic book continuity, but also with the timeline established in previous installments. Seemingly straddling the line between being a prequel and all-out reboot, the film certainly has an ambiguous approach to the mythology – but that means there’s no shortage of options for the filmmakers when it comes to deciding where to take the series next.

Director Matthew Vaughn and producer Bryan Singer previously hinted that further installments could be set against the backdrop of the 1970s or 80s, but didn’t go into specifics about the plot. Speaking with HitFix, Vaughn reveals that he’s definitely interested in helming a sequel to First Class – and that he already has an idea for the next film’s opening scene:

“I’ve got some ideas for the opening for the next film. I thought it would be fun to open with the Kennedy Assassination, and we reveal that the magic bullet was controlled by Magneto. That would explain the physics of it, and we see that he’s pissed off because Kennedy took all the credit for saving the world and mutants weren’t even mentioned. And we could go from there, and I’ve got some fun ideas about what other mutants to bring in. I don’t want to tempt fate, though. If the film’s a hit, of course I’d be interested. I really enjoyed making it.”

X-Men: First Class has taken some flack for not including more recognizable mutants as part of its ensemble, but Vaughn insists that they chose the characters who would best serve the story. In a separate interview with MovieWeb, he also indicates that if a follow-up were to move forward, he wouldn’t be interested in shaking up the current roster all that much. In fact, he claims that a sequel would only feature one new addition to the team:






“We will only have one more new character. I won’t say who he…I won’t say who he or she is! But we will only be bringing one more new character in. Because, I think, as Professor X is in a wheelchair, Magneto needs to have a nemesis he can fight with. Someone that will be his equal. I know who it is. It would be nice if I could say something, but I can’t, mate!”

X Men First Class Sequels X Men: First Class Sequel Ideas Emerge

As fans begin to theorize which character Vaughn is referring to, Cyclops and Jean Grey will likely emerge as frontrunners – despite the fact that including either of them would contradict certain scenes from X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Then again, the ending of First Class that Vaughn references above already seems to contradict those same moments. As I stated before, it sounds like this film will give everyone involved a great deal of creative freedom when it comes to plotting out sequels – so I suspect that there really isn’t any character who’s off limits at this point.

X-Men: First Class may be re-imaging the cinematic origins of these beloved characters, but Vaughn says that fans shouldn’t rule out the possibility of seeing Patrick Stewart or Ian McKellen return to their iconic roles somewhere down the line:

“I have worked with Sir Ian McKellen before, and he is a lovely guy. I would love to work with him again. So, never say never!”

A statement like that will probably only make it more complicated for anyone who’s trying to make sense of how all these films tie together (it doesn’t get any less confusing when you consider that X-Men 4 and 5 are evidently still in development as well), but the idea of segueing into the present day incarnations of Professor X and Magneto sounds like  a promising one.

Reservations about how closely the film adheres to the source material are understandable, but it seems like there’s a decent chance that even the most cynical audience members will ultimately be won over.

We’ll find out when X-Men: First Class opens in theaters on June 3.

Source: HitFix and MovieWeb.

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  1. actually sounds like an interesting idea

    • yup

  2. They should introduce the X-Men members, villains and enemy teams that weren’t in the previous films instead of using the same villain for the 5th time and introducing only one new character.

  3. Sequel ideaT: They all die…Hear me out, guys… kidding….

  4. @Because, I think, as Professor X is in a wheelchair,”

    And the continuity issues continue to stack up. If Vaughn payed attention, then he would know that Charles is still able to walk when he meets Gene Grey, but she won’t be in this film.

    • That’s only if you count X3 as being in the same continuity.

      A lot of fans count X1 X2 (singer’s films) as THE continuity and X3 and Wolverine as FOX hellspawn.

    • And no offense, but it’s weird to chastise someone for allegedly not paying attention right before you say “Gene Grey”.

      And for that matter: I would think that people who are pissed with how First Class is ‘messing with continuity’ would be the first people to willingly wipe away all the stains of X3. Because if that film stands in continuity, we are going to have a LOT of problems going forward for X4 and X5.

      • People can say that X3 “isn’t part of continuity” all they want, but the truth is that it IS. No mattter how much I don’t like the film, I still acknowledge where it falls in the film continuity.

        @”And no offense, but it’s weird to chastise someone for allegedly not paying attention right before you say “Gene Grey”.”

        ::Sigh:: Please don’t turn into one of those annoying grammar nazis.

