‘X-Men: First Class’ Cast on Rushed Schedules, Comic Book Research & Bad Posters

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x men first class cast X Men: First Class Cast on Rushed Schedules, Comic Book Research & Bad Posters

X-Men: First Class hits theaters in a little over a week and it’s already experiencing overwhelmingly positive buzz and reviews from those who’ve seen it. Unless the public has an entirely different reaction to it (which, as always, is 100% possible), it’s starting to look like the X-prequel will be a huge success.

It was obvious in the twenty-five minute press conference yesterday that the First Class cast got along extremely well, as they were making lighthearted jokes at everyone’s expense and generally having a great time together.

Everyone on [X-Men: First Class] was so cool,” said Zoe Kravitz, whose dad Lenny will star in The Hunger Games next year along with First Class co-star Jennifer Lawrence. “Honestly, I think if I was here with a bunch of Hollywood – excuse my French – ass*****, it would’ve been intimidating and [an] awful experience, but if everyone’s there to make a good film, and everyone’s down to Earth, and everyone’s there for the right reasons, [the scale of the film] doesn’t really matter.”

Kevin Bacon was flabbergasted that he’d even been offered a role on First Class. “I don’t know if this says something about my self-esteem, but the first thing I said when I was offered [the role of Sebastian Shaw] was, ‘Who fell out?’”

To which everyone within earshot bellowed a half-minute-long “Awww,” followed by Michael Fassbender saying, “It was Brian Dennehy.”

Asked if she had ‘power-envy’ playing the totally human CIA agent Moira MacTaggart, Rose Byrne said, “At the time it was – it was good, because I didn’t have to go to makeup so early. I’d be like, ‘Oh, I have to get up at six,’ and Nicholas Hoult [who plays the heavily make-uped Beast] would be like, ‘I got here at 2 o’clock in the morning.’ That’s – you win, [Nicholas]! You win.”

Nicholas Hoult as Beast in X Men First Class X Men: First Class Cast on Rushed Schedules, Comic Book Research & Bad Posters

Hoult as Beast in 'X-Men: First Class'

James McAvoy immediately interjected to say, “Your character does have the mutant power of immaculate hair at all times.”

McAvoy and Fassbender even brainstormed names for January Jones’ unborn baby, including Little Magneto, Magneto Jr., Little Banshee, and Riptide. “Riptide needs his nappy changed!” said McAvoy.

This sort of comradery was apparent in the film, as well, especially with regard to James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. We’ve heard tell of Professor X and Magneto’s initial friendship ad nauseum – in the comic books, in the cartoons, in the previous films, and so forth – but rarely have we seen it depicted; or, for that matter, depicted so well.

The strength of First Class rests squarely on McAvoy, Fassbender, and their effortless chemistry together as two great friends with diametrically opposed views.

It’s interesting that, despite the fact that X-Men: First Class is in many ways a departure from the canon of the comic books, some of the actors researched their roles based specifically on the comic books. Though Michael Fassbender initially considered studying the physicality and speech patterns of a young Ian McKellan, director Matthew Vaughn immediately nixed that idea – so Fassbender instead relied upon the “biography” and “well-rounded character” information from the comic books.

x men first class fassbender as magneto james mcavoy as professor x X Men: First Class Cast on Rushed Schedules, Comic Book Research & Bad Posters

McAvoy and Fassbender as Xavier and Magneto in 'First Class'

So, too, did Kevin Bacon, who realized that he looked nothing like his comic book counterpart:

“[Sebastian Shaw] is a gigantic, muscle-bound guy with a ponytail, and he dresses like George Washington – with britches and all this kind of stuff. […] That being said, it was from the comic books, as Michael mentioned earlier, that most of the research came. I learned […] about where he grew up, his relationship to his father, his relationship to his wife, who died, who got killed, and all this kind of stuff was extremely helpful […] in terms of creating the character.”

