‘X-Men: First Class’ Early Reviews Are Positive

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X Men First Class Reviews Previews X Men: First Class Early Reviews Are Positive

Arguably the biggest wildcard of the 2011 Summer Movie Season is X-Men: First Class, FOX’s  X-Men prequel directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass, Layer Cake). The film combines both elements of the X-Men comics and elements of the X-Men movie world built by Bryan Singer – and yet, with First Class, the filmmakers are endeavoring to establish a base from which to launch a whole new take on the X-Men movie franchise.

If that all sounds confusing, a lot of fans would agree – and many have voiced their low hopes and unhappiness with this project ever since its inception. Today the first reviews of X-Men: First Class are hitting the Web, so what’s the general consesus about this risky new interpretation of the X-Men universe?

In a word: great.

It seems that despite the “bastardized” interpretation of X-Men lore, the dangerously rushed production schedule of the film, the atrocious promotional poster campaign, and all the rest of the doomsday predictions, X-Men: First Class is not only NOT a disaster, but is quite possibly the best X-Men movie since X2, one of the best superhero movies to date, one of smarter summer blockbusters in a long time, and is, all around, a good movie.

…That is if you believe a word that any of the following reviewers from any of the following websites are saying. (Look for our own Screen Rant official review next week ;-).)

NOTE: Click the name of any website to read a full breakdown of their early impressions:



[This] feel like a more significant story than the average comic book movie…In fact, there’s nothing that I would really call “average” about this.  It uses your expectations about the genre to set you up one way, then time and again, reaches for something a little bit more perverse or a little bit more eccentric or a little bit more heartfelt.  “X-Men: First Class” is almost desperately sincere, and I mean that in a good way.  Everyone in the film plays it like they’re holding nothing back…The way relationships evolve in this film is particularly heartbreaking, because it makes later configurations of people resonate in different ways.  You look at who’s hanging out with who in Singer’s “X-Men” films now, and it hurts…I like the way history folds into the movie and it is clever without being annoying.  It all makes nice thematic sense, and I think it’s well utilized.  I was afraid it was going to be very “Forrest Gump,” but it’s actually pretty simple and direct.



[A] prequel/reboot in the same style of what JJ Abrams did for the Star Trek franchise…It fits right in with Bryan Singer’s first two X-Men films and is probably the second best film in the series next to X-Men United. And I say that with a certain bit of nostalgia for the sequel, as it came out at a time when comic book adaptations didn’t strive to be anything more than popcorn fun. But the more and more I think about it, the more and more I think Vaughn’s film might have surpassed it. (You can watch /Film‘s video early review HERE.)



[If] the supporting cast seem at all weak, thinly-drawn or unfamiliar, then that merely primes the stage for the chess-game between Charles and Erik. This conflict, the result of which is certain from the start, is developed and executed without a hitch, evoking the Star Wars prequels not only in its narrative inevitability, but in how it triumphs where Lucas failed.



I don’t really know how true the film is to the comics, if I’m being honest. There’s an awful lot of comics, and they seem to contradict themselves an awful lot. There’s some interesting work done in making sense of bits of disparate comics continuity within this one new framework, and a lot of “grounding” of things that might go unexplained on the page. The jumpsuits everybody wears are completely sensible, for example, and there’s even a range of reasons that explain why Emma Frost is always dressed the way she is. Fun details that will make for some nice, chewy debates


New Longer X Men First Class Trailer X Men: First Class Early Reviews Are Positive

In our own post about the best superhero  movie of summer 2011 X-Men: First Class was the winner in both the characters and story department. Judging from the reviews above, we made the right call.

Some people may still insist that departing from continuity and canon is sin, but as pointed out in one review, X-Men comic (and movie) continuity has never been all that logical to begin with. Faith in Matthew Vaughn – and particularly James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender – has always kept us believing in this project. Hopefully, with more reviews like these and some strong word of mouth, even the most unaware or unwilling movie goers will be convinced to give this film a chance. So far, it sounds like there is plenty of reason to do so.

X-Men: First Class will be in theaters on June 3rd in the U.S. and June 1st in the UK.