        • Ok, let’s address movie continuity:

          Bryan Singer builds an X-Men world in two films. He backs out of the third. Matthew Vaughn steps in to build on Singer’s world in X3 but FOX interferes so Vaughn leaves. FOX then throws Brett Ratner and a half-cooked script in to pump out one more X-Men movie for Money’s sake. They completely screw Singer’s vision.

          Wolverine is pushed even further away from Singer’s world (with the exception of a few trivial connections).

          Now Singer has come back to continue bulding what he started, Vaughn steps in to work with him they way THEY INTENDED when X3 came around… And you, Ghost, are upset that what – They’re not interested in trying to incorporate the crap FOX pushed out into the vision they have for this universe? Welcome to the movie biz.

          …let’s not forget the ultimate point: you don’t even know for sure if they have messed up continuity yet, do you?

          • Actually, that’s only ONE of the several continuity errors they’ve established. The fact that Beast is blue in this film, but it CLEARLY shows him in human form in X2 (Singer’s work) is an error. That’s only the beginning.

            • maybe he is wearing a holographic image inducer? that idea originally came from the comics, didnt it?

              • Exactly. I posted that idea weeks (if not months) ago. But nobody would listen to me…

              • Makes sense to me now that you mentioned that now, also reminded me of X-men Evolution animated series where Nightcrawler had one aswell.

              • Yeah, I was expected someone to use that. Sorry, but that’s just a weak explaination.

                • You obviously want to hate this movie. How about continuing research allows Hank the ability to resume his human form by the time X2 happens? See the movie before condeming it.

          • Allot of fans who follow this stuff as closely as many here do might not differentiate between who directed the first two movies as opposed to the last two generally disliked movies. But in all fairness the studio that is releasing this film has a boxed set called X-Men:Quadrilogy, which is all four previous movies, warts and all.

            Now if some people decide to watch their lovely boxed set they bought (or stole, however they get their swag) to get in the spirit of the new movie and go see First Class I doubt they are going to say to themselves, the last two movies have nothing to do with anything because the guy who’s producing this one directed the first two far superior movies.

            And even if a person is not an super fan who owns the boxed set there is going to be the segment of the population who might watch the X-Men trilogy over the three nights F/X is running it next week probably to advertise this film. Some people might connect things from three to this film, just because it will be the last thing they would have seen. And if what Scapegoat posted about Wolverine being the cameo in First Class (and it would more then likely be Jackman) it is just going to fuel the perception that it’s part of all the rest of the movies since now you have one character in all 5 of them in some form.

            As for Singer and Vaughn “vision”, that has to be judged on the work. Just it should be said to keep the conversation honest Singer left to do his vision of Superman, which for whatever reason didn’t make enough money for Warner, which is the only reason he’s even back on this movie in some capacity. If Superman made the 500+ Warner wanted this would probably be a whole other conversation about some other issue, no Singer at all.

            As for Vaughn by the time he got picked up to do X-3 a few other people turned it down so how much of whatever Singer was thinking about doing that he even saw is debatable. Only thing I can say to his credit is that he probably saw how bad that script was and got out in time.

    • Ghost, how many times was Xavier able to walk in the comic books? And how many times did he end up in a wheelchair? And was able to walk again? Just saying…

  5. he said only one new character to the team…doesnt mean no new villains…just thought I should point that out…

    • Vaughn says someone who can go toe to toe with Magneto, so presumably this new mutant would be aligned with Xavier.

      • not really they could be from another organization like the reapers or the Marauders, which is where Riptide should be anyway and not with the Hellsfire Club.

        • sorry meant Reavers

  6. dam film makers with all their continuity issues. why cant they be more like the comics where there are absolutley no continuity issues at all.

    • Except the comics actually explain them, filmmakers just throw them in and hope people are dumb enough not to notice.

      • Look, I get it that mistakes happen, but these are just soo obvious. It’s almost as if Vaughn didn’t even pay attention to the series.

      • pick a random x-men character and i can more than likely show an example of how their continuity was changed with no explanation. correct me if im wrong but i belive wolverine has multiple origin stories?

    • “Why cant they be more like the comics where there are absolutley no continuity issues at all.”

      This is sarcasm, right?

  7. I just read the first issue of X-Men First Class. And I don´t get why so many people are upset of this movie and all of it´s changes. In the comic book Iceman writes a letter to his parents, talking about e-mails and other mutants. I don´t remember that from the original Lee/Kirby books. Did they have e-mail in the 60s? I don´t think so. Nobody complains about that. So why complain about the changes on this film?!

    • I don’t complain the film isn’t like the comics, but I wish they would actually try to pay attention, and stick to their continuity.

