Is X-Men: First Class Rushing to its Doom?

Published 5 years ago by , Updated June 27th, 2013 at 3:09 pm,

Over the weekend we discussed the issues surrounding the casting of a key character in Bryan Singer and Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming X-Men: First Class. Ben Walker had been one of the first actors signed for the project to play the character of Beast, but due to Fox exec Tom Rothman’s demands to recast him, Walker was recently let go for what appears to be concerns over his age.

After testing a few other candidates for the role, the offer went to… Ben Walker… again. Needless to say, with an already rushed production start to meet a rushed release date of early next summer, it’s not comforting to see studio execs meddling with key casting decisions by the filmmakers.

According to Showbiz 411, Walker made the decision to pass on the (second) offer and stick with his broadway gig as a stage performer in the upcoming musical “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.”

What does this mean? Fox has to go through the casting process again to figure out who can play one of their key X-Men characters in the franchise prequel within a very limited timeframe and secondly, they really need to sort out the age dilemma between the character of Beast and the rest of the characters in the film.

With casting Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy as Magneto and Professor X respectively, we’d expect them to be aiming for a young principal cast of mutants and so far, the only real young mutant character cast has been Caleb Landry as Banshee (a character who is actually much older in the comics strangely enough).

For the record, I liked the idea of Walker as Beast. The character brings a higher level of wisdom and intelligence in not only his abilities, but his demeanor, and he works as a more mature X-Men character within Professor X’s first class of mutants. It also plays well into the rest of the series where we see him leave the team for politics, only to return in the dumb battle at the end of X-Men 3: The Last Stand.

Continue to Page 2 to see the confusion about what direction X-Men: First Class is taking (hint: Twilight)…

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  1. I have to agree. I was hoping that with this film we would get another good X-men film, but it seems like this may be the worst. To me it seems as if they are trying to overload the cast of mutants (ala X3) too.

    Continuity (I’m talking about the previous films, not the comics) is getting screwed up to. If it’s supposed to take place after ‘Wolverine’, then why not get Stewart back as Xavier? He was able to portray him in that brief cameo, and the character won’t look as old as he did in that scene with McAvoy in the role.

    They’ve already messed up by rushing the film. Rushing a film only spells trouble for a film when it’s rushed. A couple of examples: Transformers 2, X3, The Matrix Sequels, Freddy vs. Jason, and many others suffered fromt that.

    I think I’m just gonna wait til the enevitable reboot.

  2. Matt is quite right in saying so. The way that Stewart was CGI’ed (so to speak) was amazing, I barely even recognized him for a brief moment. It couldn’t possibly harm this new X-men film if you ask me because I don’t think that Stewart would mind they CGI-ing him all the way. Vaughn is getting way over his head. NEVER do like the Wachowski brothers and rush making two films alongside each other. Just imagine that those guys had about four years to write a proper script and make up a better storyline but what we got was a really complicated stampede. And my goodness, Brett Ratner, I don’t know what made that guy overdose X-3 with nothing but a bad prescription of mutants that thought would work, hell no it didn’t. They lost it half way into the film. Please give it over to Singer or get someone else please.

    And this is just MY opinion, they should get Gavin Hood to do it.

  3. Kinda seems like Fox is tripping over the same stone…


    Disney, goddammit, you bought these properties!! Take them back from the crappy studios that have them and unify them all under Marvel Studios!! Put those deep deep deep pockets to good use!!

    I don’t know why Disney hasn’t been more proactive about taking their properties back. Iron Man and Iron Man 2 have proven that they can be profitable with the right creative vision. Anybody agree? Disagree?

    • i agree totally sony is just horrible disney needs to take back all the characters and put them under Marvel Studios

  4. This is the one property I want to actually see be rebooted. wolverine really messed up the continuity. Either we ignore that movie or we reboot the whole thing. I’m fine with either

  5. you know, for a second I thought they were casting Dr Doom :P

  6. Disney doesn’t have the film rights to X-men. Fox needs to keep making crappy movies to keep them. Am I the only one who thought the first two movies weren’t that good? In my opinion they screwed the continuity from the get go. When are these people going to get that it’s the comics we want to see on screen, not some bastardized version of them?

