Oliver Platt Joins The Cast Of ‘X-Men: First Class’

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It has certainly been a busy 24 hours for those attempting to keep up to date on the latest additions to the ever-growing cast of X-Men: First Class.  First Jason Flemyng, then Rose Byrne, and now Oliver Platt has officially signed on to play a role in the new mutant origin flick.

X-Men: First Class revolves primarily around the exploits of the young Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik “Magneto” Lensherr (Michael Fassbender), prior to their falling out over conflicting ideologies.  Director Matthew Vaughn claims the film is not a reboot, nor a traditional prequel to the X-Men film trilogy that began in 2000.

Platt will play a non-mutant character known as The Man in Black.  Who exactly this mysterious figure is remains unknown for now, though he likely has nothing to do with Lost and is probably not an agent working for a secret government organization that patrols extra-terrestrial activity on Earth. icon wink Oliver Platt Joins The Cast Of X Men: First Class

Kevin Bacon was unveiled as the First Class villain last month, though Platt could easily end up playing one of his cohorts.  The latter actor is not exactly know for playing dastardly figures – Platt tends to provide comic relief (see below) more often than not – but the fact that he will be a regular human in a X-Men movie indicates that this might be an exception.

Oliver Platt in Casanova Oliver Platt Joins The Cast Of X Men: First Class

Oliver Platt, right, opposite Heath Ledger in ‘Casanova.’

First Class begins production in London this upcoming September and will reach theaters around the world next summer.  Between the recent news that Vaughn is revising portions of the First Class script that deal with Inception-type dream sequences, and the flurry of casting announcements over the past six weeks, it is difficult to gauge whether or not  this project is indeed being rushed, as has been suggested by our own Rob Keyes.

Vaughn’s output as a filmmaker so far has been pretty solid and he seems like an excellent choice on paper to helm the young X-men flick.  First Class will also be the rare blockbuster comic book adaptation scheduled to arrive in the next two years that will NOT be in 3D – or so it seems, for now.

X-Men: First Class arrives in theaters in the U.S. on June 3rd, 2011.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. This movie is sounding like the biggest cluster**** ever, haha! Maybe he is playing one of the government officials from the X-Men Universe.

  2. I wish we could just have an official announcement that this is a reboot. I’m not for this half reboot half prequel. I hope this is awesome but I’m beginning to have doubts

  3. Is this thing for real? Just for the record, it’s about 10 mutants so far? I just hope, really I do, that this movie is about at least 2and a half hours long to actually do some character development.

    • I was thinking the same thing as far as 2 1/2 hours-3 hours. But Fox has always tried to cram 3 hours of story, cut out the plot and back ground stories, and then polish it to 1 1/2 hours. Hopefully it’s just a restart, not a prequel and not a reboot. Sometimes you can start over, case in point, Christopher Nolan with Batman.

      • A ‘restart’ is the same thing as a reboot. ‘Batman Begins’ was a reboot.

      • You got that right.

  4. do they need a human speedbump for this film or what??

  5. He looks like he could be Mojo……..

    • :D LOL… Good one xigbar.

    • I could dig it. I like Oliver but he would fit that description perfectly.

  6. they need cyclops and jean and storm, without it i mean come on its not x men

    • I’ve heard Jean and Cyclops aren’t in the film, but I couldn’t care less at this point. The film is beginning to look like a rehash of X3 with a bloated cast.

    • It was never going to be the ORIGINAL X-Men “First Class”.

      Fox wouldn’t have a clue on how to produce an accurate and authentic movie based on the original mainstream source material.

      This trainwreck is completely off the rails. LOL!

  7. Seeing Platt cast without any other news I’d guess another member of the Hellfire club but if it’s true he’s just an ordinary human then they’ve got me guessing. Maybe he’s Azazel’s toady?? Anyway, I wonder if Fox will keep Jean and Cyc under wraps for publicity? Starting to shape up that way. Might mean either two special veteran actors to play them or unknown actors. If they don’t have Storm in the mix, then they’ve really Sk***d the pooch! This is becoming like a bad accident on the highway your not suppose to stare, but you can’t help it…