James McAvoy spoke rather bluntly about how worried he was that the film would be a mess – due to the rushed production and the extended shoot – that he immediately phoned Michael Fassbender to let him how good it was once he saw it.

“I phoned Michael within about half an hour [of watching First Class] just to go, ‘Dude, you just – you’ve got to just see it quick because you’re going to be relieved. You’re going to be able to go to the toilet again properly.’ You know, we were worried, man. These things – sometimes they’re a nightmare to make. And it’s well-documented that [First Class] was, there’s no point in hiding it.  But, uh – it’s turned out really good. I think we always thought it could be really different and really brilliant, or really bad and really … different.”

The cast even made fun of the universally mocked posters that have been released by Fox Marketing in anticipation of the film’s release. “One thing I sort of saw on the blog,” said Fassbender, “one fan wrote that the poster looks like a Sears catalogue. I thought that was pretty funny.”

x men first class sears poster X Men: First Class Cast on Rushed Schedules, Comic Book Research & Bad Posters

One of the posters we'd like to forget.

James McAvoy had a similar experience. “One fan actually said we had pigeon feet, and then I looked at the poster and went, ‘****, we really [do] have pigeon feet.’”

When asked if the cast is up for a possible sequel to First Class, McAvoy said, “Yeah, you never want to pass up on a chance to make money. So if we make money on this one, I’m sure we’ll be back,” [in his sarcastic ‘movie trailer guy’ voice] “next summer!

X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3rd, 2011.

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  1. Its good to read about the chemistry of the actors off screen. It makes it easier to believe it will show up on screen. I just get more and more excited for this movie.

  2. I’m glad they have that comradery. It’s so difficult to do these kinds of films without it. Hope everything else falls into place.

  3. I still want answers on who in the production or execs at the studio let those horrible posters slip…that person had better been fired….that was appalling to say the least…could have ruined the entire marketing campaign for the movie had they not recovered so well with the character clips and trailers…

  4. What was the point of researching the comics this bares no resemblance to the comics in any way what so ever.Did they research them so they knew what not to do in the film? Did fox instruct them to carefully read the comics and do the opposite of what the characters would do?

    • So…you’re presented with direct evidence that they’ve incorporated extensive research, but because you’ve seen a few clips you think they’re just lying about it? The only thing that I have a problem with in this film is that they didn’t use the original First Class roster, but I know WHY. The First Class characters are in the other X-men films, set 40+ years later. They’re too young to be in a film set in the 60s….so they had to use other characters. See? now I’m over it. Now I can actually ENJOY the movie.

      • I guess some people don’t mind “bait and switch” but others do! It makes me furious to be sold one thing and handed another…

        • “Bait and switch”? At which point in the marketing of this movie did you think the first class in this film was the original one from the comics? Is anyone honestly walking in to First Class expecting Cyclops and Iceman?

          • It’s only recent FOX marketing that has made the distinction. Bloggers for well over a year have used the “First Class” comic cover as a build up for the movie. Even the actors were concerned as seen from this article’s quotes! By the movie’s review here on the site it’s admitted that the movie is focused on the relationship between Charles and Eric NOT the First Class of X-Men to come out of the school. By that accounting it’s reasonable to conclude that Fox only used the popular and recognizable “First Class” title to catch and sell the comic readers NOT to describe the movie. You could just as easily have called it “X-Men:In The Beginning” and been far more accurate to the theme of the story. Even if by pure aesthetic sense one argues that “First Class” is a superior title it doesn’t excuse Fox for not crediting what they’re talking about by titling it “Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class.” It’s bait and switch pure and simple.

      • Yes, I know WHY also but you make it sound as if they were somehow forced to do what they did. This movie should never have been made because of what they “had” to do to make it happen. WAY too much compromising and IP pillaging imho.

      • So what it really comes down to is they should’ve used another title besides “First Class” if they couldn’t use the proper roster from the original comics.

        • IMO i’ll take it further. They should of used another title aside from X-men. It’s more than just changing who was first class and who wasn’t. Characters had to of been changed to fit with in what they are planning. Going as far as placing Mystique as an Xmen is questionable as well.

