X-Men: First Class is ‘James Bond’ Meets ‘Thirteen Days’ Meets ‘Twilight’

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director matthew vaughan says x men first class is james bond meets twilight X Men: First Class is ‘James Bond’ Meets ‘Thirteen Days Meets ‘Twilight’

It’s been an insane week for X-Men: First Class news, from official image releases to interviews to controversy and so forth. The pictures, so far, have got fans wondering: Is First Class going to be another X-Men 3: The Last Stand? Or are we in for something better?

In the wake of such questions, Matthew Vaughn has made the interview rounds and released some images of his own – perhaps as a means of damage control? Regardless, over the weekend, he spoke in great detail with Entertainment Weekly about the type of movie we’re in store for.

According to Vaughn, First Class is as much a spy movie as it is superhero movie:

“[It’s] X-Men meets Bond, with a little bit of Thirteen Days thrown in for good measure. […] [The movie] starts in 1942, and then works its way up to 1962 […] I basically molded a young Magneto on a young Sean Connery. He’s the ultimate spy — imagine Bond, but with superpowers. […] I’ve been watching Fassbender [who plays Magneto] for a long time, and I knew the guy was going to pop as a movie star. He read it and knocked it out of the park, and the rest of the cast just fell in around them.

Unsurprisingly, while Magneto will be a man of action, Professor X will be much the opposite:

“[You’ll see] Xavier become a professor. For me, Magneto is the good guy in the film, but he’s a sort of a good bad guy. He literally kicks off the movie, and Xavier goes along on the ride trying to figure out what the hell is going on, and trying to persuade Erik that you don’t have to kill everyone. […] Professor X is a very hard character to cast. Out of all the characters, he’s the dullest if you really think about it. He’ll be in a wheelchair eventually, and he’s sort of a sanctimonious preacher half of the time. Patrick Stewart brought so much to that role, and I needed to get an actor who could do the same — who could give him a fourth dimension that’d make him sparkle. James [McAvoy] was literally at the top of the list, and he said yes, so I got my first actor very quickly.”

x men first class professor x and magneto X Men: First Class is ‘James Bond’ Meets ‘Thirteen Days Meets ‘Twilight’

As for fan concerns that the movie might not reflect the source material to the appropriate degree:

“[…] I could tell those fans that they’re wrong. One thing about the X-Men world is that, if you know your X-Men universe, every writer reinvented the storyline. I did my research, and none of the histories of the characters make any sense. Each writer just totally changed the history to make their plot work. So I can quite safely say that X-Men has a history of reinventing its history for the sake of the plot.

And for everyone who loves teen angst in their superhero movies:

“It’s got a lot of teenage angst. The Twilight girls will like it.”

I have to say, the idea of a 1960s Bond-esque X-Men film has me far more interested in First Class than I was three days ago. Vaughn’s definitely a capable director – I’ve enjoyed all of his movies to some extent, jet-packs notwithstanding (see: Kick-Ass). When left to his own devices, without, say, an impossible time restraint forced upon his person by the studio, this could be a fantastic and interesting movie. That said, it’s hard not to smell a certain desperation in the way that Vaughn has been talking to anyone who will listen about just how swimmingly his X-movie’s going. Baghdad Bob, anyone?

X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3rd, 2011.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. “every writer reinvented the storyline. I did my research, and none of the histories of the characters make any sense. Each writer just totally changed the history to make their plot work. So I can quite safely say that X-Men has a history of reinventing its history for the sake of the plot”.
    son of a b**** pick one story ark/’universe’ and stick to it, don’t mash together what you think ‘fans will like’. every xmen movie is a piece of s*** not even worth spreading over the garden for plant growth ;)

    i hope someone shoots the idiots at both fox and sony for continuously raping these ‘popular’ names give the damn rights back to marvel and let them produce something that can be considered decent.

  2. I wished they had Singer just direct X-Men 4 instead & save this whole Prequel stuff for last.

  3. Comparing a film that I’m already skeptical about to two franchise I don’t like.

    • @ Little Monster

      What film are you skeptical about?

      • X-men: First Class……..

  4. “[…] I could tell those fans that they’re wrong. One thing about the X-Men world is that, if you know your X-Men universe, every writer reinvented the storyline. I did my research, and none of the histories of the characters make any sense. Each writer just totally changed the history to make their plot work. So I can quite safely say that X-Men has a history of reinventing its history for the sake of the plot
    Really, Im pretty sure that Havok has always been Scotts little brother, that Moria was young in X3 and she looks like the same age in this one, Im pretty sure Calling Xavier Dull, really does mean you have not Done much research on your characters, Cause as a young man he was a little like Indiana Jones. Jeez I had a lot of respect for Vaughn before reading thesee comments, but he really should stop talking about this movie, he is just making it worse, now we have Magneto Bond super powered spy , almost like Chuck , huh, it might be as funny to …….

