Should ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Feature Apocalypse?

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X Men Days of Future Past Apocalypse Should X Men: Days of Future Past Feature Apocalypse?

There is so much hinging on the next X-Men movie that it’s almost nerve-wracking. With original X-Men movie director Bryan Singer once again at the helm, X-Men: Days of Future Past will not only try to inject the franchise with an unprecedented amount of sci-fi elements (time-travel) – it will also attempt to rectify the gross missteps in continuity between the original X-Men trilogy, spin-off films like X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the semi-rebooted storyline of X-Men: First Class.

Days of Future Past will also bring together the largest cast of actors the franchise has seen thus far, including original trilogy cast members Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Shawn Ashmore, Anna Paquin, and Ellen Page – as well as First Class stars Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Nicholas Hoult. Add new additions like Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage in a villain role, and The Intouchables star Omar Sy in a yet-unspecified role, and it’s clear why casting has been the main focus of this film’s development.

However, today our focus is on characters, rather than casting. X-Men fans will tell you that the name “Apocalypse” reigns heavy over the franchise; categorized as “the first mutant,” En Sabah Nur was a slave in ancient times whose extreme shape-shifting ability granted him near invulnerability and immortality. In the comics, the character merged with otherworldly technology to become the dark demigod Apocalypse, who has literally plagued the X-Men through all of time, trying to enforce his ‘survival of the fittest’ doctrine upon the world. In modern X-Men comics, Apocalypse transferred his essence into a young boy’s body – a boy who could one day destroy the world (think Damien in The Omen). The moral quandaries of such a scenario are indeed juicy material for a good film.

Apocalypse in X Men Movies Should X Men: Days of Future Past Feature Apocalypse?


In a recent interview with Bleeding Cool, director Bryan Singer’s response to direct questioning about the possibility of Apocalypse in Days of Future Past  left many fans wondering if a proverbial cat had not been let out of the bag. You can read the interview HERE, but the long-short of it is that Singer tightened up and made evasive comments when questioned about both Apocalypse and realizing the character onscreen through motion-capture performance. Most importantly, he didn’t say “no”; rather he said, “I can’t tell you,” and “This is how it gets started, when somebody starts piecing the little bits together…

Apocalypse has long been a wish of many X-Men movie fans and would be a welcome sight, no doubt. However, before jumping to conclusions, there are a few things to consider:

At the moment it’s beginning to look like the final stretch for this franchise in its current form. Rising stars like Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Oscar-winner(!) Jennifer Lawrence are unlikely to stay satisfied with splitting up screen time in a comic book movie ensemble (for ensemble-level pay). Similarly, outside of Hugh Jackman, the original trilogy stars (Berry, Stewart, McKellen) are not likely to have many more runs in them (getting them for DOFP seemed like enough of a miracle, as is).

X Men Original Trilogy vs. First Class Movie Continuity Should X Men: Days of Future Past Feature Apocalypse?

That puts us in a scenario where X-Men will need a fresh start, with some new blood, new characters and new villains to battle. In short: Apocalypse could simply be a late-game reveal in the film, setting the stage for a brand-new direction for the X-Men film franchise. (See: Thanos at the end of The Avengers).

Singer has previously stated that DOFP will take place primarily in the 1970s and focus on politics. We also know that Peter Dinklage will be playing a villain (possibly Bolivar Trask, inventor of the mutant-hunting Sentinel robots?); and that’s not even considering this major plot-point about a “time displaced” mutant (possibly Ellen Page’s Kitty Pryde – or mutant cop, Bishop?)… So, squeezing in Apocalypse into that crowded space seems like it might be a bit of overkill. (We’d also have to see Mr. Sinister in there too, if we have Apocalypse – am I right? So that would make things even more convoluted.)

Kitty Pryde X Men Days of Future Past Should X Men: Days of Future Past Feature Apocalypse?

Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) and Iceman (Shawn Ashmore)

Injecting the larger sci-fi notions – like time-traveling mutants, killer robots, etc. – into the franchise via a more grounded and focused plot (the same kind of ‘race against destiny’ storyline featured in the original 1980s “Days of Future Past” comic book story arc) seems like a better way to approach things. Then you can move to the threat of an evil mutant who will one day cause the apocalypse - as  a little ‘button scene’ to kick off a retooled version of the franchise focused on saving the future. Singer may have acknowledged as much when speaking to Bleeding Cool about where he wants to take Days of Future Past:

The movie is about destiny. What is your fate? What were you supposed to do, what should you have done when you were younger? What didn’t you do that would have made for a better future? And what if you could go back and change that.