          Reading a few of the reviews there is nearly nothing left in this film to resemble the comics other than it’s name and the characters names. If they studied Xavier in the comics they sure didn’t use anything they read because from the reviews he is not the Xavier you know from the comics at all. In fact he is kind of a douche in this movie from what I’m reading. He is less like Xavier and more like Hank Moody from californication or Tommy gavin from Rescue me. Hell a slightly more main stream comparison he is basically Dr House not Charles Xavier.

          • keep hating but this movie will rock!

          • IMHO – If you want the comic book experience, go read the comic books.

            A movie adaptation is meant to re-interpret something for a different format.

            If ‘First Class’ can convey the themes of the X-Men story in it’s unique way, and still be an entertaining movie experience, it’s more than done its job.

            The complaints I find to be increasingly erratic and nonsensical. You want it to be the comics – but you also want it to fit with the earlier X-men films (which already departed from the comic). Mystique was never a Magneto flunky, but it’s a crime to make her part of the X-Men a decade after Singer already changed how she fit in the Movie universe?

            This movie is exploring areas that the comics have not. A detailed look at the breakdown between Xavier and Magneto and all the reasons behind it. An examination of who Xavier was BEFORE he became the zen monk we know. X-Men comics have already acknolwedged that Xavier has flaws and dark sides (see: Onslaught) so what’s the crime if this movie presents him when he is younger, more naive, and foolish – it’s about how he grows from that to who we know him as. Don’t think the comics have explored that too often…

            And when people say “like the comics” – which version are you talking about in half-century of re-interpretations and retcons
            that make up the X-Men mythos? The actual First Class miniseries came decades after the first X-Men comics and re-imagined any number of events. And whenever a movie or cartoon version of a property has a good idea, you’ll find the comics adopt those ideas (see: X-Men wearing black leather in the comics around 200). To me this has just become some generic term that people throw around, but is totally specious…

            Dan F, I get your objections, but I think in the end, if you don’t see it, you’re probably just going to cheat yourself out of a good movie experience. But it’s up to you…

            • @ Kofi

              “The complaints I find to be increasingly erratic and nonsensical. You want it to be the comics – but you also want it to fit with the earlier X-men films (which already departed from the comic). Mystique was never a Magneto flunky, but it’s a crime to make her part of the X-Men a decade after Singer already changed how she fit in the Movie universe?”

              This why, Kofi, i believe that non fanboys, like yourself, do not understand fans of the books and characters. I have said it probably a month or 2 ago that there are 2 groups in one whole/main group (that whole/main group being the FANBOYS/GIRLS)…the sensible members and the outrageous members, and that non fans, such as yourself, tend to only take up and attack the views of the outrageous because it is easier, rather than engage the sensible members of the main. Though the outrageous and sensible differ in some ways, what they do agree on is that they would like a good depiction of their characters because both groups are fans of the same characters or teams. If you have ever heard a fanboy say they want it “to be the comics,” understand that that is your Q to pay attention to the sensible side of the Fanboy group. What do we mean when we say “be the comics,”…how about starting with the proper casting with actors who not only can act the part, but also look the part? Second, how about following storylines from the books, which are so well thought out and highly sensible that nothing needs to changed; and would make continuity much much much easier. If you have read how fanboys disliked any of the “continuity” in any x-men movie, do not mistake that to mean that we would like following x-men movies to follow the already messy x-men movies that have been. What we (the fanboys/girls) have successfully done is shown what happens when movie companies, like fox studios, stray away from the source material just so they can create something of their own using material that is not their own (for the sake of saying look what we did) that it turns out into a big mess and in the end makes no sense. Example: In X-men Origin the relationship between Wolverine and Sabretooth, yet Sabretooth does not even recognize Wolverine in x-men 1. Second,a younger, teen emma frost in Origins, yet she is a grown woman in First Class; and if you say but origins could have happened before FC, then that would mean that Cyke, who was depicted as a teen in Origins should have been portrayed as being in his 50s or 60s for the first 3 x-movies since FC is set in 1962. I could go on)

              “The complaints I find to be increasingly erratic and nonsensical.”