  8. If there’s only one Man in Black, then hopefully the suits will be yellow and blue.

  9. they need cyclops and jean and storm

  10. they need cyclops and jean and storm

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  12. Man…I am so sick of the terms “REBOOT’,”REMAKE”, AND “RE-IMAGINING” that it makes me want to puke. I (yeah…simple minded me…) will never be able to understand why FAUX couldn’t just take the easy and COMPLETELY ACCEPTABLE rout of going: “Gosh, maybe we should just hire a runner to go and pick up a copy of “The X-MEN” no. 1 and make THAT work? Oh…that’s right, we already mucked up the franchise beyond repair…”
    Even a 12 year old (as I was wghen the comic came out… and still own the comic by the way…) could take THE SOURCE MATERIAL, STORY, AND ORIGINAL CHARACTERS, and with today’s technology make a film that would blow the other “X” films off the map! I can appreciate that the first X-MEN movie garnered a great amount of interest that got the ball rolling again for comic book based movies, but for god’s sake…FAUX and SONY have overloooked completely the simple tennor of the ADVENTURE, FANTASY, AND NEWNESS of the concepts they are destroying by ignoring the loyalty that true fans of the works have invested thier time and money to read!
    It kills me that “First Class” won’t be dealing with the simle, yet very cool characters and concepts that gave birth to all the comics, cartoons, and movies that followed them. COULD SOMEONE…ANYONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY, OH WHY, THESE STUDIO SHMUCKS REFUSE TO GET IT???

    End of Rant…thanks for playing…

    • Meant “SIMPLE, yet very cool”…I tend to typo when I’m pissed off…

      • Didn’t you mean FAUX and Phony?! :)

      • New Found Glory? Are you serious? lol ok. Look up International Superheroes of Hardcore…b/c it’s NFG actually explaining that all superheroes have sold out. Don’t compare Simple Plan to NFG or Fall Out Boy.

        • Btw, in response to nowhereman…You hate terms such as remake or re-imagining and all you did was complain the entire time about why Fox is in the wrong with all these stories. Maybe a reboot is what you shouldn’t regurgitate over.(and also thank Nolan)

      • You listed The Simple Life twice. Just sayin.. And your right I can’t stand any of those shows. Maybe that’s why I don’t watch much TV anymore…

      • “In the end, I blame society. Society made me who I am”- Repo Man (1983)

      • No sir, not rhetorical by any means…but holy crap, WHAT AN ANSWER!!! :) Thanks for taking the time, dude!

        • You are all pathetic. I love X-Men comics and the cartoon as well, but unlike you pricks, movie companies don’t have to plagiarize to make me happy. I LOVE all 4 X-men movies, especially X3 and Wolverine. They were great. I feel bad for you “fans” that can’t enjoy the movies especially since this is such an exciting time to be a fan. Oh and by the ay dumbasses, Jean and Cyclops will be in the movie, they have to be. Plus have you read Vaughn’s interviews where he speaks about them? This movie will rock, or at least it will to me which is all that matters

          • Count me out Adam. I rather enjoyed all 4 X-men films and anxious awaiting on a X-men 4 to be made. These days its clear some people can be too difficult to please when they nitpick about the littlest of things instead of just enjoying the movie.

          • ” Jean and Cyclops will be in the movie, they have to be.”

            Why they won’t have Bobby or Warren?

            • I think this film is still intended to take place before the first X-men film.

              • But just like Jean, and Scott, Warren, and Bobby were First Class members. So where’s the logic in that Wally? By messing with the continuity they limit themselves as to the quality of story they can tell. If First Class was a lousy story series to begin with, why pick it? There are much better stories in the X-cannon to adapt like Uncanny X-Men #98…

                • If this film is intended to be partly a prequel or whatever they wanna call it that is intended to take place before the original X-men film then Bobby and Warren wouldn’t be of right age to be part of the team. Bobby wasn’t a official member till the end of X2 Warren wasn’t seen till X3 and we seen him arrive at Xavior’s school but never knew if he officially joins the team or not. I can see them use Hank McCoy still in costume, but not blue & furry as we seen him still look human on a tv screen in X2. And i doubt very much they’re be goin by the comic accurately.

                  • Yeah Your right and that’s my point too! By changing the comics story starting in “X1″ they’ve limited themselves in how they can compose “First Class” as a story. By doing that the story’s appeal that the comic First Class had in itself is limited crossing over to becoming a movie. So now they are just banking on the name by comparison. :( The photo at the banner of this article becomes a joke and a lie. What they’ve done is traded on the name alone to get an audience and then hope they can entertain them despite that. Do you think they would take an appointment with you if you did the same thing to them? Not bloody likely…

          • I take issue with your use of the term “plagiarise”. I do not believe it is possible for a film that is based on a written work to copy or “plagiarise” said work. Is that not the point.
            Poducers of any movie, that even skirts the sci-fi boundaries, must be aware that the one thing we sci-fi fans insist on is accuracy and respect for the original creation, whether that be a comic book, a novel or an action figure. All we are asking is that the producers stay true to the original concepts.
            I feel I must agree with nowhereman, the original characters and storylines needed very little updating to turn them into a series of brilliant films. If it’s not broken don’t fix it.