I think I’ve got the time travel – I don’t really want to call it time travel, but for want of a better word, time travel figured out. I pitched it to James Cameron and he signed off on it.

That “better future” part is something that has been a focus of both the X-Men comic books and James Cameron’s Terminator films. In the case of the former: In the comics, the apocalyptic future the X-Men are perennially trying to avoid more often than not revolves around the Apocalypse – so it’s easy to see how a cameo in this film could set the stage for a whole new trilogy that (finally) allows an expanded focus beyond the Xavier/Magneto schism.

X Men Days of Future Past Film Should X Men: Days of Future Past Feature Apocalypse?

Apocalypse is definitely a blockbuster-level villain worthy of a several films’ worth of buildup; and with actors like Page, Ashmore, Hoult and Jackman likely still game for more X-Men outings, there will still be enough star wattage to carry the line of continuity over to the new playground. If Omar Sy is, say, playing Apocalypse (Singer’s evasiveness did lend credit to the character being a motion-capture performance – and Sy is a great body model for it) then that’s even more star power to tout in future films.

Finally, given the state of the current X-Men comic books, there’s even room to incorporate characters like Deadpool – who Fox has been toying with as a potential spin-off film character – into a bigger and darker X-Men movie universe.

Do you want to see Apocalypse as the main villain of Days of Future Past – or should he be set up as the main antagonist of the NEXT set of X-Men movies?

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X-Men: Days of Future Past will be in theaters on July 18, 2014.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. Damn! Apocalypse?!

    Makes me want to watch the X-Men cartoons again.

  2. only as a set up in the credits!

  3. So, they aren’t going to Lex Luthor Magneto anymore? Apocalypse would be a welcome addition…but not yet. Not with this whole, we’re going to “fix” the damage done and “try” to create continuity throughout our films. Which seems like a ridiculous premise to begin with…too much damage has been done to fix this franchise. Actually, I’d like it better if Apocalypse came in…and won. Thus, destroying the X-Men universe and forcing a reboot down the road that can tie into the Fantastic Four franchise and Deadpool movie.

  4. Omar Sy as Apocalypse?

  5. Apocalypse could work, but he would be best suited to the role of an over-arching villain, akin to MCU’s Thanos, than a “Mutant of the Week”.

  6. Yes Apocalypse is the coolest villain in the X-Men series. It would be really cool to make a story revolving around the X-Men trying to stop Apocalypse. Unless the plan is to use these people for multiple films then there is no way to make this feasible. Apocalypse is that payoff character (like Thanos but Apocalypse is more like a Galactus-type character where he could legitimately destroy the world) who you build up to over the course of several films. To introduce Apocalypse, you need to have established Bishop, the Sentinals, Sinister, Eric the Red, Omega Red, Cable, the Four Horsemen and the list goes on. Personally, I think Singer is using this film as the end of his X-Men universe to provide the conclusion that we wanted rather than what X-Men 3 provided. There are so many characters involved with the story of Apocalypse it really isn’t feasible to introduce them all in one film because the result would be more convoluted than anything else. Now, if you wish to introduce the character of Apocalypse at the end by showing a quick shot of him awakening then I understand but it just does not seem likely that this will happen unless Singer ignores all previous X-Men cannon. The only way that this would be possible is if the story is about preventing the rise of Apocalypse by having Cable say that he is trying to prevent Apocalypse from awakening. The problem with this is that Cable doesn’t prevent this from happening and Apocalypse shows up anyways. Then you have to establish the gravity and story of the character which simply can’t be done in one film. So if multiple films are the plan then I think it’s feasible but as I stated earlier I just think this is Singer’s conclusion to his X-Men story.

    • *clap* *clap* *clap*

  7. I’m not actually a huge x-men fan but any storyline that centers around Apocalypse as the antagonist always arouses my interest – he is supremely awesome!