              That’s because you are probably only paying attention to the outrageous members of the FANBOY/GIRL group.

              “And when people say “like the comics” – which version are you talking about in half-century of re-interpretations and retcons
              that make up the X-Men mythos?”

              Kofi, if you say that you have read a lot of complaints from the fanboys, then how come you don’t know that the universe we want to be depicted is the original universe? I already understand, through the posts I have read from actual fans, that the universe they want depicted on the big screen is the original universe, unless they say otherwise. But I would understand that because I am a fan of the books and characters, you are not. Therefore, instead of knowing what real fanboys mean and what we would want from movie depictions of the characters we grew up with, all you see are complaints.

              • @Day – Just so you know Kofi is probably our resident expert on all things X-Men – along with Rob K. Calling him a non-comic fan is like calling the Pope an Atheist…nothing could be futher from the truth. I’m looking forward to his response. :)

                • Real fans would not want comic book films straying from the source, and have a serious respect for comic book continuity. That is part of the reason why comics have their flare and why fans of them are fans.

                  • That is such crap. When were you anointed the fan who gets to determine who the real fans are? Films are films. Comic books are comics. I’ve been reading comic books since I was five years old, but I’ve always been able to enjoy the film as a completely separate entity. I guess I’m not a real fan.

                    • According to your last statement, no, you are not.

                    • According to your last sentence, no, you are not.

      • @ Ken

        Point is had they used better casting and had not try to young-up the cast in the first 3 x movies (in a failed attempt to lure teens) they would not have had to further mess up and destroy any movies (that would come after Last Stand) with the name x-men on it, by further using the wrong characters in an attempt to somehow erase their own mistakes, which they failed to do by the way because well….THE CASTING AND CHARACTER CHOICES FOR FIRST CLASS AND THE USE OF SOME OF THEIR POWERS ARE WRONG!

        Even though I do not always agree with Daniel F, I agree with him on this one.

  5. Bought tickets today. Winner.

  6. I’ll be in line. Looks great. Nice to see the actors really do like each other.

  7. “It was Brian Dennehy”

    WTF Fassbender? That was random as hell!

    Michael Fassbender is one of my favourites. Finally we’ll have a proper X-trilogy then!

  8. those of you defending their huge departure from the comics should consider that giving them a free pass to do these kinds of things is what culminates in horrid adaptations…heck it’s the reason game to film movies are pretty much fiascoes…super mario bros…remember that?

    I’m not some comic collector/avid reader ,but i do know some of the chars and have heard how different say xavier is than he is supposed to be,while i can tolerate some changes,what i won’t just ignore is when they change the very core of a char,what’s next? a cowardly pacifist wolverine?

    • No, a Wolverine that is 6’3″ and is the primary love interest of Jean Grey, but at least he helps generate revenue from the female ticket-buying market!

      • @ Voidrider

        BRAVO, BRAVO! Well said. I disliked Jackman playing Wolverine from the beginning. They had better choices and much shorter than him. Your remark about them picking HJ to play Wolverine to lure in the women is equivalent to Fox waning to make some of the main x-men (rogue, storm, iceman) teens just so they could lure in the teen market.

  9. Anyone who tries to rationalize that “they had to do this movie in this manner” due to some attempt to maintain a shadow of continuity for all the other X movies is as brainwashed by the industry as much as the executive producers of the same features (who have, at best, a broad knowledge of Archie and Gold Key comics).

    IMO, either do a true reboot that takes place in the 1960’s with the ORIGINAL team or do a “first class” in present day with the travesty that has become the Fox series, using Storm as headmaster and characters of teen and younger age (going as far as the current Ice Man, Colossus and Rogue, along with Kitty and other younger characters available already).

