What We Need From X-Men 4

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x men 4 characters What We Need From X Men 4

The news the other day about producer Lauren Schuler Donner hinting at the beginnings of plans for an X-Men 4 movie (and a movie based on The New Mutants) got me thinking of some of the infinite possibilities for the next X-Men installment.

I could go on and on about stories and characters I’d like to see, but keeping to the basics, I’ll discuss some of the issues from the existing X-trilogy that need to be rectified going forward with the next movie, should it come to fruition.

Join us as we discuss what we’d like to see from X-Men 4 and open the floor for your ideas!

We’ll go through some topics that need to be addressed, many of which stem from issues we were left with from X-Men 3: The Last Stand, starting with who the villain(s) should be.

A New Villain

Magneto’s reign is over, have him as a guest role to touch on his relationship with Xavier and perhaps have him redeem himself in some way, becoming the friend he used to be when he was the X-Men’s co-founder prior to the events of the X-trilogy.

This would be a nice concluding touch to the story of X-Men: First Class, which I think may feature Magneto working alongside Xavier to build the institute and the Cerebro device. With a possible role in that film and his own origins solo movie, Magneto’s story will be continued in the past, not the future: leave him out of X4.

x men 4 the marauders gambit mr sinister What We Need From X Men 4

So who must the X-Men dance with? Mr. Sinister and the Marauders? Apocalypse? Sentinels?! You could make multiple movies using any of these villains, let alone the time-traveling storylines featuring Bishop and Cable, which would allow for some very cool tie-ins to other X-films in development.

The Marauders would offer a good way to showcase a team of enemies and would tie Gambit into X-Men 4, while bringing Mr. Sinister into the mix. His interest in Jean Grey/Cyclops could be a key storyline and his involvement could help branch into existing or new spinoffs in development. Going that direction could also allow for the storyline of Cyclops fathering Cable as a result of Mr. Sinister’s experiments (I doubt it would follow the comics though) .

Give Rogue some Power!

Rogue was the leading lady of the first X-Men movie and then became a completely unused and wasted character in its sequels. Her power is to acquire other powers and she didn’t do that once over the span of three superhero movies. I don’t get it and judging by the interviews I saw for the movie, neither does Anna Paquin, the actress who played Rogue.

Paquin has matured as an actress and she has a strong following with her hit show, True Blood. Bring her back and bring her into the action. Let her fly and smash things.

gambit rogue taylor kitsch anna paquin What We Need From X Men 4

A more significant (and useful) role for Rogue could also include or setup a possible storyline with her and Gambit; Wolverine star Taylor Kitsch is very interested in doing just that, and many fans would like to see it happen.

Speaking of powers, Iceman finally iced up in the final action sequence of X3: The Last Stand so now he should be a full-fledged mutant combatant and X-Men member. Let him and Rogue dominate in the large-scale action sequences. Ice slides, anyone?

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  1. When you talk story line and X-Man continuity you must either go hard with the Hellfire club which can establish a definite 5th and 6th installment if done right. You have a lot to work with there because they challenged each X-Man almost on and individual basis with almost fatal consequence. If you don’t go that route lets go Inter-galatic with Princess Lalandra (i don’t think i spelled it right)and the almost unstoppable Gladiator,(Now there is a character that would make an awesome screen appearance) You can cast Michael Clarke Duncan as the Gladiator, or a bulked up Dwayne(Rock)Johnson, With this story line we can delve into the Professor X character and give him a love interest, while finding out about Scott (Cyclops)Summers father, the Swashbuckling Cavalier, and his crew of Heroes. Please drop me a line if you like my ideas i want to write and produce movies one day and would love the criticism.

    Mike Wash.

    • I totally know how they can work rogue and her new powers into the next film. She took the cure right. Remember how at the end Magneto was able to move a little metal? Well she meets Ms. Marvel in the hospital and touches her reactivating her powers and can’t let go. There you go. Super Strength and flight and our old rogue back.

