‘X-Men: First Class’ Opening Scene Description, Casting & Cameo Updates

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x men first class opening scene description X Men: First Class Opening Scene Description, Casting & Cameo Updates

Despite a flurry of downright terrible posters – here, here, and here – X-Men: First Class is shaping up to be one of the more interesting superhero films of 2011. After all, any film whose director describes it as 1960s James Bond meets Thirteen Days meets X-Men meets Twilight deserves a chance.

An upcoming issue of Empire features a whole host of new images and plot information about First Class, including a SPOILER-FILLED description of the opening sequence. Also, it was revealed that fan-favorite Michael Ironside (Terminator Salvation, Total Recall) is in the film, and that there will be a surprise cameo as well.

One last time – SPOILERS AHOY! Those of you who do not want to be spoiled by any spoilers going into the movie, be warned and read no further. Everyone else? Well, read further.












Empire got a special sneak peek at the opening sequence – a recreation of Magneto’s Auschwitz flashback from Bryan Singer’s X-Men (2000). According to them, after the Auschwitz scene, the film transitions to an introduction of Charles Xavier as a child discovering a young, homeless Mystique stealing food from his kitchen.

x men magneto at auschwitz X Men: First Class Opening Scene Description, Casting & Cameo Updates

From X-Men: Magneto Testament, drawn by Carmine Di Giandomenico

The film then returns to Auschwitz where Sebastian Shaw – as played by Kevin Bacon with gray hair and a hipster mustache – is pressuring a young Erik Lensherr to use his magnetic powers to their full capacity. Empire described the scene as uncompromising and disturbing, with brilliant special effects – starkly different from the lighter, more fluffy superhero fare this summer (Thor, Green Lantern, and Captain America: The First Avenger).

Director Matthew Vaughn said of the scene:

“I can’t imagine Thor or Green Lantern starting like that! That’s the fun of it. I can imagine people going ‘What the ****?’ […] I didn’t want to make the kiddie version of X-Men.”

I have to say, this is the sort of thing that fills me with delight. Vaughn is approaching X-Men: First Class as a film, first and foremost, and as an X-Men film second – as he should be.

On the plot side of things – I suppose the revelation that Kevin Bacon appears in the flashback means this version of Sebastian Shaw is immortal or something? This is a bit of a departure from the comic books, where, even though Shaw dressed and groomed himself like a man from the nineteenth century, he was as mortal as you or I.

When Empire asked Matthew Vaughn about the aforementioned awful posters that have been released, he said, simply:

“It’s not my job to market the film.”


Micahel Ironside X Men First Class X Men: First Class Opening Scene Description, Casting & Cameo Updates

Michael Ironside in 'Terminator Salvation'.

Empire also had access to the editing room, and on the day of their visit, they learned that First Class would be featuring Michael Ironside in a small part (so far undisclosed) and, more importantly, a “surprise fun cameo” that they neglected to expand upon any further. The question is what cameo – in a movie where all kinds of random X-Men characters are popping up – would be both surprising and fun?

Last year, there was a report that Hugh Jackman was seen being driven to Jekyll Island, where they were going to be filming X-Men: First Class. This report was later debunked by producer Bryan Singer – but was Singer just being a producer, whose job is to deny reports about surprise cameos? Or was he actually telling the truth?

I’m not saying that I want to see Wolverine in this movie, even as a cameo. I’m just saying – it’s food for thought.

X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3rd, 2011.

Source: Empire [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. I hope its apocolypse… set him up for the second movie… Mr sinister? I kinda doubt either one, but im hoping…

  2. As the Hellfire Club will be in X-Men: First Class, does anyone know whether they have included Harry Leland, Donald Pierce, Tessa or Selene in the movie?

    • Not that I have read anywhere.

    • I bet Ironside is Harry Leland…

      • This would be a fitting role for him

      • lol , I agree, i agree

    • Judging by their track record and what they have shown Pierce and Selene wouldn’t be explainable in this film since Pierce was a cyborg and Selene was something supernatural which they seem to have a hard time working around, hence the Juggernaut cop out in X-3.

      • I agree about Pierce. But they could make Selene a mutant, no big deal. The version of Juggernaut from X-Men 3 was the “Ultimate” version. Not related to Xavier and a mutant.

        • Never got into any of the Ultimates stuff Marvel did at all. If these movies are inspired by these newer series of books I can see why I stopped reading them years ago. Trying to re-do or undo what people did twenty years ago does not make it better or more clever.

          That might have been the problem with this franchise all along, someone should have kicked in for some re-prints from the 80’s and 90’s and not followed short run and cartoon versions of property that is over forty years old.