    • This is cute, but no. It’s not brainwashed rationalization dummy. It’s just a logical progression. I don’t really like what they’ve done here, but I get the “why” of it. Just because you don’t agree with or can’t grasp the “why” doesn’t mean that what I’ve described isn’t the reasoning behind what they’ve done. It just means you don’t like it.

      I’m not even defending what they’ve done, because I’m not really into it. I’m just explaining it for all the people I’ve seen talking about it that didn’t seem to put the two things together. “why did they use these guys instead of the FIrst Five?” Well it’s simple, here’s why….it sucks but whatever, we’ll see if the movie is any good. Boom, that’s it.

  10. Wow, more X-Men movie bashing. I thought you guys got tired of repeating yourselves years ago. This is X-Men First Class of the X-Men movie trilogy. I’m sorry if all the marketing with Iceman, Jean, Cyclops and Angel confused you into thinking this was the first class from the comics.

    At what point in the first four movies did appear like that they were adhearing to the comics faithfully? This is a story like Ultimate X-Men, which is only based on the source material. As such the writers and directors are free to go in whatever direction they choose. So far the movies have made over $1,536,473,495, at least according to wikipedia, so they must be doing something right. I guess I’m one of the lucky few X-Men fans who like what Singer started with X1 and X2 and am very excited about XMFC.

    But now that it’s all been cleared up and you have nothing left to complain about, feel free to enjoy what is most likely an excellent cinematic experience. As I will be doing.

  11. Serioulsy, it doesnt matter how it was made, who made it, or whose in it. Its a motion picture, get it? PICTURE! You haters arguing about these movies is like going back in time and listening to all the people whine about the “mona lisa” or “the scream.” Its just a piece of art. If you don’t like it, dont watch it, dont talk about it, and dont worry about it. If you want to complain, start up a blog so we dont have to hear your complaints on here. And on another note, if they did make a new X-Men based off of the comics, it would be considered a “reboot.” From my experience on this site, all of you haters would just b**** about all of the reboots, how stupid reboots are, and how they are rebooting everything. Its sad really, there is no satifying you.

  12. “Serioulsy, it doesnt matter how it was made, who made it, or whose in it. Its a motion picture, get it? PICTURE!”

    The words of a person who seems to have no passion for anything and has passion for nothing.

    Understand this you who are unable to understand comic books and their fans. YOU ARE NOT THE MAINSTREAM WHEN IT COMES TO TRUE COMIC BOOK MOVIES. For now your precious little fox studios has made you the mainstream (but even this is false on their part becuase they are not the creators of the comics) by tampering with and destroy templated material that is more than 70 years old (decades older than probably all of us), but remember this, and I repeat…Fox did not create anything that Marvel made. The rights that Fox has are temporary, and those rights will expire, and when they do you can believe this…real fanboys/girls will have real depictions of our favorite characters on the big screen. And as I told Kofi Outlaw sometime ago…You non-fan boys/girls will like it. And if you don’t, it doesn’t matter because the real comic to movie depictions will still be a blockbuster hit without you.

  13. I think a major problem, in general, with superhero movies is the lack of respect their sources get from the people who are honored with making the final decisions in production. I believe this is why the original stories and basic respect for their subjects gets thrown out the window.

    The decision makers, who primarily are only interested in making money and could give a crap about comic fans (because they intend to attract other viewers with star attraction and special effects), take base character information and get people to create NEW stories (because the comic stories CAN’T possibly be good right? they’re funny books for crying out loud…).

    This level of disrespect can be blatantly seen in the X movies when a character makes a derogatory comment about their “super uniform.” Such attitudes exist only to help the producers feel they are making a “valid” contribution to the cinema art but, for fans like myself, only serve to alienate.

    • Again, Mr. Voidrider Well said.

  14. I can’t bring myself to watch this. As an X-Men fan I’m saddened by the liberties they’ve taken. I’ll just stick to the comics as someone suggested.