  2. I’m probably the ‘old fart’ here, so forgive me as all I know about the Marvel characters is what I’ve seen in the movies, which I know is not so accurate with the comics (I grew up with DC comics). However, I wouldn’t count out Magneto. If you remember the end of X3 with Magneto sitting with the chess board in the park. It appears that the ‘cure’ may not be so permanent. A definite way back for those that lost their powers. Because of that, I like the idea that Rogue could come back and I would like to see her with a bigger (kickass) part in X4 and beyond.
    Don K G

  3. Personally I like the Hellfire Club ideas, but also wouldn’t mind the Princess Lilandra ones. Dr. Sinister is also a good choice.
    I think there should be more given to Shadowcat and Colossus. They were highly underused. Only several scenes for Colossus and Shadowcat’s only really to antagonize poor Rogue.
    Rogue’s gone depressed and needs uplifting and some kickass power scenes.
    Bobby’s a bit of a jerk and needs to live up to his full potential.
    There’s no reason not to bring Cyclops back. The only thing that demonstrated a lack of living was his glasses being left behind. I maintain that he never died.
    Wolverine might go away to ‘search his past now that he’s lost the love of his life’.
    No one else has mentioned this but maybe Jubilee gets a little more screen time? The X-men are down on numbers in terms of fully fledged members until Cyclops returns…
    Nightcrawler and Mystique returns would be pretty cool.
    Rachel Summers is another interesting point for a movie.
    Jamie Braddock is a formidable foe, brother of Captain Britain and Betsy Braddock, he can use the quantum strings holding the universe together and do pretty much anything. I’ve always had an idea in my head of what if he had kids he didn’t know about somewhere? They’d be scary children.
    I’d also be interested to see Havok, Lorna Dane, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Juggernaut, Emma Frost, Moira McTaggart.
    That’s all I can think of at the moment. I swear I had more but it’s all gone out of my head. Great article by the way. Made me smile.

  4. Oh, I remembered.
    Gambit and Rogue. I definitely want to see Gambit and Rogue.
    And maybe Amanda? Nightcrawler’s sister/girlfriend (who knows what that relationship really is?).

  5. X-men is a movie about power and discrimination. Something that still occurs in our society today. Directors should study real life situations and apply that more into the x-men films- the whole 2012 issue, the crystal skulls, colonising the moon, cloning. X-men need to focus deeply on storyline. One that grips. I personally feel the story should give clues leading to one very important character.

  6. I think, Jean Grey must be returned in x-man4 and she must be together with Wolverine, it would be grate. Brian Singer – a good director!

  7. But when X-MAN 4 will be?

  8. And something else: an actors must be Hugh Jackman ang Famke Janssen (nobody else)… I hope so!

  9. X-men Character selection of my choice.

    Nathan Christopher Charles Summers a.k.a. Cable – Bruce Willis (Die Hard 4/Armageddon)
    Lucas Bishop – Keith David (Pitch Black/Armageddon)
    EN SABAH NUR a.k.a. Apocalypse- James Earl Jones (voice of Darth Vader)
    OR- Michael Clarker Duncan (Green Mile)
    OR – Christopher Judge (Ta’ek-Stargate SG1)

  10. what we need form x-men 4.


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    Investigators have closely examined the coin which is 100% identical to Stephen Howard’s design. There have been no mints in the country that have reported secretly given the go ahead to produce such currency- many claim that it would not only be illegal, but pointless; considering the fact that the currency would be of no value. No one would care because Stephen only won a 5figure sum. He was not big news.

    So who dropped the coin, where was it made? and why?

    The investigation continues……

  11. show more of storm and beast make storm as a powerful woman and show us when she was young and beast make him have an animals face then humans face

  12. Um, Starjammers… And Cyclops’ story with his father and the whole Lil’andra/Professor X plot? Jean Grey and the X-Men in outer space? Lockheed… Anybody? How friggin’ awesome would it be to bring in an other-worldly element. Frankly, I am tired of the same old-same old… Fighting on the streets… Inequality, Wolverine, Halle Berrys’ unconvincing Storm, and although most were satisfied with Allen Cummings as Nightcrawler, John Cameron Mitchell would’ve been waaaay more realistic. I feel Berry and Cummings are just actors in a wig and make-up that didn’t really capture the essence of the characters. Anyhoo… I think the chance to make an amazing x-men flick should be taken by bringing in the Sci-Fi aspect to the forefront. Show me an alien race with feathers for hair, and Famke destroying planets for X4… Then gimme Madeline Pride and Mr. Sinister for X5.