  3. hope wolverine is in a cameo

    • well think about it whos the most famous character of these movies to get his own solo film… hmm oh yea wolverine? whos basically all over the xmen universe and tied into the pasts of alot of xmen oh yea wolverine. its almost a no brainer which im happy if it is wolverine even though they need to expand further of the summers i can only see logan in a cameo that most normal movie goers will recognize.

  4. Cyclops perhaps?

  5. A surprise cameo, implying someone we wouldn’t expect to see in the film.. a surprise from who’s perspective ? Diehard fans who would recognize Nathan Grey or something as obvious as Wolverine to the casual fan of the movies ? My guess is that the cameo will set up a potential storyline that will hopefully be entangled with the recently announced X-men four. With Singer involved in all the movies and Marvel seemingly smitten with cross-breeding all their movies (even if they are in different studios and worlds (for now), a Cable or Mr. Sinister or hints of Apocalypse could be up-coming… or maybe just a teaser of the Phoenix force… In order to have meaning for the larger audience, they probably won’t divert overly much from the previous films.. though, let us hope they do…

    • Since the Phoenix is a double personality in the X-Men movieverse, I wouldn´t bet my money on that.

    • Rubkos,

      Whomever the cameo is (especially if its Michael Ironside’s character) its HIGHLY UNLIKELY that its Wolverine. IF Wolverine is in this it would explain Jackman’s lunch meeting with Bryan Singer but also by the timeline the only excuse for Xavier or Magneto knowing anything about Logan’s past is due to his adamantium skeleton and their prior dealings with Stryker, which may or may not be mentioned or even exist in this continuity. The cameo is MOST likely a new villain for sequels or an unmentioned member of the Hellfire Club (if they p*ssy out and call it The Inner Circle like TAS, which made sense on a saturday morning, I’ll be p*ssed!) He’s likely Harry Leland or Donald Pierce, again unless its Sinister or Apocalypse being shoehorned in here.

      As for MARVEL’s crossbreeding these movies, its ONLY MARVEL, NOT FOX, SONY/COLUMBIA ect. X-MEN (and I THINK ALL MUTANTS i.e. Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver) are owned by FOX, Columbia owns the movie rights to Spidey and Ghost Rider. Currently Paramount (or is it DISNEY now?) are distributing the MARVEL characters that are appearing in AVENGERS (Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America.)

  6. Baby Nightcrawler! “Goo, Goo, Gaa, Gaa, BAMF!”

    Let’s hope he leaves his diaper in the brimstone dimension.

  7. Cameo? Arnold Swartzenneger as Apocalypse? Nah. Wolverine.

  8. When I read “surprise cameo” I immediately thought Nick Fury (Sam Jackson).

    Nick Fury is the glue that holds the whole Marvel Universe together so… maybe… I don’t know. It will probably be someone from the X-Men, but if it’s someone we are not expecting then who knows… Nick Fury?

    I don’t think I am gonna see this movie in cinema. It looks a little dark… and boring.

    I will probably wait for the DVD release – except if the cameo scene will be worth watching – then I’m in!

    • It can’t be Fury b/c Fox owns X-men, Marvel own Nick Fury. It really doesn’t matter b/c the only way I’ll see this in theaters is if I get an advanced screening. The trailer, and all the bts trouble has convinced me that I’ll never pay to see this film.

      • Im with you Ghost , i ‘ll be saving my movie bucks for something that isnt a complete kick in the nuts

        • I still dont get the enthusiasm for a movie that is about a disposable cast, of course the way Fox and singer handle things this team will end up being in the 4th and 5th movies as well. I also love the fact that Moria is now american, lol.

          • The casting of James MaCavoy, Fassbender, and January Jones (yum) are the only reason I’m even interested in this film.

      • Nick Fury has just become the reason to tie the Avengers together due to the Ultimates comics and what they are doing with the Avengers movies. He wasn’t all that important back in the day and had token brushes with the X-Men like everyone else.

        Unlike DC with heroes living in their own cities most of the time allot of the characters and stories were based in and around New York City so people just ran into each other. Trying to force cross-over everything now because it seems cool is just a marketing ploy.

  9. It could be Cyclops since they already signed Aaron Johnson to play that role, but you’ve heard nothing about him in this movie since then. But it’ll probably wind up being Wolverine.

    • Aaron Johnson was NEVER signed for this film, and was merely a rumor.

  10. it’s Wolverine. I put money on it. Singer loves Jackman

  11. Enough already with the Holocaust in X-Men. Bloody awful and heavy handed. I can’t wait for the day X-Men returns to Marvel.

    • With The Wolverine, X-men 4 & 5, Deadpool, and probably sequels to this film in development, I can tell you will be waiting forever. Marvel will never get the rights back. Say what you want about Fox, but they know what they got when they have it.