    • Actually…. ;)

      “However, there are several key differences: first, Alex is the older brother;”

      this is of course from the Ultimate Universe. Im not knocking you or anything maybe Vaughn only knows the Ultimate Universe or maybe he read a little of both and has no idea what he is talking about.

      I will go for the latter… :D

      • Ill grant you that , and dont worry about it I dont take anything personally on here, As far as it goes my problem is that they keep on talking about bring the franchise back to the team and I cant really see an X men team that I recognize regular or Ultimate. the whole franchise is a cluster frak and one that would be better put to rest and redone with forthought, here my main problem, people are paying to see this crap fest , imagine how much you could make if they did it right, come up with an original screen play and get a proper X team together something that makes sense and then go at it but what you cant do is call something a can peaches and have pears in it. Its false advertising.

  5. “each writer changed the history to make the plot work..”

    actually no… people like Chris Claremont used existing historys and expanded on them. They didn’t simply ignore the rules.

    Mr. Vaughn you say you’ve done your research, well I disagree. I think you’ve done SOME research, obviously not enough if you think the writers are so flippant about the characters’ histories.

    All comic book writers should be insulted by this. Yes things change in comics and new origins are revealed, but it’s not an incoherent mess, logic prevails in the end. At least in x-men.

    • Them and Marvel, if he think s Marvel wants one of their biggest selling franchise bastardized like it is.

  6. If the Twilight girls like it, I’m out.

    • I second that.

      Cant stand hearing all the “omg omg omg!! he’s sooooooooo HOTT!!! *giggles*” teenage whispers in the theater as someone ‘casually’ takes off their shirt. Twilight type fans are annoying, and they cant seem to keep their damn phones put away.

      I most likely wont be seeing this movie unless it is an X-MEN movie and nothing else.

  7. As already stated by pretty much everyone…. comparing a beloved comic franchise with Twilight is a SUREFIRE way to lose your target audience. NONE of the X-Men films have been any good in my eyes (X-2 was tolerable at best).

    They have killed what would have been a great franchise by ruining great characters that had a lot of depth (Wolverine may as well be a Buddhist monk in the next film as soft as they’ve made him), and destroying all story arcs that have been in the comics for years…. I hope the best for this film and Vaughn is a good director, but I feel we’ll be lampooning this film for the remainder of the year after it’s release

  8. Why does it have to X-Men meets anything? Why can’t it just be X-Men?

    It’s all there in the comics, everything you need to make a good X-Men movie and how come they constantly mess it up? Because they hire script writers who havent picked up a comic since they were children, actors who have no idea about the source material.

    Out of the four X-Men movies that have been made, only X2 came close to the feel of the comics, and that was hardly perfect. And First Class, despite a good cast and director, seems like it will flunk out too.

    • @ Sam

      Do you think Wolverine would look good with a mask over his head? A costume more closer to his comic counterpart?

  9. I was interesting to see what information was talked about in this article until it mentioned Twilight…..

  10. ANd by stating that it’s X-Men meets 007 meets Twilight I guess he is hoping to cover everyones tastes..

    If in the next few days he comes out and says it’s X-Men meets 007 meets Twilight meets Pretty Woman meets Saw then I AM THERE!!!

  11. Call me when Disney starts making Marvel movies with people who actually worked with/for Marvel. This is getting ridiculous. I understand making up you own arc, but if you’re following a movie verse don’t use people who are too young to even have a past, in the past. He should have just made an X-Men:Evolution movie if he wanted to do Teen Angst.

    • You do realize that FOX is making this movie, not Marvel, right?

  12. There has to be a Wolverine cameo in the movie. But I don’t think they can fit it.
    I hate what these guys have done to the whole X-men timeline. Everything is just messed up.

    How is Cyclops gonna be in First Class if he already was there as a teenager in the Wolverine movie? Last I checked Prof. X is there in the Wolverine movie too and he’s bald and does not look even a little like James McAvoy. Cyclops has to be a floating sperm in the First Class movie if the timeline has to make remotely any sense.

    Also Emma Frost was in the Wolverine movie and she was nothing like the comic Emma Frost. Also how the hell is she fitting in the First Class storyline? The character looks older in the First Class storyline.

    And will someone ever tell me how Sabertooth became an animal who can just grunt and snort? The X-men series Sabertooth is a dumb troll whereas the Wolverine movie one is passable.

    Someone please clarify this mess for me. I would pick the comics any damn day.

  13. Oh no. They mentioned the “T” word.

  14. I’m going to defend Vaughn on this one –
    1) he’s right about the reinvented histories in comics (heck, Wolverine was originally an actual wolverine evolved into a man, for example).
    2) making comparisons to other franchises is one way to describe a movie. If you don’t like the franchises he’s comparing it to, then by all means pass, but don’t dis Vaughn for using analogies to describe what he’s trying to accomplish with the film
    3) he’s taking on a franchise with numerous holes, incontinuities, and distinctions from the source material so he’s starting on the wrong foot so to speak

    I for one will give it a chance

    • Ok gonna debate your points:
      1. Wolvie was originally a wolverine turned into a man.