      • Do me a favor Ghost – try to write the entire continuity of the X-Men from the 1960s on. Let’s see if:

        A) You can actually write it all out without wanting to blow your brains out.

        B) You can (after having read and/or wrote it all) you can say, with a straight face, that it is “well explained” and logical, instead of convoluted, often ridiculous, and overall, pretty nonsensical.

        I’ve had to actually write out old X-Men continuity on this site A LOT, and NO I do NOT want to see the early 1960s stories created on the screen. I’m convinced that most of the people who complain about that NOT happening truly have no idea what it is they’re wishing for.

        • I don’t know why you’re asking to write an entire contuity? I’m talking about ONE film. Even Singer, who created the first two, couldn’t get his own continuity straightened out. It’s just lazy writting.

        • @”I’ve had to actually write out old X-Men continuity on this site A LOT, and NO I do NOT want to see the early 1960s stories created on the screen. I’m convinced that most of the people who complain about that NOT happening truly have no idea what it is they’re wishing for.”

          Um, ok. I even said that I don’t care that its not following the comics. I’m not one of those fanboys who complain the original team isn’t featured. I understand this is an adaptation and changes have to be made. All I want is a little bit of contuity with the movie franshise. And from what I’ve gathered so far, they’re making some really obvious mistakes.

        • Thank you. Funny and well said.

  8. I thought X-Men: First Class was a reboot therefore has zero relation with the first three. It’s the same thing I feel like with Star Trek, it wasn’t a prequel, it was a reboot on the main series and should be considered a sequel in the series. I feel that way with First Class, it’s creating a new storyline and a new timeline in order to create new stories.

    I wonder who the character could be. It would be neat to have Scott Summers brought in and introduced as Havok’s brother. But it could be an older mutant. Hmm…

    • Nope, it’s been confirmed by the cast, Vaughn and Singer this film is a PREQUEL. Vaughn described it as a “reboot” in the sense that it would revitalize the franchise like Abrams’ Star Trek.

  9. glad at least one person picked up on that.

    • @scapegoat

    • @blah

      Why do you say the same thing on every article about xmen… Its getting annoying

  10. ignore X3 and origins. they arent singers work. you might as well be trying to fit batman begins in with the original batman series.

    • Your analogy is inaccurate. Batman Begins was confirmed to have nothing to do with the Burton/Schumacher franchise. X3 and XOW take place within the same universe as Singer’s films. You can deny them all you want, but they ARE part of continuity. And no, I’m not a supporter of either films. But you’re just lying to yourself if you deny their place in the franchise.

      • have you read what singer wanted to do with X3? completely diffeerent. X3 is not part of singers XMen. sit there and complain or go and enjoy what is most likley a kick ass xmen movie. your choice.

        • It doesn’t matter what Singer wanted to do with X3, that film still takes place within his franchise. Hence why Jean turned into the Pheonix, which continued after X2. Getting a different director doesn’t mean a franchise is rebooted. If so, then Harry Potter has been rebooted several times.

  11. dont forget marvel willingly sold the rights for a crap load of cash. lets not pretend they were denied their chance or pretend marvel movies dont ahve the same issues that x-men movies have. they alter timelines and change characters when it suits them. why is it such a big deal when fox does it?

    • I acknowledger their’s errors in Marvel movies, but the writers of this film make the most obvious mistakes.

      • turning jarvis into a computer program or changing icemans age. whats a bigger change to the story?

        • Jarvis was the same in Iron Man 2 as he was in Iron Man. I’m not talking how it relates to the comic book, but how each film is to each other. I thought I made that quite clear.

          • actually no you werent. you just said fox makes bigger mistakes than marvel. pretty general statement.

            • Never said Marvel makes bigger mistakes. The errors in this film exceed the errors in all of Marvel’s.

              • read what i posted carefully. i said you said FOX makes bigger mistakes than MARVEL. which you did.

  12. if they can find a way to somehow timetravel or some other powers that eplain why the timeline change and the issues are fix then i would be cool with that as long as they explain it in the films. also like ghost said x-men 3 and origins do fit in the same timeline. they just need to find ways to fix their mistakes and make sense about it.

  13. if they do fix things it would be cool to see them use beak,glob,anole,husk,chamber,sinister,apocalypse,cyclops,john sublime, and the sentinels storyline, if not tho i would really just like to see marvel take on this franchise becuase like someone said above there continuity issue are there but small.

    • Oh man, do you really have to post this stupid list of characters in EVERY comment?! That´s really annoying!

