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x men first classpic New Details On X Men: First Class

Less than a month before the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine comes news that another spin-off from the lucrative X-Men franchise is going to be yet another prequel.

When X-Men: First Class was first announced, many thought that it would follow the adventures of the younger mutants from the high grossing franchise. Now Lauren Shuler-Donner has given details on what to expect from the film – if Wolverine hits it big at the box office.

Speaking on the Fox Movie Channel Donner gave details about the First Class prequel, which is currently in development (being written by Josh Schwartz):

“It is the first class of Xavier’s school, way back when, so it’s young Scott, young Jean, young Beast and that’ll be really fun, I think (the plan) is to follow some of the characters into their own stories, and weave them back into the X-Men world.”

“And hopefully First Class will become its own franchise and we can follow them as they grow up.”

It’s a shame, really, that this is yet another X-Men prequel to follow Wolverine and the forthcoming Magneto. Marvel and Fox appear to be milking the X-Men franchise for all that it’s worth. However, as per both studios, they’re going for the cheapest option. The X-Men movies just got too expensive to make with Halle Berry winning an Oscar and Hugh Jackman going A-list.

Prequels with younger stars and built-in name recognition seem to be the order of the day – except of course Wolverine, because that has become Jackman’s signature role. Will Patrick Stewart have a role in X-Men: First Class? Who knows. But I’d imagine that he’ll have a cameo at the very least, probably using the same de-aging tech they used for his X-Men: The Last Stand flashback.

Will X-Men: First Class see the light of day? That depends on how many people downloaded and watched go to see Wolverine.

X-Men: Origins: Wolverine opens on May 1, 2009. X-Men: First Class is still in early development, so no date yet on when (or if) the film will be hitting theaters. We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. I’d rather X-Men: First Class serve as a reboot and forget the other franchise. They just screwed so much up in X3 and they never really gave Cyclops the respect he deserved as a character and field leader of the X-Men. It’d be hard for me to watch them growing knowing how everything turns out for them.

  2. The one problem I have with this is that they can’t have Iceman or Angel. I’d much rather have both of them over Beast. And since Xavier said in X1 that Storm was one of his first students, too, they should work her in there as well.

    I don’t know, I might be able to get behind this kind of project, but I think a true sequel could get made that wouldn’t cost as much money.

    Think about it, X3 killed off Patrick Stewart, James Marsden and Famke Jansen, so you don’t need to pay them anymore. Wolverine doesn’t need to be in the movie except for a cameo (he wouldn’t be in this prequel), and Jackman seems to like playing the part so I’m sure they could get him for a decent price. Nobody likes Halle Berry as Storm anyway, so she’s out and replaced with a different actor.

    Then the main cast consists of lower profile actors like Shawn Ashmore, Ben Foster, Anna Paquin, etc. It’s still X-Men, even if all the popular characters are gone. You find a way to work Gambit into the mix and you’re sure to sell tickets.

  3. I’d rather they’d move forward with the class seen in X3 getting the spot-light, that way we’d actually not know whether they lived or died.

  4. Wasn’t there some time where it was going to be an introduction to other X-Men?

    Somewhere people (and other sites) got New X-Men confused with X-Men: First Class.

  5. @ Lunar Child, are you kidding me?!?!?!?! reboot? You have 3 movies, 3 wasnt as good as 1 and 2, but 1 and 2 were awesome movies, just because the 3rd one wasnt as good you want a reboot??? If batman 3 isnt good you would want a reboot? Plus X-Men 3 made way more money than the first ones so it wasnt a failure. Plus, this could be Cyclop’s chance to get more screentime. No reboot needed, they can have Cyclops, Beast, Jean, Storm, and prob add Emma Frost and someone else. Hey, you can also have Gambit be one of the bad guys :)

  6. IMO the only way this works is to cut off all ties with the X-Men movies. X-3 ruins any tie in because it wouldn’t make sense with some members of the team like Angel. Also Iceman was introduced as being a teenager to Scott and Jean’s adult and that wounldn’t make sense either.

    I just don’t have any faith in Fox with this franchise. They’ll probably hire Ratner to direct. I’m sure Kofi wouldn’t have a problem with that.

  7. I’m all for this idea I didn’t like what I thought they were gonna do with it before. I want to see the characters I give a crap about and not some new batch of young mutants.

