Rose Byrne Talks ‘X-Men: First Class’ Sequel

Published 4 years ago by , Updated September 12th, 2013 at 7:21 pm,

rose byrne talks x men first class sequel 570x285 Rose Byrne Talks X Men: First Class Sequel

While X-Men: First Class was pretty well-received critically – read our X-Men: First Class review – it wasn’t nearly as financially successful as previous X-Men films. In fact, the domestic gross didn’t even make the production budget back, which usually isn’t the best news for fans looking for a part 2.

So the big question now is: Will there be an X-Men: First Class 2? An X-Men: Second Class? Or have all X-Men prequel-sequel plans been scrapped indefinitely? Recently, Rose Byrne – the actress who played CIA agent Moira MacTaggert – talked about the possibilities.

Courtesy of IGN Movies, Byrne said:

“Yeah, we all had to sign on for three, I believe. Well, I did anyway. But as of right now I have no idea if they’re planning on doing another one. But that was the idea depending on how it all went, I suppose. We’ll see though. I loved working on it and loved working with the cast. I loved Matthew Vaughn. I also loved the style. The era and the fashion. And it was kind of kitsch-y and funny. It was a really fun and sophisticated superhero movie. I’m very proud of the film.”

Matthew Vaughn had a number of interesting ideas for an X-Men: First Class sequel that he talked about around the time of the first film’s release, including an opening sequence where the “magic bullet” that killed JFK was controlled by Magneto. Alas, one presumes his ability to make an all-out X-Men prequel/sequel depended upon how amazingly successful his first crack at the franchise was, and First Class was no runaway success.

X-Men: First Class certainly wasn’t a perfect movie – it seemed to suffer from being rushed at the creative level and controlled at the executive level – but the character dynamic between Professor X (James McAvoy) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender) was excellent and deserves another chance to shine.

rose byrne as moira mactaggert Rose Byrne Talks X Men: First Class Sequel

One hopes, however, that any sequel would lack January Jones’ participation as Emma Frost. As hilarious as hearing her snore through her pithy lines was, it didn’t exactly increase the quality of the film. Furthermore, it always sends mixed signals to the audience when it seems like one of the main actors doesn’t even want to be onscreen.

X-Men: First Class is available on DVD and Blu-Ray September 9, 2011. When we hear more about ­X-Men: First Class 2, you’ll be the first to know.

Source: IGN Movies

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  1. IMO we need a sequel to First Class. Personally it’s still the highlight of superhero movies of the summer (I haven’t seen Cap yet). But still it would fall into second place only. I’m pretty sure a lot of people feel that too.

    And look at the foreign income! It’s already above 200 million. So the movie has make a good amount of bucks for Fox. I’m pretty sure DVD/BluRay sales will be above average as well.

    So hurry up Fox and get Vaughn working on this amazing idea of Magneto killing JFK! :D

  2. I would love to see a sequel and third movie. I am surprised though at how dissapointed I was that Moira didn’t have her accent. I felt cheated haha.

    And I’m just throwing this out there but there’s a few things I would love to see one day in an x-men movie…such as sentinels!!! I would also love to see Rogue get her powers from Ms. Marvel and now that Lost is over with, Josh Holloway can finally agree to play Gambit.

    • He´s too old for Gambit.

  3. “Xmen: Second Class”?

  4. Perhaps if the movie had been more about the X-Men and less about how “All humans hate us and want to kill or use us” mantra that they dropped every 10 minutes. It got so bad I turned to my friends and told them each time they were going to make a speech about how Humans are mean and evil people. All the while the villains are killing humans left and right and dispatching them like they were bugs. But of course that moral dilemma was never explored since they were too busy changing the origins of almost every mutant in the movie.

  5. I would love to see a sequel to X-Men: First Class. I’ve seen all of the superhero movies, including Captain America, and I can firmly say that X-Men was the best. It wasn’t perfect, but it was still a great film.