  12. I’m thinking maybe Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver as they are Mag’s kids..

    • nope they cant use them, those two characters still remain in Marvels hands, marvel was smart enough to close that door on FOX

      • Marvel made one of the worst deals imaginable if that is considered a win for them. I can’t see how they made it so that Fox has been able to use newer characters but, that slipped under Fox’s radar ?

        • Remember the kid running across the water in the first movie ? My friend thought that was supposed to be a glimpse of Quicksilver like they did with Kitty Pride.

          According to Singer though that movie never happened and that Emma is someone else so who knows….

  13. X-Men was never, ever, intended to be light fluff, and always dealt with heavier themes like the Holocaust and prejudice. So I’m not sure why there would be complaints about a movie that honors that fact…

    • I agree. And of course the cameo is Wolverine. Or maybe Patrick Stewart recruiting the team we know from the first movie.

  14. I would like to see Nathaniel Essex as a person, not as Mr. Sinister, just to get his name out there. Maybe Apocalypse too. Either would be very cool. Apoc doesnt fit into this story at all though, where Sinister could.

  15. Hopefully its Captain America and Wolverine. I pray that En Sabah Nur does pop up, getting tired of Prof. X vs Magneto. Let move on. Maybe Cable?

    • Cap can’t be in it. Marvel owns it.

      People have to remember, as much as we want these inter-company crossovers, not all characters are owned by Marvel (movie wise). Avengers cant be in FF/X-Men and neither can be in Spider-Man and vice-versa.

      • That is, of course, until Disney finally decides to pony up 500 million dollars to Fox for X-Men and a Billion or so to Sony for Spider-Man.

        • If Disney wants something, they will pay any price to get it.

          Look at how Disney bought the legislation to extend the copyright of Steamboat Willie, so that Micky Mouse does not enter public domain for a few more years.

          • I doubt Disney could afford Fox’s price. The first four X-men films have made $1,536,473,495 all together, and you can add that with their future projects coming up. I seriously doubt whatever offer Disney makes to Fox could replace how much they would make from the franchise. It really doesn’t matter how much the fanboys hate the films as the general audience (those who account for most of the revenue) don’t care how much they break comic book cannon. Like I said above, Fox knows a good thing when they have it.

            • I didn’t understand why Disney even wanted Marvel with two of it’s bigger properties being tied up with other studios. This deal with the X-Men is really bad since they seem to let them use everything from any book even related to the X-Men for the last thirty years.

              • Because Disney makes a busload of money with the newly founded Animation Division of Marvel.

  16. Why else would Jackman have been down there where they were filming — and trying to sneak out without being seen?

  17. I was on the fence about this movie but now that they have announced Michael Ironside is going to be in it then I am there opening day. Seriously, he brings the bad a$$ to any movie he is in.

  18. Hugh Jackman is obsessed with these films and with playing Wolverine(because most of his other films have bombed probably). I am almost positive he will make cameo in this film. You know he definately requested it and how could they turn him down, he is after all the franchise’s face and lead and several other X-men related projects are depending upon him

  19. I’m not wasting any money on this so called film. Ever. In Singer’s defense, he should have directed that movie that came after X2, I will not name it, because it was so bad.

  20. umm I liked everything but the idea of Xavier meeting Mystique when they were babies.. Thats a lil weak. I mean sheesh. So, when he was a lil kid he sees a small young Mystique. I mean is the world that small that they are bumping into each other when they are little kids? That sounds anal to me. I think they should cut that damn part out quick. That’s alittle cheesy. no really cheesy. Or am I the only sane person here?

  21. Beat comic movie of the summer. Followed by capt then Thor then green lantern.

  22. It’s definitely going to be Wolverine. No doubt about it. Had my doubts at first. But I’m also starting to think that this is going to end up being one of the best comic book movies. Cap or X-Men First Class, Then Thor, then Green Lantern

    • I meant best comic book movies this summer btw

  23. Its either Patrick Stewart, Ian Mckellen or Hugh Jackman. They are the faces of the franchise.

    • What if it´s all three of them?

  24. I have a feeling it will be Colossus carrying a large Zenith TV floor model thru the hallway……with a few words like: “Where should I set this TV since my character has been a total waste…oh but I’m not bitter” – Colossus. Its all speculation tho.

    • Lol. Nice 😛

  25. It’s got to be Logan. He has to be in every X-Men film by law lol.

  26. Gee…WWII? Maybe Captain America will make an appearence? Or is that the wrong studio?

  27. I really want the cameo to be En Sabah Nur setting him up as the primary villain as he has been absent so far.

  28. I think Wolverine should be a cameo in Captain America. That would make more sense.