      • Hahaha I just said the same thing a little bit ago on one of his comments further up the page

        • I said that on pretty much every thread he´s commenting…

  14. im just trying to give you a reason to ignore issues which really dont matter. comic books often retcon storries and ideas when other writers step in and mess up. thus proving this really is a comic book movie.

    • Sticking to continuity “doesn’t really matter”? Okay, let’s have Luke turn out to be Anakin’s father rather than his son, then let’s have The Joker turn out to be Ra’s Al Ghul in The Dark Rises. It doesn’t matter, it’s just continuity.

      • You are turning into quite the troll Ghost.

        • Lmao. I love how if someone disagrees with someone else and offers a smartass remark (which I’ve seen even the authors do) is labeled a “troll”. The quality of this site is really going down.

          • i’d have to say your response to my genuine comment was pretty smart ass

          • Ghost,

            If the quality of this site is going down, there are plenty others for you to choose from.



          • Ghost, I think what he was trying to say is that you keep commenting on a thread about a movie you don´t want to see, but still you bash on it, as if you´re doing it for the sake of bashing the movie.

            • You nailed it Scapegoat, so apparently I wasn’t the only one picking up on it.
              @ Ghost-Don’t rip on Screenrant for your trollish behavior, if your going to act that way we all would be better off if you just quit commenting…fingers crossed. :)

            • Oh please, I’ve seen you and just about every other commenter comment on movies they don’t have any interest in.


              You can label me a “troll” all you want, It’s not gonna change a thing.


              I do apologize for saying the quality of this site is gone down. What I meant was the quality of the comment section has gone down. You can’t have a long discussion w/o someone coming hear, and labeling you a “troll” when you’re just trying to discuss a topic. So what if I could care less about his movie, I can still discuss it. Since when are we only allowed to have positive opinions?

              • Ghost,

                Thanks. As the site grows and more and more people discover it and decide to comment the overall quality is bound to suffer. I do what I can, but it’s hard to keep up. I think the issue is that some people are seen as overly negative about just about everything – and after a while it can seem like they’re just here to incite others. Frankly, especially when it comes to this film, I’m dead tired of all the negative comments from people for whom it does not matter if the movie is good or bad – only how closely it matches the comics.


  15. I hope it’s Gambit

    • Thats the only thing i like about Wolverine Origins.

  16. fine. sit at home and ignore what is most likely one the best comic book movies this year. and to be clear im not saying it doesnt matter. im giving you a VALID reason why you can ingnore X3 and origins. even The Wolverine is going to basically ignore origins and how about deadpool? if it gets made should it be stuck with the chararcter created in origins?

    • Origins is no longer canon. The guy who was supposed to direct The Wolverine said that. As well as Kevin Feige (I think it was him, but I´m not sure). The whole planned Origins series (they were planning an Origins: Magneto) is dead. Hence why they used “First Class” as the title.

  17. @ namik

    it’s going to be longshot bishop and cable lol. screw continuity lmao

  18. @Ghost – I hear what you’re saying about keeping the continuity of a film franchise cohesive. The argument is not that they should stay faithful to the comics, but simply to the previous films.

    But to suggest that Vaughn isn’t doing his research or that the writers are being lazy seems a little misguided. OF COURSE the filmmakers know which elements contradict previously established events or characters. That’s a calculated decision they’ve made. Rather than condemn them for it straight away, I think we should wait and see the film so that maybe we can determine WHY they’ve made these choices.

    Halloween H20 decided that Halloween 4-6 didn’t happen. Superman Returns ignored 3 & 4. Was it lazy? No, it was because someone recognized that they could wipe the slate clean in a few areas or hang themselves by all the dangling plot threads.

    If First Class is a better film bc Vaughn, Singer, and co. were given the freedom to re-imagine certain aspects of the franchise’s canon (and the early reviews suggest this is the case) – then I’m all for it.

    The quality of the end result is more important to me than how clean the timeline is. I’m not saying this is a practice that couldn’t be abused or taken too far. I’m only saying you might want to wait and see how First Class turned out before denouncing it for all of its deviations from the other movies.

    • completely agrre. as of yet i havent seen any continuity issues which cant be explained reasonably. lets see how the movie deals with them first, before condeming it.

    • Well said Chris, I couldn’t agree more.

    • or just choose not to see it

  19. Im not sure about the sequel’s opening, with general audience & all it might not go over well but who knows. As for the for a new X-men recruit, if it’s between Cyclops & Jean Grey, my bet is on Cyclops. Then again i don’t see him as Magneto’s equal & Xavior & Magneto were older in X3′s opening sequence when they first met Jean Grey in person. So who knows.