    • @”are these people going to get that it’s the comics we want to see on screen”

      Some things that work in comics don’t work in a film. Those are two different mediums. Singer’s X-men films have all the merits that made a great movie. People just need to understand these are adaptations of the comics. If you want the comics, then go read them.

      • “Some things that work in comics don’t work in a film”

        exhibit A: Watchmen

        • I actually really loved ‘Watchmen’, but to each their own.

          • i thought watchmen was great, and yes, i read the comics when they originally came out

      • @ Matt

        With all due respect, I think you miss the concept of what people are trying to say when they want to see the comics on screen.

        They DON’T want to see a panel by panel reconstruction of a comic book. They want to see the characters from the comic books faithfully and accurately represented, not some counterfeit that carries the name but has no resemblance to the books.

        By all means give us a brand new story but don’t screw too much with the aesthetics, continuity and characterizations.

        Yes movies and comics are two different mediums but they are both about storytelling and putting forth a narrative in either text or visuals. Have you ever seen what storyboards on a film set look like? Well guess what?

        I think you need to understand that good writers and directors have a clear distinction between the two mediums and with respect to the original mainstream source material, the movie can do the books justice. The problem with Fox and Sony is they don’t even try.

        Some studios get it as do some Directors with the process of transforming a comic book to motion picture. BUT this process is not what the word “adaptation” means.

        Technically speaking the word “adaptation” means to: rework, revamp, to alter, to modify, to redesign, remodel, and reconstruct. So Fox will go ahead and continue to STUFF UP the X-Men because in their eyes it’s just an adaptation.

        This is why I personally loathe the use of the word by film studios and movie fanboys who like to excuse away the rampant misuse of creative license by studios such as Fox and Sony. At the end of the day a faithfully executed (adaptation) is achievable.

        Give me an intelligent film maker with true vision, cinematic perception, attention to detail and with a passion and dedication to respect the source material any day over the bowel movements of Fox and Sony.

        • @Magnetic,You deserve an applause(Applause noise). I understand what Matt was saying but that’s why Lord Of The Rings and most of the Harry Potter movies have done well. People who read the books loved them which is what made them popular in the first place,same with comic books.Just imagine what would have happened if Peter Jackson decided to do his OWN adaptation of Lord of Rings especially if he had never read the books. Very well said.

          • @ ulik

            Thanks. Look I’m not having a go at Matt or anything. I just wish people would realize that we shouldn’t have to settle for films which in essence are only a vague representation of the source material and more of a studio adaptation.

            I really do believe transforming a comic book into a motion picture that faithfully respects the original source material can be done. “Hellboy” and “Sin City” are another two fine examples.

            There are some great studios, good writers and brilliant directors who are as passionate, dedicated, thoughtful and creative about their art as is their awareness for commercial success.

            I think we should have higher expectations because better and faithful representations of our beloved super heroes on cinema screens is achievable.

    • X1 and X2 were just well-made films. Some of the characters were a bit wasted, particularly in the X1, but they still had solid stories and great character protrayals. X-Men is about the mutants and their struggle, not about how old Rouge is or how tall Wolverine is.

      X3 and Wolverine were just plain messy. I for one actually think Wolverine was better than X3, but still a pathetic X movie

      • I find X3 better (still bad) than Wolverine. I haven’t seen a comic book film as horrible as XO:W since Batman And Robin (not exaggerating). But I’ve yet to see The Spirit, so that may change lol.

  7. I cant’t believe after all the talk of Singer coming back was going to save the franchise and it seems to become more murky with this next installment.

    So much for Singer being a savior, if you can’t do it with the man of steel after 2 decades how is he supposed to do it with what Wolverine did on a year ago fresh in our minds.

    Oh well. Here’s to Disney getting rhe rights back in our lifetime.

    * pouring half a bottle of Patron on the ground at my feet and lifts shot glass to mouth.

