X-Men: First Class is ‘James Bond’ Meets ‘Thirteen Days’ Meets ‘Twilight’

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director matthew vaughan says x men first class is james bond meets twilight X Men: First Class is ‘James Bond’ Meets ‘Thirteen Days Meets ‘Twilight’

It’s been an insane week for X-Men: First Class news, from official image releases to interviews to controversy and so forth. The pictures, so far, have got fans wondering: Is First Class going to be another X-Men 3: The Last Stand? Or are we in for something better?

In the wake of such questions, Matthew Vaughn has made the interview rounds and released some images of his own – perhaps as a means of damage control? Regardless, over the weekend, he spoke in great detail with Entertainment Weekly about the type of movie we’re in store for.

According to Vaughn, First Class is as much a spy movie as it is superhero movie:

“[It’s] X-Men meets Bond, with a little bit of Thirteen Days thrown in for good measure. […] [The movie] starts in 1942, and then works its way up to 1962 […] I basically molded a young Magneto on a young Sean Connery. He’s the ultimate spy — imagine Bond, but with superpowers. […] I’ve been watching Fassbender [who plays Magneto] for a long time, and I knew the guy was going to pop as a movie star. He read it and knocked it out of the park, and the rest of the cast just fell in around them.

Unsurprisingly, while Magneto will be a man of action, Professor X will be much the opposite:

“[You’ll see] Xavier become a professor. For me, Magneto is the good guy in the film, but he’s a sort of a good bad guy. He literally kicks off the movie, and Xavier goes along on the ride trying to figure out what the hell is going on, and trying to persuade Erik that you don’t have to kill everyone. […] Professor X is a very hard character to cast. Out of all the characters, he’s the dullest if you really think about it. He’ll be in a wheelchair eventually, and he’s sort of a sanctimonious preacher half of the time. Patrick Stewart brought so much to that role, and I needed to get an actor who could do the same — who could give him a fourth dimension that’d make him sparkle. James [McAvoy] was literally at the top of the list, and he said yes, so I got my first actor very quickly.”

x men first class professor x and magneto X Men: First Class is ‘James Bond’ Meets ‘Thirteen Days Meets ‘Twilight’

As for fan concerns that the movie might not reflect the source material to the appropriate degree:

“[…] I could tell those fans that they’re wrong. One thing about the X-Men world is that, if you know your X-Men universe, every writer reinvented the storyline. I did my research, and none of the histories of the characters make any sense. Each writer just totally changed the history to make their plot work. So I can quite safely say that X-Men has a history of reinventing its history for the sake of the plot.

And for everyone who loves teen angst in their superhero movies:

“It’s got a lot of teenage angst. The Twilight girls will like it.”

I have to say, the idea of a 1960s Bond-esque X-Men film has me far more interested in First Class than I was three days ago. Vaughn’s definitely a capable director – I’ve enjoyed all of his movies to some extent, jet-packs notwithstanding (see: Kick-Ass). When left to his own devices, without, say, an impossible time restraint forced upon his person by the studio, this could be a fantastic and interesting movie. That said, it’s hard not to smell a certain desperation in the way that Vaughn has been talking to anyone who will listen about just how swimmingly his X-movie’s going. Baghdad Bob, anyone?

X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3rd, 2011.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. i hope that this doesnt become another x3

    • From all we see and hear, can’t really see it being any better than X3 though.

  2. I liked X3 but thought Singer’s version might of been better.

  3. what i want to know beside x-men films, is when will they make a actual really great x-men game where you can joins teams online and fight against each other or on teams, and in the story modes have more things for the characters to solve like areas just for teleporters, and climbers, and other areas if you do not have streghth like colossus then you coundnt pass like a steel door he could look human and then use his metal skin powers then smash right threw, and run faster and jump higher when hes in human form, or walls to crush threw, and expodeing areas where if you where gambit you could throw a card,or use eye beams, and get threw,or ice things up for diffenet reason with iceman, or areas just for angel,beak, and angel salvador, or guards and other people you have to read there minds to find things out or make them do thing and be able to control others,or telepathicaly move things for reasons.i would love to see them make it with graphics close to black ops or avp, and have a chreate your owen mutants heros or villains, and a story line where you could play as villains as well. i would love to see this happen and they could make it and they need to add in all the mutants from the old comics and new like grant morrisons run of nex x-men. i think this would see quick, and people could play online battleing each other and have areas only certain mutants can reach unless help by like i said a teleporter grabing them and teleporting,or etc. coulod be a great game but it needs to be in the same vein as modern war fare,avp, and others like that but with the ability to see your characters if you wanted to standing in fron tof the screen. and could you imagine playing as mystique or morph and tricking your friends you play with online and them thinking you are one of their teammates how cool would that be, or controling thier minds to fight each other? or it taking a whole team to take you down as you play as the blob,or juggernaught?

  4. It’s really telling that they are trying to sell this as some combination of movies with X-Men licensed characters thrown in and trying to have it come across as some new direction for the franchise. They are also being coy about the fact that if anything putting these superhero characters in the backdrop of a historical event isn’t even new or clever, it’s called Watchmen.

    The comment about the comics being changed all the time also shows that they really aren’t long-time fans and are influenced by the short attention span writing of the last decade and probably haven’t bothered to go back into the catalog where guys like Claremont were writing the book for over 15 years and there were plenty of story arcs that were much better then what these people have managed.

    At the end of the day saying there is no continuity in the books does not absolve these writers and directors from the fact they have just not told a consistent or interesting story. And Singer trying to pin all of this on X-3 and Wolverine is just not very enduring. What happened with Superman then, was that the fault of the original series too?

  5. Ok.
    When he is saying “dull” i think he means in a laid back, slow moving sense of the word.
    I mean you never see him “fight” anyone to this point in the films.
    He’s a genius, mentor, and extremely powerful mutant.
    He understands the violence against humans wont stop there hatred towards mutants.
    He isnt a Wolverine character.
    He is rational, forward thinking, well spirited and good hearted.
    So he needed to find an actor that could portray Charles in that sense but also bring the excitement to the character that wasnt there as much before.
    Like he said Patrick Stewart was perfect for Professor Xavier. But now he needed someone to play a younger, more active, more exciting Charles.
    The cast is stacked, and Matthew Vaughn hasnt made a bad film yet, and Singer is the one who wrote the story that the screenplay is based on. Lets all wait to see before we judge.
    You cant say the Trailer doesnt look great either.