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  1. This pleases me greatly

    • Me tooo. Im really happy for this film a fter all the stick its been getting i knew it wud b amazing, i had some doubts along the way but i always knew

  2. I’ll admit, most of the summer blockbusters this year left me extremely skeptical. But, to see First Class get reviews this good…I’m excited. Pirates 4 was a bummer, but I don’t see any dissapointment coming soon in summer films. First Class, Super 8, Green Lantern (i’m 50/50 on it), Hangover Pt. 2, Kung Fu Panda 2…I can’t wait to see them all. :D

  3. Wow! This is very encouraging!

  4. this movie wasn’t even on my radar… until now. Don’t get me wrong, superhero movies are probably my favorite genre(if thats a genre?), but since there are so many movies coming out this summer, i wasn’t sure that it would shine. But now, im more intrigued than ever.

  5. Good news. So far this film looked to be a good film based on the iconic characters that we all know and love, despite the fact it does not follow the source material to a “t” like many would have liked.

  6. ‘Kick-Ass’ > X2

  7. can’t wait for this one


  8. I feel that Magneto gets that helmet from Sebastien Shaw

    • Correct. And in one trailer you can see that Magneto changes the structure of it while touching it.

  9. I was really hoping this movie would suck so that fox would finally have a reason to stop ruining my childhood memories

    • I hear that. I really hope that Fox loses these licenses soon.

      • FOX will never let the rights to the XMen universe go back to Marvel. It is a pipe dream.

        • “Never” is a long time. It’ll be a while at least, but when there’s a seemingly long lull in popularity, and Fox wants some money, they’ll probably make Mickey pay through the ears.

          I’m not sold on Marvel Studios at all. The fact that these other studios have to keep making movies probably motivates them to try to make good movies that will lead to franchises. I don’t know if they can simply make cheap bad movies like the 90′s Fantastic Four. At this point, Spider-man, Fantastic Four, X-men are big Marvel properties. A cheap quickie could be seen as damaging to their brand.

    • another troll… great!! how old are you? 5? 6?

    • Say “Goodbye”, adadsda.

  10. Curses! Here I was hoping that it would be terrible. Ah well, I’ll wait for some other reviews first. After the outright defilement that Fox has already done to the property, I cannot be optimistic in the least about them continuing to hold the license to X-Men (or Fantastic Four, for that matter.)

  11. Nope. STILL not seeing this movie. No matter how good the reviews may be. I may be in the minority on this one but, I am sticking to my guns. The X-Men Movie franchise is dead.

    • No one cares dont see it. I’ll see it twice just to make up the money.

    • Don’t believe everything you read, brings to mind all of the Horrible movies of the past and these inexplicable trailers where they call the film “Brilliant” and “Surpasses all others” only to hit you with the super tiny tiny tiny print that shows the critic was some dude on a lame site.

    • You loss

  12. I’m not exactly surprised. Matthew Vaughn’s previous work was very good and he is working with Jane Goldman again. This was the summer superhero movie that I had the most faith in.

  13. before i read on, can someone tell me how a film is very “forrest gump”?

    • I believe that reviewer meant that they would try to do little clever wink-winks about how the X-Men made certain events in history occur – just like Forrest Gump was inadvertently responsible for many significant historical events.

      • I particularly loved the scene where Forrest was the inspiration for the dance moves of Elvis. Priceless!

  14. as in, someone telling a story and the film built on flashbacks?

  15. I’m very cautiously optimistic. Matthew Vaughn has yet to do a bad movie.

  16. I have been convinced to see this film..I will be seeing this film opening night..I have faith in Vaughn & Singer to impress as they both have with the films they are involved with.. Good news indeed!!

  17. I was going to see this anyway, but it’s nice to know it should be a good movie. I loved the first 2 films, but that Brett Ratner film was a disaster.

  18. I figured several reviewers would call this “the best x-men movie,” and it will probably end up in marketing. But it would be really impressive the more names that can be attached underneath that quote.

    Don’t know how the rest of the reviews will be, but these seem unreserved. That seems like a good sign.

  19. A) Who got to see these special advanced screenings? Seems to me the “early reviews” are from 4 sites which are much lamer than this site.

    B) Why haven’t the “big name” critics gotten an advanced screening?

    C) How much did Fox pay for these “reviews”?

    • I heard they conspired to make a good movie, just to mess with the true X-men fans.