    • I don’t understand why people thought that Singer was the guy to handle any x-men movie. I thought x1 was a little weak. x2 was probably the best out of all 3, but still all 3 were not that great. I agree with many that Fox is the worst studio to handle x-men.

  8. at this point it would be nice to rush it, fail, and finally get a good reboot. Start with First Class and work their way up through teh uncanny line up and X-factor, New Mutants, etc.

    And why the desire to recast Beast with someone younger, HE’S BEAST! His entire mutant “ability” is that he looks like a gorilla (pre blue Beast) with super intelligence. I just don’t get it (and apparently neither does Fox)

  9. Maybe Fox should cancel this film, and focus on X-men 4. Probly be easier for them.

  10. I guess you haven’t seen Electra or the Thomas Jane Punisher,and who could forget Catwoman?I wish I could.

    • Never saw Elektra or Catwoman, but I loved The Punisher.

  11. Last comment was for Matt Keith.

    Why do they keep screwing with these boards?

  12. Yawnnnnnnnnnn…..

    Everybody let’s gang up on big bad Fox and that airhead Tom Rothman ONE MORE TIME and have Rob write up a useless piece which was (and still is) discussed in his previous news post? Lame.

    Did Fox mess up? Yes. Should the filmmakers have went to bat for Walker? You bet.

    But to suggest the film is being “rushed” is a huge crock. I couldn’t stop laughing, Rob. I’m still laughing. The project was in development for some time. Are they making possible errors by rewriting and adding too many scribes? Yes. Should everyone have went after X-MEN 4 which is the film the fan base is more interested in? Of course.

    But rushed, Rob? Hardly.

    I could not disagree more.

    • @”But to suggest the film is being “rushed” is a huge crock”

      How can you not think the film is being rushed? The studio even moved the release date up, and is trying to get this film shooting as quick as possible. Singer even had to drop out of being the director because Fox wanted to move forward with the project right away. The studio is showing they care more about *quantity* over quality.

    • It’s not just a suggestion, Darren.

      It IS being rushed just like Iron Man 1 and 2 were. It’s being fast-tracked based on Fox’ release sched and they could find themselves scrambling next month which may cause for some poor casting decisions.

      I don’t know why any of this is funny though, heh.

      • You definitely can tell that Iron Man 2 was rushed but Marvel has a better chance at rushing their own property and still getting a descent movie than a studio who has too many characters to know what to do with while trying to juggle them all and the stories. Fox doesn’t write X-men comics so they will inevitably create future problems for themselves if they thrown stories and characters that don’t belong there.

  13. I actually liked the Watchmen movie better than the comic. They trimmed out a lot of Alan Moores over writing and gave it a more believable ending yet kept all the cool interesting stuff.

    As for this movie it looks pretty much like an epic fail before it even gets started. When you’ve got suits already sticking their noses in the early casting decisions you might as well hang it up.

    • Don’t forget, although Watchmen was put out by WB, it suffered a lot o pressure and loss of concentration because of FOX’s meddling and trying to retain the rights while WB was trying to make the movie. The court battle between WB and Fox over Watchmen took a tole on the final product. Over all I truly enjoyed Watchmen. Everyone I know who have read it loved it,while mostly everyone who has not read the series that I have talked with, did not understand it,for that reason they didn’t like it.

      • same here ulik, most my friends never read the comic series, thus didnt understand what it was about. i loved the movie, through and through.its funny, i grew up reading comics, yet seen very little of the trend of comic book adaptations. just cant seem to bring myself to seeing comic films adaptations that i feel would just be better off not being made

      • As someone said, to each his own. I did read and loved the books, but hated the movie. The pacing was awful and direct translations of certain parts on screen did not work at all.

        I for one thought the change of the ending worked better in the movie than the monster would have and the beginning montage introducing the lineage of the story was fantastic. That being said, the director chose to show the genetically engineered tiger, which made NO sense in the movie since they weren’t engineering the mock alien.

  14. I second that.

  15. Just reboot the series in the Marvel Studios and be done with all of this ridiculous confusion!!! JEEZ! Who runs FOX anyways, MONKEYS??!!!