  8. @Oscar!

    X1 was good, X2 was awesome, but X3 reaaly ruined a lot things. One of the best parts of the Phoenix saga was Cyclops and Jean’s relationship/conflict and the mark it left on both afterwards. Instead, they swopped it out for Wolverine and Jean relationship/conflict. They absolutely ruined Psylocke, Angel had no real purpose in the film, Xavier died, Cyclops died, Jean died…etc. Besides, we’ve already heard a 4th X-Men movie probably isn’t going to happen, so why not start fresh with First Class? It’s more of an origin story than a prequel anyway.

  9. damn ENTER button posting before I was done…

    Anyway, I don’t see Batman 3 doing this much damage to the mythos with Nolan there as X3 did to the X-Men. I could watch it, but I know my heart wouldn’t be there the whole time.

  10. I agree that the X-Men francise needs to be rebooted. If you make a movie with young actors (ala Star Trek) vice these over paid actors which ad to the movie high budget costs, you may have something. I think that the original francise was killed to soon. If you revamp it from the beginning then X3 can be just a bad nightmare or ignored totally.

  11. I don’t care if it’s a reboot or not, except I would love to see Warren and Bobby in it, which would be difficult to do as a prequel.

    As a prequel: Scott, Jean, Hank, Storm, I don’t know who else. Doesn’t have to be the exact lineup of the comics, throw in some uncanny’s in there. I’ll probably get slaughtered for this, but I wouldn’t even mind some of the New Mutants as supporting characters (had some pretty cool mutants in that series).

  12. I have to take the stance that a reboot would be silly. Yes, I think it would be odd not to have Iceman and Angel in the mix for an original class, but X-Men has always been more about the reality than the individual characters. Still, they’ll need to be careful which characters replace those two. Storm in there? An interesting thought, actually.

    Yes, X-Men III was about as bad as a film could get. I also agree 500 percent that Cyclops got short-changed as a character in the films. I like the idea that he might get better treatment in a prequel, but I think a reboot would only confuse folks. Iceman was nicely handled, in my opinion, and well-liked by non-X-men-diehards. Rebooting that character as the same age and Cyclops and Jean Grey wouldn’t make sense.

  13. lunar child,

    did you see the stinger at the end of x3 where xavier tranfers his mind into “the comatose guy”, and its never revealed that clyclops died i mean does it show him die, no its just implied meaning he could be alive and jean wasnt sure if she killed him

  14. I dont really like the idea of a reboot so soon but that might be an option since X3 killed any chance of X4, at least with the same characters.
    If not, this prequel could still be interesting if done right.

  15. OMG,

    X3 Was A MOVIE, not a COMIC BOOK. It was it’s own take on the X-Men Universe and IT WASN’T THAT BAD. Nobody owed all of you complainers a Dark Phoenix Saga with Starjammers and an M’Kraan crystal. Would that have made you happy???

    So they killed Cyclops WHO THE F EVER REALLY CARES ABOUT CYCLOPS??? NOBODY!!!! Do I want to see Cyclops get more screen time? NOT REALLY.

    They should reboot the series, but only b/c X3 left nowhere for them to go except into the New X-Men continuum. Start young with First Class and then do a slow build throughout the X-Men lore to modern times.

    Also a film version of the new X-Force (Wolverine’s Strike Team) would be a great film. You could do the whole Purifiers/”God Loves, Man Kills” storyline.

    Speaking of which, why don’t you X3 haters ever complain that William Stryker was changed from the comics? Rev Stryker and the God Loves Man Kills Storyline were a classic X-Men Story just like the Phoenix Saga. But oh, X2 was so amazing so no complaints about that!

    NEWS FLASH: X1 & X2 were good, but not great. The first two had good plot and dialogue and such, but the action scenes were WEAK. X3 had awesome action scenes, but the plot and dialogue needed work.

    Bottom line: NOBODY HAS GOTTEN X-MEN 100% right yet. Maybe if Ratner and Singer teamed up we’d have an X-Men Movie that was truly great.

    First Class all the way for me.

  16. I think Timothy Dalton would make a good slightly younger Patrik Stewart looking Prof. X. Probably cheaper and still a known actor.