  6. I would like to see the rights reverted back to Marvel so it can be done correctly.

    • ^^This. I refuse to watch xfc.

      • See voting with your dollars can work. I too refuse to watch this.

      • /jumps aboard the protest train

  7. There was nothing “magical” about the “magic bullet.” Conspiracy theorists go all crazy just because on paper it is said that bullet caused 7 wounds. And entrance and exit wound on two torso’s an entrance and exit on a wrist, and an entrance into a thigh. While this sounds like “magic,” if you look at the orientation of the wounds, it was all in a straight line and has been recreated many times over proving it is more than possible… No need for Magneto…

    • Yeah, but ya know what? In the contex of comic-book movie fantasy-land, that concept (magneto controlling the magic bullet) is really a rather intriguing supposition with very interesting potential for consequences! Hmnmm…!

      • You’re right, and most younger people are going to automatically gravitate toward believing in whatever is more controversial anyway…

  8. this franchise has been reduced to crap… iam still waiting for xmen first class to come out on video, i finally hated to say i turned on this franchise after reading them for many years as a kid… fox has completely
    destroyed the xmen universe with either stupid stories or making up characters that dont exist in marvel universe..

    • Whats funny is Fox is what made a lot of people LOVE the X-Men with their ’90s cartoon. Now they have destroyed them for a lot of people.

  9. sweet x men first class sequel would be awesome

  10. LOL at some of the comments on here. First Class was a great movie, better than any of Singer’s efforts. In Fassbender we had one of the most exciting performances of the year. The action scenes were very well done too, You could actually see what was happening.

    And some very harsh words for January Jones. If it wasn’t for the SNL disaster i don’t think she’d have come in for so much criticism.

    • I haven’t watched SNL for years. No, that was directed squarely at her terrible First Class performance.

      • Ditto!

    • @bob

      Exactly right! First Class was a great movie! Fassbender’s Magneto was truly awesome!

      Come on people! Respect the movie for what it is! A comic book movie adaptation. Yes you read that right adaptation not word by word translation.

      • Not even an adaptation. Word you are looking for is Inspiration. Loosely at that.

    • You can LOL at our comments all you want but fact is it FAILED to make its production budget domestically meaning, sequel prospects are dim.

      • Since when have box office numbers had any relation to how good a movie is? I was lolling at people saying the movie sucked, or implying that the movie was some sort of cinematic failure. It was neither.

        I’d be inclined to blame the low box office on bad marketing.

        • Also I don’t see the point of talking about box office failure, you guys should take a trip to boxofficemojo. The international profit for the movie is already above 200 millions. The total is at 350!

          I’m pretty sure international promotion and distribution was way lower than the 200 million accumulated.


          • The 350 gross minus the 160 initial 160 cost leaves somewhere in the neighborhood of 180 million. The studio gets allot of it but, some of that goes to the theaters meaning the movie will bring in 20-30 million on top of the 160 they put into the project.

            It’s on track to do less then Wolverine, which is getting a sequel of it’s own so FOX will probably keep doing these movies until the profit margin drops to a point where it won’t be worth it anymore. The lack of domestic box office though can’t make them feel great though since it’s an American based property in the first place.

            • Slayer actually you neglected to including Marketing which is very expensive. 160 is just production budget. Tv trailers are expensive as are promotional tie in/products.

              • I didn’t forget as much as it really all goes into the same category as initial investment. It just seems like some people think the movie has made 350 million dollars and that is all going into the studios pocket.

                The reality of the money end is that they had to make back the initial 160 to make the picture and then another 160 to get back to their original starting point. Anything over 320 then can be called profit, minus all the things mentioned like advertising and the theaters cut.

    • This was basically an extension of Singer’s movies since he produced it, they used the opening sequence from X-1, put in the cameos to remind people of the other films and they dumped another script in favor of his ideas.

      Also the plot that Shaw had was pretty much the same one Magneto had in the first movie, just using nukes, and it would have even more wildly unpredictable.