    NOT going to outer space would be a huuuuge mistake. Let’s clean our pallets a bit before starting in on the next serving shall we?

  13. Get rid of Halle Berry. Bring in Angela Bassett. The writing can’t be blamed for Storm’s complete lack of power and prescene.

    No wait, give me Iman.

    That’s what I want, I want Iman busting heads.

    • Iman would rock as Storm. She was my pick before the movies were cast in the first place…going on looks alone though, I don’t know if she can act. Of course, there’s always Zoe Saldana, her character in Avatar reminded me a bit of Storm, in the way she carried herself and her presence. She is awesome.

  14. First the main team needs to have the following:
    (same actors that have filled these roles in the other X men movies)
    Prof. X
    Cyclops (leader)
    Storm (2nd in command)
    Jean Grey
    Rogue (with Ms marvel’s powers)
    Gambit (tie in to main story)
    Cable — Jason Statham (the Transporter)

    Apocalypse — James Earl Jones or Michael Clark Duncan
    4 Horsemen – could include birth of archangel
    Mr. Sinister — Liam Neesian
    Holocause (Apocalypse’s son) Kevin Sorbo

    Story summary
    Both XM4 and XM5 should be a 2-part story involving the rise of Apocalypse and how the X-men deal with him. Gambit would join the X-men but due to his past dealings with Mr. Sinister and his theiving nature his loyalty would constiantly be questioned. The story could make a compareison between Xavier, Magneto, and Apocalypse’s view of the future of the mutant race. Apocalypse’s motto “survival of the fittest” could be portraded as a darker version of Xavier’s and Magneto’s views. This could also build off of the conclusion of X3. There is also the connections between Rogue and Gambit as well as the Mr. Sinister/Cyclops/Phonex factor.

  15. First off, I was very excited to hear the news that we’d be getting an X4 and X5.

    X4- Dark Phoenix

    Yeah I know some people think we need to pass that idea on, but I think it needs to be brought back onto the table.

    From X1-X3 the whole idea of the Phoenix has played a role someway or somehow and was finally fully introduced in X3, but was not where the story should have been. The mistake of putting “the cure,” with “the phoenix,” storyline was a HUGE mistake. A writer should no better not to put two major stories together in a 90minute film.

    In X3 the dark phoenix was weak. In X4 it could be explained that in X3 that was just the beginning of what major damage she is capable of. Cyclops could easily be brought back to life (or if he was even dead to begin with) because the audience never witnessed his death. Professor X may be a little tricky, but at the of the credits we were given a hint of Professor X’s return.

    Emma Frost and Sinister.

    These two are obviously obsessed with Jean Grey and her abilities. The true power of the Phoenix could be the possible introduction of these two characters. Cyclops could finally play the major role he was meant to play with the absence of Professor X.


    Rogues needs to be the powerful female character we all know. Maybe the “cure,” could enhance her abilities?? some kind of side-effect.Introducing Gambit is a head-scratcher.

    *Sentinels could play a role in X4, but that may be too much. I’d stick with one major plot line with smaller plot lines in the mix. They’d all have to merge together and not be two separate stories the entire time(that is exactly what happened in X3, The dark Phoenix and the cure never made a story as one, it was always separate). I’ll probably blog about this if you’d like to read at my website.

  16. I believe the answer to the X4, X5, Deadpool & future X-Men Universe films is CABLE. He would provide the much needed link to combine the X Universe.

    After X-Men: First class the next film should be the Deadpool film. As there is no obvious antagonist for this film the introduction of Cable as a sort of anti hero that goes back and forth with Deadpool throughout, explaining both their past, present & futures would be a masterstroke. Possibly ending with Deadpool coming out on top and Cable time travelling to a post apocalyptic future..

    X4, X5, X6, etc.
    This film open with a now in the future Cable being attacked as he tries to travel back to fix his current present day. In turn preventing the deaths of Scott Summers, Jean Grey & Professor X (fixing the mess left by X3) and revealing a new enemy(ies). I would go with Mr. Sinister & a hidden Apocalypse pulling the strings. This would leave endless possibilities for future films & also Origin films.