      Serously, why would they pay for a few reviews that are going to be overwhelmed by a hundred more in a week or so? The “lame” sites had Thor at 94% days before it was released. I agree that these sound like more-or-less “geek-friendly” sites, but they sound like they’re giving unreserved praise.

    • The big critics all saw the movie. However, the way it works is that they all agree not to release their reviews after a certain date/time (embargo). If they break the embargo, they risk not getting the screenings next time. Smaller sites probably get the tickets through the public.

      I’ve been to a ton of advanced screenings that the marketing department of my job gives away. At one movie, it was so bad that the company came out and said the movie wasn’t even going to be released in theatres. The packed house groaned… But yeah, word on the web is that X-Men is on an embargo and all of the reviews will be out within the week. These reviewers are probably like me, not really a reviewer and got tickets through a source that wouldn’t care if they were banned or harder to track down.

  20. There are 12 reviews. This article only lists 4. They are all positive.
    While they should be taken with a grain of salt until you can see for yourself, I still find them encouraging.

      • Dante, you are the last angry X-men fan, asking the tough questions.

        But seriously, go see this movie. Catch a discounted first show. I want to read some reviews by the naysayers. This movie has had the most faithful opposition of any movie this year (at least).

        • No way would I pay to see this. A ticket is like a vote and I would cast mine for Kung Fu Panda 2 before this tragedy they titled X-Men.

          • I agree with dante no way would I ever pay to see this abomination, somebody has to stand up for what’s right :)

            • What if it makes so much money that a few dollars here and there won’t make any difference? You will see it eventually. I want to read your takes on it. You’ve both been very vocal the entire time (not only you of course).

              Maybe there’s a silver lining to Marvel not having complete control. Warner has DC, but a lot of fans complain that they aren’t doing anything about it. In Marvel’s case, they have to make movies, and maybe there has to be some level of success and quality, or at least profit, for them to keep the rights.

              • I’ll Redbox it. Then I can watch it in my home where I can rant at the TV.

                • Or nobody can see you cry, because you were all wrong about it.

                  • Why do I keep thinking of Scott Pilgrim?

                    Oh, that’s right, that movie got good reviews and did so Awesome at the box office…


  21. I’ve had faith in this film since the beginning. Vaughn and Singer are too good a talents. I predicted some time back that this will be the superhero movie to beat this summer. We’ll see. Thor did better than I expected (and I really liked it), however I predict that Green Lantern and Captain America won’t fare so well. If I’m wrong on either of those, it’ll be Green Lantern. My prediction is that Captain America will be pretty awful. I’ll have to eat my words if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I will.

    • With all due respect, I hope you do eat your words. I want all the comic book films to surpass expectations, I want them all to be great. Thor was the first, and although it wasn’t stellar, and was a very good film, especially for a comic book hero that has never had a film. The trailers for Capt looks great to me, so I’m hoping it too will, at least, be very good.

    • Green Lantern is the movie that has looked awful in the trailers. But I’m no GL fan so I don’t even know what’s supposed to be happening there. Which makes me think the average movie goer will be confused by now too. I’ve said X-Men would be great ever since we heard the director and cast. And hoped it would be before. Hope when I see it I like it as much as I loved all of the clips so far

  22. well if there are big continuity isues and major characters changes you better believe everyone will dog this film when it comes out but if things make sense and you can watch from film to film then it will be ok. hopeing to see some interesting looking crazy creepy looking mutants. hope it does well if continuity matches with the original x-men films. then maybe we will see sequels to this and we will see more interesting mutants like beak,glob herman,anole,mammomax,chamber,husk,cyclops,storm,jean,sinister, and apocalypse, and the sentinels storyline with humans fearing mutants and useing them as weapons to hunt down mutants. we could also see john sublime who envies mutants and wants to be one and uses thmutants dna to become one, then we would see two different points of view of the humans fear and envy. it would be cool to get a chance to see a x-men 4 and 5 done as well and more of characters like colossus,iceman,nightcrawler,gambit,angel/archangel,rogue,juggernaught,sabretoothe,magneto,mystique,beast,banshee,moria,professor-x,cyclops,tito bohusk aka beak 2, omega red (etc).

    • Man, are you getting paid for mentioning all these characters? In every comment you post that list…

      • It looks like a list someone would make to show they know a lot of X-men characters, perhaps Blah is just trying to impress with his X-Knowledge.