    • I agree! I thought 1st class was a great movie but I think after the 3rd movie where they totally screwed up the dark phoenix story it kept many people away. I checked Box Office Mojo and domestically it’s at about 150 mil and cost 160 mil to make. I am really looking for a sequel and can’t want until 1st class is released to digital download.

  11. Spot on about January Jones!

  12. To each their own, but, I didn’t find January Jones’ performance bad at all. She had maybe a total of 15 minutes of screen time and she had barely any dialog. Besides, it’s not like she was sore on the eyes either.

  13. Emma frost is a vital xmen character. If anything she should be recasted

    • The Emma in the film certainly wasn’t vital, but I agree, if they’re going to sequel it up, sequel it up with a new actress in the role.

  14. props to all of you who really know what the xmen franchise
    is suppose to look like because by reading alot of these silly comments i can tell that many of you dont know the xmen history well.

  15. With the exception of Fassbender’s incredible performance, I found this movie to be just decent. Nowhere near as good as the first two Xmen films in my opinion. The beginning of the film was almost as bad as anything scene from X3. I didn’t care for any of the supporting characters, especially Beast who was a D-bag. The “mutant and proud” lines were just awful. Also, why did Magneto’s costume at the end look so cheaply made?

    I wouldn’t mind if they just rebooted the series.

    • Finally someone agrees with me about Halle Berry. Horrible actress. But FC was a great movie, even though it was rushed into production.

  16. Wow, over $345 million and Fox doesnt consider it succesful. If they only want to consider domestic gross, and give me the international, thats cool. Or they could take the butt load of cash from both the international and domestic markets and fix the problems that occured with First Class and get right on making Second Class. We all know Fox isnt done with X-Men. Besides I just saw Captain America. Giving a Marvel property to Marvel Studios does not gaurentee a good film.

    • The problem is , not even a “butt load of cash” can fix the continuity problems. They are set in stone, no way to take it back unless they do some sort of alternate reality, time traveling, blah blah blah, silliness.

      And are you insinuating that Captain America was bad? Becasue the majority of people would disagree with you. Marvel has pretty much hit the mark much more often that any of the other studios making superhero movies so I would trust them over Fox to treat their own IP with more respect.

      • @mongoose and the majority would disagree with you and say first class is good. no i didnt enjoy capt america. but im not dismissing someones opionion because they disagree with me.

          • Just gonna hit this point by point:

            1) I NEVER said that XMFC was bad. In fact I have not seen it yet! All I was doing was rebutting the idea that cash can help fix the problems XMFC had, which it clearly cannot unless they completely ignore the movie they just made.

            I’m not talking story line, bad acting or anything else other than the continuity issues. period.

            2) I did not “dismiss” your opinion. Just stating a simple fact that the vast majority of people who saw it liked it. So if you didn’t then you are one of the few. That is ALL. Maybe you don’t like period pieces, I don’t know but I am not judging anyone.

            I liked Green Lantern while most others keel hauled it. I’m in the minority but that doesn’t invalidate how I felt about it.

            3) Yeah I remember reading that piece of tripe Vaughn wrote. I also recall Singer saying something very similar but they are both full of crap. They did nothing BUT disrespect the source material. They might have had fun making it and it may have been a great story but the manner in which they used and abused the characters from the X-Men universe was appalling and pretty much ruined it.

            • That was more a generalised comment. I got a bit of a general back lash from my Cap comment. Sorry to direct it at you. I didnt hate Cap, just felt it was average. Below what Marvel studios generally gives us. But wether or not you feel the characters were abused in FC is irrelevant if we are discussing continuity. There is no issue if you take the directors word, at least when talking about continuity.

    • I hope they are done because I’ve been waiting to see a good X-men movie since I picked up my first Uncanny X-men comic in 92.

      And if you’re implying Captain America was bad then I’m sorry. That just discredits anything you have to say.

      • But you are implying that first class was a bad movie. That discredits YOUR opinion. First Class stande up against all and every other comic book movie. So this notion that it has to go back to Marvel, who have made plenty of bad movies, is a complete nonsense.