    Stories like Age of Apocalypse, Days of Future Past, Phalanx Covenant, Time Fugitives, Till Death do us Part, Out of the Past, Savage Land Savage Heart, Phoenix Saga & Dark Phoenix saga, Beyond Good & Evil, Sanctuary, and Night of the Sentinels would transfer great to the big screen if done right.

    I would absolutely love to see Sinister & Apocalypse introduced as they are my favourite villains in X-Universe and I would kill for a R rated no holds barred Wolverine but what can ya do?!?

    • any suggestions for actors to play Cable??? its a toughie

    • i agree with u … but don’t u think if the villains are Magneto and the Sentinels would make a great x-men movie if they put together in 1 movie ?
      and let X5 storyline talking about Apocalypse and his battles with the X-Men and Magneto .. if done right we’d see an epic movie …

  17. Titles for X Men 4 that I would like
    X Men Apocalypse
    The Uncanny X Men
    The New X Men
    X Men Reunion
    X Men Legacy

  18. Christopher Judge a.k.a. Teal’c from STARGATE SG1, in my own opinion should definitely play the role Of X-men Character villain- Apocalypse. He looks like the character. His outfit looks like Apocalypse’s outfit. He sounds and speaks elonquently like Apocalypse. Teal’C and Apocalypse even have similar character backgrounds especially with the whole false gods and alien technology. Playing the role will be easy for Christopher Judge. His voice was the perfect voice for Magneto in the X-men -Evolution animated series

    • i 100% agree!! good shout

  19. I must admit I used to like Halle Berry as Storm but after X-men 3,is like she does not take the character seriously anymore. Storm is very iconic mainly because of her powers and north african origin. Halle Berry simply is not convincing with the accent that is a major part of the character Storm.
    There is always room for new blood- What about the lady who played the wife of the character ‘LINK’ t(the computer gadget guy)in the Matrix 3 Revolution. She has strong facial features and physique. All she need is to include the accent.
    That is one of my suggestions.’

  20. Title for X-men 4 should be:


  21. The night i saw The Last Stand, I actually had a dream about an ending/post credits scene for it. Angel is at his father’s research lab and talking to one of the scientists that led the research for the “cure.” There is a tight shot of Angel as he turns his back, the scientists hand reaches towards his wings and he tears them off. The camera slowly pans towards the scientist as his form changes, and in the dark you can barely make out Apocalypse.

    A lot of my understanding of the X-men comes from the 90′s cartoon, but I recall in that show, Apocalypse was behind some sort of cure to ensure submission? Anyways, I thought that would have been a much better conclusion, and a way to introduce a menacing evil aside from Magneto in every movie, and also begin his induction of the Horsemen.

    I just really like how my mind couldn’t handle X-3 so it made up its own end. I always wished they’d done something like that for the 4th.

  22. X-men 4 script suggestions.

    Note: Storm and Beast are invited by Angels’s dad to one of Worthington’s museum of artifacts. This is due to their resourceful knowledge of historical topics. But little do they know that there is more Angel’s dad is expecting to gain from the knowledge and expertise.

    Angels’s Dad – I really thank you two for coming here. Xavier was truly lucky to have you two educate the young ones there. Not to mention my boy, Warren taking a great interest in your lessons- Mrs Munroe.

    Storm – So I take he is the one who referred you to us I see. By the way it’s an honour to be of service to you for supporting the Xavier’s institute. This place is amazing some of these artifacts displayed here were believed to be lost.

    Beast – Mr Worthington, your museum is remarkable- the design and layout are like none I have ever seen. If you do not mind me asking why you decided to build it underground. Surely there must be a profound reason for such decision. Worthington Corporation has several museums around the country available to the general public so why should this one be an exception. Is there a reason you also decided that it be built under the family mansion.

    Angel’ Father – Astute as always, hey Henry McCoy.’ You are indeed right. These artifacts as you are aware, are of the rarest of types. Worthington Corporation has collected and protected a great many historical artifacts from all cultures, for more than a century- all around the world. Most were excavated by our archeologists. The rest were given to our archeologist’s to safeguard. Which actually comes to my main reason for inviting you two here today. Warren was absolutely certain that you two would solve this issue that we have been unable to do for decades.