        • Maybe. But this list is ridiculous. I mean, Beak, Glob, Herman… Everybody complains about XFC and it´s roster of B-list characters, Blah wants a movie filled with C-list characters…

          • Guys. He’s “BLAH.” That’s his mutant power. Don’t give him trouble just because he’s different.

  23. “In our own post about the best superhero movie of summer 2011 X-Men: First Class was the winner in both the characters and story department”

    but not in the action and directing department? Oh how very wrong that was.

    Hasn’t kick-ass taught people that vaughn can direct some absolutely fantastic action scenes and here he will get the budget and superpowers to add into the mix? Make no mistake about it: not only will this be the best comic book movie of the year but it will have the best action and editing

  24. The fact the film is getting good reviews only means those people liked the film. It doesn’t mean the film is actually good. I’ll make my opinin when I watch this on HBO.

    • So you say everybody who liked that movie is wrong?

      • He has a point. Movie goers raved about Transformers 2 and it was AWFUL! Critics have made suspect picks before. No one is addressing the fact that just because it MAY be a good action movie, that doesn’t mean its a good X-Men film. There’s a difference when it comes to the judgement of actual X-comic fans. 20th Century seems bent on taking comic movies into whatever direction they damn well please. Marvel Studios has made three films with mass appeal and fan service. Its possible. I believe 20th century is just lazy. They’re milking this X cow for all its worth, while providing sub-par x-films.

  25. A very sad day for X-men fans if this show turns out to be a success. We will have to then endure 2 more installments as they milk it for all it’s worth.

    I can only wonder what will happen when all the curious “non-comicbook” people start googling the “founding” members and learn the truth.

    • Waddya mean didn’t you know the founding X-Men were all villains and C-List characters?

    • “I can only wonder what will happen when all the curious “non-comicbook” people start googling the “founding” members and learn the truth.”

      It’ll be chaos in the streets when people realize Hollywood isn’t 100% honest.

      Honestly, you stubborn holdouts remind me of Harold Camping followers. You’ve been predicting this movie will be awful and bomb for months. Now it may turn out differently. It’s like you’re sad the world hasn’t ended.

      There’s been an army of fanboys dogging this movie every single step of the way. A good 75% of comments on any news about this movie have been completely unrelated to the topic at hand. Instead it’s all about continuity, hair, and forehead size.

      • How is continuity & character design not relevant to a movie which purports to be a sequel to three other movies while simultaneously being a retelling of the origin of one of comic’s biggest team of characters?

        How are we stubborn holdouts? What are we holding out on? Fansite, non-critics have produced studio fluff reviews for use in trailers and I’m supposed to be all giddy to see this now?

        I may be an unreasonable fanboy but I always thought an origin X-Men movie would include the original X-men, wow, talk about silly of me.

        • meant to say prequel

        • If the reviews were “fluff” I’d think they’d say something like, “a rollicking good time that adults will enjoy as much as kids.” These reviews site specific things they like (and don’t). Call them “bought” all you want. Time will tell if general critics agree.

          There has been more movement towards giving this movie a chance than the reverse. I haven’t seen anyone who started out liking this and now they won’t go see it. Look at the comment from “Phil.” He’s saying he might see it dure to word of mouth, even though he’s been against it.

          If this movie continues to get good buzz, more and more entrenched opposition will go see it (with dark glasses and trenchcoats in some cases). Or at least they’ll see it on DVD through RedBox.

          I’m sorry you don’t like to be called stubborn but that’s what some of you have been. You make the same complaints again and again, never addressing the Blog or the hundreds of thoughtful aurguments people submit.

          • I know most of the guys mentioned above personally and I can assure you that they are not paid shills for the studios.


            • I believe you Vic, but as I see it every site has had these articles saying how great this movie is for MONTHS and MONTHS. Not a single article by a well-read comic fan elucidating their legitimate concerns and problems. Heck even the articles about the awful posters have been peppered with praise.

              So am I to take these eternal optimists word for it?

              No – I think not.