    • More like before it gets too confusing like “TROTF.”
      Maybe that’s the goal. Fox has no chance to dazzle us with brilliance so intend to baffle us with.. Well you know…

  13. they need to start filming this flick before the casting gets any more odd…Oliver Platt??gtfo…if he can be in this flick then i can be in this flick fer crist sakes..

  14. wah wah wah X-Men 3 and Wolverine sucked. Why would they make another one?

  15. @Alkaline

    More’s the pity, young fella…you just proved my point! BTW, LOVE Nolan’s Batman, and I’m not a hater! I just stake the right to my OWN opinion…and respect yours. Isn’t it funny how folks like you are so comfortable using the word “hate” when its not relevent to someone else’s opinion…. The word HATE doesn’t exsist in my vocabulary…what about you? maybe if you consider what you posted, you would regurgitate at you’re own folly, yeah?

    Go ahead and try to stir the sh*t…One of us knows what we’re talking about, and it obviously isn’t you.

    • Obviously.

  16. We’re going to have one hell of a Marvel extravaganza in the next few upcoming Summer Blockbuster seasons; X- Men: First Class, Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor. And that’s just a warm up for The Avengers movie :D

    • Btw, I’m reminding everyone for the second time the audio track from the trailer and the picture of Evans as Cap have surfaced on youtube

    • I also listen to the Pet Shop Boys and Seal

  17. Are we sure it’s X-Men and not Men In Black III? Okay. X-Men. Just checking…

    Man In Black is an obvious surprise character. If I had multiple choice:

    1 – Harry Leland aka “Black Bishop” (yes, I know they said ‘human character, but it’s just too good!)

    2- Greyson Creed (now that’s a surprise!

  18. why do i get the cast mixed up with the Avengers?? LOL!

  19. Man in Black??? wasn’t he in Halloween part 4 & 5? lol. Maybe Fox should hire Mr. Nolan to Godfather their comic book hero movies since they need it more.

    • I agree this film is shaping up to be a bloated and rushed mess. The only thing keeping me interested is Matthew Vaughn as the director.

      • Another point well taken.

    • I love how people are blasting Oliver Platt, but would you have guessed that Heath Ledger would have been such a great Joker? No. Instead of blasting everything can you wait till they actually SHOOT the damn movie!

  20. Playing the Heath card is getting old!
    He wasn’t some character actor that gave a single stellar performance in One movie. He played Leads in “Knight’s Tale” rated 3.5 out of 5, “Brokeback Mountain” 3.9 out of 5, “Four Feathers” 3.1 out of 5, “Casanova” 3.25, “Candy” 3.6 out of 5, “I’m Not There” 3.55 out of 5, before playing the Joker in The “Dark Knight” 4.45 out of 5 and had a solid role in “Monster’s Ball” 3.6 out of 5, which I would say gave him the experience necessary to play Joker. And lets not forget he gave better performances than the movies he was in, in “The Order” and “Ned Kelly.”

    On the other hand..
    Platt has been playing character roles since the late 80′s. If he was ever to have had a breakout role it would have been 20 years ago playing in Shakespeare or something, not some kind of husk or a toady to a villain in a 4th rate comic book adaptation.

  21. i believe the character is the Black Bishop of the Hellfire Club,Harry Leland…

    “A mutant, Leland possesses the ability to increase the mass of an object or person, making it extremely heavy. Thanks to his allegiance to Sebastian Shaw, he attained the rank of “Black Bishop,” of the Lords Cardinal of the New York branch of The Hellfire Club, an exclusive secret society bent on world domination. In civilian life, he was a corporate lawyer”-wikipedia..

    this is a easy character for oliver platt to play considering its very similar to many of his past roles..a fat asshole.

    • That would be a great bit of casting vkatnyte only they’re saying he’s not a mutant. I realize they might be misdirecting to keep the story under wraps, just like they’re withholding who’s playing Scott and Jean for the moment. They’re playing the game is all, that’s my thought…