        • Um you don’t even know what you’re talking about. They’ve only made a handful independently.

          -Iron man 1+2
          -Incredible Hulk
          -Captain America

          So far, 1 out of those movies was awful. That’s a good track record so far. Which is to say, yes the rights need to go to them so they can make a proper X-men film.

          I refuse to watch xfc after I heard how they bastardized everything all to make singer’s other xmen films still mean something. So your opinion is your opinion and by all means have one. But for it to hold any merit around here after implying a great movie like Captain America was bad isn’t going to happen.

          • But your the one coming into a first class discussion calling it crap. that shouldnt happen. i wasnt in a captain america forum bashing that movie. the majority says first class was good. therefore by your own logic, your opinion is now worthless because your opnion is different.

          • How can you say that XFC is bad if you haven’t even seen it? It was a really good movie and did real positive things for many of the characters in it (mostly Xavier and Magneto). It’s really too bad that you let internet hearsay keep you from seeing what was a pretty good film.

            PS Capt America wasn’t great, it was quite mediocre. I felt that the story was quite rushed. So rushed in fact that they really didn’t introduce the Howling Commandos to us. They were just guys that drank lots of booze and killed people along side of Capt America.

            • Tasha he never technically said XFC was a bad film. He simply said that they changed a lot of stuff.

  17. Captain America is by FAR the Superior movie, First Class was and will always be a bad joke to me. Bad acting, bad story, Not even the ORIGINAL TEAM in the first place. As for the X-men movie franchise, I am sticking with X-Men and X-2, Last Stand NOT so much. I sincerely hope that a sequel is not made for this horrible movie. But then again they did make sequels to the Toxic Avenger…

    • “Bad acting, bad story, Not even the ORIGINAL TEAM in the first place.” Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    • Hey look, Blah changed his name…

  18. I liked it but send it back to Marvel. Have them reboot it in a few years.

    Capt. America was this summer’s best comic book movie and then, X-Men First Class.

  19. Wait there was an X-men movie this year? Holly cow could of fooled me. Where was it? I saw something being released that was almost vaguely similar to X-men but hardly actually X-men. I figured it was just loosely inspired by it.

    I hope a sequel isn’t made and maybe they can just make a good X-men 4 instead. I’m not interested in Screwed up origins and uninteresting X-men that are just useless bland shallow pawns between a character named Xavier who acts like Tony Stark and a character named Magneto who acts like Wolverine banged James bond.

    Also would love to see Sinister and Apocalypse show up.

    • It was easy to miss. It was released between a movie with some sort of heavy hammer and a movie with a magic green ring. I think those movies were also based on comic books. But who can tell these days? They all changed so much. It’s a good thing you didnt see any of the comic book flicks this year.

      • Very valid point on Green Lantern, but sorry Thor was pretty freaking close to the comics. All the comic films changes things here and there, but the good ones manage to not change to much and manage to keep the same characters. Thor managed to not only give us the characters from the comics in their proper roles. It also managed to have the characters have the personalities and persona that they had in the comics. It was nice to not have Thor acting like Tony Stark or loki pretending to be Daniel Craigs James Bond. If you have read Thor at all you will notice all the characters you love are there and act like them selves. They even managed to make the suits look very similar.

        It’s not all or nothing and never has had to be. Changing 10% is not the same as only keeping 10%.

        • I do know Thor. And the original story line. It was quite different from the movie actually. Putting a name tag on Thor that says Donald Blake is not the same thing as trapping him in his body. And I think your still missing the point of what I mean. It’s ok to hate First Class for changing Shaws power, but I find it strange to be ok when the do the same with Red Skull. Or caring when making Iceman a teenager in love with Rougue but not caring when they make Jarvis a computer program. Caring when altering the first class line up in X-Men but not caring when the first line up of the Avengers is changed. Or when they change Moira’s job but you dont care when they do it to Thor’s leading lady. Etc Etc…

          I just notice alot of criticms aimed at First Class are coming from people who enjoy other movies which do the same thing. I have a feeling that if First Class was produced by Marvel Studios, exactly as it was, a lot of this negativity towards it wouldnt exist. I realise that I’ll probably cop some abuse for that comment, but I think its fairly accurate.

