Is X-Men: First Class Rushing to its Doom?

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x men first class characters Is X Men: First Class Rushing to its Doom?

What direction is X-Men: First Class taking?

Studio executives reversing casting decisions as we approach the project’s start date is one thing; Not knowing what direction to take with the film is something else entirely.

According to Roger Friedman at Showbiz 411, Fox is concerned about this project and its financial outlook. While James Cameron’s Avatar was a success-and-a-half-squared, some of their recent films have been duds at the box office (Knight and Day, Marmaduke – I wonder why?) and they want to make sure X-Men: First Class is a big hit next summer.

Expect our worst fears – they’re looking to Twilight-up the next X-Men movie with younger hot guys (hence the kick in the butt for Ben Walker). Friedman’s sources say that Fox even looked into the availability of Taylor Lautner… uh oh.

It seems director Matthew Vaughn may be working under the conditions he hates so dearly – that of lack of control. With only a month left before principal photography begins in London, the filmmakers and the studio need to figure out what story they’re going with and what characters work within it. We’ve already seen a pile of rewrites on the script, originating with Josh Schwartz’s screenplay which was taken over by Thor writers Zack Stentz and Ashley Edward Miller, before Bryan Singer brought in Jamie Moss (Street Kings) and later, Matthew Vaughn bringing in Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass).

If we don’t hear something soon about the casting of some of the main characters in X-Men: First Class, I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see Fox unveil the likes of Cyclops, Jean Grey and the (new) Beast at Comic-Con in two weeks.

Otherwise, let’s hope for some delays so we don’t get a rushed and messy disappointment. We need a good X-Men movie after X3 and Wolverine failed to bring us back to joy of the first two Bryan Singer films.

I want to say to you that there’s no need for concern, because this stuff isn’t uncommon within the industry and a lot of this could be blown out of proportion. But I am concerned. We all saw what happened with the last two movies so that speaks for itself.

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X-Men: First Class opens June 3, 2011.

Source: Showbiz 411

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  1. @Alex R. Wolverine does have a ‘berserker rage’ if you didn’t know.
    @everyone.. All in all, what I think we should gather from this is that we cannot stop what is being done. Matt was right when he said “to each his own”. Some of us fanatics have different views and opinions concerning the things we love such as comic-adapted movies. What we have to do is just wait this one out and see whats next. And by the way Great post Rob Keyes.

    • Thanks! I appreciate the comment :)

      Quite a different tone than the other Darren who went full-troll in his comment :(

      • Haha, don’t worry about it bud :-)

  2. All I can say is did Hugh Jackman really do the roll of Wolverine justice in the first place?

  3. Three strikes! Your out should be the motto! DAREDEVIL foul ball!,ELEKTRA strike ONE!, X-MEN 3 strike TWO!, XMO-WOLVERINE, strike THREE!!! your out. “WTF,Hey Fox why are you still standing here at the plate? Get your ass back to the dugout.

  4. @ David Let me just first start off by saying that I don’t want too try and convince anyone otherwise of what they think. I think that I should respect another persons opinion without having to bash them 😀 For me, I think that in the latest installment of the X-men franchise-Origins- Hugh really did nail it for me and speaking on behalf of other fans as well.
    Let me say what I noticed… first of all Hugh was in better shape than ever than the previous installments. If anyone noticed, his hairstyle was totally different, giving the character a more realistic approach. Hugh’s hairstyle in the trilogy was unquestionable, it showed us that ‘yes Wolverine’s hairstyle could be done’. It seemed a little awkward at first but then again, it suited his physic. I think that it seemed a little to ‘farfecthed’ as to say that it was deliberately done to accommodate what Wolverine looked like in the comics and cartoons, but in this movie it was just natural( of course with a little gel) and realistic. His sideburns or muttonchops were different too. In the trilogy it was sort of rough looking but in Origins it was neat and ‘smooth’, so to speak. His acting was so much better this time around. He did justice to the rage of Wolverine that we all wanted to see in the previous movies. For me: Yes Hugh did do justice in that role for me :-)

    • torriderthe thing I didn’t like about Hugh Jackmans portrayal of the character, was simply the fact that he didn’t physically fit the character. That was my initial response. Being a fan of marvel for most of my life I expected a physically larger than life type of character. I expected him to be a little shorter alot stockier and less approachable characteristically.
      The approachability part could be my imagination. I just felt like I would have had no reservations about approaching him in a public setting. He was not visually or physically intimidating to me. Hugh did intimidate as far as acting the part. After I got over the hump, in regards to the above, which took all of five minutes, I thought he did an excellent job in his portrayal of Wolverine. I did enjoy all the X-Men movies as well as Wolverine. Overall it worked out and didn’t ruin my enthusiasm for future endeavors.