  17. Where to go after X3: Proteus, Muir Island.

    Who could be in First Class other than Iceman and Angel:

    – Either Emma Frost or Gambit- played by the actors from Wolverine.

    – Jason (Stryker’s son), who in his prime, can cause severe hallucinations.

    – Dragon Man. (like Juggernaut, adapted to be a mutant)

    Magneto Who would be on his way to split away from Xavier.

  18. darren,

    i thinking they should actually introduce the sentinels and not just one like in x3

  19. Wait just a second here about this ‘reboot’ trash. X-Men is a popular franchise, not even over a decade old that does not need to be rebooted. Yes, there are fans of Last Stand.
    The Incredible Hulk I understand, but I still question people referring to it as a ‘reboot’ but that is a different debate all together. As for this, X-Men: First Class. This is not a ‘reboot’. It is only a depiction of the initial members as young ‘uns, so there is no point in calling this a ‘reboot.’

    Then the first class would be Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, and Beast. Wait, is that it? Just four members? That case I would add one more, say Banshee or even Thunderbird. With Banshee they can compensate for Angel seeing that Banshee can fly plus the Moira connection. Thunderbird, they can have the final arc in this series where he dies, just like in the comics.

  20. ppnkof,

    they never confirmed that cyclops died in the film, it never shows him die and jean isnt even sure if she killed him or not and it doesnt need to be 100% like the comics, its an ADAPTATION not an exact translation.

  21. ppnkof are you serious ? X2 was a great film. I’m take a wile shot in the dark here with how much you talk about action you must be a transformers fan .. right ? X3 was complete trash it’s that simple. It was over cluttered with people there were to many useless and meaningless deaths everything happened so fast that you had no time to care what was happening. Oh and lets not forget that Jean was useless they started building for this saga even in the very first movie so much build up it could of been brilliant and the ball was dropped. All she did in the movie was stand around with a blank stare on her face. Angel was brought in just to make fans happy, but he was given a wasted role he flew like once or twice and had what three lines ? Film never to a break to really tell a story it was simply ‘things go boom’ with out any real narrative as to why.

  22. @ Daniel F,

    The genius of my earlier statement is: I already said what you just said. X3 was a “things go boom” movie with serious plot/character development issues. Problem is, Bryan Singer never made X1 and X2 “go boom” enough. The action scenes in both those films are WEAK. The story/character development parts are great, but the action. Weak.

    And don’t even start up about the Wolverine/Deathstrike fight. It was ok but… it doesn’t hold up. It looks like a well-choreographed dance scene. At least Ratner got the action scenes right. Every fight sequence in X3 is far better than the other two films.


  23. They need to do a Batman type thing with this to save the franchise. Like how they seperated the 90’s Batman flicks and the more recent Christian Bale ones. Seriously, the X-Men films were rather terrible, the only good coming out of them being the recent Wolverine movie, and you know you’ve done bad when prequels are the best of a franchise.

    I love Chuck and would love to see the X-Men reimagined with the same type of dialouge and characterization. I would love to see the ‘friendship’ between Charles and Magneto. I would love to see Jean and Scott as just crushing on each other. I would love to see the initial appearance of mutants before they became a government problem. I would love this and pay to see it, as well as enjoy introducing my children to the less angsty, less blown-up, and less dead X-Men.

    The original magic of the series came from them being misfit TEENAGERS anyways, so can we please recapture that and for a glorious 90 minuites or so, forget about the politics, the love triangles, and Jean’s multiple deaths?

    Then again, if they do mess it up, Runaways is in development.

  24. I would rather have a reboot, but agree that it’s too soon. I just hate that the prequel route will leave out many popular characters like iceman, angel, and even colossus.

  25. whoa, guys, please read my first post on this thread. Yes, Last Stand was not to par with X1 & X2, BUUUUUTTTT…this is a successful franchise. In fact, I’d bet Fox’s bread and butter is with this franchise so what is all this talk about a “reboot?” It is not warranted.
    And let’s get real here, X3 did make money.

    Yes I know Batman & Robin made money as well. Point is, for this franchise, “reboot” is just foolish to mention. And lastly, as much as it pains me to say this, we should not be blaming Ratner for X3, you should get on the writers. As if Ratner knows anything about comic books, get outta here.