          And to be clear I’ve like all comic book movies released this year, some I felt could have been a whole lot better, but I like to ask when people hate First Class for a particular reason, why they enjoyed other comic book movies which do same thing.

          • *standing ovation*

            And you know what, at the end of the day. These are movies, not comic books, and should be judged as such.

            I also hate to do this, but just compare imdb and rottentomatoes scores. First Class comes out on top of just about every Marvel effort.

          • Avatar

            Here is the point that you are clearly missing,

            You had to compare all of those films to X-men First Class.

            What I mean by that is you had to point out changes from 3 different films and compared them all to first class.

            it’s not that First class changed the line up.

            It’s not that first class changed the powers.

            It’s not that First class changed the jobs.

            It’s that first classed changed all of those things.

            Not only that, but they changed the characters at their core. It’s one things to change the line up. It’s one thing to change characters jobs. It’s another thing to not even get the characters you do use right.

            Not only did they change the line up and drop a bunch of characters while adding random ones, but they changed those characters that they used. Making some who had never been x-men in to X-men. They even changed the two main characters drastically in Xavier and magneto.

            Thor may not of been trapped in Donald Blakes body, but that part of the story had already been ret conned in the comics. Not only that, but at the end of the day Thor was still Thor. Also it’s one thing to change one thing that even comics fans didn’t like like Thor being trapped in Blakes body. It’s another thing to change the line up despite it being popular and commonly accepted as the line up. No one was crying foul Cyclops is a member of the first class that’s cheesy. Yet just about everyone today who is a fan of Thor talks about how the Donald Blake thing was pretty weird and cheesy.

            Again and again I have to say this. It’s not that they made changes. It’s how drastic the changes were and how many of them there were.

            At the end of the day the most important thing for a comic book adaptation is that the characters at their core are at least the same. It’s important that Thor act like he is Thor (Which he did). It’s important that Xavier act like Xavier (which he didn’t). Just calling him Charles Xavier doesn’t make him Charles Xavier. I don’t know about you, but the Xavier I’ve been reading from years doesn’t drink beer bongs and hit on every girl he sees about her groovy hair color… I mean mutation.

            The Avengers may have changed the starting line up, but at least everyone that is an Avenger in the film had been an Avenger at one point or another. The same can not be said about XFC. The Marvel films so far may not of been 100% adaptations, but at their core the characters were very close to who they were in the comics if not exactly who they were in the comics.

            At the end of the day when I sit down to watch a comic book movie I don’t sit down to simply see a great movie. I sit down to see a great movie that is about characters I’ve loved for years. Simply slapping a character name on an actor doesn’t make him that character. He has to say things that character would say and he has to not act like another popular character simply to make him more appealing to the masses.

            The Xavier I know wasn’t a border line drunk. He wasn’t a border line womanizer and he certainly wouldn’t tell his mutants that they need to not look ugly. How he treated mystique is terrible and unforgivable and essentially made him a villain in the movie. He was very unlikable basically telling mystique she was ugly and need to look normal.

            • “The Avengers may have changed the starting line up, but at least everyone that is an Avenger in the film had been an Avenger at one point or another. The same can not be said about XFC.”

              Xavier was an X-Men, so was Beast, Havok, Angel (yes, the stupid chick Angel), Banshee, Mystique, Magneto was even the leader of the X-Men at one point. Just saying.

              • @Mr. Goat……do we really need ot point out that MOST of those characters were NOT founding members. Sure they might have been X-Men as one point or another but only in the future and in many cases the distant future (considering the time frame of the 60′s)

                You also conveniently left out Azaziel who was NEVER X-Anything (and hardly part of the universe) but yet managed to make the original team? Talk about your WTF moments.