      • Good response buddy, I respect that. Hey we all are fans are Screenranters at the ending of the day; practically family. Thanks to Vic :-)

  5. If Marvel Comics were to put out a comic book series based on these dishonest movies versions, it would FAIL miserably.

    These characters have been popular for decades because of the comic books not the other way around.

    • I think they might have half a chance if they did it as satire. But, I’m just trying to be amusing… 😛

      • @ the old man

        As a satire? That’s funny. Adam West could be cast as Prof X along side Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Tina Fey and Joan Rivers as Emma Frost.

        I don’t know why I just made that list up. Just feeling kinda silly. :-)

        • Professor West X 😀 yeah that could work. Now Tina and Joan? You talking young/old Emma?? Steven Colbert as president would make it complete. Mel Brooks at the word processor cuffed to Stan holding a Nerf bat with only the Not Brand Echh series as a refrence…

          • :-) Don’t know where this is going but Joan as old cougar Emma. Never did like the White Queen. Still don’t and Tina as Rogue.

            • Ohh HAaa I’m with ya now! It’s all just lolz. Like Fox and Sony’s efforts…

  6. Polo.

    I so agree with ya on that one, Reboots especially im tired of. I wished they focused on X-men 4 before the good actors get too old or not wanting to return. If X-men franchise gets rebooted which im sure it will one day, then like the Spider-man franchise i hope Marvel somehow aquires the rights since i think they can do a better job. Besides i want to see the X-men in their prime and take on other menaces other than Magneto.

  7. It’ll be interesting to see if they stay true to the original source material *i.e. big dumb beast, snowball throwing ice man, Lame angel with battering ram* or if they play it close to the chest with a laymen xmen fan concept of how the first books were. The whole thing smacks of “money machine” to me

  8. Sad to say but at the end of the day it’s always going to about the money so I am not looking forward to any upcoming Marvel movies unless they are actually made @ Marvel Studios. Iron Man and The Hulk remake showed us that leaving it to the originators will result in good films. As mush as I love Sony and hate Fox, they should give up the rights to make films for these huge franchises and work out some deal where both parties as well as the audience can be happy.

  9. i used to love the x-men films well the first two. now i have began to hate them. i think marvel/disney need the rights back so we get a chance to see some really great films. besides x-men being comics to film the only other i really want to see done right are spiderman with some new doc ock,and lizard,and a sequel to marvels hulk with leader,AND SOME MORE ABOMINATION. so lets see them do spidey right,and marvel get the x-men and do them right,and some more hulk then im done with comic book films and i want more monster/sci fi thrill/killer animal films with great story,acting,and cgi/practical effects. like splice 2, steve altens the loch,remakes to island of dr moreau,creature from the black lagoon,resident evil like the first game,a prequel to underworld the rise of the lycan about the corvinus family origins,andsequel to unbreakable and a prequel to signs,and a dino crisis film,ohhh and some great not sci fy channel but great killer animal flicks.

  10. I am SOOO glad I have my 20,000+ worth of comics to venture to for the real taste of fandom to rinse my mouth from the taste of the hokeywood “adaptation” errors. As the taste worsens from fast-food to garbage, I lovingly embrace my bagged and boarded heirlooms with even more intensity. Wake me when SOMEBODY/ANYBODY gets their crap together.


      Wow! 20,000+ comics. That’s impressive. Makes my collection of 5,000+ seem rather small. :-)

      “taste worsens from fast-food to garbage” :-) Classic line, I couldn’t agree more.

  11. How about the X-Men versus the Sentinels? Now that is a fight I’d like to see (although I wonder how/if it could be fit into the timeline structure of the previous X-men movies? Now that would be a super-feat indeed!).

  12. I can’t see anymore Fox X movies doing anything but failing. They have dropped the ball from day one. Horrible casting on nearly all characters. Campy, cheesy finish to all of the films. Detachment from realism when they are trying to imply that these mutants are existing in our reality. XMO Wolverine was probably the worst with horrible attention to detail and rushed, half ass post production… not to mention “cool for the sake of cool” shots (i.e. Wolverine hacking away at the ladder Gambit was trying to climb, also, why the hell was Gambit trying to fight Wolverine when clearly Wolverine was trying to kill Sabertooth who was after Gambit at one point?). This movie was sloppily written, cast and produced… sloppy at almost every level.

  13. Is X-men: First Class rushing to it’s doom?
    That’s the question people lets remember what we’re replying to here. and yes X-men: First Class is rushing quickly to it’s doom. We as fans of these characters need to stay away from franchises Marvel doesn’t have the rights to. Hopefully somehow Marvel can get the rights for the X-men and Spiderman back.