    • Well, Watchmen had The Comedian killing Kennedy in the opening… So…

  20. UGH everyone shut up about continuity! This is a movie not a comic! The Xmen have more story arcs going on than any other comic out there! This is the beginning of a new Xmen movie franchise. You think people got pissed because The Dark Knight featured The Joker when obviously he died in the first one…I think not. I’m a super nerd and even I dont get my panties in a wad over film continuity. Get over it and watch the freaking movie.

    • where’s the ‘like’ button?

      • At least you understand! People blur the lines between literature and film. Just enjoy it for what it is.

      • It’s over there next to the “edit” button. :-)

    • I’m with you, I’ve never understood the fanatic comic book fans (I am a fan of comics, just not very fanatical) getting upset by continuity when most of the comic franchises themselves are constantly being changed and reinvented. It’s ok for Frank Miller to completely change Batman – only for someone else to change him after – but not ok for someone to create their take of a film franchise? Age of Apocalypse and House of M are no different than X-Men First Class. They took liberties and tried some new stuff based on someone elses take. The aftermath of the death of Superman was just so they could try out different attempts at reinventing Superman. Same with the entire Ultimate series that got nothing but love by the comic community. I can’t wait to see First Class only because it seems like they are taking it into a good direction.

      • I agree with you wholeheartedly…

        I think Frank Miller’s batman was great, but when they tried to make superman a cyborg? i try really hard to forget about that… :D

      • I actually think Ultimate comic series is better than the originals.

        • It used to be before Jeph Loeb came along and messed with everything Millar and Bendis did before. Now it´s just another cheap copy of the 616 universe.

          • Havnt read past Ultimatum. Kind of disapointing to hear that…

        • 616 IS the best one there is. No doubt, the ulitimates were quite good, but there’s nothing like the original :)

    • @ TheStuart

      I like your attitude,im glad to see someone else down to earth who just wants to enjoy a good film like i do. Right now this film confuses me because Emma Frost appears younger in X-men Origins: Wolverine & not sure if this film ignores that solo film. That and Scott summers & a young lookin Prof. Xavior was seen in the film. But there was few things in the Terminator franchise i thought people got their panties in a wad over film continuity, like little things such as John Connor’s age in T2 & what he mentioned how old he was in T3. BFD, In real life Edward Furlong was older than the age he for the film anyways so what does it matter right? Anyways, i agree with your post.

      • Origins: Wolverine is no longer canon and can be ignored.

        • @ Scapegoat

          Was it announced it was no longer canon & being ignored?

          • I think I read it somewhere.

  21. I hope he is thinking of adding apacalypse to the second!!! Cable???

  22. Power Pack

    • Franklin Richards was mentioned in X2. Wasn’t he part of the Power Pack at one point?

  23. Let’s add Sage as Professor X’s ass-kicking assistant.

  24. I think at the end of the day, everyone really wants to see Cyclops! I know I do. But other speculation could include Mr. Sinister or Apocalypse if it is a bad guy, or ignoring the fact that it said only one new person, what about Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch, even though they are usually associated with The Avengers? In the early comics, it seems like they might have actually been related to Magneto, and they did first appear, I believe, in an early brotherhood of Evil Mutants group, until they defected, if memory serves me correctly.

    • They´re actually his children.

  25. why cant they just make it where x men origins wolverine never happened. in fact, just re do that whole movie all together, maybe with singer and jackman working together again. the scenes in x2 with wolverines flashbacks or at the weapon x facility were better than xorigins wolverine was as a whole.

    • @ Magnolia Fan

      Logan’s flashbacks in X2 were merely dreams/nightmares of he thought he gone through before losing his memory. The Weapon X facility looked the same to me in X-men:Origins, only the room looked bigger for the filming of the scene. And at the end when Stryker tries offer Logan anything he wants to know about his past, Logan declines & leaves it in the past since it matters to him anymore.

  26. “We will only have one more new character”

    You know that is total BS.. we are dealing with Bryan Singer, Fox and the fact that they have major loop holes in their contract with Marvel in which they can bring in any random character (that is not already in another film)they feel has something to do with the X-men universe… and they have been riding that horse hard. After five films, the notion that they would only introduce one new character it’s actually laughable.

    • Actually, if you look at X2, there was really only one new mutant character – Nightcrawler. Tehre were alot of cameos, but Nightcrawler was the one central to the film.

      Vaughn could be saying the same thing here, i.e., one new major character bt leave the door open for other cameos.

    • Just to clarify, most Australians dont say ‘mate’ in everyday speech. Was actually glad Pyro didnt have an Australian accent in the films. Hate when Americans do an Aussie accent.