  8. Crossing Fingers, Toes, Brain Stem that this doesn’t “do” a Spidy 3 :(

  9. Well practically every other x-men character is going to be in this movie so why not just throw apocalypse into the mix. Sarcasm aside though, I would very much like to see apocalypse on screen at some point.

  10. Here’s an idea, how’sa’bout Nimrod or the Hellfire club, since they were the villains in “Days of Future Past”.

  11. Lol. It says “the next xmen movie” The next one is Wolverine.

  12. Apocalypse is definitely X Men’s best villain. Not too keen on the X Men storylines because I think they’re too complicated, but I can see a nice end credits scene with Apocalypse working well.

  13. What if Fox released a movie set in ancient Egypt in a similar vein to the upcoming movies about Moses and Noah about a slave trying to rise up against his oppressors and then the very end of the movie revealed that it was an Apocalypse origin story and what we actually saw was a secret X-Men movie?

    As in, you only realise right before the end credits.

    • Well you’ve only gone and ruined it cuz now we all know what to look out for.

    • Great idea in theory but it’s the name “X-Men” that gets people in the seats.

      • Yeah but word of mouth could help so they wouldn’t need to use the X-Men title in there.

        I’m just thinking of other movies who didn’t have a big franchise name as a selling point but became huge at the box office anyway (like Slumdog Millionaire for instance).

        I dunno, could be pretty cool and ballsy, plus it’d be nice to actually be surprised at the movies now and with the hatred that Fox and the X-Me movies have already, it would allow them to sneak one out without prior judgment based on the name.

      • Also the fack that even before he called himself “apocalypse” he was a huge grey dude.

  14. this really should be a 2 piece film if they go with apocolypse or sinster. Lord of the rings-ish if you ask me

  15. Nailed it, Kofi. I agree with everything, as you know.

  16. I’ve pretty much read every single X-Men titled comic book since the early 80′s… I’m a DIE HARD X-Men fan. The 1st huuuuge mistake was Marvel allowing another company to have the final say so on the first few movies (Sony)… not too mention Marvel isn’t handling this one either because they sold the rights. If Marvel would of been in charge from the door… everything would of been done correctly and accurately like with the Avengers. 2nd… Even though I know how much of the X-Men’s past is based on the Xavier/Magneto plots… lets face it… Apocalypse and Mr Sinister have been the main villains for the past 30 years. Apocalypse is the single greatest villian in the X-Men’s history, maybe even Marvels history. He is layer upon layer of good material… The story line with Archangle still gives me chills. Should he be in the movies… YEEEEES!!!… Will they correctly tell a well plotted story… I HAVE NO IDEA!!!! Can’t wait to find out though!!!

    • Marvel were bankrupt though in the 90s and had to sell the rights to some characters to be able to turn them into movies.

      They only made their money back to create Marvel Studios through resurgence in comic book sales plus profits from the Blade, X-Men and Spiderman movies.

  17. So just because marvel were to be in charge of X-Men automatically means that it would be done correctly? Ummmm no, Marvel Studios are capable of messing up as well & they have. Your expectations for Marvel is too high.

  18. I hope DOFP will be as epic as the other Xmen films should have been. There were always key elements in those movies that I felt were missing. I remember when the first Xmen movie came out in 2000, I was pumped, but was pretty disappointed. I was really expecting to see those gigantic, mutant exterminating robots, the Sentinels. Now that they will most definetly make an appearance in DOFP, im pumped again. I also hope they ramp up the action in this one, a la Avengers. And the fact that Apocalypse may make an appearance as well has me extremely excited.

  19. Im no psychic,but mark my words…Omar Sy will be Apocalypse in DOFP

  20. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apocalypse makes a cameo or referenced in the Wolverine movie and if that happens then there is no doubt Apocalypse will be in the 3rd X-Men movie it would only makes sense if they did it that way going with the Marvel movies track record.