    • Actually I just turned in my app.

  16. i have literally lost interest in these BS sequels and reboots, i don’t GaF about this PoS, spiderman or any other BS remake, reboot sequel etc etc studios are throwing out. heck i even have doubts about the over flooded captain america (i know its not related but seriously look at ironman 2 and try to imagine capt america being serious).

    imo marvel should buy out their characters regardless of how much it costs and reboot them all and after all that try and go for a civil war trilogy (after avengers 1 and 2).

  17. I agree with Matt Keith, Disney needs to buy this and Spiderman back. If you are gonna crossover the Marvel universe I’m sorry Spiderman and X-Men are the best in terms of marketing and just overall story. You need these two stapples. Wouldn’t it be fun to see RDJ as Iron Man exchanging one-liners with Peter Parker? Wolverine did hurt the X-Men universe but I think they can fix it with Deadpool and the Wolverine sequel.

  18. So what the hell is canon in these movies because i’m really confused? And how many year is this going to take befor the first one?

  19. I don’t believe in Fox it’s that simple. Actually what’s happening is great. The sooner they fry the sooner Marvel will have the opportunity to get their property back. From an investment point of view it sux if you were counting on the popularity of these properties to lead to investment profits their’s not a lot to look forward too thus far. I suppose if you had the power to help Fox and Sony succeed at this it might help to invest in their stocks now but few have that power.

    ” We need a good X-Men movie after X3 and Wolverine failed to bring us back to joy of the first two Bryan Singer films.”

    Actually by the end of “X-2″ they had already jumped into a hole they were going to regret. I didn’t particularly care how they handled the practical effects in “X-2.” Nightcrawler seemed miscast, wasn’t really done that well, especially the hands and they didn’t take full advantage of the love triangles which really gave a lot of opportunities to show the audience what Scott and Gene really meant to each other and that was far weaker than it should have been. It made the Wolverine and Gene scene insipid because her resolve didn’t seem dramatic. All rather cut and dry, I’m dedicated to Scott, but who knows why!? I guess the fans, but the rest of the audience?

    With X-3 killing off Scott that means no Cable, sorry Rob and if he’s not dead then when he does come back in number four he’ll be dramatically useless, because of Gene. He’ll have lost her twice with no closure of even a funeral. He seemed to blame himself in the beginning of X-3 for her loss, now he’ll blame everybody else! Let’s say they could handle all that. Say they use a wtf moment, Scott with Gene in tow walks out of the forest. Do you really think that they can do it without introducing more problems? Not bloody likely, given their track record…

    • X3′s biggest problem..brett ratner

  20. Lachlan Buchanan needs to be young Cyclops

  21. @T.O.M THANK YOU VERY MUCH SIR! For an such an enlightened post. You’ve just shown the reason why I keep saying that this will create a snowball effect of problems with time lines and characters. People on here keep saying that it doesn’t matter because it is it’s own universe(as a movie)that is somewhat true but you just showed an example of what will happen because FOX chose to go their OWN direction with X-MEN. Drastically changing or creating your own continuity to a franchise that YOU PERSONALLY DO NOT WRITE and that has SO many characters and stories is NOT smart! It complicates things even more and YOU WILL CREATE SERIOUS POSSIBLY IRREVERSIBLE FUTURE PROBLEMS for yourself. I personally am glad that this is not going good for FOX,the more they mess up the deeper they get into loosing the franchise.

  22. This is just one of the reasons why Matthew Vaughn turned Fox down the first time in the first place,CREATIVE FREEDOM! Fox is already interfering after they promised him they wouldn’t and Vaghn actually believed them. RLMAO!!! ONE MORE BOTCH UP AND VAUGHN MAY FIND A WAY TO WIGGLE HIS WAY OUT OF DIRECTING THIS CRAP!!! He’s done it before and it’s close to happening again and I hope it does. That way they’ll have to find another director and have to start all over again. FOX IS RUSHING THIS TO TRY AND COMPETE OR EVEN LEECH OFF AND TAG ALONG WITH MARVEL STUDIOS’ “TFA CAPTAIN AMERICA” & “THOR” NEXT YEAR.

