What was missing from the poll however, was the popular Gambit who’s one of my favorite X-characters. Of course, he wasn’t done that well in the movie. Taylor, where’ the Cajun accent, bud? You had it for a good minute or so then switched it every other scene.

Apparently, Kitsch has a three-picture contract and he’s in love with the character and excited at the chance to play him again. I’m all for it, if he actually acts like the Ragin’ Cajun but I don’t know where he’ll get that chance.

He shouldn’t be appearing in the Wolverine sequel, and there’s uncertainty as to how closely the Deadpool movie will tie-in to Wolverine (especially with how it ended). My prediction from a long while ago is that he’d be a shoe-in to be part of the X-Men: First Class roster but producer Lauren-Shuler Donner says he won’t be because it’s about the “first class” and he wasn’t part of that in the comics.

I don’t know what that means since they messed up who’s actually a part of the first class in X-trilogy and if it’s in continuity (which they said it would be as a true prequel to X-Men) then it’s already missing two of the original five X-Men characters who belong there. I’m not sure I believe her on that.

Long story short, if X-Men: First Class is coming soon (it’s currently being written by Josh Schwartz) I’d expect Gambit to be a part of it. Kitsch’s profile as a film actor is just beginning and he’s not a big enough star to support his own big budget X-Film yet, but he did just get cast as the lead in John Carter of Mars, which is planned as a big-budget trilogy on the same scale as Pirates of the Caribbean. By that time that comes out, he’ll be a more mature actor and extremely well-known – the perfect time to see Gambit grace the silver screen in his own feature film.

Also on that note, we know that Jackman won’t have a cameo in that film. It wouldn’t make sense story-wise and the movie’s in development with him not involved in any way.

But that’s another Screen Rant story for another day. Back to Deadpool…

Ryan Reynolds is currently in the process of finding his creative team for the spinoff while he works in his other upcoming film projects. He has already come out and said that the movie will be just like the comics and that he will sport his trademark costume in it.

How much faith do you have in Fox letting Reynolds make the movie his way and what do you think of the alternate ending for X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

Source: MTV, JoBlo, ScarletVulture

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