                • 1. I was responding to Dan, who was talking about members, not founding members (quote: “…at one point or another”).
                  2. Azazel wasn´t an X-Man in the movie.
                  3. What do you care about my WTF moments?!

                  • Sorry I have yet to see the movie so I wasn’t aware that he was made a part of the Hellfire Club. Of course that is just about as bad as making him an X-Man considering he was never part of the Club either.

                    What other completely random characters did they add to the Club that I’m unaware of?

                    and that “your” was not personal but general.

            • I was making references to many marvel films to show they all do it. Want me to focus on one? How about Thor? Want me to list all the ways Thor is different from the original comics? For every difference First Class had, I bet I can name an equivilant change in Thor. People just want to hate Fox.

              • @daniel I think I’ve got the point your making. I think your clearly missing mine.

              • Actually Avatar I don’t hate fox. I think people over do the hate for Fox. They have made mistakes, but they have done some very good movies over the decades they are just another studio IMO and don’t deserve all the extra flak they get.

                I also am a big fan of the director of First Class. No of my feelings toward have to do with hating someone or a company involved with it.

                I’m sorry, but there are far more changes in XFC than in Thor and to a much greater extent. If you like it fine, but to argue that Thor made just as many changes is just laughable. maybe you have a hatred for Marvel studios? Or maybe just a hatred for me.

                Also I’m not missing your point at all I just know it’s wrong.

                • It’s not just Fox but, the production company and Lauren Shuler Donner in particular who just don’t have a handle on the movie series as a whole. Her comments about the things that went wrong with the other movies begs the question why did she let it be put on film in the first place ? It’s really like they didn’t really know where they wanted the movies to go or even what the overall theme was and as a result all the movies suffer from allot of the characters just being poorly developed or not at all and from a story-telling point of view it plays like allot of incomplete thoughts.

                  As for the changes Marvel made in it’s movies it might just come down to the fact that while being long-standing and known names as far as comic books are concerned, The Avengers and it’s members origin stories might not be as well known or have the kind of fan base something like X-Men, Spider-Man or Batman has at this point. Marvel did literally banish allot of those characters in the late 90′s in an effort to revive them and at this point allot of fans probably accept the hybrid version of events that have come about due to the whole Ultimate’s comic line.

                  • “It’s not just Fox but, the production company and Lauren Shuler Donner in particular”

                    Agreed. One thing that springs to mind was when she was talking about the Deadpool movie. She allows the character to be butchered in Origins, while simultaneously destroying the Origins film, then casually say when discussing the potential Deadpool film that Origins will just simply be ignored and rebooted. Even go as far as saying they will mock it. Well had they cared to begin with, they wouldn’t have to mock it or reboot it. They seem only concerned with developing a scant few characters while randomly introducing other characters for the sake of it. Its clear that Fox has no concrete blueprint on where to take the series.

                    • Then there’s comment about how they were trying to figure out how to put the Hellfire Club in the movies when they claimed they were going to use Emma Frost in X-3 in the story that was never written.

                      Past the fact that the first movie didn’t have the budget for certain things somewhere around the middle of the second movie I felt like they were really just throwing characters into stories without any idea how they fit or don’t fit into the context of things. For that reason the majority of the characters have just been background props that if you read the comics you might not like and if you haven’t you won’t remember half of them past the credits.

    • I can see where Daniel F is coming from, even though I enjoyed X:FC. As a standalone movie, it was fun, but if you compare it to it’s own continuity, it fails; heck, if you compare it to Marvel’s continuity, it fails. The Marvel movies (IM, IM2, TIH, Thor, CA) all stay true to the continuity, and very close to the Marvel comics. X:FC changed the lineup, changed character histories, and change character powers. I enjoyed it but I can’t deny the glaring mistakes.

  20. Personally, I really liked First Class. At least, I liked it way better than any of the previous X-men movies, not to mention the monstrosity that was Wolverine’s little…what ever it was supposed to be.