    Beast – What is it? Oh, I take it you have an artifact in this building that is of great importance due to the nature of how or where it was obtained.

    Angel’s Father – Ororo! Henry! What you are about to see has been shown to a very few. These items were obtained more than a century ago when my grandfather was running Worthington Corporation. Apparantly the story was that these pieces were given to an archeology team from a village people dwelling somewhere in a remote area situated in the middle east. The team reported that the people who gave them the artifact believed that their presence in the middle east was preordained -and it was a must that the archeology team took the artifacts along with them when they departed the country.

    Storm – Did these people give further explanation as to why they wanted the team to do so. Where these artifacts been greatly protected in fear of falling into the wrong hands.

    Angel’s fahter. Yes that is the reason why. In fact the team were told that there was major history behind those artifacts dating back thousands of years. They were also told that those who kept them, had done so for millenias.These artifacts are said to have originated somewhere in the northern regions of africa. Millenias ago,there were legends of great battles over these artifacts.

    Beast- So I take it these artifacts are protected from people who they fear perhaps till this very day, might want them for reasons the present world might not be ready for. Now I understand your reason for keeping them here and requesting our expertise. Now I must say, Mr worthington I am intrigued as to what they are. So can we see what these artifacts are.

    Angel’s father- These are the artifacts; three scarab spiders.two carved out of precious riverstone and one out of solid black diamond.

    Storm- Why is one different?

    Angel’s father – That is another puzzling question we have yet to disclose. The two carved out of riverstone were the ones given to the archeology team only. The last one was not. Before the stones were brought here. They were formerly in the Worthington’s museum of artifacts based in Washington. 20 years ago we had what was first regarded as a robbery – and I mean professional. There were six of them uniformed and well trained. Observing the robbery, these people were really organised- I mean they knew where to go and what to not touch.It was not until one mistakenly set off the alarm bell which we now believe was intentional.
    Five escaped but fortunately for us we managed to capture one but before we could fully interrogate him, he committed suicide using cynaide poison stuck within his mouth. Good tactic.

    Beast – Who was he and what was the reason.’

    Angel’s father – Good question and scariest of all. He had his fingerprints burnt off but we later managed to trace his whereabouts all the way to Libya. However, identifying him was not the main issue. It is what we discovered in the museum.

    Storm- Were they after the artifact. The same one which you brought here.

    Angel’s Father – No, We never had the third artifact in the museum before the incident. Those five who escaped were there to make sure that the last member completed his task. Before he was apprehended by the authorities, he had already accomplished mission.

    That task was to deliver the third artifact to the Worthingtom Museum in Washington. The artifact was an addition to the museum from an unknown source. Events seem uncanny simlar to that of the middle east, but for reason we do not fully know. That is why we need to know what lies behind these three items here.

  23. I think the X men 4 needs to be more dramatic and should focus more on their character personal battles and issues. Finding Cyclops and a introduction to his life and history should be the plot. Bring in Havoc as part of the story line. May be introduce the X-Factor purpose. Develope that Cyclops at the end becomes the leader of X-Men, and it ends with the search for Xavier…

  24. Rouge with new powers, or she could also have a power trip because of the cure she had in X3.

    The comeback of Nightcrawler.

    Brotherhood members such as Blob, Quicksilver, Avalanche, etc.

    Entry Havoc.

    The cure in X3 won’t be permanent. Magneto will rise again and will have his revenge on humankind.

    New and oppressive president.

    Time for Sentinels.

    More mature plot.

  25. I really have no interest in seeing Jean again I mean her powers are brilliant but her personality in my opinion, not so much…also her relationship with cyclops never seemed great to me & the idea of her with wolverine was just another way of getting him in the scenes (like he wasn’t in enough)!
    I like the idea of Angel joining the school it would be interesting to see her character again after firstclass & definitely want to see Emma Frost! I would also love to see Cyclops take a dominant role too! I really want to see nightcrawler too & although she has been in all the films I would like Mystique to have a minor role but perhaps consider her helping Charles more (after firstclass I really want to believe she could be good again)!

  26. When will casting start?

  27. When will casting start

  28. When is casting

  29. When will casting start.