      Ok false, that was one of the planned but scrapped ideas, the only reinvented thing i could say is that in the comics his claws where in his gloves and then they were in his hands. Dont believe me, watch the special features on the 1st 2 X-Men films.

      2. making comparisons is one one way to describe a movie.

      Yes and no, when your pitching a film and talking to your friends thats when it comes into play but for this type of movie its not needed, because X-Men is X-Men not Bond meets Twilight meets etc..

      3. the Franchise’s holes and stuff

      There are holes but not big (at least to my knowledge), but there are distinctions from the source material as its two different mediums and the whole idea was to “update it”.

      • 1) I had read somewhere that Cockrum made said that about the first origin or Wolverine, but later Wein said it was false, so, granted it’s a bad example. Either way, other things, like the claws you mentioned, were changed later. It still backs up Vaughn’s statement.

        2) So, when BB came out, would you describe it to someone as “it’s Batman?” People might, just might, think of the Schumacher or Burton films and BB and TDK are very different styles so comparisons would be a good way to describe it. Same could be said for XMFC.

        3) I’ve defended the distinctions from the source material on all comic book movies for the same point you made – they’re different mediums. My reason for bringing it up was that many posters complain about deviations from the comics

  15. He doesn’t say it’s like twilight he just says twilight fans will like it. And any movie with teenagers in it is gonna have angst. I’m more worried about the rush put on him by the studio and what the script looks like.

  16. The more I hear and see about this film, the less enthusiastic I am about it. Especially since he’s comparing it to the ultimate crap: Twilight.

  17. There focus is always to make a commercial, action filled, FX stuffed moneygrabber rather than making a great film that happens to be based around comic charecters. Comparing this film to Bond and Twilight just shows that Vaughn, who i actually kind of like, doesnt have a good hold on his charecters or story and is trying to sell it to us fans. Is it so hard to make a film the best it can be. It can be so deep and engrossing and moving, the fallout between Magneto and Xavier shoul be so emotional that we as fans cant wait for a sequel with Macavoy and Fassbender, but calling the main charecter dull makes me lose a lil more faith. And if Xavier is a dull charecter, Whisch he is not, the script writers could have written his charecter to be the favorite of the movie. I’ll hold my judgements for the release but im pretty nervous about this one.

  18. OMG, can no one get a joke? He was clearly being sarcastic about the Twilight comment.

  19. Based on some Matthew Vaughn’s commentary, he seems to come across with an arrogant, uninformed take on the X-MEN source material, which, in turn, leads me to question just how solid his storyline will be. Terminology like “dullest” character (in regards to CHARLES XAVIER), and “none of the histories of the characters make any sense” seems to demonstrate a lack of understanding that could place the character development in jeopardy. I don’t believe I’m taking any of his quotes out of context, and I’m basing my observation from a movie making standpoint, not necessarily from a comics fan point of view. Its a good thing that Bryan Singer is overseeing this latest bow, as it’d be a shame to have to endure another Brent Ratneresque outing for this pulp page classic.

    • Yeah quite the description for one of the most powerful mutants/heroes/persons on the planet…

    • I think Bryan Singer is as much to blame for the whole X-Men fiasco. Never thought much of his highly inaccurate and convoluted version of the X-Men anyway.

  20. This sounds more and more like a disaster every day.

    • exactly

  21. Yeah my little hope for this movie was shot down in flames right there.

  22. So Beast is going to sparkle if he gets in the sunlight?

  23. The title of this article made me think…

    “Oh goodie! Even more reason NOT to see it” :)

  24. This is in no way a reflection on the SR reporting of this story. Something that sticks out in my mind when I read these interviews is a tidbit I learned about writing pitches: Don’t describe the project as “the next” as it shows a lack of confidence in the project itself. It’s like NBC labeling the new Ron D. Moore series as “an adult Harry Potter”. Hook us with originality, Hollywood. We’re easy that way.

  25. LOL, I have just lost the last minuscule ounce of respect I had for Matthew Vaughn. What a clown. He has got absolutely NO IDEA about MARVEL’S X-Men.

    A counterfeit piece of CRAP = BIG EPIC FAIL as far as I’m concerned. :-)

  26. This sucks. I don’t care for a director telling me I’m wrong, and telling me Ishould know my X-men universe. I WILL NOT pay theater prices to see this. Theres a good chance I won’t see the dvd.

  27. I am a very very long term X Men film and am a little worried Xavier dullest character? Onslaught anyone? But i will say something that will freak everyone out. I loved ‘X3 Last Stand’

    • Hey Seven, for a dull character, how about “Spike”, who was a good guy in the new mutants, and they made him a bad guy for x-3. If they hadnt written in a scene where he hugs somebody, he would have been totally useless.