    First Class was different, but not in an off-putting way (though as mentioned it did feel a bit rushed). It could have been better, sure, but I still feel it was worth my money. Quite frankly I’d rather see a completely new interpretation, than have them genuinely attempt and fail so badly at keeping cannon. Also, I felt like First Class relied more on story than they did “Look at our explosions and cool special affects”. It still had really good special affects, but that wasn’t all the movie was about. Maybe this is just because I’m a writer, but I’ll take a movie with a fresh story over a block buster hit full of nothing but explosions and pretty graphics any day.

    Although, if they do make a sequel…we’d BETTER see some Azazel/Mystique action! Another really interesting idea would be having Nightcrawler actually spending his childhood with his real parents. He could learn German from Eric. Yeah, I know, not cannon in the least, but it would be interesting to see, and super adorable.

  21. well vaughn said only one mutant would be added hope its apocalypse, but i think if the sentinels where the main villains and humans were behind their creation maybe forcing forge to create them then that would be amazing as long as the characters and stories where deep it would just be great. but also i really want to see cyclops,sinister,beak,and glob herman in the sequels maybe the three cyclops,beak,and glob are being hunted by the sentinels and are saved by magneto or charles and switch team later on this could bring charles and magneto back together. all i really have to say is make it a deep story, and really build the characters and make them struggle with being mutants. i really want to see these characters on film and thats the thing that would bring me back for a sequel, if they are not use or they just make a action film i would rather see a remake like the new realistic spiderman,or like chris nolans batman,or del toros hulk,or like the first two x-men films.

  22. Ben Moore, if you did not like January Jones’ portrayal as the White Queen then I think you should give ol’ girl another chance. The fact that you say that you did not like her acting in the movie, at least for me, speaks well of her acting, actually. It means that baby girl did her job well. The White Queen is SUPPOSED to be unconcerned, dismissive, and selfish. Stuck up, even. She’s hot and she know’s it. She’s got great powers…and she know’s it. Trust me buddy, a girl like that is NOT looking for anybody’s permission OR acceptance. She doesn’t need to try to impress you.

  23. “While X-Men: First Class was pretty well-received critically – read our X-Men: First Class review – it wasn’t nearly as financially successful as previous X-Men films.”

    I’ve read otherwise. Its Box Office Revenue is greater than that of the first X-men movie, and this figure also doubles the budget spent on producing it.

    And remember, X-men first class is still very new, and will be yielding more gains in revenue at this moment in time, and perhaps for the next year or so.

    • First Class made more money in foreign sales then the original X-Men by allot but, it has actually not made as much domestically yet as the first installment did. It also cost twice as much to make so numbers wise it still has not done as well as any of the other films.

      • Which shows Foreign moviegoers can appreciate a good movie, whether it’s faithful to the source material or not! Which shouldn’t be the main reason to see a movie or not.

        Kudos to all of us! ;D

  24. I really hope they do a sequel! having been a huge x-men fan for over 20 years! (i have every single uncanny x-men comic) I thought Vaughn did a great job. I loved the relationship between Professor X and Magneto and i thought both actors did a great job. I thought it paid homage to the comic and to the original movies as well. Im not to upset about how it didnt follow the original “first class” comics, cause being a comic reader you are used to them making spin offs and changing time lines, someone putting their own take on an idea! I mean come on the original X-mnen movies FOLLOWED NOTHING (dont even get me started on the wolverine movie) they basically butched the phoenix saga even though Famke was the perfect Jean Grey! I think Vaughn made the X-men series fresh and we have a jumping off point for a really smart well made franchise. I’m hoping they either bring in Proteus or Poloras in the next films cause that would tie in the whole moria/Xavier story and even the havok storyline! and on my finally rant it was really cool to see the Hellfire club in it, even though i would of loved to see the original storyline with the phoenix, i thought they did a cool job in showing them. January Jones was fierce as the white queen. X-men By far was the best comic movie of the year!