              • Rob K and I are both well-read comic fans, and we’ve wrote the following about this movie since the beginning:

                -We believe in Matthew Vaughn
                -We beleive in McAvoy and Fassbender
                -The story looks interesting and exciting
                -It may be drawing more from the comics than people expect
                -It’s ok for a filmmaker to re-work elements of a comic books into NEW VISIONS of the character and stories since A) It’s what comic publishers do all the time (ever hear of retcons?) and B) It helps the film stand alone and can actually ENRICH the mythos.

                Fanboys act like comic publishers are the only people with the sacred knowledge to build and explore these characters and to evolve them. Let’s just brush over all of the terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE ideas comic book creators have entered into continuity…and later retconned.

                If a filmmaker is talented enough to introduce a new vision of a comic book property, I’M ALL FOR IT. In fact, the best films lately have departed somewhat from the source material, while some of the lamer ones have tried to recreat the comics almost TOOfaithfully.

                Not sure why this is even a debate anymore…

                • “…a new vision of a comic book property…”

                  Not only that. All those foolish hater should finally accept that the source for this film is NOT the comic books, but Singer´s first two X-Men movies. So it does make sense.

              • No need for my to reply, Kofi already did it quite well.

                OK, can’t help myself – pretty much EVERY single complaint I’ve seen about this film has to do with the film not matching the comics. It’s never about how the film looks like it will stand up on its own. Will it cleave to the original X-Men comics? Probably not. Does that automatically mean that as a movie it will “suck”?

                Absolutely not.


                • Didn’t realize my opinion was so unwanted, no worries, other websites out there…later.

        • Dante, it’s like you “know the notes, but not the music.” You want all the details in place, but you aren’t talking about the “je ne c’est quoi” (I don’t know what that means either), that makes X-men what they are. I don’t like the way Cyclops has been handled, but I can’t say they didn’t have an actor wear a visor. Toby Mcguire wasn’t the Peter Parker from the comics, but those movies captured a lot of what made the comics work.

          I’m sure they were limited in what they could do anyway. X-men is a successful franchise. They couldn’t undo it completely. They have to work with the elements they have.

          • Certainly they couldn’t undo an established and popular franchise with a reboot.

            I mean they would never do that, but my own Spidey issues aside.

            So better they cram some sort of “original” X-Men into the tiny tiny corner that Singer has painted them into than have no X-Men movie at all?

            But we must simultaneously selectively ignore parts of his very own canon (like Xavier saying my very first students were Scott & Jean).

            • “some of my first students,” I believe. Doesn’t say “my very first…” Watch it again if you don’t believe me.

              I’m at peace with the changes. If I don’t like the movie it won’t be for lack of continuity with the comics.

              The only original I would miss is Cyclops, but he’ll be along later, and I hope they do him a bit differently. Angel is really a character I don’t like much, and why would any creature grow wings out of their back? Birds evolved wings from forelimbs. plus they have ridgid, fused, and hollow bones. At least Hawkman over at DC uses an antigravity belt.

              Anyway, this is a reboot like Batman Begins. That movie stood on it’s own, but Warner was hedgeing it’s bets by not letting it interfere with the original Batman. Remember they were calling it a prequel sometimes and a reboot less often, until it became a hit. Also, a lot of people skipped it at the box office and watched it later on DVD (they didn’t have Redbox back then). So, word of mouth probably brought about Dark Knight as much, or more, than Box Office.

              • So it’s MORE feasible from an evolutionary standpoint that someone be able to control ferrous metals? or to shapeshift into any human form or read minds, fire beams of energy from their eyes, turn to ice, ad infinitum. One of the few “logical” mutants is probably Wolverine, his ability is fast cell regeneration which helps him survive being a guinea pig.

                Oh and Angel has hollow bones ;)

                • You got me.

                  But I agree with you. It’s all really, really dumb. I cringe when they mention evolution. Evolution works by subtlety modifying existing traits. I read about evolution, contemplate it, have taken classes on it, argue about it, and I even read “On the origin of species” (just before it’s 150th anniversary). Not sure how I’ll handle the Darwin character (reactive evolution?).

                  But birds fascinate me. The three “R’s” of bird bones are Reduction (as in hollow), Redistribution (the corresponding bones might be bigger, smaller, or differently shaped), and Rigidity (a birds entire spinal column is fused all the way past the hips. It forms a rigid plate for muscles to attach).
                  So, Warren Worthington would need more than hollow bones.