  21. Ive always thougt its what they needed to get into for the next 3. You never saw cyclops die in last stand. I thought it would be great for Sinister to have taken him and he has the real jean. The Jean in last stand was her clone Madlynne Prior. Sinister is the new main villain which eventually leads to Apocalypse whos been in the shadows since the end of x2. Mystique being dumped by Magneto paves the way for her new master whom she serves with pride. Launching a mutant cure(i know its been done) turning angel into arch angel. rouge running away with mystique to eventually get her powers. Be great if they could work wiht marvel on this one as in Ms. Marvel. Sinister introducing gambit and of course his obsession with Jean and scott, eventually introduce cable. At the end of the big story the epic battle with apocolypes One of the most dangerous mutants or make that villians in the marvel universe. Climax, Jean scott beast angel ice leave to form x factor, new movie. The movies after DOFP should focus on getting the 80′s Clairmont teams together consisting of we all know who. with wolvie having his solos in btwn and it all coming together to form the 90′s blue and gold teams. Six x movies in total with a few solos and i die happy.

    • Fasbender stays behind as a young Magneto, the rest of First class effs off and the 90s team battles Mags in his fortress of Avalon eventually taking it down as it falls to earth, Profess x battles mags wiping his mind but not before he pulls logans adamtium from his body. Cue new villain new set up new arc. Mojo, More sentinals, Shadow King, the list goes on. Some point teaming up wiht Marvel and Sony for a Marvel Universe Trilogy. I rise as an undead to watch then die happy a second time.

    • I gotta be honest… I usually HATE fan plots… but that one my friend wasn’t too bad at all!!!!

      • Thanks Mitch, i gotta say its something i think about alot. wish i could have a part to play i crafting the stories for these movies. I cant stand it when they put out crap and take influence from Utimate stuff like the rumor of Harry becoming Venom.

    • Never thought of that. O_O Very great points.

  22. Apocalypse, no Apocalypse. Repairing all the damage done to the X-universe by the previous films or not. Whatever they do, and however they do it, I just hope they for once, adhere closely to the comics and get the representation of the characters right on film this time. Wolverine has never really been properly captured yet (gets his ass kicked a bit too much for my liking and doesn’t really seem the unstoppable killing machine he is in the comics). Storm is the former street thief, strong proud African worshipped as a god and first X-character to replace Cyclops as team leader. Iceman is the teams resident jokester, cracking jokes all the time like Spiderman does. Don’t get me wrong, Magneto, Xavier, Mystique, Nightcrawler and a few others were captured perfectly. But there were far too many that missed the mark or could have been done a lot lot better (for which I blame the directors, not the actors themselves).

    Days of Future Past is such an epic undertaking on it’s on, by introducing the character of Apocalypse and cramming everything into one movie, I think they run the risk of too much going on and not being able to adequately devote enough time to the story (Spiderman 3 being a prime example of what can happen with too many villains). Splitting the movie into two parts would be the best idea, leaving some cliffhangers at the end of the first part (ie Apocalypse waking) as well as having some sense of triumph, with impending larger battle on the horizon (kitty time travelling in the first one. she goes back to her time, only for cable or bishop to turn up shortly afterwards, cutting short the teams celebrations about an even greater threat to the future, thus leading into the second movie).

    If after all this they want to reboot the franchise and bring in new and different villains, it would make sense. The X-men comics has a long and proud history of an ever changing roster of students/members. It would be great to see some Jubilee, more of Nightcrawler, Forge, Canonball, Colossus, Psylocke (introducing Excalibur at the same time as well as bringing in The Hand), Gambit (properly this time), and maybe even X-23.

    • Yeah, I think at this point we just have to forget about how obliterated the timeline is and just consider First Class as a reboot and prequel. A requel, I guess.

  23. As the characters are being reformed by this retro-abortion nothing adds great emotional drama or insights into character as the mysterious blowhard Apocalypse spouting out such drivel as “nothing can stop the Apocalypse” and “look upon me the harbinger of your doom..” Yeah, a great payoff for such a fantastic buildup… :(

  24. I voted it’s too crowded but we all know Apoc’s gonna have to make an appearance sooner or later. I absolutely love him as a villain. And can Jason Isaacs please be Mr. Sinister? I can’t be the only one who can totally see him in white makeup with black lipstick. He’d be perfect!
    But yeah, save Apocalypse for the third film. Then you can bring in Bishop (Michael Jai White please) and Cable (…pending)

  25. Depending on how they use time travel in the movie, they could show a glimpse of the “Age of Apocalypse” somewhere, near the end most likely.

  26. It would be nice to set him up, but not in the new one. It’s a bit crowded.

  27. Story line aside… can they just cast the characters and their powers correctly please!!! Seriously… AAAAND give me ARCHANGEL!!!!