  23. Ok so did I miss something or is no one going to bring up the fact that Storm is not attached to this project in any way? Yes, I know she was not a member of the first class in the comics but this is a prequel to the first movie and Stormy was all through that, though underutilized in my opinion. They have already changed up so much of the story we all are used to. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal, i don’t think. I even think she needs her own GOOD origins movie (again, that’s my opinion and i’m kinda bias…lol)

    • its true, they should have her in first class since she was in XO:W (as a little girl(cameo)) sop it would only make sense to show her growing up with the rest of the gang etc. either way this movie is screwed… and I’M LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT :p

  24. @ longshanks The Punisher with thomas jane was a good movie. If there should be a sequel it should be for that movie. I hated warzone.

    • @ Martin

      I agree. I thought Warzone was ok, but i enjoyed Thomas Jane’s film more. I thought both he & Ray Stevenson play Frank Castle well. I was hope Thomas Jane would return for a sequel but we know the outcome.

  25. FOX does not know how to make a good comic book base film. The X-Men films were okay but they could have been better. Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider and other Fox comic properties just do not measure up to the comic book counter parts. I want all of Fox comic base movies to Boom at the box office so they go back to Marvel/Disney ownership(I cannot believe I am saying this).

  26. sounds like a rush job….hopefully they pull it out the bag

  27. I hope it gets cancelled and Vaughn moves on to something worthwhile instead.

  28. Actually, I think ALL the X-men movies sucked. Wolverine is not tall like Hugh Jackman and never flies into a berserker rage (stupid PG-13), Storm was useless in the movies, Sabretooth was dumb and doesn’t wear a trenchcoat, don’t get me started on toad, Rogue was terrible in the movies, x-men 2 was a blur and don’t get me started with part 3 or Wolverine:(reimagined)Origins. Seems the only thing in common with the comics that are popular for a reason and the movies would be the title itself, that’s it. What’s sad is that the audiences they appeal to think that the movies I mentioned and twilight are awesome, deep and thought provoking. What a sad, sad generation…..damn studio execs!

    • @\What’s sad is that the audiences they appeal to think that the movies I mentioned and twilight are awesome, deep and thought provoking. What a sad, sad generation…..damn studio execs!\

      How is it sad for people to feel that way about those movies? Just because you don’t like them, it doesn’t mean it’s \sad\ for others to like them. What’s sad is when people think the way you are right now.

      • That’s right Matt.

        • What is so sad about people wanting to see their favorite super heroes portrayed faithfully and accurately on screen?

          They have every right to express their opinions based on what the movie adaptation did for them.

          It has nothing to do with it being a good movie or not.

          Most of the negativity is because these films have steered a long way away from the source material which is what most people hold a lot closer to their hearts than someone’s POOR interpretation.

          Oh and Darren, love the picture of you and Matt in your avatar. :-)

          • @”What is so sad about people wanting to see their favorite super heroes portrayed faithfully and accurately on screen?”

            Nobody said anthing was wrong with that. Where you got that is beyond me. What is sad though what Alex R stated about those who liked those movies are “sad”.

            @”Oh and Darren, love the picture of you and Matt in your avatar”

            LMAO. Gay jokes, very mature (sarcasm).

            • @ Matt

              Fair enough. I was perhaps a little too haste in my misunderstanding.

              Not intended as a gay joke. Just some lighthearted sarcastic humor. :-)

              • Hey buddy I didn’t take it as offensive :-D But the guy is not my buddy Matt. It’s one of my friend from Kazakhstan :-)

  29. @Alex R. Wolverine does have a ‘berserker rage’ if you didn’t know.
    @everyone.. All in all, what I think we should gather from this is that we cannot stop what is being done. Matt was right when he said “to each his own”. Some of us fanatics have different views and opinions concerning the things we love such as comic-adapted movies. What we have to do is just wait this one out and see whats next. And by the way Great post Rob Keyes