                  But hey, it’s all a metaphor for awkward teenagers who don’t fit in (as well as race, religion, sex, etc.). So it’s all good.

      • “You’ve been predicting this movie will be awful and bomb for months”

        Ummm, I haven’t. If you don’t believe me I would ask you please re-read the posts I have made in all the previous XMFC threads.

        All I have EVER said is that I hope it will bomb….H O P E. I never had any pre-conceived notions though that just because they completely ****** the canon, that doesn’t mean they still can’t manage to tell a good story.

        Why they couldn’t have kept true to the comics AND tell a good story is what really bugs me.

        • I have read your posts, but I don’t remember exactly what you said. I am mostly speaking generally. A lot of people predict it will bomb, some predict it and also desire it, while others merely desire it. Who can keep track?

          When I first heard the line-up I thought it sounded stupid and was against it up until I saw the first trailer. Now I think I like this because it’s different. Unpredictable. I don’t know what is going to happen. These characters age, reproduce, and die. The comics are full of characters because they stay the same age and never stay dead.

          As for why they didn’t make a faithful, good movie: Plenty of people have suggested answers to that question. What do you think?

          Anyway, that’s not what they did. The movie comes out next week. There’s nothing that can be done. I can only suppose that some are trying inspire a boycott of the movie, so that it will fail.

          • Well I hoped to have stuck out a bit as having a more rational PoV on the subject BUT I guess not.

            The fact is this character lineup IS stupid, so your initial gut reaction was well founded. Singer pretty much painted himself into a corner by using all of the founding members in the original X-Men AND made them young. Doing so shifted the origin of the iconic team forward by 30 years. That fudging though had little consequence because it just felt like an update which was ok imho.

            So when this prequel idea was hatched they had shot themselves in the foot with the real founding members (not even Beast should be in there) unless they did a complete reboot. Doing that though would have nullified his previous films and who likes to cancel out their OWN work? So if he wanted to use this idea he would have to retcon pretty much the entire team. In doing so though he really made some BIG mistakes imho like turning established villains like Mystique(that HE even established!) into founding members, including characters that were never X-Men (Azazel) and pulling random X-Men from the distant future (Azazel, Havoc (Cyclops’ YOUNGER brother), Emma Frost and Angel)

            It’s one thing to move characters forward in the timeline but another entirely to pull characters from the future who have NEVER existed in that time. I would have preferred it if they had simply made up characters at this point because at least it wouldn’t have created any paradoxes and incongruities. I mean if you are going to throw their history out he window anyway and are only left with a set of powers why not MAKE something cool instead? Just because you own the rights to the IP doesn’t make it a good idea to just borrow from the future to suit your own ends.

            If Singer had really wanted to do a prequel he should have had the foresight to use older actors in the original X-Men so he could then go back in time and explore their origins CORRECTLY. However, if you are going to establish an “updated” version, you need to accept the limitations you placed on yourself and not completely screw over the IP just to satisfy your desire to tell a story.

            Singer is the Frankenstein of the X-Men IP and, like the mad scientist, created a real monster here. Will this random piecing together of body parts live? Maybe, but that doesn’t make it’s creation right and why I consider it a blasphemous piece of work, no matter how good it is.

            /goes to the shed to get a pitchfork and torch :D

  26. dont care, gonna wait for a proper review (one that isn’t all praise and actually has criticism in it). even then i’ll prob wait until i can use my free ticket on it (a week or so after release).

    to say the xmen universe is cluttered etc is stupid, each version has its own origins, and story line, for these clowns to completely throw the comics out the window and only care about 2 characters is arrogant and greedy. if the 2 flash backs of xmen 1 weren’t in the trailers i bet people would be like ‘wtf is this rip off’.

  27. Sigh… judging by all the positive reviews, I may have to eat my previous comments and go see this one after all.

    It’s still gonna rankle a lot that they changed so much from the comics, though.

    But I can’t lie, if it’s a good superhero movie, I’ll still see it.

  28. Honestly can people stop their freaking whining? IF you think its a stink fest then don’t see the freaking movie its as simple as that , and people compiling about continuity are babies , Obviously some stuff has to be changed and some stuff has to be shuffled but like for real who cares it’s a freaking MOVIE! It has to appeal to everyone not just comic nerds ( don’t cry at that line you know you are one ) but to everyone.